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Islamic Racism: How radical Islam makes one: a bigot religiously – a racist ethnically

December 8, 2011

How radical Islam makes one: a bigot religiously – a racist ethnically



Uniquness of Islam’s intolerance

While Christianity, ever since the termination of the Crusades and the Spanish inquisitions, has no plans to “convert by force” anybody else, nor is ever Buddhism or Judaism, Islam –on the other hand– even modern day Islam, is about to Islamize the world, with any means possible. When (thank God) not “yet” accomplished, the Islamists bigotry contains a few levels, for example, the “people of the book” a.k.a. Christians and Jews are “allowed” to stay (though radicals like: Mufti, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. don’t “grant” the Jews even that…) as an inferior class Dhimmis. The other non-Muslims are “totally” Kuffars (Kaffirs) and have no ‘validity’ at all under Islam. Radical Islam has a force of bigotry on its own, without “conventional” racism. However, as this “anti the others” and “the others should submit to us-Islam, or else” theme, ideology grow, so do all intolerance faces.

(Contrary to propagandists, anti terror operations by the West, such as the US, UK and others, have nothing to do with “Christian fundamentalism” [not even under George W. Bush] as some would like to suggest, but about safety, reality of course. Reminder, the only side in the M.E. conflict that uses religion for violence, is the Arab-Islamic side. The routine slogan is: ‘Allah u Akbar’ and “Khaybar.” The Israeli side which is by in large secular, especially its army, is motivated by one and only goal, security from genocidal homicidal attacks).

Islamic bigotry and ethnic racism

Islamic bigotry has been more noticeably, primarily against non-Muslims, on “religious” ground solely. However, as a contentious movement radical Islam that it is, instilling the “belief” in its followers that they’re the “true Muslims,” (and everybody else shall go to he-ll – literally), it gives way to, and “helps” in sharpening ethnic and racial differences. The victim, other ethnic group, can therefore be non-Muslim or even ‘another’ Muslim.

The justification of racial violence is often covered by Islamic rationalization. (for example, the preference of ‘white’ over ‘black’ as supported by Islamic verses. According to the literal Arabic translation of Sura 3:106, 107, “on Judgment Day, only people with white faces will be saved. People with black faces will be damned. Allah resembles an Arab.” –ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.2. “Prophet is to be of Quraysh stock and of white complexion.” ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.95-96, Sahih Muslim, 20.4483. “The Prophet said, ‘Let the negro slave of Dinar perish. And if he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him…. If he [the black slave] asks for anything it shall not be granted, and if he needs intercession [to get into paradise], his intercession will be denied.'”Bukhari:V4B52N137.

Abul Kasem elaborated in an article titled ‘Allah’s White Faces,’ and Dr. Azuma’s book ‘The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa’ sheds some light on support Arabs find in Islam to dominate blacks. He provides several examples of Islam’s hatred of Blacks. There is the example in the hadith in which an Ethiopian woman laments her racial inferiority to Muhammad, who consoles her by saying, “In Paradise, the whiteness of the Ethiopian will be seen over the stretch of a thousand years.” Another hadith quotes Muhammad thus: “Do not bring black into your pedigree.” In fact, the Arabic word for slave, “Abd,” became equated with Africans and Blacks with the advent of Islam. Which is why, when an Arab looks at a black African, what he sees is a slave.” all this can help to understand how Arab-Muslims feel “OK” to dehumanize blacks or at least consider them no more than “abid” and “zorka.” The icon of [modern] radical Islam – Osama Bin Laden, in a discussion with the Sudanese-American novelist, Kola Boof in Morocco in 1996 said, “when next you meet an Arab, you should ask what is the Arabic word for slave, you’ll discover that the words are the same “abeed.” Or anti-Jewish racism by Arabs, is backed by preferring to select those verses from the Quran where Jews have “sinned,” [For instance, that dreadful militant Islamic concept of apes and pigs –Christians are pigs, Jews are apes– is being used repeatedly in Arab Palestinian, Hezbollah and S. Arabian media and in religious, educational institutions as part of demonization and fascist-dehumanization of the Jewish people] as oppose to the sources that praise the Jews ‘Banu Israil’ and linking the land Israel to them).

Radical Islam makes/motivates you to be a [“better”] racist.

The following are some examples of how the [Islamic] religious bigotry is embedded into the ethnic racism, (whether: Arab, Turk, Iranian [Persian], Pakistani, Indonesia, Malay, Black, etc.) how it enhances it or even at fault for creating the ‘racism’ in the first place.

Examples may include:
1) Various ethnic differences highlighted in Islamic (/ Jihadi) violence.
2) Islamists’ passion for Nazism.
3) Arab supremacy derived from [interpretation of] their Koran, (see: #Arab supremacy) manifested especially in slavery. (The only ‘real’ [old style] slavery still going on today, is by Muslims who are Arabs).

In General

The Islamic term “Kaffir,” is (today) a racial or ethnic slur by Muslims.[1][2] It is widely condemned.[3][4]


Ottoman Empire (Moslem Turkey)

Location: Arabia, Ottoman controlled Syria, Palestine (Israel) [1750-1804]
Perpetrator: Bosnia/Albanian Muslim dictator
Victims: Nomadic Arabs, Palestine’s minorities, non-Muslims (Christians, Jews, etc.)

Ahmed al-Jezzar Pasha his actions mainly between 1750-1804. (A deeply fanatical Muslim who [also] targeted ethnic Nomadic-Arabs).

He has spent an earlier part of his career at Jeddah – where in 1750 he killed some seventy rioting nomads in retaliation for the killing of his commander Abdullah Beg. It was this act which reportedly earned him the nickname “Jezzar” (butcher), which he carried for the rest of his life.[5]

In 1783, the Turkish rule in Syria / Palestine, was restored to the country by the “infamous and cruel”[6] El-Jezzar, “The Butcher.” He recruited into his private army, fellow Bosnians, Albanians, Moroccans.[7] This Bosnian (/Albanian) dictator, obtained his nickname from his ruthless tactics against nomadic Arabs in the Nile Delta.[8] From an 1848 book: surnamed the Butcher, on account of his ferocious cruelty, was a native of Bosnia …For twenty years he inflicted the greatest cruelties upon the people of Syria..[9]

From his anti-non-Muslims fanatical brutal ‘holy war’:

“You have seen what befell one who forsook the Faith, and blashemed God and His Prophet,” observed the mullah, eyeing him sternly. “Are you a Christian? Speak, fellow!”
The dragoman hesitated for some moments, and then, in a quavering voice, acknowledged that he belonged to the Nestorian Church. “Infidel dog! eater of the leprous pig! If you do not at once abjure your false creed you also shall be thrown from the rock!” exclaimed El Jezzar, motioning to El Wahsh to seize him. The negro dragged Georgis to the edge of the precipice, and forced him to look down. The dragoman struggled in the black ruffian’s grasp, and howled for mercy. “I renounce! I renounce!” he cried, in an agony of terror. “I will become a Moslem! I will repeat the Eshed !–anything, anything– only spare my life!”[10]

Historian writes: Mob violence against the Jews of Hebron broke out in 1775. Safed, which had been restored by a liberal Turkish ruler after the 1660 massacre, was again sacked in 1799. At this time, a sadistic Albanian-born Muslim nicknamed “the butcher” gained power in the region. He ordered the beheading of any subject who displeased him especially dhimmi (non-Muslim) subjects.[11]

The Butcher branded most of his aides by one or another of the mutilations. “His cavalry scoured the country, levying tribute or committing any atrocity he was pleased to enjoin.”” He was known to travel accompanied by an executioner. When The Butcher encountered a subject who was adjudged to be misbehaving, “the criminal bowed his neck, the executioner struck, and the head fell.” “The Butcher’s brutality was contagious, and persecutions of many Palestinian minorities were rife under his encouragement.” At one point his popularity among the masses prompted him to pronounce an order to massacre all Christians under his authority. Thereupon Sir Sidney Smith sent The Butcher an outraged message: if one Christian head were to fall, so would The Butcher’s seat of power. According to a prominent historian of the period, Sir Sidney’s threat worked… the 1800s the Jews continued to suffer the same discriminatory practices as other non-Muslim “infidels.”[12][13][14]

Location: Ottoman Empire (Moslem Turkey)
Perpetrators: Ottoman Empire, organized local Muslim mobs
Victims: Assyrians, Greeks, Balkans, Armenians.

During the violence against the Balkan Europeans, including the 1876 “Bulgarian horrors” — with numbers of victims ranging between 25,000 to 100,000 Bulgarian — from the sentiments of Turkish rage, students were shouting: “The Balkan dogs are trampling on Islam.”[15]

Anti non-Turks jihad:
From an article titled: “The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians,” In 1915, the Young Turks moved against the Armenians, Assyrians and other minority groups. All non-Turks were disarmed and troops dispatched to collect weapons. It was an Islamization embedded within a national policy of Turkification.[16]

Overview: Despite massive photographic and documental evidence and substantial corroborative personal testimonies, the Turkish government has never acknowledged its genocide of approximately 2.75 million Christians from 1894 to 1923. The victims were predominantly Armenians but included many Greek and some Protestant believers as well. [17] Termed a “Christian genocide.”[18]

Victims of Islamic Turks in numbers: between 500,000[19] & 750,000 Assyrians,[20] 1,400,000 Greeks,[21] and 1.5 Million Armenians.[22]

Genocide of Assyrians and Armenians in Ottoman Empire. Within the First World War in the territory of Ottoman Turkey where were living about 1 million Assyrians with common language, culture and national traditions, had been organized mass destruction of Christian peoples. Together with 1,5 million Armenians have been brutally killed and tortured from 500 to 750 thousand Assyrians.

Ottoman Assyrians fled to Russia, Iran, Aleppo and Jerusalem in wake of the genocide. in the era between 1915-1919: 700,000 Assyrians (including the “Forgotten Tragedy in Helwa” the massacre of the Assyrians by the Kurds in the year 1915 – Sayfo and the massacres of Assyrians in Iran and Turkey) perished.[23]

From a (2011) lecture:

Seyfo was carried out in a true jihadist strategy, ethnically annihilating all the non-Muslim citizens living under the Ottoman occupation, with the objective of homogenizing Turkey with a notion of creating ‘one-Nation’ and ‘one-Religion.’ Most of the victims were killed by swords and it is precisely due to this fact that this genocide is known among our people as “Seyfo.” This is how it was known by its victims, and this is how they passed it on to us with their eye-witness accounts which have become part and parcel of our collective memory.[24]

A jihad of ‘ethnic cleansing’
in referring to the ethnic cleansing of Hakkari, local Kurdish tribes spoke of it as the time of the “great jihad.”[25]

In WW1, The Ottoman jihad transformed into an ethnic genocide against the Assyrians that was perpetrated by the Turkish state and Kurdish warlords.[26]

Greek Genocide 1914-23. During the years 1914-1923, whilst the attention of the international community focused on the turmoil and aftermath of the First World War, the indigenous Greek minority of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey’s predecessor, was subjected to a centrally-organized, premeditated and systematic policy of annihilation.[27] This genocide, orchestrated to ensure an irreversible end to the collective existence of Turkey’s Greek populace, was perpetrated by two consecutive governments; the Committee for Union and Progress, later better known as the Young Turks, and the nationalist Kemalists led by Mustafa Kemal ‘Ataturk.’ A lethal combination of labor brigades, internal deportations and massacres conducted throughout Anatolian Turkey resulted in the death of 1,400,000 Greeks. From sentiments shouted by students: “Down with the Greece! Greeks, bow your heads!”[28] Important to note that many in Turkey were impressed by Fascism of Mussolini, and that there were many similarities between the Italian fascist regime and the Kemalists, such as racist rhetoric and clear authoritarianism.[29]

The 1915 Armenian genocide was led by Islamic banner of “Allah Akbar” calls, but came into ethnic hatred as well. The mass ethnic cleansing (of the Armenians as well as of the Greeks) was reported by the British at that time.[30]

Young Turks: ‘supremacy of the Turkish race.’

From an official report at the time:

According to these men, the decision has gone out from the Young Turk Party that the Armenian population of Turkey must be set back fifty years.
This has been decided upon as necessary in order to ensure the supremacy of the Turkish race in the Ottoman Empire, which is one of the basic principles of the Young Turk Party. The situation, I am told, is absolutely analogous to that which preceded the Armenian massacres under Abd-ul-Hamid.[31][32][33][34]

From ‘Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal’ in “A Crime of silence: the Armenian genocide,”

…the intellectuals in the party were able to adopt a sort of social Darwinism which, while claiming to participate in the modern, progressive world, allowed them to feel comfortable with their racism and state-sponsored violence.
…it has been appreciated, implicitly and explicitly, by all who considered Turkish supremacy – whether within an empire or nation-state – the ultimate principle to uphold.[35]

Racism influenced by jihad
The Young Turks, though, being less religious than fanatical Islamist Abdul Hamid who began massacring Armenians on a big scale. Nevertheless, his ‘holy war’ influenced the beginning of the Armenian genocide,[36][37] After successfully removing Abdul Hamid, the Young Turks then turned on the Armenians, claiming Turkey for the Turks. The new implication of the racist policy was that the minorities, especially the Armenians, had to be eradicated.[38] By 1908 the Young Turk government was promoting a fanatical, racist nationalism known as pan- Turkism.[39]


The “New Turkey” was a Turkey without Armenians. As Talaat Pasha said to his friends “I have accomplished more toward solving the Armenian problem in three months than Abdul-Hamid accomplished in thirty years! [40]

Author asserts: The first genocide of the century was planned and perpetrated in the most atrocious way, because, we believe, the Young Turks were convinced that the Turkish race is the only one entitled to live on the land it occupies…[41]
The fascist Kemalists:
From an article titled: “Republic of Turkey – the First Fascist State in History.” Once in power, Ataturk and the Kemalists not only continued the Armenian Genocide, but directed their tested policies of extermination of an entire people against Greeks and other ethnic minorities.


one of the consequences of the Armenian Genocide was the creation of the first fascist state in Europe’s periphery. The Republic of Turkey had all the core characteristics inherent to fascism and Nazism, which later emerged in Italy, Germany and some other European countries.

Writer counts “six main characteristics of Turkish fascism are identified.”[42]

From the American press of that period about the Muslims’ cry: ‘..Attack them from every side. Whenever you meet them, kill them. Quicken the failing proclamation of the Unity by the fire of your rifles and cannon, and by the blows of your swords and knives. cause the minarets and mountains and wildernesses to resound once more with the cry. “Allah! Allah!” Jihad! Jihad! Oh, Moslems, blow the trumpet everywhere, of people of the Unity. The great God is ordering you to fight with your foes everywhere.’[43]


The CUP incited the population by emphasising the religious differences between Muslim and Armenian subjects which, as we have seen, retained a high level of salience in the Ottoman Empire. The genocide was declared a jihad, a holy war against the infidels, which was a deliberate means of inflaming religious feeling and part of a propaganda campaign which ensured the participation of many ordinary Turks in the deportations.[44]

The holy war, jihad among the Kemalists have been well documented. For example. Mouammer, the governor who served as Kemalist Deputy 1922-27. Sources liken him to Timurlane. [Timur was the infamous Islamic warrior, that massacred infidels in a jihad. An horrific torturer,[45], a “religious bigot as he was a ruthless conqueror.”[46]].[47]

Young Turks’ jihad

Writer: The “Young Turks” were supposedly “secular”, and yet, of course, their ideas led to genocide against non-Muslims in Turkey.It is perverted that the phrase “Young Turks” has become an innocuous term for any up-and-coming members of any group. It should be a term that has the same meaning to us as “Nazi Youth”.[48] Worth mentioning what renowned historian B. Lewis writes that Even after the Ottoman constitutional revolution of 1908, the policy of state pan-lslamism was continued by the modernizing Young Turk pashas. In November 1914, after the outbreak of war, the Ottoman authorities even proclaimed a jihad, or holy war, against the Allies..[49] Author:

Ottoman autocracy and its successor, the Young Turk military dictatorship, employed jihad within the framework of a total-war psychology, and bent the law of war to serve the purposes of total war. If jihad presented one face of Ottoman war policy, total war machtpolitik served as the spirit behind the policy. Islamic law could be used to justify attacks on Armenian dhimmis, even in contravention of the original Islamic law.[50]

See the anti-Armenian bigotry in Turkey today #Armenians.


