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This is the Brooklyn Arab racist’s comment on my blog posing as a “jew” – deceit – Taqiyya – lying to the infidel

February 23, 2012

  JOSH COHEN x Submitted on 2007/05/09 at 1:41 pm
Love the site. Are you open to funding?? I would love to help support the destruction of the image of Arabs/Muslims for the sake of Israel.

I mean even though Arab Muslims are the original jews and us ashkinaz converted I just cant stand them. We are the CHOSEN ONES! Shemot HaElohim has chosen us over the rest of the world! We must do everything to keep Palestine uhmm i mean Israel alive!


Where are you from? I was born in brooklyn and my ancestors come from Germany. If you saw me you would think i was German but I am not. I AM JEWISH! Even though my ancestors converted to Judaism centuries ago I DONT CARE! I KNOW IM JEWISH and that PALESTINE, uhmm i mean Israel is ours!

Who cares about those Palestinians who inhabitated that land for 5000 years. Shemot HaElohim has promised it to us.

I use to eat matzah balls and lots of eastern european dishes. Now i eat only falafel and sharwarma because thats what JEWS EAT!

Hey did you hear about the Authentic Jewish Test?!?! This is a test to see how jewish you are? They take your dna and compare it to the closets living thing to a Jew living is Palestine thousands of years ago.

Can you guess what it is??? A Palestinian hehehe. Funny some guy once told me that the Palestinians are more Jewish than I will ever be.


What an Islamic “Palestinian’ jerk, how many generations are most “palestinians” in Israel/palestine? 2 or 3?
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Ellison’s “tears” – Islamization watch – What’s Taqiyya?

March 11, 2011

Ellison’s “tears” – Islamization watch – What’s Taqiyya?

Rep. Ellison Weeps During Radical Islam Hearing – Mar 10, 2011

Peter King and Keith Ellison: Hypocrisy and fake tears on Capitol Hill.


(March 9)

CAIR: (Frantic) (voice breaking…) This is our test… this is it, We can’t fail, we have to demonize Rep. King..

ELLISON: of course, it’s like a Muslim Fatwa.

CAIR: So listen, as you know we are a very powerful Islamic lobby, [we appear as “moderates,”  and we know how to (ab)use it.


CAIR: And we have experience with the American mentality.

The plan is with the YouTube era, we have been thinking…


CAIR: Putting up a show? “Taqiyya” (deceiving the infidel)


CAIR: Something along the line of ‘We are victims…‘ – style.

ELLISON: Ah ha, thank you Brother. We’ll be working on it, what should be embedded in it, I mean, what case should I use as a banner of ‘Muslim hero‘ to beautify all of us and distract America from the real danger coming from so many Muslims?

CAIR: Funny that you mention it, we have been pushing to rewrite 911 attack… so we have that “story” of a mother who won the FBI and “convinced” them that her som died… trying to save others.

ELLISON: That’s a bombshell. Muhammad loves you.

CAIR:  If you need advice  in gaming the infidels, we learned how to joggle in between sending hidden messages of glorifying jihadists or at least excusing terrorists. and acting as if we “denounce “radical Islam. I hope you get it, it takes practice.

(March 10)

L. FARRAKHAN Nation of Islam:
Hey there brother Asalamu Alaikum. Wow! What a show, it sends a shiver in the spine of every “white” and “blue eyed devil.” Peace, peace upon you, Islam is peace…

ELLISON: It worked, didn’t it? haha (long laugh)

FARRAKHAN: Whitey Americans (are so weak) always fall for tears, honest or faked. haha. Allah Akbar, We’ll Conquer America!’


FARRAKHAN (calls back): It’s me, huh, “honorable” minister Farrakhan again, hmm, just giving you a “brotherly” reminder of my true Islamic teaching when you were here in 1995, like the out-pouring love for humanity and “tolerance” for Asians, Jews and all white men… rewriting history of the enormous Arab-Islamic slave trade, supporting Arab racist genocide and slavery by tyrant Al-Bashir in Sudan, glorifying Hitler. You see, it boggles my mind why anyone would call the Nation of Islam the ‘Islamofacsism.’ I have no clue.

(Ellison still laughing).

BBC has got a Muslim trying to rewrite historic Jewish Jesus from Judea

December 17, 2008

BBC has got a Muslim trying to rewrite historic Jewish Jesus from Judea (attempting — to no avail — to “Arabize” & confuse JUDEA with Arabia…).

Accompanied with a typical Islamic-bigotry’s bombarding propaganda of the “bad” Israelis that dare to try fight (with security checkpoints) the Arab Muslim (invaders) that terrorize the Jews.

Just another typical biased BBC’s blend of radical Islamism & Arabism re-“view” of true facts, in Islamic culture there’s a word for it: Taqiyya ( – an intentional planned lying to and deceit of the infidel, it’s encouraged, as long as the infidel “buys” it. – BBC’s Aleem Maqbool: The road to Bethlehem

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