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July 10, 2008
Pakistan, Islamic Bombing in the capital Islamabad.
Pakistan police arrest 4 bomb suspects
CNN International – Jul 8, 2008
More than 100 people died when Pakistani security forces stormed the mosque on July 10, 2007, ending a weeklong standoff between military forces and Islamic …
Palestinians Hamas [despite of ‘truce’ pact with Israel’s Defense Forces, continue to] shoot missiles upon Israeli civilians.
Palestinians shoot at Nahal Oz farmers Ynetnews,7340,L-3564613,00.html
Muslim – Arabs in Israel arrested for supplying info and ‘targets’ for Al Qaeda.
Two Israeli Arabs admit helping Al-Qaeda choose terror attack targets
Israel Insider, Israel
In December, two Israeli Arabs from the city of Jaljuliya in northern Israel were arrested for allegedly planning al-Qaeda inspired terror attacks…
Afghanistan, Islamic terrorists bomb, murder at Indian embassy in Kabul, the largest Taliban attack since it’s fall in 2001, many blame (also) Pakistan officials.
41 killed, 141 injured in Indian embassy bombing in Kabul Press Trust of India
Darfur, Sudanese government’s Arab Muslim militias attack UN, [after ambush U.N. spokesman says].
UN Peacekeepers Killed In Darfur attack
Voice of America
UNAMID has a mandate to “support the implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement, and prevent the disruption of its implementation and armed attacks,
Somalia, Islamic “gunmen” murder U.N. food truck driver, the 4th this year to be killed.
Gunmen kill fourth UN driver in Somalia
CNN International
(CNN) — Gunmen in southern Somalia have killed a truck driver carrying relief supplies for the World Food Programme — the fourth WFP driver killed in…
Turkey, ‘gunmen’ killing in front of U.S. embassy, AP: Suspected Al Qaeda involved, 3 policemen and 3 attackers are killed in the shootout in Istanbul.
Shoot-out ‘kills 4’ near Turkey’s US consulate
ABC Online, Australia
The US embassy in Ankara says it is aware of an incident near the Istanbul consulate, but has no further details. Turkey has seen armed attacks
Iran, Islamic nuke threats – Islamic Republic of Iran fires missiles that could reach/destroy it’s neighbours, (the “peaceful” oppressive ‘ethnic cleansing’ practicing Islamic regime, that advocates genocide and calling on “wiping off nations”, says it’s nuke weapons are for “peace”, incidently, Iran has already has 150 kilos of enriched uranium).
Iran’s Missile Threat
Wall Street Journal No one in that neighborhood – least of all the Russians – actually believes Iran’s missile program is anything but dangerous. Russians talk privately about …
China kills Islamic terrorists planning attacks against ethnic Han – Muslims’ ethnic cleansing in China.
Chinese Police Kill Five in Raid in Muslim Region
Wall Street Journal
Wu Heping, a spokesman for the ministry, said those arrested were connected to an organization known as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement
‘Muslim terrorists’ killed in China raid’Muslim-terrorists’-killed-in-China-raid.html
Lebanon, 4 die in fighting among Lebanese government and the Islamic (Iranian backed) Hezbollah terrrorists [it’s that Arab Muslim militia by Iran, organization of murderous thugs for Islamism that mass-murders in Lebanon, Iraq & Somalia, that claims to be “just a resistance movement”].
Sectarian battles continue in north Lebanon after four killed AFP