Some of the expression of this hatred is still resulted –among other– in divided Cyprus, today, a major issue in Europeans’ demands of a ‘change in Turkey’ if they’re to join the EU. The policies [like, mass discrimination, displacement of Greek Cypriots] on the island, are categorized as ‘apartheid.’ Since its 1970s’ occupation.[51][52][53] European officials in 1990, criticized the ethnic and religious apartheid, “a situation of apartheid, under which Cypriots are forcibly segregated on the grounds that Muslims and Christians, people of Turkish origin and people of Greek origin, cannot live together.”[54] Officials have charged Turkey of carrying out “apartheid and partition policies.”[55]

There’s still, today, lingering racism associated by the Cyprus conflict.[56]

(Modern) Turkey

Location: Turkey
Perpetrators: (Modern) Turkey
Victims: Kurds, Armenians, Alevis, Zoroastrians and other minorities

Ethnic and Religious bigotry today
From a December 2011 report: “Rising Intolerance in Turkish Society.” Incidents of religious and ethnically based violence continue to sow unease in Turkey, raising the question of whether a country that pitches itself as a cultural and religious mosaic is becoming more and more intolerant [57]

“Turkey continues to harass and persecute its Alevis, Kurds, Zoroastrians and other minorities.”[58]


Kurdish activist: Turkish brainwashing (non-) Education System teaches the pupils that “We are the Greatest Nation on Earth”, ” One Turk is worth more then the whole world”, and many other racist lies. [59]

The Kurdish minority has a long history of being persecuted in Turkey.[60] Racist violence has been in the past and in the present. Kurdish activists routinely decry racism, about racial attacks, genocides and the national oppression policy adopted against the Kurdish people in Turkey[61][62]

As in Arab Palestinian “culture” of practicing racism in “accusing” its victims of fake racism…[63] Turkey, as well, has been practicing its racism while “charging” its victimize subjects with the crime, the Turkish State rather has been committing. From a 1998 hearing in the US Government

I rise today to express my indignation over the decision of the Turkish government to sentence Leyla Zana, the Kurdish parliamentarian who is currently serving a 15-year sentence, to 2 additional years in prison as a blatant violation of the freedom of expression and an insult to her supporters worldwide.
This time, the Turkish authorities charge that Leyla Zana broke the law in a letter she wrote to the People Democracy Party (HADEP) to urge them to be forthcoming, diligent, decisive and to push for individual and collective freedoms. The fact that Leyla Zana has been charged with inciting racial hatred reveals that Turkey is a racist state and continues to deny the Kurds a voice in the state.[64]

A filmmaker’s testimony: “Unfortunately today for Kurds in Turkey, in Syria, in Iran, it is very hard to make movies. It’s very difficult to work because there is an apartheid against Kurdish [people], there is no equality, there are no human rights, there is no freedom.”[65]

The Turks have also been accused of using chemical weapons against the Kurds in 2010.[66]

As an author writes: The Kurdish deprivation of their own culture, language, and tradition is incompatible with democratic norms. It reflects an apartheid system that victimizes minorities like Armenians, Kurds, and Shij Muslems. The Turkish government systematically failed to learn from the historical evidence. Forced assimilation is not a solution for national solidarity, and the continued repression of the Kurds cannot indefinitely secure Turkish unity.[67] And explains their struggle to liberate the Kurds from the discriminatory apartheid situation.[68] Appropriately called: ‘The Apartheid Nation of Turkey.’[69] Or the ‘Turkish version of the Apartheid.’[70] Or at least seen as akin to Apartheid by others.[71] Some criticized the “racial attacks, genocides and the national oppression policy adopted against the Kurdish people in Turkey.”[72] Some mentioned “isolationism and religious and racial apartheid. Yesterday in Egypt, today in Turkey…”[73]


The ‘Armenian genocide’ still lingers on, with stubborn Islamic Turkey’s objection to define the massacre of 1.5 Christian Armenians as genocide, and threatens with severing relation whoever disobeys its “view.” As a result of the government’s led atmosphere, a prominent Turkish journalist of Armenian heritage Hrant Dink was murdered.[74][75] Turkey even arrested journalist who had written a book on the murder of Hrant Dink, a well-known journalist and human rights defender, and the investigation into his killing.[76]

In 2007, a Swiss court convicted a Turkish politician under its anti-racism law and fined him for denying that the killings of Armenians was genocide. [77]

“The denial of the Armenian Genocide should be punished in a European country which has democratic values as it is a manifestation of racism,” said Hayk Demoyan the Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, Armenia, speaking of the criminalization of the denial of Armenian Genocide by the Senate of France. [78]

The European Armenian Federation urged the EU to denounce Turkey’s anti Armenian apartheid policies.” Protesting the

human rights violations related to freedom of speech–rights of minorities–torture–and the lack of constitutional law–it does not highlight the lack of political will to bring about positive change. Further–while the report apparently discusses the hardships of most non-Muslim minorities in Turkey–it refrains from focusing on the ongoing policy of oppression against the Armenian minority in that country.
“In addition to the religious discrimination that all Christian minorities suffer in Turkey–the Armenia’s–who are descendants of the victims of the genocide committed by the Turkish government–are subjected to a distinct policy of racism–an anti-Armenian policy of apartheid.”[79]

See #Cyprus.


Alevis in Turkey are victims of Islamist discrimination. Alevis are a religious, sub-ethnic and cultural community in Turkey, numbering in the tens of millions.[80]


In 2009, researchers showed the link beween Islamization and hate in Turkey, and found a sharp rise in distribution of hate literature in that country. With “classical” anti-Semitic literature in Turkish translation, such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. As a ‘drama series’ propaganda embedded with raw anti-Semitism, airing on Turkish media, there was an official complaint against Turkey for “state-sponsored incitement.”[81]

Radical Islam & anti-Jewish (anti-Semitism)
In 2010, Turkish government’s linked Islamic organization IHH, has showed its “radical Islamic worldview,” and more anti-Semitism, including “conspiracy theories.”[82]

The IHH and terrorism / Jihad
IHH had links with global jihad and Islamic terrorist elements in the Middle East,[83] confirmed by the U.S. government.[84]

IHH Flotilla jihad and racism

In 2010, the Islamic group IHH, with active support of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan[85] organized a propaganda “flotilla” ship. Supposedly “helping” the Arab Palestinians in Gaza who are under a blockade of the IDF –after Gaza’s regime, the terrorist Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been targeting Israeli school children in Sderot[86][87][88][89][90][91][92][93][94] for years– in order to prevent weapon smuggling, while food, medicine and vital materials are allowed. From the violent[95] armed[96] “peace” flotilla:

Turkish organizer: Everything is heading toward Islam.
Radio messages sent from the Turkish Gaza flotilla to the navy contained chilling anti-Semitic language, the IDF revealed on Friday when it released audio recordings of communications it had with the vessels.
“You are approaching an area which is under a naval blockade,” a navy radio operator said in a message broadcast to the six protest ships.
“Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz,” a male voice said in reply. The message was broadcast to the navy from one of the ships…
“We’re helping the Arabs go against the US. Don’t forget 9/11, guys,” a man said later on during the radio exchange.[97][98][99][100][101]

From the description of the Islamic “peace activists” atmosphere:

It was unquestionably a lynch atmosphere, with participants shrieking Islamic battle cries and expressing a willingness to martyr themselves in order to kill Jews.
IDF soldiers were shot with live ammunition, stabbed with knives, beaten with iron clubs and thrown off the boats. There is no question that they faced a life-threatening situation… being beaten by a wild mob employing iron bars. [102]

There were also Islamic Iranian spies who had contact with al-Qaida who falsified travel docemnts for IHH flotilla.[103]

Included were Muslim Brotherhood allied prominent Turkey’s government delegates. At least one Sheik was proudly “brandishing his large curved dagger.” Flotilla participants were “writing Wills, preparing for Martyrdom, determined to reach Gaza or Die.”[104]

As the US eliminated arch terrorist Osama Bin Laden in May 2011, the I.H.H. condemned the killing. Denounced “American terrorism,” saying that killing bin Laden was clearly an illegal act and was planning a new Flotilla. Its leader Yildirim: “We Will Not Hesitate to Sacrifice Shaheeds to Achieve the Flotilla’s Objective.”[105][106][107]

Indian Sub-continent

Location: Indian Sub-continent
Perpetrators: Islamists
Victims: (Indian) Bangladeshis (Bengalis), Kashmiris

The Pakistani Islamic genocide in Bangladesh 1971 resulted in three Million victims.[108][109][110] In 1971, Bangladesh, then called East Pakistan, was part of a geographical monstrosity created by the British in 1947. Pakistan, as created by the British, consisted of West Pakistan and East Pakistan, separated by the vast expanse of the Indian land mass in the middle. East and West Pakistan spoke different languages and were culturally distinct. East Pakistan accounted for the majority of Pakistan’s population, yet it was economically exploited and politically marginalized by West Pakistan. Bengalis, the people of East Pakistan, were also persecuted for speaking their native language and for being either Muslims who had converted from Hinduism or for being Hindus. Pakistan, translated as ‘The Land of the Pure’, was intolerant of Bengalis because they were not ‘pure’ Muslims.[111]

The Loganag massacre & Ethnic cleansing campaign in Bangladesh 1992 by Muslims.[112][113][114][115]

An estimated 400,000 Kashmiri original people, constituting 99% of the total population of Hindus living in Muslim majority area of the Kashmir Valley, were forcibly pushed out of the Valley by Muslim terrorists, trained in Pakistan, since the end of 1989. They have been forced to live the life of exiles in their own country, outside their homeland, by unleashing a systematic campaign of terror, murder, loot and arson. Islamists succeeded in ‘cleansing’ the valley of this ancient ethno-religious community. This community with a history of thousands of years, is fighting a grim battle to save itself from becoming extinct as a distinct race and culture.[116]


Location: Afghanistan
Perpetrators: Islamic mobs
Victims: Persians (Hazara)

Sunni Islamists, in aiming to create a “a pure Muslim state,” have been “conducting racial warfare against civilians of certain ethnic groups, particularly the Hazara of northern Afghanistan.”[117] In the attempted destruction of the Hazara people of Afghanistan, who are ethnically Persian as well as religiously Shiite, there was also a strong suggestion of “cleansing.”[118]


Location: Indonesia
Perpetrators: Indonesia’s government, Indonesian mobs
Victims: Chinese

During 33 Years of the Suharto regime, ethnic Chinese in Indonesia have been systematically targeted by the regime.[119] They have periodically been targets of mob violence. Some 100,000 Chinese were expelled from the country in 1959, while thousands of Chinese were attacked and many killed during the 1965-1966 bloodbath that followed the fall of President Sukarno. Many Chinese were accused of being Communists and with maintaining secret ties to the mainland. Anti-Chinese rioting also occurred in 1973 and 1980. Under Suharto, Chinese were also forbidden from careers in state-sponsored academia, serving in the military, and the civil service. They were forced to carry identity cards and the use of Chinese characters and celebrations, were banned. During the violent upheavals that lead to Suharto’s downfall in May 1998, some 1,200 Chinese were believed killed. Thousands of businesses were looted, prompting tens of thousands of Chinese fled overseas. In addition, billions of dollars was transferred out of the country. Rioting and skirmishes have increased in 1998, some of them the expression of a general, ill-defined desire for “reformasi” directed at the government and the country’s worsening poverty. But in a number of troubled regions around the archipelago, the violence has focused on long-simmering ethnic animosities and religious bigotry.[120]

From a testimony: ‘May 14th, 1998 a huge crowd had gathered around our apartment. They screamed, “Let’s butcher the Chinese!”, “Let’s eat pigs!”, “Let’s have a party!” […] people raped.. Before beginning with the raping they always said “Allahu Akbar” (an Islamic phrase in Arabic meaning “God is great”. They were ferocious and brutal.’[121]

A Chinese reported on: Muslims who call for “Holy war,” and mass rapes of ethnic Chinese such as in Ambon.[122]

Post Suharto Indonesia sees also wide discrimination. In 2004, ‘A Call for World Justice to lift Discrimination towards Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia’ was Initiated by Indonesian, Chinese, American and Canadian organizations/associations.

East Timor
One of the notorious Islamic Indonesian crimes on Chinese, happened in E. Timor (1970s). It was very bloody and shocking in brutality, including mass rape, massacres. Noted personalities wrote on the genocide in E. Timor, where a third of the population, some 200,000 Catholics lost their lives. [123] The extermination of one third of the Roman Catholic inhabitants of East Timor by Muslims.[124] Indonesia’s first victims on E. Timor, were the ethnic Chinese minority, who were singled out for “selective killings.”[125]

Maluku Islands
In 2000, the Maluku [Malucca, the Mollucas] Islands’ Christians and Chinese saw horrific massacres and mass rape by Muslims. In 1999 and 2000 the two groups that fought were Christians and Muslims on Indonesia’s Molucca Islands; this conflict, which was fueled by a militant Islamic group called Lashkar Jihad (Militia of the Holy War), resulted in thousands of deaths[126] There are gruesome tales of raping Chinese girls by the “Lashkar Jihad” (Jihad Army, founded in April 2000).[127][128] They were the main force in anti-Christian ‘holy war.’[129][130]

“Muslim mobs targeted businesses owned by ethnic Chinese.” In January 2000, more than 80000 Muslims marched in Jakarta to demand a jihad, or holy war, against Christians; Amien Rais, head of Indonesia’s parliament, appeared at the rally, explaining that “Our patience has limits…[131]

The Ethno-Religious Conflict in Maluku Imported religious rivalry between Christians and Muslims, in particular modernist Islam…. thousands of mainly-Christian Chinese were slaughtered and/or raped…[132]

1,700 people were murdered in just one year alone (2000).[133] An eyewitness, warning of Christians in the Malukus being wiped out, told –at that time– about the: Jihad warriors, shouting Islamic slogans, “attack and burn down Christian houses, shops and even entire villages, killing whoever comes in their way”… [the fundamentalists] will ask questions that only Muslims can answer. Once it is clear that one is not a Muslim, it is difficult to get away.”Using a map, the woman pointed out to ENI several coastal villages in the islands that had been “cleansed” of Christians forced to flee to the mountains. I one instance: a pregnant Christian woman’s womb had been slashed open, and her baby cut into pieces. As to the Indonesian military, the witness said: “officials down the ladder will side with the fundamentalists.”[134]

Attackers left a sign: “Long live Moslems ! Islam is Supreme ! Get rid of the Chinese!”[135]

There was a pattern – “misuse the concept of jihad to justify the use of violence against Christians and ethnic Chinese citizens.”[136]

West Papua Ethnic Paupans, non-Muslims under Islamic Indonesia.

There was widespread ethnic cleansing of West Papuans by the Indonesians, and accusations of genocide,[137] when Islamic Indonesia brutally invaded Christian West Papua.[138] According to a documentary, any W. Paupan staying in -the evacuated by force- region, was to be punished by death. “It was like apartheid. Indonesia’s transmigration policy has resulted in thousands of Indonesians being shipped over to West Papua…” “Amnesty International puts the West Papuan death toll at anything between 100,000 to 400,000 in the last four decades. It’s genocide, make no mistake.”[139]

Treating the indigenous like animals.
In Oct, 2011, [another] fatyal attack, activists said, was indicative of the government’s continued treatment of indigenous Papuans as no more than animals, an activist said on Friday.
Socratez Sofyan Yoman, a prominent priest from the restive province, said the security forces’ brutal actions came as no surprise because it was “something that we experience on a daily basis.”
“This republic truly treats us like beasts,” he said at the Jakarta headquarters of the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM).

There were reports of Christians’ fear of genocide, especially due to the Indonesian-occupation’s alliance with Jihadists.[141]


Location: China
Perpetrators: Hui Muslims, Uighur Muslims
Victims: Han Chinese

Ethnic – There have been outbreak of violence in years between Muslim separatists and Han Chinese in W. China. In the conflict between Hui Muslims and their Han Chinese neighbours,[142] in November 2004 outbreak, some 148 were killed.[143] July 2009 had a peak of a spasm of attacks by Muslim Uighurs separatists against Han Chinese, the ethnic majority which resulted in 140 dead.[144]
In “Under the heel of the dragon: Islam, racism, crime, and the Uighur in China,” author suggest that the disproportoinate Uighur criminal activities come as a result of ‘anti-Han’ sentiments.[145] (Though, granted, Uyghur ‘anti-Han sentiments’ are prevalent among the Uyghur[146] as they feel, they are victims of the Chinese government. However, they target [any] Han Chinese, per ethnicity).

Religious – Muslim separatists have been linked to terror bombings in China, as late as in August 2011.[147][148]
The Islamic group near the borders Afghanistan, Pakistan: The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is a militant Muslim separatist group in Xinjiang province in northwest China. The U.S. State Department listed the ETIM as a terrorist organization in 2002 during a period of increased U.S.-Chinese cooperation on antiterrorism matters in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001… The ETIM is one of the more extreme groups founded by Uighurs, the Turkic-speaking ethnic majority in Xinjiang, seeking an independent state called East Turkestan.[149]
The Chinese government accused in 2008, the Uighur Muslims of an attack,[150][151] and plotting terror attacks at the Olympic games of that year.
After the riots in Urumqi in July 2009, an Algeria-based Al-Qaida arm—Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb— said it would avenge the deaths if Muslims in Urumqi by targeting Chinese working in North Africa. It was the first time that Al-Qaida directly threatened China or its interests. In October 2009, Al-Qaida leader Abu Yahia al-Libi called on Uighurs to rise up and launch a jihad against Beijing.[152] Amidst the 2004 violence in that region, “mosque leaders appear sympathetic to the insurgents in Iraq.”[153]


Location: Thailand
Perpetrators: Malay Muslims
Victims: Thai Buddhists

The Islamic and ethnic motivation in Malay-Muslim anti Thai-Buddhist violence.
From a report about the violence in S. Thailand: Some call it a war; others describe the almost daily bombings, arson, beheadings, and drive-by-shootings in southern Thailand as an ethnic cleansing. Whatever it is called, it does not change the fact that more than 2,000 people have died since a Muslim insurgency flared up in 2004 in Thailand’s Muslim-majority southern provinces of Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. While the majority of Thailand’s 65 million people are Buddhists, around 1.3 million ethnic Malay Muslims live in the south. Most identify more with Muslim Malaysia and the Melayu language than with Thai Buddhists. …Monsour Salleh, an activist and businessman from Pattani town, sums up the views of many Muslims in the south. “We have struggled through us that Islam is our discipline and way of life,” …So the outside should understand that Islam is the main role of religion here, not Buddhist.” …The shadowy insurgents have never identified themselves nor made any public demands. Officials and analysts widely believe they want to establish a separate Islamic state. …a political scientist at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University, says that as the violence escalates, the insurgents’ goal becomes clearer. “Now the idea of independence becoming clearer on the surface,” … “Now the idea of being a Melayu-based town, driving out other ethnic groups are being rising up on the surface.”[154]
As an expression of the will of the Islamists, from Reuters (January 2007). Both (Buddhists) had been shot and a handwritten note next to the bodies said, “We shall kill all Thai Buddhists.”[155]


Location: Malaysia
Perpetrators: Malaysia
Victims: Indians, Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Tamilsand, others

Human rights of Indians by Malaysians are constantly violated, which prompted activism. Yet, the Malaysian government has banned the non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), branding it as a threat to national security. State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians, including in public University intakes. March 29, 2006 has published a long list of non-Malays (Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Tamils, etc.) who are been racially discriminated against, what the poster calls: “inflicted colossal racial discrimination onto non-Malays.”[156]
Ethnic and Religious:
There is a clash from resurgent Islam. The country’s first ever survey of race relations conducted 2006 confirmed that, “below the facade of unity and peace, racism, discrimination and religious bigotry run deep.”[157] Indian poet who fled Malaysia in 2007 asserted, “It’s apartheid!”[158] In 2010 for instance, Ethnic Indians in Malaysia have alleged discrimination at the hands of the government there.[159]

Malaysia has been described of conducting “50 years of ethnic apartheid.”[160]

Africa (general)

Location: Africa
Perpetrators: (Muslim-) Arabs
Victims: (Native) Africans

Classic combination of Islamic piety and Arab racism.

Slavery by Arabs (Arab master race) in Africa has been officially limited, still there are reports of continuing of this practice,[161] especially in Sudan, Mauritania.[162] As late as March, 2011 there were reports of ‘Slavery still alive in Sudan.’[163] If they were Christians, they were forced to become Muslim.[164] As late as Oct. 2011, the UNPO said to the United Nations: “Widespread Slavery Persists In Mauritania.”[165] Mauritanian’s indigenous decry racism and suffering from the oppressive Arab rulers and its forcing Arabization.[166][167]
Saudi Arabia’s leading government cleric, author of country’s religious curriculum said: “Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.[168]

Scholars’ publication (1969 and 1993):

…atrocities visited on black Africans there (South Africa), pales into insignificance when measured against African resistance against racist Arabism currently being practiced in such places as Mauritania, Sudan and Algeria.[169][170]

Sudan genocide, a classic profile of Islam infused Arab racism.

  • ‘Islamic Legion’
  • ‘Arab Gathering’
  • Arabist-supremacist – very ‘Islamic’, ‘nazi type’ Janjaweeds
  • Iconic Omar al-Bashir

[Northen] Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir is wanted on war crimes charges, Janjaweed “Arab militias” have been leading a “campaign of ethnic cleansing against non-Arab locals.”[171] The Janjaweed have been sponsored by his government.[172]

Arab[173] anti-black genocide, mass rape by al-Bashir government in the Sudan and his allied Arab supremacists Janjaweeds is stemming [also] from Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi’s bloody legacy in Chad, Sudan in the 1970’s to convert the African region into a pan Arab-Islamic state.[174][175] An (2010) estimated 2.5 Million have died in the Sudan genocide so far.[176][177] Both culprit: Gadhafi and al-Bashir have been pushing for an Islamic rule.

Iconic al-Bashir a radical Islamist and a racist Arab
From the BBC: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir came to power in an Islamist-backed coup in 1989. Since then he has introduced elements of Sharia law[178]
The NYTimes (2008): “The Sudanese government started the first genocide of the 21st century in Darfur, and now it seems to be preparing to start the second here among the thatch-roof huts of southern Sudan.” [179] Indeed, in July 2008, “Sudan president al-Bashir charged with genocide.”[180] He showed “defiance” against the criminal court, “danced, punched the air in delight and shouted “God is great” in his first public appearance yesterday as a war crimes suspect…. Sudan promised to turn Darfur into a graveyard as it reacted to charges laid by an international prosecutor accusing Mr al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes His gregime also promised to turn Darfur into a graveyard as it reacted to charges laid by an international prosecutor accusing Mr al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.[181]

Intellectuals expressed hopes that “Locking up Sudan’s Al-Bashir could let in some light into war-torn Darfur.”

Al Bashir launched his own version of terrorism in 1989 when his government promulgated the ‘Popular Defence Forces Law’ which legalised paramilitary training to militias to execute a “jihad against Christian influence in the South”…
Under this umbrella fundamentalist Islamic revivalism, the legitimate claims of the peoples of Darfur for an end to their economic backwardness and marginalisation would be subverted through the “jihad”…
Al Bashir was urgently accused of committing “genocide” in Darfur. Sudan’s tragedy has been the pathological cruelties of successive leaders (from Jaffar al Nimeiry, Sadiq al Mahdi to Al Bashir), against citizens of their country. Sudanese intellectuals… have seen Arab racism as the curse of Sudan. This terrible virus is claimed to be most virulent in leaders with varying degrees of dark skin and West-African tribal marks-the Janjaweed.[182]

Examplary Backers of al-Bashir
Al-Bashir has seen moral support by the Arab league and by the “religious” Islamic Iran, the [“Palestinian” Islamic regime in Gaza] Hamas[183] and even by the “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas of the “Palestinian” Authority,[184] by “moderate” Islamic Turkey,[185]by Hezbollah[186][187] as well as by Nation of Islam’s L. Farrakhan.[188] Last but not least, the icon of radical Islam, Bin Laden has threatened force against U.N. peacekeepers who might dare interrupt the race-murder campaign against African Muslims that is being carried out by his pious Sudanese friends in Darfur.[189][190]

Noted journalist wrote (at the case where a British woman faced death over a Muhammad Teddy bear, 2007): “There are two places where the Muslim Brotherhood exercises governmental power: Sudan and the Palestinian territories.”[191]

Islamic Legion and Arab Gathering
The serious push in Arab supremacy came in 1987’s Islamic Legion who adopted a racist ‘Arabism’ ideology, the “Arab Gathering.” A milestone in worsening the situation was: the rise of al-Bashir and al-Turabi to power.[192][193] It has been explained that The Arab Alliance, formed in 1987, was founded by former members of the Islamic Legion. And that It was during this time that land grabs by Arab militias (janjawid) became more frequent… an explicit racist ideology.[194]

First a secretly movement, the

Arab Gathering emerged publicly in October 1987 when it sent an open letter to the then Sudanese prime minister calling for the “Arab race” to be given greater regional authority at the expense of the Fur and Zaghawa tribes, who they disparagingly termed zurga, a term connoting those non-Arab indigenous people who are sub-human, uncivilised, or pagan and thus enslaveable… the Khartoum government embarked on constitutional reform in 1994 that redrew Darfur’s administrative boundaries, divided the Fur (making them minorities in the new regions) and gave the bulk of new political posts to those committed to Arab supremacy.[195][196]

From a 2006 ‘Genocide Watch’ article:

The people of the South, like Darfur, are black Africans, including the Dinka, Nuba, and Nuer peoples, but unlike the Darfuri, they follow Animist and Christian beliefs, rather than Islam. This added a religious dimension to the southern conflict. At the base of both genocides is the Bashir regime’s racism. The Arab Gathering, a shadowy Nazi type brotherhood deeply embedded in the Bashir regime, preaches a doctrine of Arab supremacy and a Sudan “cleansed” of non-Arabs.[197]

Author: “The Arab Gathering: a semi-secret group that preaches Arab supremacy and adheres to Islamic extremism, in favor of radically altering the demography of Darfur and ridding it of all African tribes.”[198] The expanded influence of its Arab-supremacist ideology: “To date, the Arab Gathering remains a Darfur phenomenon, but its destructive ideology could as easily spread throughout Sudan’s diverse communities, where there are groups that view themselves as racially and culturally superior to others.”[199]

Racism and a ‘holy war’
The Christian Science Monitor (2004) asserted that “Racism at root of Sudan’s Darfur crisis.” And adds: “President Omar Bashir and his fundamentalist Islamic government declared a holy war against African groups in the south – the Dinka, Nuba, and Neur peoples.”[200]

The NY Times wrote: “The ethnicization of the conflict has grown more rapidly since the military coup in 1989 that brought to power the regime of Umar al-Bashir, which is not only Islamist but also Arab-centric. This has injected an ideological and racist dimension to the conflict, with the sides defining themselves as “Arab” or “Zurq” (black). My impression is that many of the racist attitudes traditionally directed toward slaves have been redirected to the sedentary non-Arab communities. And adds: “The racist dimension comes to the fore in reports of rape and mass killings, cynically supported by the Khartoum government, which is determined to retain control over the area. The reason is simple: a possible oil pipeline through Darfur.”[201]

Authors who wrote “Genocide in Darfur: investigating the atrocities in the Sudan”: The primary victims have been non-Arab residents of Darfur. numerous credible reports corroborate the use of racial and ethnic epithets by both the Janjaweed and Gos military personnel; “kill the slaves, kill the slaves.”[202] Arab violence against black is an ‘old’ problem, as “Blacks are viewed by Arabs as racially inferior.”[203]

Expert: “The Janjaweed are like a grotesque mixture of the mafia and the Ku Klux Klan… These guys have a racist ideology that sees the Arab population as the supreme population that would like to see the subjugation of non-Arab peoples. They’re criminal racketeers that have been supported very directly by the government to wage the war against the people of Darfur.”[204]

In the words of a renowned journalist: “Arab supremacy infused by Islam.” Adding about the “big Sheikh” Hilal, Hilal is also leader – amid – of an Arab supremacist organization called the Tajamu al-Arabi, variously translated as the “Arab Gathering,” “Arab Alliance,” “Arab Congregation” and “Arab Congress.”[205] Scholars: Having trained in Gadhafi’s camps, alongside the Failaq al-Islamiyya (Islamic Legion) or as part of the Arab Gathering, they arrived infused with a supremacist agenda. Adding: That ingredient was Arab supremacy infused by Islam. It was the ingredient Musa Hilal, the Janjaweed leader indicted on charges of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court in The Hague…[206]

‘Twin Fascisms’ Arabism/Islamism.
Arab Human Rights activist: ‘The Arab Silence Can Only Be Explained Once We Understand the True Nature of the Twin Fascisms of Islamism and Pan-Arabism’.[207]

Aouther asserts: Islam and Arabism have been used by the ruling elites to get Arab and Moslem support in their bid to defend their hegemony over the Sudan. And that The present fundamentalist regime was also able to use Arabism and Islam to get support from Iraq and Iran in the war.[208]

Sudanese wrote (1993):

… Moreover, they have committed to a program of de-Africanization through forced Arabization and Isalmization of the people in South Sudan, the Nuba Mountains and southern Blue Nile regions.
Had the African Sudanese succumbed to this policy of Arabism and Islamism, Islamic apartheid would have prevailed in the Sudan said Elias N. Wakoson. In 1955, a group of Southern Sudanese revolted against the system… they have maintained a passive stance on the Arab apartheid and enslavement of black Africans…[209]

‘United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Researches’ ( said: “Fundamentalist Islam and fanatical Arabism play a very important role in this. The situation in Mauritania is equally beset with conflict.”[210] In Feb. 2010, Sudan opposition leader said: (Sudan’s) genocidal violence – a “jihad,” by Arab-Islamists imposers.[211]

Author notes: “A malignant racism has characterized relationships with fundamentalist Muslims in the Beja Mountains and in Darfur. In 1999, when Turabi was sidelined by Bashir, the Sudanese Islamist movement split mainly along ethnic lines.” [212]

Iconic supremacist Arabist/Islamist: Dr Hassan Abdallah al-Turabi – Sudan
An Arab racist [against blacks] and an ardent Islamist.[213] Murdered more than 100,000 in Sudan from 1989 to 1999.[214] Famous for his call: We Will Islamize America and Arabize Africa[215] “We want to Islamize America and Arabize Africa,” he told the Cairo Times.[216]

Sheik Hassan El Turabi, an African with Arab blood, and the real power and architect of Islamic fundamentalism or revivalism in northern Sudan… Today, this perspective justifies the processes of Arabization and Islamization that have been forced …[217]

In 1991, he organized the ‘PAIC’ Popular Arab and Islamic Conference in Khartoum, Sudan. Unifying radical Islamists and ideology “against the West.” The underlying message was clear: in Islam’s war against the West and the struggle to build Islamic states at home, the ends justified the means.[218] The Arab and Islamic conference brought together all the leading Islamists from the Arab Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan , as well as Yasir Arafat and the Egyptian Nasserists.[219]

Location: Africa
Perpetrators: Muslim-ethnic Futanke [Fulbe]
Victims: non-Futa ethnicities

Eighteenth-century movement in Futa Jalon and the early nineteenth-century, Africa.

Fulbe ‘holy war’ jihad was also an ethnic supremacy, Futanke ethnic consciousness also drew upon the ideology that Fulbe were “better” Muslims than the other ethnic populations of the Western Sudan. The association of Muslim commitment among the Futanke preceded Umar Tal’s holy war, due in large part to the eighteenth-century holy war fought in Futa Toro. This consciousness also reflected the broader participation of Fulbe in holy wars throughout West Africa : the eighteenth-century movement in Futa Jalon and the early nineteenth-century holy wars fought in Sokoto and Masina. The large numbers of Senegal valley Fulbe who joined Umar Tal’s holy war and then participated in thtfergo Nioro increased the Muslim pretensions of the Fulbe immigrants in Karta.[220]
Nevertheless, it did play a role in Umar Tal’s jihad in the 1850s against Europeans and between Fulbe and Mande groups. As authors assert: Ethnicity certainly has been an important factor in the history of West African Islam and more specifically in Umar’s jihad.[221]

See: #Jihadists’ anti-Black racism

North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya)

Location: North Africa
Perpetrators: Muslim-ethnic Arabs
Victims: [Indigenous] Berbers (Amazigh)

Ethnic and cultural:
The forced Arabization of the pre-Arab indigenous non-Arab Berbers (Amazigh)[222] has been accompanied by racism, oppression. Prominant Berber leader declared (2007): “There Is No Worse Colonialism Than That of the Pan-Arabist Clan that Wants to Dominate Our People.”[223] Writer: The majority Berber population of North Africa saw its lands overrun as well over the past centuries by conquering, settling, and subjugating Arab hordes creating Arab empires. Imperialism is evidently only nasty when non-Arabs indulge in it. Berbers who dared to insist on keeping their own pre-Arab language and culture have been murdered for trying to do so.[224]

‘Anti-Amazigh apartheid’ is widespread, in Arab North-Africa.[225] Especially in Morocco,[226][227][228] and in Libya.[229][230]

‘Religious’ Jihad:
Example: the FIS called unequivocally for combatting and destroying the Berbers. For example, in 1990 a leader of the FIS called for a jihad against the Kabyles and declared that the only means to get rid of the Berbers was to Islamize and totally Arabize the country.[231]

See #Arab world (general)


Location: Nigeria
Perpetrators: Muslim-ethnic Hausa / Fulani
Victims: Christian ethnic-Tarok, Igbo-Biafrans, Berom Christians [/non-Hausa/Fulanis]

Nigeria has seen bloodshed between Muslims and Christians, the Violence between Muslim-ethnic Hausa and the Christian ethnic-Tarok fighters reached a peak in 2005, it carries a ‘religious’ theme too. [232][233][234]

From a historic overview: Igbo-Biafrans have been cyclically murdered in Northern Nigeria by Hausa-Fulani in well-organized, State-sponsored genocidal pogroms since mid-1940’s. Then, in the 1960s’, there was especially the 1966 genocide against the Igbo by the Hausa-Fulani. The threat to the survival of Biafra still exists even today, in the year 2011, just as ominously as it did in the 1960’s, Biafra will continue to act to liberate herself and her people from the murderous clutches of “one Nigeria.” It’s all related to terrorism unleashed by extremist Muslims in the name of Sharia.[235]

…Hausa-Fulani/north perpetrators, who, in addition, have carried out other series of pogroms against the Igbo since 1945… the Hausa-Fulani/north muslims categorise the Igbo as belonging to the dar el harb (abode of war) zone of the islamic conceptualisation of the world, unlike the dar el islam (abode of islam) of the muslim faithful, the other region of this dichotomised universe. The Hausa-Fulani/north muslims have therefore always felt that it is ‘legitimate’, ‘justifiable’, ‘fair game’,…[236]

Another author asserts the Hausa Fulani oligarchy orchestrated the massacre, pogrom and ethnic cleansing of the of the Igbos and all other easterners resident in Northern and Western Nigeria that led to the massacre of up to a quarter of a million, and thus led to the largest displacement and refugees of the Igbos modern African had ever had.[237] He explains:

What was their message? The lives of Christian Igbo and other Easterners were no longer safe inside Nigeria, especially in the Islamic North, in face of waves of pogrom unleashed against Igbos and other Easterners since 1966; which got worse in 1967…[238]

Researchers explain in a study “Ethno-religious Identity and Conflict in Northern Nigeria: Understanding the Dynamics of Sharia in Kaduna and Kebbi States.” Colonial policies -and indeed British pragmatism- with a racist ideology, absorbed the dominant old ruling circles of the Hausa-Fulani emirates into the system, while excluding the other ethnic groups in the zone”. There were similar experiences in Kebbi state. In Zuru, southern Kebbi for example, “through colonial and post-colonial processes of state formation, the people of Zuru have long been oppressed by the Caliphate Hausa/Fulani. Their histories, cultures, identities, social and political organizations and religious beliefs have been subjugated under those of Hausa Fulani… They have been politically displaced; have experienced social and religious discriminations at the maximum level, based on their ethnic and religious distinction.”[239]

Some of powerful Hausa/Fulani Muslims have been accused (in 2011) of going after non-Muslims, in the habit of inciting, sponsoring, paying and empowering Hausa/Fulani social urchins and miscreants in the northern region of Nigeria to kill non-Hausa/Fulani Christians and non-Muslims and destroy their properties in that region in retaliation for losing any major election.[240]
African writer wrote against “ethno-religious supremacist thinking being expressed by the Hausa-Fulani intellectual and political elite…”[241]
Points discussed in a (2011) conference: Didn’t we collectively condemn and fought colonialism and white supremacy in the form of apartheid? Why is it that Hausa/Fulani in the north distrust and hate their northern Christians? [242]

At the eruption of March 2010 violence where 500 have been killed, the NYTimes and Reuters called it: “Religious and Ethnic Violence.”[243]

Survivors said the attackers were able to separate the Fulanis from members of the rival Berom group by chanting ‘nagge,’ the Fulani word for cattle. Those who failed to respond in the same language were hacked to death.
Nigerian troops are patrolling villages near the northern city of Jos after the massacre of more than 500 Christians there that sparked international shock and outrage.
But survivors of the latest wave of inter-ethnic violence, in which women and children were hacked to death or burned alive in their homes, denounced the authorities for having failed to intervene in time.
Relatives of the dead meanwhile attended funerals on Monday for the victims of the three-hour orgy of violence in three Christian villages close to the northern city of Jos.
Witnesses have blamed the massacre on members of the mainly Muslim Fulani ethnic group, and according to media reports Muslims villagers were warned two days before attack via text messages to their phones. The security forces said they had detained 95 suspects in the violence. [244]

Witnesses said: “Eyewitnesses say the Hausa Fulani Muslim militants were chanting ‘Allah Akbar,’ broke into houses, cutting human beings, including children and women with their knives and cutlasses.”[245]

Ethnic Religious jihad
In November 2011, “Fulani Muslim herdsmen along with Muslim soldiers have killed at least 45 ethnic Berom Christians in Plateau state.” While Ethnic Fulanis were crying ‘Allahu akbar!’ “At Least 45 Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria.” CDN, November 28, 2011,</ref>


Location: Africa, Uganda
Perpetrators: Idi Amin
Victims: Indians, White Christians, Jews

The infamous tyrant that has butchered between 300,000 to 500,000 people, has professed fanatical Islam since he befriended with Muammar Khadaffi. Expelled Asians, [stirred up ethno-racial hatred among Ugandan blacks against the ethnic Indian population of Uganada (some native-born), and many were driven from the country,][246] campaigned a crusade against [white][247] Christians, admired Hitler and tried to emulate him[248] and targeted (native) Jews.[249] He was indeed called a fascist.[250]


Location: Iran
Perpetrators: Islamic Republic of Iran
Victims: Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans, Baluchis, Blacks and Jews

Islamic Iran oppresses its entire population, yet, reserves a “special” persecution to all minorities including: Ethnic minorities such as Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans and Baluchis.[251][252] Iran is called “an unknown apartheid.” Especially through its bigotry against the Baloch, Ahwazi Arab, Azerbaijani Turk and Kurdish minorities.[253]

The notion that “we are the true Muslims” has much to do with the lap over ethnic hatred of other Muslims like the Arabs, it manifested itself in the Iran-Iraq war. Iran currently is going after its Arab (Ahwazi) minority, many facing executions.[254][255] motivated by racism.[256] Indeed, anti-Arab racism is one of the most noted, as Iran has been applying a policy of racial discrimination.[257] Writer concludes: “Iran is a Racist State.” That Iran is waging a secret, racist war against its Arab population.[258]

The Islamic Revolution worsened racism in the Islamic Republic. Turkish and Arab domination over Iran in the remote past was declared the main historical obstacle to the continuity of the glorious Persian empire. This racist ideology denied the national, linguistic and cultural diversity of Iran.[259]

Author describes how the bogus pro- Palestinian politics of the reigning regime degenerates into an anti-Jewish language. He elaborates: Iranian racism is particularly evident in Tehran, where similar racist negativity is directed at provincial Iranians— the Isfahanis, the Rashtis, the Azaris, the Kurds, the Lors, the Baluchis, the Arabs, or what the Tehranis in moments of unsurpassed whitewashed racism call dehatis, a nasty derogatory term meaning “the peasants.”[260]

On anti-Black racism, author testifies: The sharp contrast in my parents’ skin colors alerted me to an astounding prevalence of Iranian racism very early in my life. My father’s nickname was ” Dadi Siah,” or “Dadi the Black” — his name being Khodadad, Dadi for short.[261]

Another ethnic group, Azeri Turks, comprising around a third of the Iranian population and also subject to racism in Iran, have also backed the campaign to halt the execution of Ahwazis. The Azerbaijani Youth Association is lobbying the European Parliament and European governments to take action. A representative wrote to the British Ahwazi Friendship Society (BAFS), saying: “It is with great concern that I have heard about Ahwazis in Iran facing execution. When it comes to life we make no difference on if they are Arabs or Turks. We must show solidarity with each other and together fight against these fascists.”[262] They also endure ‘racist insults.’[263]

The Islamic Republic’s apartheid is expressed also in sports, against oppressed groups, such as, using stadiums as a racism field against Azerbaijani Turks.[264][265]

Iranian Aryanism

Aryanism & Islamic fundamentalism.

A 2007 book

interrogates the racist construction of Arya/Aria and Aryanism in an Iranian context, arguing that a racialized interpretation of these concepts has given the Indo-European speaking Persian ethnic group an advantage over Iran’s non-Persian nationalities and communities.

Author Asgharzadeh explores the racist approach of the current Islamic government to issues of difference and diversity in the country, and shows how these issues are challenging the very existence of the Islamic regime in Iran.[266]

See: #Iran (Nazism)


Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been especially racist against Jews.[267] And his ‘Holocaust denial’[268] has sparked outrage. And noted historian Edwin Black reminds that “Despite Shoah denial, Iran worked with Nazis.”[269] The UN was called up to charge him with inciting genocide on Israel.[270]

He has been described as a Hitler by various noted personalities around the world, inluding leaders of nations.[271][272][273][274][275][276][277][278][279][280][281][282][283][284][285][286][287][288]


The Islamic Republic of Iran planned the Lebanese ‘Hezbollah’ movement in 1978 to spread its radical Islamism, and sped it up in 1982.[289]
Anti non-Muslim ‘culture’:
The militant Shia movement is dedicated to creation of Iranian-style Islamic republic in Lebanon and removal of all non-Islamic influences from the area. Strongly anti-West and anti-Israel.[290]

The Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nassrallah is infamous for deep anti-Jewish racism and spreading conspiracy theories.[291] (Including being the first/original to spread lies on 9/11 Islamic attack,[292] which, in fact, together with Iran actually aided the hijackers,[293][294][295][296][297] and Al-Qaeda itself accused Iran of spreading lies about 9/11, to discredit al-Qaeda,[298]) and open annihilation plans.

[299] Its racist anti-Jewish hatred dehumanizes Jews as “apes and pigs.”[300] Its media outlet, Al-Manar satellite broadcasts have been banned by the US, France, Spain, and Germany as well as the European Union. The United States includes Al-Manar on its Specially Designated Nationals List, a list of entities with which U.S. persons are generally prohibited from dealing, and the assets of which are blocked. Canada currently classifies Hezbullah as a terrorist organization.[301] “for inciting murder, racism…”[302]

Hezbollah sepcifically targeted Jews, such as in Lebanon (1980s), torturing them, [303] and in Argetnina (1994), the massacre at the AMIA building.[304][305][306]

See also: #Iran (Nazism)

Arab / Muslim worlds (general)

Location: Arab world, Islamic world
Perpetrators: Leadership, media, clerics
Victims: Jews

There’s extensive research on wide Arab-Islamic anti-Semitism.[307][308][309][310] As R. Landes adds that Anti-Semitism is everyone’s problem, especially the Muslims’.[311]

Arab world (general)

Location: Arab world
Perpetrators: Arab world
Victims: non-Arabs, non-Muslims

Ethno-Religious bigotry.

Author: The Arab nations formally define themselves by their ethnicity, ie, Arab, thus excluding non-Arab ethnic groups, such as Berbers and Kurds. The same is true for religion. Islam is the official religion in all but one of the Arab countries (Lebanon), thus perforce marginalizing non-Islamic faiths, particularly Christian minorities.[312]

From the New York Times 1991, “In almost every way — in foreign aggression, domestic terrorism, persecution of minorities and women, control of the economy, the spread of religious bigotry, elimination of personal, political or intellectual freedom — Arab governments rule under a self-perpetuating system of tyranny that can best be described as Arab fascism.”[313]

Author explains:

In a global comparison, the evolution of Pan-Arabism (Baathism being one of its emanations) has resembled German national socialism and Italian Fascism more than French, British, and Italian liberal nationalisms. For Arab nationalism, like the movements led by Hitler and Mussolini, based itself on cleansing its national territory of ethnic minorities and did not recognize any other nationality within its imaginary Lebensraum.[314]

Egyptian writer: Like pan-Arabism, pan-Islamism is an exclusivist ideology. By rejecting the modern conception of citizenship, it rejects the idea of non-Muslim civilian participation. Absolutist by nature, its discourse excludes non-Muslims, which explains why the flame of pan-Arabism was often borne by Christian Arabs, uneasy about the hegemonic designs of political Islam. Non-Muslim Arabs (Christian Arabs, Druze, etc.), excluded from the pan-Islamic club, still have an honorable place within pan-Arabism. And non-Arab Muslims (Turks, Iranians, Kurds), excluded from the pan-Arab club, can still join pan-Islamism. But the Israelis, being neither Arabs nor Muslims, are doubly a minority.
The Jewish state is not an intruder in the Middle East. It is the extension and the representative of one of the most ancient civilizations of this part of the world. Everything links Israel to this region: geography, history, culture but also religion and language. The Jewish religion is the primary theological reference and the very foundation of Islam and Eastern Christianity. Hebrew and Arabic are as close to each other as two languages of Latin origin.

Kurdish writer on intolerance, totalitarianism and no human rights, nor freedom nor equality in the Arab Muslim world:

There is no concept of equality, human rights and individual freedoms in the Arab and Islamic world. There is no concept of pluralism, democracy, opposition parties and practices, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom oforganisation or any other civil liberties in any Arab country. It is a system based on the enslavement and marginalization of women and the prohibition of individual freedoms and initiatives.

On racist Arabism against non-Arabs:

this oppression has never stopped. It is continuing even at this moment. Racist Arabist ideology has never faced any challenge to its materialization in the practice of genocide and repression against non-Arab people. Iraq is not unique in this respect. The Kurds in Syria The Kurdish people in Syria has been subjected to racist Arabist policies since 1962. The Kurdish areas have been Arabised…
Racist Arabist ideology is not capable of tolerating differences and diversity…
Another aspect of racist ruling Arabist ideology is the persecution of other ethnic groups and minorities. The racist Arabist ideology does not recognize the existence of other nations and ethnic and cultural groups within Arab countries. It advocates the destruction of their languages and cultures to justify and bolster the policy of colonial assimilation. The racist Arabist ideology is so reactionary and aggressive that it is easily transformed into a repressive violent practice of killing, torture and genocide. The Kurdish people are not the only people who have suffered and are suffering from this policy. The people of South Sudan have been suffering from Arab genocide too.
More than one million of them have been massacred in the name of Arabism and Islamic Sharia… Arab genocide of South Sudanese people… Saddam’s genocide against the Kurdish people. The Amazeghi people in Morocco, where they represent the majority of the population, and Algeria have also been… repressed by Arab chauvinism for many decades.[316]

Arabism & Islamism


All minorities living within the Arab world are under siege. Tunisian human rights activist Muhammad Bechri has traced this to the “twin fascisms” – his term – that dominate the Arab world, Islamism and pan-Arabism. The first promotes murderous intolerance of religious minorities. It helps explain why Christians are under siege across the Arab world and why Sudan enjoyed broad Arab support as it killed some two million non-Muslim blacks in the south of the country. Pan-Arabism translates into endorsement of murderous policies toward Muslim but non-Arab groups and accounts for Arab support for Saddam Hussein as he slaughtered 200,000 Kurds in northern Iraq, as well as backing for Sudanese policies toward the Muslim but black population of Darfur.

The Arab world is not about to make an exception for the Jews. This broad intolerance of minorities is further evidence of how unlikely it is the Arab world will accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state in its midst any time soon.[317]

Journalist cites:

I have always seen Israel as the result of the national liberation movement of the region’s aboriginal Jews.
Liberation of the aboriginal Jews (and anyone else lucky enough to find refuge within Israel’s borders) from the twin fascisms of pan-Arabism and Islamism which have oppressed and even eliminated so many of the region’s aboriginal ethnic groups.
Israel’s aboriginal Jews were not unique in accepting outside help (and even immigration) in their liberation struggle.
Lebanon’s Maronites; Egypt’s Copts, Iraq and Turkey’s Kurds, and Iran’s Zoroastrians have all sought and received outside help in their liberation struggles, each group according to its own circumstances.[318]

Assyrian decries ‘Islamic fascism and Arab Imperialism,’ the attempts to wipe out all other cultures and oppress all other nations in the middle east. [319]

Another writes: …two racist and exclusivist ideologies Arabism and Islamicism which have succeeded in repressing the just struggles for national self-determination of most non-Arab peoples in the Middle East.[320]


Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that does not practice any form of apartheid: Jordan prohibits Jews from becoming citizens or owning land; Saudi Arabia practices gender apartheid; all Muslim countries engage in sexual orientation apartheid; Hamas is notorious for its anti-Christian apartheid; and the Palestinian Authority has said that “no Jew” will ever be allowed to live in a Palestinian state. Israel, on the other hand, is a racially diverse country in which Arabs serve in the Knesset, on the Supreme Court, on university faculties and even in the Cabinet. The court that recently convicted Israel’s former president of rape included an Arab judge. Nothing like this ever happened in apartheid South Africa.[321]

A. Eben exposed (1975) the anti-Israel move in the UN, in an article titled “Anti-Semitism Entraps U.N.”

…the drama is enacted in the region in which the Arab nation has realized its sovereignty in 20 states comprising 200 million people in four and a half million square miles, with vast resources.
The issue therefore is not whether the world will come to terms with Arab nationalism. The question is at what point Arab nationalism, with its prodigious glut if advantage, wealth and opportunity, will come to terms with the modest but equal right of another Middle Eastern nation to pursue its life in security and peace… The charge is, of all things, “racism”! Yet it is just as natural for Arabs to be citizens and members of Parliament in Israel today as it is inconceivable for non-Moslems to be citizens, still less office-holders, in Saudi Arabia or Yemen.
The real essence of the draft resolution is to affirm a principle of monolithic exclusiveness for the Middle East, and to iron out all wrinkles of diversity. Thus, Kurdish individualities brutally oppressed in Iraq; the Christian particularity of Lebanon is to be drowned in a bloodbath; and Israel’s specific Jewish vocation is assailed. The purpose of the resolution’s sponsors is that in a region where many nations, tongues and faiths had their birth the monopoly of independence must be for Moslem pan-Arabism alone…[322]

The hypocrisy of ‘racist Arabs crying racism’ was (especially) on display in 2001 Durban, masquerading as “anti-Racism.” The noted absenties were the real victims of Arab-Islamic racism, such as there were no representatives present in Durban from southern Sudan, Darfur, Kurds, Berbers, Copts, Assyro-Chaldeans, Mauritanian blacks, Arabs in Iran, or other persecuted groups in the Arab and Muslim world.[323] In a collective attempt to defame Israel, their true face came about, when they couldn’t hold back and revealed their real raw, ugly anti-Semitism. Palestinian protesters waved signs reading, “Hitler should have finished the job,” and the Arab Lawyers Union distributed a booklet of anti-Semitic cartoons condemned by Mary Robinson, U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights.[324] Author who uncovered one of the conference’s most egregious incidents of Jew- baiting when he revealed that copies of the antisemitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were being sold by the Ahlul Bait Foundation of South Africa, pointed out and illustrated with copious examples, “Arabism is racism” would have been a far more interesting debating topic at Durban.[325] Appropriately called, simply, the ‘Racist Conference.’[326][327]

An ‘Arab only’ Middle East?
From 1975, after Arabs ganed up against ‘Zionism,’ the reaction was: The real issue is not Zionism. Nor Arab Refugees. Nor occupied land. The real problem is Pan-Arabism. Arabs have the conviction that in all that vast expanse of land between the North Atlantic and the Indian subcontinent, only one kind of people may enjoy political independence. They claim, even as they feud among themselves, that there is only one “Arab nation,” that the entire area of North Africa and the Near East is its natural habitat, and that only Arabs have a right to sovereignty there.[328]

Jihadists’ anti-Black racism

In 2008, Al Qaeda used (openly) a slur against US President Barack Obama as a ‘house negro’.[329][330]

After the Uganda bombing July 2010, Pres. Obama, the White House declared Al Qaeda as (also) ‘racist.’ At their disregards for human life in Africa (as evident from the terrorist organization’s declarations), beacuse Africans are not worth as much… and for using -specifically- Africans as cannon fodders. Mentioning that “Al Qaeda recruits have said that al Qaeda is racist against black members from West Africa because they are only used in lower level operations.” Adding “This can be seen… in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, when hundreds of Africans were killed and thousands wounded.”[331]

Anti-black sentiments by -al-Qaeda linked- Jihadists al-Shabaab regarding Ethiopians:
These dark (or Afro-) Arabs, promised (in 2011) to break the knecks of “Soldiers of our enemy, the black colonialists of Ethiopia.”[332]

See the Islamism of #Arab supremacy.

See: #North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), #Baathism, #Egypt, #Iraq, #Syria, #Arab Palestine.

Location: Arab world
Perpetrators: Arab world
Victims: Jews

Iconic Mufti

The founder of the ‘middle east conflict’ (which is basically anti-Jewish bigotry by Arab-Muslims[333]), was that infamous Arab-Muslim leader [of Palestine], the Mufti (Haj Amin al-Husseini), who incited the Arab Muslim population since the 1920’s. Highlighted is the 1929 massacre in Hebron (19 Years prior to the re-establishment of Israel and a few decades before the Arabs had a chance to come up with such excuses like “occupation”), with calls “Kill the Jews wherever you find them, this pleases Allah.”[334] and met with Hitler in 1941,[335] Renowned historian A. Sela:

Primary among them have been those fatawa calling for jihad, Holy War, against political enemies, … Another fatwa recognized the Palestinian guerrillas as Mujahidin, fighters of a Holy War; or legitimized the assassination of the Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tall (1971) as an act of jihad. In the early 1930s, the Mufti of Jerusalem al-Hajj Amin al-Husseini excommunicated any Arab selling land to Jews.[336]

Author: “The grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was recognized as the official leader of the Palestinians during this period, was a virulent anti- Semite whose hatred of Jews was both religious and racial.”[337] Thus, the anti-Jewish hatred – anti-Israel campaign has since been, both: racial and religious,[338] by Arab Muslims.

Conflict = bigotry!
A journalist asks: “Racism in the Islamic World Hew can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate?” [339]

As a NYTimes best selling author explained: It’s about the bigotry … Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews. These bigoted myths and conspiracy theories brainwash Palestinian children to commit suicide bombings against Jews. Innocent children play death games, such as collecting “martyr” cards with pictures of suicide bombers.[340] Pundit asks: Racism in the Islamic World How can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate? When will moderate Muslims speak out?[341]


Arab murder is Arab murder. It hasn’t changed in 100 years. We don’t call it “Palestinian terrorism”; the word “Palestinian” reflects legitimacy to Arabs who really want Israel dismantled and Jews out of the Middle East at all costs, even of their own children and livelihoods, as well as a political act to achieve a nationalist goal rather than what it really is: murdering Jews and those who support them. Arab fascism is Arab fascism, not a movement toward “national liberation”.
The world needs another Arab terrorist state like it needs a hole in the head. And even if a “peaceful” one was created, it’s only a matter of time before a coup occurs and brings the world back to square one. And the word “peace”, so bandied about, does not mean capitulation and the dismantling of Israel. For to the Arabs that is what “peace” means. This isn’t about 6 million Jews “oppressing ” or dispossessing a few million Arabs. This is about a 250 million strong Pan-Arab Movement seeking to drive 6 million Jews into the sea.
The real apartheidists, the real racists, the real pro-Nazis, are the Arabs who use Joseph Goebbels’ Doublespeak and Big Lie techniques to do just those things they claim to abhor…[342]

Islamic Arab-racism:
Arab racism against Jews, is boosted by Islamic interpretations. Prof. Wistrich writes: “Arab racism has been Islamicized using certain Koranic texts [by radicals] to enhance the intolerance and vilification of Jews.”[343] An analyst: In the attitude to Jews, it is clear that an inferior or unclean race is being talked about (which is why many Muslim extremists like the grand mufti of Jerusalem gravitated to Hitler’s side).[344] It all “fits in place” as the vile dehumanizing anti-Semitic cartoons flow the Arab press, some almost copied from the Nazi Sturmer. Devilish Arab Satanic made cartoons of Jews portrayed as animals along the lines of the Islamic mythology of “apes and pigs” is most telling.[345][346][347][348]

The expulsion of roughly a Million Jews[349] from the Arab world came about as anti-Jewish Arab racism[350] grew in 1948. Iraqi Author: “Iraqi Jews were driven out of the country by Pan-Arab extremists, led by Nazi ally Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini.”[351] Activists for Jewish refugees from Arab lands explain, that Jews were victims of laws worse than apartheid.[352] And that Many anti-Jewish ‘apartheid’ laws predated 1948 Expulsion order.[353]

In a 2009 poll, Pew research found 90% of the (Arab Muslim) Middle East is anti-Jewish.[354]

From a ‘Newsweek’ article titled: “The Virus of Arab Anti-Semitism, Anti-Semitism In Araby.” To achieve Arab-Israeli peace will mean dealing with a civil society on one side that is by no means civil… the fact that no Arab regime has shown itself willing to truly prepare its people for peace with Israel, which would mean accepting the lasting presence of Jews in their midst. Indeed, anti-Semitism–the real stuff, not just bad-mouthing particular Israeli policies–is as much part of Arab life today as the hijab or the hookah. Whereas this darkest of creeds is no longer tolerated in polite society in the West, in the Arab world, Jew hatred remains culturally endemic. Pointing to the raw (old/new) racism: For a European, it all feels uncomfortably familiar. Take the cartoons one sees in the government-controlled Arab press. They feature The Jew as a murderous conspirator, a capitalist bloodsucker or Satan himself–the classics. He even looks like his predecessors in Der Stürmer, with his hooked nose, thick lip and sinister beard. The writer cites examples: Open Egypt’s Al-Gomhuria newspaper, and there is The Jew as a serpent strangling Uncle Sam over a caption that reads “The Jews taking over the world.” On Al-Nas TV, Egyptian cleric Ahmad Abd al-Salam tells his viewers, “I want you to imagine the Jews sitting around a table, conspiring how to corrupt the Muslims … The Jews conspire to infect the food of Muslims with cancer [and] to ship it to Muslim countries.” Al-Salam’s colleague, Zaghloul al-Naggar, has called Jews “devils in human form.” And this is a country at peace with Israel. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazis’ chief propagandist, would be proud..[355]

Barring Jews in Saudi Arabia (for example) has been correctly termed ‘Islamic racism.’[356] The fact that the banning of Jews in S. Arabia,[357] Syria, Jordan, etc. which includes ‘any’ Jews, religous or secular (incidently, most Israelis are secular) implies the deep ‘blind’ ethno-religious animosity. Jordan is appropriately accused of practicing apartheid, for its racist law.[358] The damning ‘apartheid law’ that “explicitly bars Jews from citizenship and where the sale of land to a Jew was for decades not only illegal, but punishable by death.”[359][360][361]

“Arab racism must go,” concludes journalist (2007), “There will be no peace around here before Arabs view Jews as human beings.”[362]

Christian-Arab author on racist Arab States VS multi-racial equal Israeli society:

I consider Israel to be one of the most multi-racial and multi-cultural countries in the world. There are no racial restrictions on becoming a citizen of Israel like there are in many Arab countries. Remember, Jews can’t live in the neighboring Arab Kingdom of Jordan or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Israel’s multi-racial society belies the charge of Racism. More than 100 different countries of the world are represented in the population of Israel. Consider how the Israeli government spent tens of millions of dollars airlifting more than 40,000 black Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1984 and 1991. Since 2001 Israel has reached out to help others taking in non-Jewish refugees from Lebanon, the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, Liberia, Congo and even Bosnian Muslims. How many such refugees have the 22 states in the Arab league taken in? The Arab world won’t even give Palestinian refugees citizenship in their host countries.
Over one million Arabs are full Israel citizens. An Arab sits on the Supreme Court of Israel. There are Arab political parties expressing views inimical to the State of Israel sitting in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Women are equal partners in Israel and have complete human rights… show me an Arab nation with a Jew in their government. Show me an Arab country with half as many Jewish citizens as Israel has Arab citizens. I’ll borrow some of your academic freedom now and say that Arab nations are the real racist and oppressive states.[363]

Classic example:
At the wake of the so-called “Arab Spring” of 2011, as Egyptians were celebrating toppling Mubarak, one of the exemplary bigoted scenes manifested by ordinary Arab-Muslim Egyptians, was the brutal gang rape, repeatedly,[364] by masses, of CBS (60 Min.) reporter Lara Logan, while shouting “Jew, Jew!”[365][366][367] and “Allahu Akbar!”[368] For 3 hours, she was “stripped in front of hundreds of people who watched and jeered and cheered.”[369] In an article titled: “Lara Logan’s Rape and Egyptian Muslim Jew-Hatred,” A. Bostom expands about the Egyptian-Arab phenomenon to call a ‘Jew’ whoever is with a lighter skin, and the plight of those with a lighter skin in that intolerant society.[370]


Locations: Iraq, Syria
Perpetrators: Baathists
Victims: non-Arabs

The Arabist, Islamic-flavored, ‘fascist’ Baath.
Authors/historians: The Ba’th movement undoubtedly shared certain characteristic featuers of European fascism… several close associates later admitted that ‘Aflaq had been directly inspired by certain fascist and Nazi theories.[371]
The founders of the Baath party, Michel ‘Aflaq and Salah al-Din al-Bitar, were influenced by fascist thought during their education in France during the 1930s.. In fact, Iraqi Baathist ideology contains racist elements, especially against Persians, Jews, Kurds, and other minorities.[372]

Michel Aflaq, writes scholar:

was a foundational pan-Arabist in his definitions of Arabism and his ideals regarding the formation and composition of an inclusive Arab nation-state…
In the early formulation of his theory on the ‘Arab race,’ many note a marked strain of thinking inspired by fascist and German National Socialist racial thinking, namely in his use of racial rhetoric to foster nationalist action and political unity, as well as the similarities between his state model and that of Nazi Germany.
This German strain also comes through in Aflaq’s association with the thinking of al-Husri, who was also heavily influenced by German nationalist theory, especially the work of Fichte.[373]

Worth mentioning that even M. Aflaq, never disconnected Islam from his pan-Arabism’s Baath. Islamic author: Aflaq recognized the importance of Islamic values… “The movement of Arab Baath inherits from Islam,” he contended.[374]

From an author: Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakr was one of the founders of the Baath party, which was and still is the most dangerous political party that has ever existed in the Arab countries. He and his followers believed in one Arab land, one nation, and one religion. Everyone else was considered enemies of the great Arab nation and had no place in the great Arab land.
He brought Islamic fascist ideology from the sixth and seventh centuries to modern times, forcing people to leave other religions, cultures, traditions, and ethnicities to become Arabs. That was the ideology of the Baath party.

It has been noted that the “Baath ideology goes beyond pan-Arabs nationalism and actually views the Arabs as a kind of master race.” And that the “ideological similarity between Baathism and fascism is quite striking.”[376]


Location: Syria
Perpetrators: Alawite / Baathists
Victims: Sunnis, Kurds

Activists decry (2001): Syria is occupying a part of Kurdistan in which one million Kurds are living who are subject to the most appalling racist apartheid policies of oppression and assimilation. Adding That is despite the fact that the Kurds are Muslims! But being Muslim for Arab racist regimes that use Islam as an Arabising racist ideology, is equivalent to being an Arab – full stop.[377]

The decades long brutal dictatorship by ‘apartheid’ Alawite minority rule over the Ethno-religious Sunni and Kurds on ‘racial’ motives,[378][379] has come to the spotlight, especially in 2011. As the brutal regime committed (again, and again) crimes against humanity,[380][381] cracked down on protesters, massacred thousands,[382] tortured masses of adults and children.[383][384]

Assad / Baath regime in Syria – Islamism (Radical Islam, terrorism) and Arabism (especially racism against Kurds).

Assad is a major sponsor of terrorism. He has allowed Syria to be used as a transit point for al-Qaida terrorists en route to Iraq. Assad’s Syria is second only to Iran’s ayatollahs in its sponsorship of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Palestinian Authority.
Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders live in Damascus. As Hezbollah terror commander Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination in Damascus in February 2008 exposed, the Syrian capital serves as Hezbollah’s operational hub. The group’s logistical bases are located in Syria.
Scores were killed and thousands were arrested. Many of those arrested were tortured by Assad’s forces.
The discrimination that Kurds have faced under Assad and his father is appalling. Since the 1970s, more than 300,000 Kurds have been stripped of their Syrian citizenship. They have been forcibly ejected from their homes and villages in the north and resettled in squalid refugee camps in the south. The expressed purpose of these racist policies has been to prevent territorial contiguity between Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish Kurds and to “Arabize” Syrian Kurdistan where most of Syria’s oil deposits are located.
The Kurds make up around 10 percent of Syria’s population. They oppose not only the Baathist regime, but also the Muslim Brotherhood. Represented in exile by the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, since 2004 they have sought the overthrow of the Assad regime and its replacement by democratic, decentralized federal government. Decentralizing authority, they believe, is the best way to check tyranny of both the Baathist and the Muslim Brotherhood variety. The Kurdish demand for a federal government has been endorsed by the Sunni-led exile Syrian Reform Party.[385]

On Syria’s occupation in Lebanon, some charge: Syria and the Palestinians have destroyed Lebanon. Syria and the Palestinians are responsible for the death of 300,000 Lebanese.[386]

It is also (together with Iran), the backer of the anti-Semitic #Hezbollah.

See also: #Baathism.


Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Iraqi government [Saddam Hussein, Baath officials], al-Qaeda
Victims: (Ethnic, religious) Shiites, Persians

In Iraq, Each of the three major ethnic/religious groups—the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites— is hostile to the others.[387]

The immense hatred and mass violence which Sunni icons like (Iraqi) Saddam Hussein and (Jordanian) al-Zarqawi have been manifesting against the Iraqi Shiites, which is a different Islamic sect as well as (usually in Iraq) a separate ethnic[388] group. As the judge began reading the death sentence (for Saddam, for massacring ethnic Shiites and ethnic Kurds) Saddam Hussein shouted out “Allahu Akbar!”[389] He held a Quran all the time during his trial.[390] The same goes to Saddam Hussein’s war on Iran,[391] the hated Persians, one of the three Allah should not have made according to Baathi racism, his infamous uncle’s “Three whom God should not have created: Persians, Jews and flies, by Khairallah Tulfah”‘ statement,[392] published in official Iraqi media – was an expression of deep Arab racism against Persians. During the years of the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam tied himself to Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqas, an early Arab warrior who brought Islam to Iran.[393] More from Saddam’s fascination with that early anti-Persian Arab warrior, Each hand holds an enormous sword, said to be replicas of the sword carried by Saad ibn Waqas, the leader of the outnumbered Islamic force that beat the Persian cavalry at Qadisiyah in 637 AD The symbolism was inescapable.[394]

More publically was noted the combination of both, Arabism and Islamism in anti-Kurdish chemical genocide campaign, as the infamous Chemical Ali was sentenced to death (2008)

Another defendant, former Baath party official Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Ghafur, was also sentenced to death Tuesday. He shouted, “Down with the Persian-U.S. occupation!” and “Welcome to death for the sake of Arabism and Islam” as the sentence was read.[395]

Author recalls: The Iran-Iraq War is a lesson in the brutality of the Muslim Sunni-Shiite conflict. The religious leaders of Iran rounded up more than 10000 Sunni children and walked them barefoot in the front lines of their armies in order to clear the mine fields. Saddam Hussein, a member of the minority Sunni sect that ruled Iraq, moved hundreds of thousands of Arab Shiite men and boys to the front lines with little or no arms, to face the onslaught of the Persian Shiite army of Iran. Estimates of casualties on both sides of the war place the figure above 2 million.[396]

Bahraini journalist on the Sunni anti-Shiite genocidal campaign (since 2003: “The Sunnis persecute the Shiites and declare them infidels, and al- Qa`idah is waging a war of collecting extermination against the Shiites in Iraq.”[397]

Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Iraqi government, Iraqi Muslim masses
Victims: Assyrians

The ancient Christian Assyrians have been suffering from the Muslim Arabs, like the 1933 Simele massacre (by Islamic Arab and Kurds), and continued on (at least) until the end of the reign of Saddam 2003, they also fell victim in the anti-Kurd ‘Anfal’ chemical attack of the 1980s.[398]

Author titled his book: “Assyrians: from Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein. Driving into extinction the last Aramaic speakers.”[399]

Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Iraqi government
Victims: Ethnic Kurds

Saddam Hussein motivated his people in the anti-Kurd campaign[400][401][402] by Islamic themes. The campaign was named after a Koranic passage describing Islam’s fight against infidels.[403] Saddam called the Kurds infidels to enable his Muslim soldiers to gas them.[404]

Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Islamists
Victims: [Ethno-religious] Yazidis

The (indigenous) Yazidis in Iraq, have been facing long time persecution. Their plight receievd attention in the 2007 Islamists’ massacre of a round 800 of them.[405] US general Benjamin Mixon, believes the attack was “ethnic cleansing, almost genocide” — an attempt to wipe the Yazidi and their religion off the face of the earth.[406][407] Just another example of those with an Islamic agenda targeting a different ethnic group.

Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Islamists
Victims: [Ethno-religious] Sabian – Mandaeans

The Sabian Mandaean, who are a separate ethnic group,[408] of “pre Arab and Pre Islamic origin,”[409] have been -for long- oppressed in Iraq.[410] With Islamists’ “holy war” by both, Sh’ia and Sunni Islamic militants in 2003, their plight worsned, their “women have been targeted for rape and death.”[411] In 2007 it got so bad, to the point where they were facing extinction. Claiming that Islamic extremists in Iraq are trying to wipe them out through forced conversions, rape and murder. Victims cried out on Islamists’ campaign of: ‘Convert or die,’ or rape as a weapon to enforce Sharia law. One spoke out: “Our ethnic minority and our ancient religion will die off.”[412]

See also: #Futuwwah in Iraq.

See also: #Baathism.


Location: Lebanon
Perpetrators: (organized) Arab Islamic Palestinians
Victims: Maronite (Christians)

The Christian Maronite, a non-Arab ethnic group, (considered to be the –pre-Arab invasion– indigenous Lebanese), fell victims to Muslims, especially in the 1970. Since 1975, about 150,000 Christians were killed, entire Christian villages were erased and their populations were ethnically cleansed. A highlighted massacre is the one in Damour in 1976, by the Palestinian Arabs –Arafat, PLO[413]— with local and other Muslims (such as Libyans and Iranians), carried out (in a show of both, religious-Islamic and ethnic racist-Arab motives) with calls of “Allahu Akbar,” “Let us attack them for the Arabs” and “Let us offer a Holocaust to Muhammad.[414][415]

New York Times editor Tom Friedman, in his famous book From Beirut to Jerusalem, explains the motives of the Phalangists killing Palestinian-Arabs in Sabra Shatila 1982: “The Phalangists wanted to avenge not only Bashir’s death, but also past tribal killings of their own people by Palestinian guerrillas, such as the February 1976 massacre by Palestinians of Christian villagers in Damour.”[416]

See also #Hezbollah


Location: Egypt
Perpetrators: Egypt Arab Republic, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim masses
Victims: Copts Christians

Today’s Egyptians, are by in large Arabs, not authentic Egyptians. The indigenous are the Christian Copts who have been through persecution by Arabization fused by Islam, authors explain: After the 1860 Syrian massacres, the Christians had tried to promote an Arab nationalism, irritated the Muslims, Thanks to the theologians of Al Azhar, the two movements, antagonistic at first, fused into Islamic pan-arabism. Today it is clear that Islam and Arabism, are inseparable terms and that in fact, pan-arabism is synonymous with the cultural social and political rebirth of Islam… a true Arab must be Muslim. As long as modern Egypt will proclaim itself to be “essentially an Arab and Muslim land” uncertainty will continue to weigh on the Copts, the only remaining native religious minority after the forced departure of eighty thousand Jews. When Nasser came to power, Egypt resolutely turned its face towards Arabism …became its staunchest champion and Cairo proclaimed Islamic unity pursued an active policy of pan-arabism which identified Islam with Arabism. The Precarious situation of the minorities became even ore acute. Was it possible to be a Christian and an Arab?[417]
It has been indeed titled: Racist Arabism & fascist Islamism: Anti-Copt.[418]

Their suffering intensified ever since the Muslim brotherhood rose in that country.[419][420] There have been “Muslim Brotherhood’s racist declarations against the Copts.”[421] It grew under Nasser, as well as under Saadat the more these Egyptian leaders gave the Islamists’ a hold. Massive outbreak of anti-Copt violence break out from time to time. It increased with the (2011) so-called “Arab spring,”[422][423] also known as “Christian Winter.”[424][425][426] Many thousands have fled.[427] Activists asked to stop anti-Christian, anti-Coptic apartheid in Islamic Egypt.[428]

Location: Egypt [and Arab-Palestine’s Gaza]
Perpetrators: Egypt Arab Republic, Bedouin tribes
Victims: African refugees

African refugees who stay in Egypt, cry [Arab] racism. From a 2008 report: London-based rights group Amnesty International says thousands of migrants try to cross into Israel from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula each year, with numbers rising since 2007.
The migrants, including many from Sudan, are seeking work or asylum away from conflict at home and harsh living conditions in Egypt, where activists say African migrants face economic marginalization and racism.

In a program called: ‘eath in the Desert,’ CNN documented (Nov. 2011): African [mostly Sudanese and Eritrean] refugees, who are escaping in order to get to (democratic and free) Israel, in crossing the Sinai desert, they are raped, tortured, murdered, organs sold by Arab [Egyptian Bedouins, some activities linked to “Palestinians” in Gaza] slavers. An Egyptian eyewitness described their plight, [more] ‘Worse’ than slavery. The Egyptian doctors buy from the Sawarka tribe for 1,000 to 2,000 dollars an organ. Thousands have died, many of electrocution and of “failed” organ harvesting. Egyptian police have not made one single arrest. Worse thing is, the Egyptian army fires on the refugees trying to break out from the Arab bondage, to enter Israel.[430][431][432]

See also: #Young Egypt

Arab Gulf States

Location: Middle east, Arab Gulf States
Perpetrators: Arab regime, Arab elite
Victims: Indians, Pakistanis, Malay and others

Gulf Arabs,[433] Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,[434] United Arab Emirates,[435][436][437][438] are among the noted states in the area that through it’s ‘Arab superiority’ ‘enslave,’ discriminates, inflicts-hardship upon the (non-Arab) Asian migrants.

There is a wide dark world of child slavery by Arabs. Children, mainly out of South Asia.[439]

The ecstasy that the tycoons, filthy-oil-rich of the Arab gulf in feeling of leading an ‘Islamic empire,’ gives them more than just a sense of pride, it brings out the ugly Arab supremacy, so prevalent, especially in that region. The enslavement and miss treatment of Asians (mainly Indians, Pakistanis and Malaysians) is very wide, the mistreatment includes Asian maids and construction slave-labors. Writer adds: And if this is their attitude towards non-Arab Muslims, imagine how they must feel about non-Muslim Asians. Clearly, this racist mindset has only grown stronger over time.[440]

There’s wide “religious” Arab racism and supremacy, most notable in Saudi Arabia.[441]


Location: Lebanon
Perpetrators: [Elite] Arabs
Victims: Blacks

The BBC reported (2009) on ‘Racism’ claims at Lebanon beach clubs.” How, “migrant workers are allegedly being turned away from many of Beirut’s thriving beach clubs.”[442] Writing on an example of Arab racism on the beaches in Lebanon (2010), a writer exposed the wide phenomenon: “An apparently racially motivated attack on Sudanese immigrants in Beirut exposes the subtleties of intra-Arab discrimination.”[443]

Arab Palestine / Land of Israel

Location: Palestine / Israel
Perpetrators: Arab/Muslims [“Palestinians” and Israeli-Arabs]
Victims: Christians, Ahmadis, Blacks, Jews


Christian Arabs who are [generally] a separate ethnic group[444] have been suffering from bigotry in Arab-Islamic Palestine for a long time. Already in 1915, Archie Bell wrote about intolerance instilled in their children toward any non-Muslims, who are referred to as “dogs.”[445] Ever since the Islamization of Bethlehem,[446][447][448][449] the persecution of Arab-Christians intensified. Hamas (which its de-facto regime in Gaza has been categorized as real apartheid, which “discriminates openly against women, gays, Christians. It permits no dissent, no free speech, and no freedom of religion.”[450]) rise also worsened their situation.[451][452]. By “Palestinian” sources, both, Fatah and Hamas have a terrible record of human rights violation of Christians.[453] Plight of dwindling Christians in the Arab-Islamic Middle East is a wide phenomenon, asides from in Israel (only real free democratic regime in the area[454][455][456][457][458][459][460][461] and amidst a rampant Arab/Muslim Apartheid,[462][463][464] it is the only one that is NOT an ‘apartheid.’[465]), where they flourished.[466][467][468]

“Palestinian” nationalism and Islamic apartheid.

In “Palestinians: Aggressors, Not Victims,” author explains, that what ‘Palestinian” Arab Mr. Khalidi tries to invent that ‘Palestinian National Sentiment’ was earlier on, was rather just ‘Islamic apartheid.’

…reading of Khalidi’s treatment of this subject reveals that the only early example of what he calls “Palestinian National sentiment” is actually an example of Muslim religious apartheid. The Muslim religious leaders of Jerusalem protested the Sultan’s permitting French representatives to establish an office in Jerusalem in the late 18th century. The Jerusalem Muslim religious elite were affronted that an infidel “Ifrangi” (Frenchman) not under a dhimmi treaty should be allowed to pollute the sacred precinct with his presence. Disdain and disgust for someone of another religion is hardly an example of nationalist sentiment.[469]


Ahmadis, (who are also a distinct ethnic[470] group) have been persecuted under Arab-Islamic-Palestine.[471] And from official PA policies which gives a green light to attack them.[472]


Islamic slavery in Palestine:
White Bedouins (fellahin) migrated to Israel from Arabia. The ‘Black Bedouins’ in the Negev and in Gaza (Israel / Palestine) are decendants of slaves, brought over from Africa, enslaved by the ‘white Bedouins.’[473][474][475] [Only] under Israel, slavery was completely abolished[476] and the ‘Black Bedouins’ were free,[477][478] yet, the White Bedouins still discriminate against them as ‘second class’ and look down on them at the utmost contempt.[479][480]

Islamic flavored Arab Anti-Black racism In ‘Arab Palestine’:
In 2006, “Palestinian” moderate Fatah ‘racially’ insulted US Secretary of State, C. Rice in a cartoon in the al-Quds.[481] The Palestinian media used racist terms including ‘colored dark skin lady.’ From the anti-Bible Islamic theme at the ‘Palestinian’ systematic racist campaign: In a previous article by Al Hayat Al Jadida, Rice is described three times as the “black woman,” and her father, who was an ordained Presbyterian minister, was called the “black clergyman [who filled Rice’s head with Bible stories].” The article warned, “Beware of this ‘black spinster,’ we don’t want to say ‘the black widow’ out of respect for her femininity and her intelligence.”[482] Indeed, black activists condemned it: Secretary Rice was recently depicted in the Palestinian newspaper Al Qud as pregnant with an armed monkey. The caption to the cartoon read “Rice speaks about the birth of a new Middle East,” a reference to her comments about recent events in the region being the “birth pangs” of major change. Additionally, the Israeli group Palestinian Media Watch reports that the Al Hayat Al Jadida newspaper called Secretary Rice “the Black Lady,” “raven” and the “black spinster.”[483]
In 2008, Hamas depicted C. Rice as a black scorpion with a cobra’s head.[484] Hamas Minister of Culture ‘Atallah Abu Al-Subh: Condoleezza Rice Is a Black Scorpion with A Cobra’s Head Who Has the Blood of Palestinian Children between Her Lips and on Her Fangs.[485]
In 2011, Palestinian-Arabs depicted Obama as Monkey in Statehood Demos.[486] C. Glick writes: Many of Abbas’s supporters in Ramallah held posters of US President Barack Obama. On them Obama was portrayed as a monkey. The caption read, “The First Jewish President of the United States.” […] As for their anti-black bigotry, it is enough to recall the frequency with which Condoleezza Rice was depicted as a monkey and a devil in the Palestinian and pan-Arab media during George W. Bush’s presidency to realize that the racist depiction of Obama was not a fluke. Moreover, and more disturbingly, it is worth recalling that like its fellow Arab League members, the PA has strongly supported Sudan’s genocide of black Africans in Darfur.[487]


Already in 1914, the Ottoman officials had to shut down “periodical falastin,” for its anti-Jewish racist hatred.[488]

Before the State of Israel was re-created – Mosque incitement and referring to Jews as their ‘dogs.’
On April 4, 1920, Arabs, violently attacked [any] Jews [natives or not] in “Palestine.” During the Muslim festival of Nebi Musa on April 4, 1920, Haj Mohammad Amin’s followers went on a murderous rampage and, “inflamed by anti-Jewish diatribes, began attacking Jewish passers-by and looting Jewish stores.”[489] They shouted incendiary slogans such as “Palestine is our land and the Jews our dogs.” … The pattern was repeated during the 1929 pogroms in Jerusalem, Safed, and Hebron.[490]

One of the highlighted earlier Arab massacres of Jews in the Holy Land, is the 1929 in Hebron, where old men were castrated,[491] Teenage girls, their mothers and grandmothers were raped and killed, children tortured before being killed. Sir Walter Shaw, chairman of an exhaustive British royal investigation, concluded that “unspeakable atrocities” had occurred.[492] It was led by the Mufti’s religious incitement in the mosques.[493] The Arabs were screaming Allah akbar (“God is great”) and Itbach al Yahud (“Kill the Jews”),[494] [Author adds, that of course: In 1929 there was no State of Israel, and the Jews of Hebron had not “occupied” anything.[495]]

Blind racism manifested at the Hebron massacre:

those who slaughtered members of the old yishuv in Hebron in 1929: ‘The Jews are our dogs!” … the targets were indigenous Jews, not Zionists…[496]

Jihadism in that period

The 1929 anti-Jewish riots and massacres were incited by the Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, with the slogan, “Protect the mosques!” The “Wailing Wall” issue was used to conscript the Arab urban and village masses around religious symbols… The Palestinian Arabs’ ideological argument during this entire period involved an element of incitement to a Muslim defensive war and a call to jihad (holy war) to defend the mosques.[497]

Between 1929 and 1938 the Arabs of Palestine conducted a war of terror against the British, the Jews, and Arabs who were accused of collaboration with the ‘enemy’. Arab nationalists infiltrated Palestine from neighbouring countries to join the fight against the British and the Jews. The most notorios of these were Izzidin al-Kassam from Syria and Fawzi al-Kawukji from Iraq, whe later spent the World War II years in Germany.[498]

Arab Palestine’s riots – pan-Arabism with Islam as a major pillar of ‘Arab identity.’

the temporary, bloody victory by the rural Palestinians seems to have left its mark on the later history of pan-Arabism. The literature of pan-Arabism produced in the 1930s was also based on the premise that Islam was a major historical pillar of Arab identity, and should be promoted as such…[499]

On Arabism and Islamism of the Mufti who oversaw the crimes, one can get a sense [also] from Prof. Wistrich assessment: Haj Amin created the basis for a more popular national movement in the 1930s that succeeded in bringing the Palestinian cause into the forefront of pan-Islamic and pan-Arab concerns.[500]

1948 and on
The ’causes’ of the conflict are both: ethnic ‘Arab racism’ and ‘religious’ Islamic bigotry. There are two causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The first is Arab racism, which rejects any presence that is not Arab in its neighborhood; the second is Islamic intolerance which leads to the same rejection…[501]

The always divided Arab world, who [country by country] have also mistreated the Arab-Palestinians and conducted a [real] apartheid[502] and persecution against them, can only be unified ‘against the Jews.’ ( Writer: Already back in 1952, Alexander Galloway, a senior official in UNRWA, stated that “The Arab countries do not want to resolve the problem of the refugees. They want to leave them like an open wound, as a weapon against Israel. The Arab rulers don’t care at all if the refugees live or die.” The Palestinian – and usually also the academic – historiography mimics a series of expressions of that type, just as it mimics the absorption of tens of millions of refugees in other places, and as it mimics the “Jewish nakba,” the story of the dispossession and expulsion of Jews from Arab countries, and as it mimics the story of the Arab apartheid.[503]) From Life Magazine, 1948: The 650,000 embattled Jews in Palestine are surrounded.. by roughly 100 million Moslems, of whom three million are Moslem Arabs in neighboring states led by such men as those shown at left.
These Arabs are still divided by jealousies and ancient blood feuds. But on two things they agree: 1) the Moslem religion is the one true faith: 2) any Jewish state in their midst must be destroyed. To destroy that state the Arab elders at El Azhar University in Cairo (opposite page) have called for a holy war.

The ascend of (WW2’s) Nazi Muslim-Bosnians to help the Arabs in their war against Israel in 1948,[505] gives a sense of the “holy” Islamic-Nazi motivation.
Arab leaders openly declared its clear genocide goals in a “Jihad,” holy war.[506][507][508] From Life Magazine (1952): During the Palestine war the Muft’s holy fighters terrorized Jews, blew up houses and killed many people…[509]

A racist ‘anti-Jewish jihad’ in solidarity with Arab-Palestine, early on:
Author writes how the Muslim Brotherhood called for an anti-Jewish jihad in the 1930’s [in Egypt]. Its newspaper al-Nadhir published Jewish names of businesses in Egypt and spread conspiracy theories about a so-called “Jewish threat,” of supposedly worldwide “Jewish owned” media, and from Communism to any other ‘negativity’ was “attributed” to Jews. An Appeal was made to young Egyptians to wear and consume only Islamic products and to prepare themselves in all parts of Egypt for jihad in defence of the Al-Aqsa mosque. Al-Nadhir called on children to give up their presents “for Palestine,” while their mothers were to sacrifice their very selves. “I shall carry my life in my own hands and offer it as a sacrifice on the altar in defence of the Holy Place in order to win the honour of jihad” boasted one female fanatic in the paper. In 1939 the first bombs were placed in a Cairo synagogue and Jewish private homes.
These anti-Jewish excesses were by then supported by other Islamist organizations such as the Young Men’s Muslims Association (YMMA).

1948 Arab apartheid in Jerusalem
Worth mentioning the Jordanian occupation over Jerusalem in 1948, the ethnic and religious clleansing of native Jews. They instituted a [real] apartheid system directed against Jews. It was abolished under Israelis liberating the city in 1967.[511][512]

A question of blood

One can get a sense of the deep, raw ethnic sickening racism by Arab-Palestinians [VS Israel’s compassion and humanitarian nature], from a 2002 testimony in an article titled: “A Question of Blood.”

I was in the Jenin refugee camp on April 16. In addition to noting that there was no smell of death in the camp and that the booby-traps and anti-personnel bombs laid out by the Palestinian gunmen were still very much in evidence, I heard a story, which I did indeed find chilling. It was told to me by Dr. David Zangen, chief medical officer of the Israeli paratroop unit, which bore the brunt of the fighting in Jenin. Zangen stated that the Israelis not only worked to keep the hospital in Jenin open, but that they offered the Palestinians blood for their wounded.
The Palestinians refused it because it was Jewish blood.
That is a chilling story to an American of my age, with memories of white, bigoted-racial purists refusing to accept blood from African Americans in the segregated South.
The Israeli response, which could easily have been, “fine, have it you own way,” was to fly in 2,000 units of blood from Jordan, via helicopters, for the Palestinians. In addition, they saw to it that 40 units of blood from the Mukasad Hospital in East Jerusalem went to the hospital in Ramallah, that 70 units got to the hospital in Tul Quarem and they facilitated the delivery of 1,800 units of anti-coagulants that had come in from Morocco, and thus, were somehow acceptable to the Palestinians where Jewish blood was not… This information was later confirmed by Col. Arik Gordin (reserves) of the IDF Office of Military Spokesman, who supplied the exact number of units and the names of the hospitals to which they were delivered…
“So the question to ponder… is how do you negotiate with a hatred so great that it will refuse to accept your blood, even to save its own people’s lives? How does an international community vilify a nation that offers its own blood to its enemies, while its own soldiers lie dying, and that, when faced with race hatred that brands their blood unfit, diverts military flights to bring blood more suitable to the taste of those who would destroy them?”
Takes my breath away. How about yours? Please, don’t be quiet about this story. Share it far and wide![513][514]

Nazi like

It has been noted

The Striking Similarity in Palestinian and Nazi Racism… For More Than fifty years, state-promoted genocide had been taboo. Although, there have been national leaders since the defeat of Nazi Germany who have orchestrated mass murder, no government has openly preached genocide as a systematic ideology of public policy. This taboo has been broken now by the Palestinian Authority…[515]

Arab racism inside Israel too
Journalist asks (2011), “What about Arab racism?” Why is it that Israelis do not protest routine anti-Jewish racism (not just via terror) by Israeli Arabs.[516] A professor asks why Israel’s anti-racism laws are never applied when it comes to [usual] Arab racism.[517]
The example of the 2008 bulldozer attack, which was claimed by an Israeli Arab group from northern Israel calling itself the “Free Galilee Movement.” Israeli ambassador described the terrorist attack in Jerusalem in which a Palestinian construction worker suddenly turned the bulldozer he was driving into traffic, crushing everything (and everyone) in its path. The attack took place on one of Jerusalem’s busiest streets… the driver “courteously” stopped to let a car pull in front of him, which he then ran over and crushed, killing a woman and her baby. In another car, a woman threw her baby out the car window before the bulldozer crushed her…the construction worker was an Israeli-Arab who worked for an Israeli Arab. “He took the bulldozer, with which he fed his own wife and family, and used it to crush other families to death, simply for being Israeli Jews.” He described the attack as typical of the Palestinian contribution to the world… he went on… reminding the audience that it was the Palestinians who invented airline hijackings. The long lines at airports are another Palestinian contribution to the world[518]

Targeting Jews per se
The Arab “Palestinians” target Jews for being Jews, simply. For example, in 2002, Hamas’ military wing advocated “Killing Jews, simply for being Jews.”[519] So is the #Hezbollah, they apologized when found out they didn’t kill Jews but Israeli Arabs. Author: “The so-called Arab-Israeli conflict represents the first instance since the Holocaust that Jews, as Jews, are being specifically targeted by an international organization.”[520]

Justifying anti-Jewish violence
A [lefti] journalist concludes: “The person who justifies terror in any form, is declaring that it is legitimate in certain cases to kill innocent people. If justifying the murder of innocents because they belong to a certain hated group is not abject racism, I’d like to know what is.”[521]

Racist Arab, bigoted Islamic (originated) campaign to demonize Israel unjustifiably
Author, in his book ‘Muslim anti-Semitism,’ cites the renowned Canadian Human Rights Law Professor I. Cotler: They terrorize Israel by racist attacks and heaping false accusations against it (Like the Blood Libel, the Protocols, …or casting it as “racist” itself like in Durban, in Arab League conferences,… [522]

All the while, “Israelis aren’t ‘racist’ – they’re worried.”[523] Another writer explains in an article titled “Israeli Jews aren’t racist – they’re anxious.” The Jewish public is not racist; it is anxious. And it is defending itself against the trend to change – by judicial and propaganda manipulations – the identity of the Jewish state.
The road to reducing the anxiety is not by preaching morality or by labeling self-defense as racist. The Arabs, who have led the Jewish majority to this undesirable state of affairs are the ones who must prove that these fears are groundless.
What Arab propaganda organizations tries to so-called “research,” in an attempt to ‘racialize’ Israel, falsey.[525] The same groups that actually push for bigoted anti-Israel boycotts, justifiably categorized as ‘Anti-Semitism’s new face,’ as a means to “isolate Israel as part of their program to destroy Israel.”[526] Another writer: “Yes, the Boycott of Israel Is Anti-Semitic.” Part of “the rising tide of anti-Semitism sweeping through both Europe and the Arab and Islamic world since the focus of most contemporary Jew-haters is the state of Israel.”[527] Yet, despite Israel’s legitimate worries and anxiety, and of its expanding policies of ‘affirmative action’ to Arabs,[528][529][530][531][532][533][534] called “Israel: The Jewish Affirmative Action State,”[535] not to mention, Israel is a full, open and equal democracy for all,[536] with its Arab / Muslim minority having full representation,[537] nevertheless, bigoted Arabs/Muslims have been pushing for a campaign to demonize Israel/Zionism as, if it were somehow “racist.”[538]
Some protested the silence on PA’s racism which repeats the “aparheid” slanderous[539] lie.[540] As the infamous “apartheid” slur is just another way for Israel’s enemies to try to delegitimize and undermine the (“multi-cultural” and “multi-racial” society[541]) Jewish state, by vilifying its self-defense measures.[542][543] `(The Arab lobby have been paying Jimmy Carter,[544] [described as having a “Jewish problem”[545], and who also said that there are “too many Jews on Holocaust council,”[546]] who copied a lying hateful (2002) Arab-Palestinian invented title[547] against Israel in 2006, where he’s exceptionally sensitive to Palestinian suffering, ignores a legacy of mistreatment, expulsion and murder committed against Jews. It trivializes the murder of Israelis. Now, facing a storm of criticism, he has relied on anti-Semitic stereotypes in defense[548] Publisher was even in ‘hot water’ over Carter’s blatant anti-Israel lies in the book.[549]) Indeed, some called: Treat the apartheid slur – the “A-word” – like the “N-word.”[550]

Arab-Muslim only’ zones

Professor cites a classic case of a “26-year-old Israeli is receiving death threats.. he had to go into hiding. His offense? He purchased an apartment in the Arab town of Ibillin, not far from Haifa.” Elaborating:

…the reality is that, by and large, Israeli Arabs can live in just about any Jewish area in the country, while Jews cannot move into any Arab town, village or neighborhood. Jews cannot move into the Arab areas because they will be murdered if they move there. Every Israeli understands these unwritten “rules of the game.”
In fact, Jews often risk their lives just passing through Arab areas, as a group of four Jewish Hebrew University students discovered during a recent weekend when they were almost lynched after making a wrong turn into an Arab neighborhood next to the campus.
Arabs from (Arab) Nazareth routinely buy housing in (Jewish) Upper Nazareth, but Jews from Upper Nazareth never purchase property in (Arab) Nazareth, knowing they’d be killed if they did. During the pogroms by Galilee Arabs in the summer of 2000, Arabs invaded Upper Nazareth and attacked Jews there. The Jews of Upper Nazareth did not attack Arabs in Nazareth. So who are the racists there?
More generally, the new party line of the radical Left is that, yes, Arabs must be permitted to live anywhere they want among Israeli Jews, but no, Jews must be prevented from ever moving into areas the Left regards as “Arab” – i.e., places where Jews do not belong. Hebrew University’s tenured leftists and their jihadi fellow travelers have been leading the marches in Jerusalem to prevent Jews from moving into neighborhoods inside Jerusalem regarded by the Left as areas where Jews are regarded as “intruders.”
Many parts of the Galilee today have Arab majorities. The Jews in Carmiel and Safed, to name but two towns, feel they are under demographic siege. Much of the local opposition to Arabs moving into those towns is based on the fact that violence and hostilities have broken out whenever significant numbers of Arabs moved to neighborhoods there. After all, we are in the middle of a war and the local Arabs, by and large, openly identify with the country’s enemies.
[…] The anti-Israel Left… has never expressed an iota of criticism about the violent threats that prevent Jews from moving into Arab areas. Those folks have had nothing to say about the plight of young Halevi. That’s not racism, you see.
The Left also is completely silent about the violent attacks by Arabs against right-wing Jewish protesters who hold marches in some Arab towns, like Umm al-Fahm, the seat of the Israeli Arab pro-jihad Islamofascist movement (a movement that openly identifies with the Hamas). After all, those Jewish marchers are violating the anti-Jewish sensitivities of the local Arabs.
It is true that threats against Jews, which effectively prevent Jews from living in Arab areas in the Galilee and Negev and elsewhere, are not formal and officially proclaimed. Nevertheless, everyone in the country understands the threats of violence that operate against Jews seeking to live in Arab areas…

Concluding: Arabs will be free to live in Israel after any such “peace deal,” but Jews must be prohibited from living in what could become “Palestinian areas.” So who are the real racists? Where is the real apartheid?[551]

Religious racism
The deeply Religios-Islamic Arab racism [by noted Israeli Arabs], one can see from the classic example of “Islamic Movement head charged with incitement to racism, violence.” (2008).[552]

History denial
The grandchildren of Arab immigration’s delegitimization of Jews historic roots to its homeland.

Despite the fact, that the roots of most Arab “Palestinians,” are at Arab immigration between the late 1800s-1948 from Arabia, Syria, Egypt, etc.[553][554][555][556][557][558][559][560] Its leadership is on a racist campaign of denying Jews’ history to the land. Renowned author in an article titled: “Culture of Hate. A racism which denies the history and sufferings of its victims.”

Palestinian racism consists of asserting that the whole history of Israel, biblical history, is Arab, Islamic, and Palestinian history.”[561]

For this goal the Arab-Palestine regime will invent its fictitious “indigenous” lie.

All of a sudden, these thousands of Arabs who immigrated to Israel from virtually every country in the Arab world and northern Africa, and who joined up with the natives, became a ‘national’ entity. A people must start sometime and somewhere, and that could be considered a legitimate creation, except that they all claimed to be descendants of the native Arabs (Turks and Bedouins) of the land, and then claimed that it is they, not the Jews, who have a legal and historical right to the land of Israel.[562]

Historian lays out the roots of the “Palestinian” movement in pure Arab racism in the 1920s, the slogan that the Arab rioters chanted in the streets: “Palestine is our country and the Jews are our dogs.”[563] Writer reminds:

When it came to delegitimizing Israel, the Arabs were prepared to denounce Palestine as having any political, nationalistic, relevance. Now, having lost seven Arab wars to annihilate the Jewish State, it became useful to invent a Palestinian identity beginning in the late 60s. As proof of that, Walid Shoebatt, who was a former PLO terrorist, acknowledged the lie he had been fighting for when he asked, “Why is it that on June 4th, 1967, I went to bed as a Jordanian and woke up as a Palestinian? We considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then, all of a sudden, we were Palestinians.”
Even Yasser Arafat, the so-called founding father of the Palestinian cause, admitted in 1970 to Italian journalist, Arianna Palazzi, that “The question of borders doesn’t interest us. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation. The PLO is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call Jordan is nothing more than Palestine.”
His admission was correct. It was established by the British on 77% of the land promised to the Jewish people by the League of Nations in 1922, to be their National Homeland.
The “Palestinian People” is an anthropological fabrication, an invention. A deception, as described by Feisal Husseni after the 1993 Oslo Accords, as a “Trojan Horse” for conquering the land of Israel.
The object of this propaganda campaign is to blot out and forget the name and identity of the ancient biblical Eretz Israel, and to transform it into the land of “the Palestinian people”, an invention fabricated by Arab propaganda and widely adopted by the international community who have pumped billions of dollars that have succeeded in turning Israel into the victim of the most unprecedented fraud in modern political history.[564]

In a chapter: ‘anti-Zionist anti-Semitism,’ authors explain, while The Jews have always been both a nation and a religion, the ‘Palestine Liberation Organzation’ charter typically tries to deny they are a nation, in order to de-legitimize Jews’ rights. They ask “Can someone deny that Italians are a nation, work to destroy Italy, and all the while claim that he is not an enemy?”[565]

As “Palestinian” history keeps changing, at the end of 2011 [as a reaction to Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s exposing the “Palestinians” as an invented people,[566][567][568][569][570] and that: They are simply Jordanians and Egyptians who fled terror from their fellow Arabs.[571] one of PLO’s leaders, M. Areikat (who officially called to ban all Jews from a “future” Palestine State[572]), changed the “Palestinian” position again, drastically, and came up with a new fake theory, something about “thousands” of years. Not even realizing how it’s completely contradictory with [his insisting] ‘Arabism’ of the Arab “Palestinians.”[573]

All out official anti-Jewish campaign
The Palestinian Authority is known to have been inciting violence through its official media. against the Jews and the Americans.[574] A 2007 Fatah controlled TV “promised” the elimination of Israel. [575] In one of the outrageous Hamas incitement, in a TV series’ cartoon character for children, Der Spiegel wrote: “‘Wipe Out the Jews’ : Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam.”[576] Mainstream, official “Palestinian” media and clerics target Jews not only in routine hateful cartoons, dehumanizing them as “Monkeys and Pigs,”[577] rationalize violence and even glorify murder of Jews,[578] but officially even ban them altogether (ethno-religious cleansing) in a “future” Arab-Islamic Palestine State (worse than apartheid, Judenrein). Such as by its leader M. Abbas,[579][580] And by PLO’s ambassador Areikat.[581][582][583][584][585]

Shukairy, a profile of Arab-Muslim Palestine bigotry. The root of the “conflict.”

Ahmad Shukairy (1908-1980)

Ahmed Shukairy | Achmed Shukairy | Ahmad Al-Shukairy | Ahmad al-Shukairi | Ahmad el-Shukairy | Ahmed Shukeiry | al-Shuqayri | Shukeiri | Shukeiry | Shuqeiri | Shuqairy]

  • 1940’s – aide to [Hitler’s ally] the Mufti (Haj Amin al-Husseini).
  • 1949 – listed as a member of the Syrian Delegation to the United Nations.
  • 1950-56 – Assistant Secretary General for the Arab League.
  • 1957-1962 – S. Arabia’s representative to the UN.
  • 1964-1967 – First PLO leader.

Arab supremacy from an early age.

In 1927, at the age of 19, he was arrested for anti-Western fanatical incitement.[586] He was barred for 10 years from Syria and Lebanon by the French mandate authorities for a fiery speech in favor of Arab unity he gave in Beirut while a student at the American University. Several times during the 1930’s he was jailed in Palestine by British authorities for political agitation. His father, an Arab-Muslim sheik, was interned in a castle at the time by the Ottoman Empire authorities for stirring up the Arabs against the Turks. [This led the Lebanese born Ahmad to be raised in Acre (then) Palestine, as his parents moved there in 1910].[587]

The “international Arab”

An “international Arab,” serving successively various Arab governments.[588]

Arab Nazi (WW2)

During WW2, he worked with the Nazis in the Middle East and was a henchman of the notorious Mufti of Jerusalem who advised Hitler on ways and means of extermintaing Jews[589]

Invented the ‘apartheid slur’ (1961)

In 1961, he invented the Arab-racist “apartheid” (slur[590][591]) analogy[592][593] against democratic (quoting from harsh anti-Israel critic Jimmy Carter: “I recognize that Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment under the law between Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis.”)[594] and pluralistic[595][596] Israel.

Iconic Nazi-like agitator – Objecting trial of Eichmann

In its larger context, Mr. Shukairy’s hate inciting diatribes underline the urgency for comprehensive actions to demilitarize the Middle East under appropriate controls and safeguards. […] Shukairy summed up the Arabs’ bellicose attitude towards the West and staked out Nasser’s claim to empire, in a speech whose tone and content were reminiscent of the diatribes hurled against the Western democracies by the Nazi leaders.[597] Most notably, is his 1960 diatribe.[598] Unlike most of the world, Shukairy “objected” to the trial of arch-Nazi Eichmann.[599] And media outlet: Falastin lauded Shukairy’s incitement.[600] Responding to Shukairy’s hateful agitation, Mrs. Meir accused him of having been a collaborator of a Hitler associate, of uttering outright lies and of representing a country which not only condoned but practiced slavery. Arab benefits in Israel was cited; enjoy more freedom than in Arab lands. Mrs. Meir quoted from Arab newspapers in Jordan, Damascus and Beirut, published within the last year, writing in praise of Eichmann and regretting that Eichmann had been unable to “finish the job of exterminating the rest of the Jews in the world.” The Arab leaders, she said, “in their blind hatred toward Israel and the entire Jewish people, do not stop feeding this poison to their own people, including the youngest.” [601]

Praising, identifying with Nazi groups (1962)

In 1962, at the UN, Shukairy openly praised Nazi groups,[602][603] and identified with them.[604][605] He urged the United Nations to endorse and spread the ideas of the savage anti-Semitic Tacuara – the irresponsible neo-Nazi youth movement.[606] In Dec. 6, 1962, at the UN, Israel accused Arab representatives today of cooperating with neo-Nazi and fascist groups in the United States, Latin America and elsewhere “to exploit anti- Semitism as a political weapon.”[607] In that same year, he initiated the UN’s war against Israel.[608]

Creation of a “Palestinian entity” (1963)

While admitting in 1956 that “Palestine” is not more than part of Southern Syria,[609][610][611] in 1963 he went along with the newly invention of a separate “Palestinan entity.”[612] While remnants of the old Arab Higher Committee, still led by the Mufti, denounced Shukairy for seeking a “faked entity.”[613]

Heading the terror network Palestine Liberation Organization (1964)

In 1964, the PLO was established under his leadership.[614] His units operated sabotage and terror operations[615] Described as the “bloodthirsty leader of the Palestine guerrillas.”[616] His original “Palestinian” charter (still) called for a struggle for ‘Pan-Arabism,’ not for a separate “homeland.”[617]

Mastering in spinning about Arab leaders’ (such as the Mufti) fault in creating the “refugees” problem

Shukairy, famous for the often hysterical violence of his political rhetoric, was to play a role in Palestinian history somewhat analogous to that of the old mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, one of the principal architects of the Arab disasters of 1948 and 1949.[618]

Ethnic cleansing and genocide (1967)

Our basic aim is the destruction of Israel.” Ahmed Shukairy, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, declared, on May 28, (1967).[619] In June 1967, he called for ethnic cleansing of Palestine’s Jews.[620][621] Famously known for coining the phrase ‘throw the Jews into the sea.’[622][623][624][625] He called for “driving the Jews into the sea.” The story was told that when a journalist asked Shukairy what he would do about the Jewish problem if war came, he replied, “There’s not going to be a Jewish problem.” The Jews feared another Holocaust. [626] Quoted as saying on the eve of the Six-Day war, on June 5, 1967, “We will wipe Israel off the face of the map and no Jew will remain alive.”[627][628]
It was all under “liberating” flag, of-course, Those camps and the West Bank territory where they lie were one of the sources for recruitment, training, and operations of Ahmed Shukairy’s Palestine Liberation Army, which was deliberately organized and designed to “liberate” Palestine by the destruction of the Jewish state and the genocide of its people.[629] Worth mentioning that the so-called “occupation” [which is in fact a false term[630][631]] didn’t even occur before 1967.[632]

Called for an Islamic “holy war” Jihad

One man’s personality points up the possibility of a Middle East explosion… can drive Arab to war and embroil the big powers in a perilous showdown. Ahmed Shukairy, gray-haired and orator and man of many countries, has sworn him self and his Palestine Liberation Organization–the PLO– not only to destruction of Israel but to the downfall of two Arab thrones… For Shukairy, a jihad”– Holy war– against Israel is a historical necessity.[633]

Unlike, (modern) Israel’s founders that called/sought peace and democracy, Ahmed Shukairy, then the Palestinians’ leader, preached holy war at the Great Mosque in East Jerusalem the Friday before the war began, promising to throw the Jews into the sea.[634]

Describing the fascist

From noted professor Robert Wistrich: Ahmad Shuqayri, first leader of the PLO and pungently described by one pro-Arab British journalist as “a sort of cross between Adolf Hitler and the Reverend Ian Paisley,” had, for example, made the following prophecy concerning the future of Israel’s Jews on June 1 , 1967: “Those who survive will remain in Palestine. I estimate that none of them will survive.” Fortunately, Shuqayri’s prediction proved totally wrong only a week later, when the Israel Defense Forces decisively crushed three Arab armies massed to destroy her. Shuqayri’s anti-Semitism had been legendary since the time when he represented Saudi Arabia at the United Nations. In a seven-hour speech to the General Assembly in the fall of 1961 he had singled out American Jews…[635]

See also: #Palestinian Arab Party, #Futuwwah.

Arab / Muslim world & Nazism

Islamists’ fascination with the ‘ultimate’ racism ideology – Nazism

Religious and ethnic bigotry:in Nazism, the combination of Islamism and ethnic supremacy was at most noted at Arab (/ Arabist) icons/groups.

WW2: Nazism, fascism and [a wide phenomenon of] enthusiastic ‘devout Muslims.’
The sharper ‘rise’ of Nazism by ‘religious’ Islamists, is particularly interesting to note: Baath Party in Syria and Iraq was modelled on Mussolini’s Fascist Party. The Iranian Shah Reza Pahlevi was an open admirer of Hitler (for which he was forced by the British to abdicate in favour of his son). The Muslims in particular were enthusiastic …Muslim nations rallied to ally with Hitler: the Bosnian Muslims, the Kalmuks, the Chechen and Ingosh, the Balkans, the Meshkets, and the Krim Tatars. In West Asia, prominant leaders like the Druze leader Shakib Arslan (Walid Jumblatt’s father) and the Mufti of Jerusalem allied themselves with Hitler.[636]

Hitler became known as Abu Ali (in Egypt he was called Muhammad Haidar)… Islamic admiration of the Nazis extended into later years, when Muslims throughout the Middle East were naming their children after Adolf Hitler…[637]

Muslim Brotherhood
Its founder, al-Banna, a Hitler admirer.[638]
There was the Muslim Brotherhood’s decision to distribute the Arabic translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the flow of German money,..[639] The Nazis funded the burgeoning growth of Muslim fundamentalism, helping the radical Muslim Brotherhood distribute Arabic translations of Mein Kampf.[640]

Quite interesting what famous author wrote about Islamists’ admiration of fascism.The affinities between the Muslim Brotherhood and fascism were observed in the 1930s, as was the fact that the extreme Muslim organizations supported the Axis powers in World War II. In a remarkable book published in 1937, a German Catholic writer labeled Nazism a new political Islam and Hitler-Mohammed its prophet.[641]

Iconic ‘Islamic-Fascism’
Authors explain: So-called Islamofascism can be traced to the time period of the birth of Nazi “national socialist” fascism in 1928, when the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun) — parent organization of numerous terrorist groups — was formed in …Islamofascism draws heavily upon Muslim Brotherhood pamphleteers, but also upon the Koran, the career of Saladin, and the tracts of Nasserites and Baathists. The term “Islamic Fascism” is a better term to use, best describing the agenda of contemporary radical extremists who happen to believe in Islam. Fascism is almost always reactionary. [642] Worth mentioning that the Arab-Islamic Palestinian “Hamas (the acronym for lslamic Resistance Movement) is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, a clerical-fascist movement which was founded in Egypt in 1928.”[643] Already termed ‘Clerical fascism’ in 1960s “by its ability to mobilise the masses through the use of Muslim fundamentalist slogans.”[644] Author explains, the “emergence of an Islamic revolutionary ideology has been in the cards since the fascist era.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s “internationally current Islamic ideology,” possessing “enduring feature of fascist ideology” was imported by Khomeini in his Islamic revolution in Iran.[645]

Shakib Arslan
The ardent pan-Arabist,[646] Muslim scholar, Shakib Arslan, advocate of Muslim activism and Arab nationalism, confidant of Haj Amin el-Husseini, and editor of La Nation arabe, an influencial journal of Arab nationalist opinion, was called upon, by the Nazis to translate Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ into Arabic, explaining that the completed text be read by a “scholar of the Koran who will give it the sacred tone which will be understood and valued in the whole Islamic world, a world that reads the Koran.”[647][648]

Considered “arguably the most widely read Arab writer of the interwar period” as well as the principal liaison between the Axis and the Arabs.[649] Indeed, Arslan was by far the most important figure in the context of Mussolini’s infuence in the whole Middle Eastern arena. He undertook to spread the world of the Duce, and to exploit the Abyssinian crisis in order to inspire the younger generation in the Middle East to revolt against the French and the British. He hoped that such an uprising would enhance pan-Arabism, esepcially his brand, namely Arabism with a strong element of Islamic identity and solidarity. In the dozens of articles published in 1935, Arslan depicted Ethiopia as a historical enemy of Islam, an oppressor of its own Muslims, an enemy of Arab language and culture. A skilled historian, he combined the negative messages of radical Islam with the modern message of fascist propaganda. Most of Arslan’s work was published primarily in Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian papers; nevertheless. he had his share in the Egyptian press and was widely read in Egypt. [650]

Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini [al-Husayni]
By far, Hitler’s greatest link to the Arab-Muslim world, the supreme Islam leader: Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Palestine, during World War II, was called “the fuhrer of the Arab world” and whose ugly legacy lives on today. Authors provide compelling evidence that al-Husseinis actions and writings serve as inspirations today to the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations pledged to destroy Israel and the United States.[651] From early on, during the 1920 and 1930s. Haj Amin al-Husseini was one of the first radical Islamic leaders to issue fatwas, or religious rulings, calling for jihad, or holy war, against Great Britain, the United States, the Jews, and the West.[652] He tried to “synthesize Nazism and Islamism.”[653] The mufti’s fusion of European anti-Semitism—particularly the genocidal variety—with Koranic views of Jewish wickedness has become the hallmark of Islamists world-wide, from al Qaeda to Hamas and Hezbollah.[654] This official leader of the Palestinians during this period, was a virulent anti- Semite whose hatred of Jews was both religious and racial.[655] From 1939 to 1945, the Mufti’s Arabic radio broadcasts, which mixed anti-Semitic propaganda with quotes from the Koran, made his station the most popular in the Arab world. He ven entervened against deals with the Nazis to liberate Jewish children in exchange for German prisoners, and caused them to be sent [back] to the ‘gas chambers.’[656]

Pan-Arab and pan-Islamic leader: Asides from being the main Islamic leader, the Mufti was looked upon as the leader of the pan-Arab community in exile.[657]

At the Rachid al-Gailani pro-Nazi coup, he led the Islamic oath on the Koran.[658]

More on Mufti’s deep racism:


In 1940, al-Husseini requested the Axis powers to acknowledge the Arab right: … to settle the question of Jewish elements in Palestine and other Arab countries in accordance with the national and racial interests of the Arabs and along the lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany and Italy.[659]

Hitler admirer Islamic movement of ‘Arabism above all,’ by Nasuli

Muslim schools that were directed by the Maqasid Islamic Charitable Association provided Najada a pool of potential members. As a Muslim ‘twin’ to the Phalangists, as the organization was often described, Najjada adopted a pan-Arab nationalist vision, calling for a suppression of all foreign influences. The ambivalent relation of such pan- Arab concepts to ethnocentric and racial nationalism became visible in its slogan ‘Arabism above all’ (al-‘uruba fawqa al-jami’).[660]

The Muslim movement promoted Hitler admiration and pan-Arabism, under Muhi al-Din Nasuli, a leader of the Muslim scouting movement and newspaper publisher. Since at least 1933, newspapers had been printing Hitler’s speeches and excerpts from Mem Kampf. Hitler and Mussolini were viewed in both Syria and Lebanon as models of strong statebuilders. They criticized “moral chaos” in public life and adopted the motto “Arabism Above All” on his newspaper’s masthead, which also printed glowing accounts of German youth’s support of Hitler…[661]

1947 CIA doc. states: “There are two para-military Arab organizations, the Futuwwa and the Najjada, both of which are more or less controlled by the Arab higher Committe under the leadership of the Grand Mufti.”[662]

Ahmad Shukairy [Shuqeiri] (of Lebanon, Palestine)
Worked with the Mufti as his aide during WW2.[663]

al-Miqdadi (of Palestine)
Ardent influential pan-Arabist, educated Iraqi youth aong Nazi lines.[664]

Rachid Ali al-Gailani [Rashid Ali el Kailani, el-Kilani] (of Iraq)
The leading advocate of a rapprochement with fascism was Rashid Ali al-Gailani (1892–1965), who after 1924 was several times justice and interior minister of Iraq and who had emerged as leader of the pan-Arab nationalists in 1930.[665]
Led the Nazi 1941 coup. It was covered with Islamic oath on the Koran:

Author describes:

On February 28th, Salah ed-Din es-Sabbagh, Fahmi Said and Mahmud Salman of the Golden Square, Rashid Ali el-Kilani, Yunis es-Sebawi, Shawkat and Hajj Amin met at the latter’s residence (Zahawi Street, Baghdad). All present swore on the Koran and adopted their grandfathers’ names as conspiratorial pseudonyms. El-Huseini was chosen leader of the group,…[666]

Author continues:

He described a meeting with the Mufti at Baghdad on February 28th, 1941, at which ‘Rashid Ali swore on the Holy Koran that he is joining the organization and will be faithful to its programme and members for the rest of his life. All present took the same oath.’ This was written by Naji Shawkat in reply to a letter from the Mufti asking him to confirm certain circumstances connected with the meeting…[667]

Yunis al-Sabawi [es Sabawi] (of Iraq)
Translated ‘Mein Kampf’ into Areabic, active in the Rachid al-Gailani 1941 coup.The British took Baghdad right afterward, and on June 1, 1941, Rashid Ali fled first to Iran, then to Germany. His associate Yunis el-Sabawi, who had translated Mein Kampf into Arabic, was captured and hanged…[668]

Ibn-Saud (of Saudi Arabia)
[Secretly] worked with the Nazis. Was extremely racist against Jews, via his ‘Koranic’ view.[669] Writer reminds: In 1937, a decade before the rebirth of Israel, Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud explained that the Moslem’s hatred of Jews is based on the Koran. Thus, “for a Moslem to kill a Jew … ensures him an immediate entry into Heaven.”[670] Author/professor/historian: ‘I hate the Jews more than anyone,’ Ibn Saud began, quoting the Koran verse: ‘ Thou wilt find that the people most hostile to the True Believers are the Jews and Idolaters.’[671]

Kamil Muruwwa
Editor of the Beirut paper An-Nida, translated ‘Mein Kampf’ into Arabic.[672]

Fawzi al-Kawukji (of Iraq)
Infiltrated Palestine to attack Jews in the 1920s, spent the war years in Germany.[673]

Arab world (Nazism)

The editor of the Beirut paper An-Nida’ Kamil Muruwwa wrote to the Germans: “The whole Arab youth is enthused by Adolf Hitler.”[674]

The wide Arab-Muslim Nazi alliance since the 1930s,’ showed also the Islamic themes within the fascism:

Nazi slogans were translated into Arabic. A Mideast song popular toward the end of the 1930s crooned: “No more Monsieur, no more Mister. In Heaven Allah, on earth Hitler.” The Fuehrer himself was even Islamicized under the new name of Abu Ali.
Love of Nazism spread like wildfire in the region. Among the many Nazi sympathizers at the time were Haj Amin al-Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and president of the Arab Higher Committee); Ahmed Shukairi (first chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization); Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat (both future presidents of Egypt); Islamic fundamentalist leaders; and the founders of the Pan-Arab socialist Ba’ ath party, currently ruling Syria and Iraq. (One Ba’ath leader proudly recounted: “We were racists, admiring Nazism, reading their books and sources of their thought. We were the first who thought of translating Mein Kampf.”).[675]

After Germany defeated France in 1940, chants against the French and British echoed around the streets of Damascus: “No more Monsieur, no more Mister, Allah’s in Heaven and Hitler’s on earth.” From the ironic contradiction of “inferior” Arabs’ race by Nazis supremacists and their “unity” colaboration on genocide of Jews: Adolf Hitler assured the exiled Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, at a meeting in Berlin in November 1941 that his goal was the “destruction of Jewry living in Arabia.” The Führer had racist objections to Arabs as well, though. He declined to shake the Mufti’s hand and refused to drink coffee with him.[676]

It has been explained: The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt.[677]

From a book review:

“We were the first to think of translating Mein Kampf,” wrote Sami al-Jundi, a leader of the Syrian Ba’ath Party in the 1930s. “Whoever lived during this period in Damascus would appreciate the inclination of the Arab people to Nazism, for Nazism was the power which could serve as its champion”. Al-Jundi also confessed that “we were racist, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the sources of its thought, particularly Nietzsche, Fichte, and H. S. Chamberlain”.
How many people know that Arab delegations and senior political figures were invited to the annual Nazi rallies in Nuremberg during the 1930s? Such details are not simply random anecdotes from the remote past. Indeed, in his new book Jihad and Jew-Hatred, German scholar Matthias Küntzel argues that the origins of the Islamist terror of recent years, which culminated in the attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001, and of the radical anti-Semitic ideologies of Hamas, Hizballah, Iran, the Palestine Covenant, and al-Qaeda, lie in the lethal link between Islamism and Nazism.[678]

Worth mentioning that: Arab-Nazi collaboration took place on the ideological plane as well as the political and military planes. On a visit to Berlin in 1937, Dr. Said Abdel-Fattah Iman of the Damascus Arab Club proposed, inter alia, to promote National Socialist ideology among the Arabs and Muslims generally. With Nazis’ rise, its ideology penetrated deep into Arab-Muslim society.[679]

Lingering Nazism in the Arab world

It has been written (in 1947) on pro-Nazi, pro-Fascist Arab propaganda even in the United States.[680]

From LATimes’ (2006) article titled: “Hitler’s Mideast helpers. Arabs were cheerleaders and enablers of the Final Solution.”

while Europe has disowned its terrible history, the Nazis continue to be glorified in the Middle East. (“Mein Kampf” is a perennial bestseller in the region.) Nowhere else in the world is Holocaust denial so prevalent. Ahmadinejad deserves thanks for calling the world’s attention to this pervasive sickness.[681]

Arab Nazi groups

Among the many various Arab pro-Nazi, fascist groups

  • The Iron Shirts (led by Fakhri al-Barudi of the National Bloc).
  • The League for National Action (headed by Abdu al-Huda al-Yab, Dr. Zaki al-Jabi and others).
  • The An-Nadi al-Arabi Club of Damascus (headed by Dr. Said Abd Al-Fattah al-Imam).
  • The Councils for the Defense of Arab Palestine (head by well known pro-Nazi leaders, such as Nabi al-Azmah, Adil Arslan and others)
  • The Syrian People’s Party.
  • The Istiqlal.
  • The Muthana Club.
  • Moslem Guidance Society.
  • The Palestine Defense Society.
  • The Tajaddad Club.
  • The Arab Rover Society.
  • Arab High Committee (Haj Amin el Husseini’s).
  • Najjada [Najjadah] in Lebanon (pan-Islamic, pan-Arab).
  • The Futuwwah in Iraq (Hitler-youth type).
  • The Blue Shirts and Green Shirts in Egypt.
  • League of National Action.
  • The Lion Cubs of Arabism.
  • The Syrian Social Nationalist Party (led by Antun Sa’ada with Nazi imitated symbols and hymm of ‘Syria, Syria Uber alles).
  • The Arab Club.
  • The Steel Shirts.
  • The early Ba’ath movement.
  • The White Shirts (in Lebanon).
  • The Futuwwah


Arab Nazi Parties

During the war, Arab Nazi parties were founded throughout the Middle East.[688] In particular: Several of the Arab political parties founded during the 1930s were modeled after the Nazi party, including the Syrian Popular Party and the Young Egypt Society, which were explicitly anti-Semitic in their ideology and programs.[689]

The ‘supreme Islamic’ leader and Nazi parties:
The Mufti, after instigating a pogrom against Jews in Palestine in 1920, the first such pogrom against Jews in the Arab world in hundreds of years, went on to inspire the development of pro-Nazi parties throughout the Arab world including #Young Egypt, led by Gamal Abdul Nasser, and the Social Nationalist Party of Syria led by Anton Sa’ada.[690]

Palestinian Arab Party

A first [known] attempt to found an Arab Nazi Party in Palestine and in Iraq was conveyed in a request to the German official in Iraq in 1933, but was turned down by the Nazis.[691][692] In March 1935 the Husseinis also formed a party, called the Palestinian Arab Party. It was, as its president Jamal Husseini freely boasted, inspired by German Nazism. It included a ‘youth troop’, modelled on the Hitler Youth, for a while actually called the ‘Nazi Scouts’. [693] Indeed, its very party leader Jamal Husseini asserted was based on the Nazi model.[694] The youth organization established by the mufti used Nazi emblems, names, and uniforms. Germany reciprocated by setting up scholarships for Arab students, hiring Arab apprentices at German firms, and inviting Arab political leaders to the Nuremberg party rallies and Arab military leaders to Wehrmacht maneuvers.[695]

From both, the ‘Islamic’ and the ‘ethnic’ themes of the Arab Nazi scout in Palestine. Noted historian B. Morris writes:

… the Husseinis in March 1935 formed the Palestinian Arab Party, whose platform for resistance to the establishment of a Jewish National Home. It set up its own youth corps. al-Futuwwa (the name of an association of Arab knights during the Middle Ages). which resembled Germany’s Hitler Youth and was officially designated the “Nazi Scouts.” At Ihe founding meeting 011 February 11, 1936, Jamal al- Husseini, a principal aide of Hajj Amin, declared that Hitler had stalled out with only six followers and now had sixty million. The fisrt seventy al-Futuwwa recruits took the following oath: “Life — my right: independence — my aspiration: Arabism — my principle: Palestine — my country, and there is no room in it for any but Arabs. In this I believe and Allah is my witness.” The Husseini-Nazi connection… through the 1930s and early 1940s.[696]

The Hitler-youth type al-Futuwwa youth groups were important in ‘militarization’ of Arab Palestine,[697] and it connected Palestinian youth to fascist youth movements elsewhere in the Middle East. While the Mufti was establishing youth groups in Palestine, al-Futuwwa groups were established in Iraq.[698]

Young Egypt

Islamic oriented fascist ‘Young Egypt’(Misr al-Fatat)
In the 1930s, Fascism found an expression in the Young Egypt party.[699] In Egypt, at that time there were two most influential parties, Young Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Young Egypt was a fascist party modeled on Italian principles.[700] Fathi Radwan took his aspiration from the German Nazi Party that the “future” belongs to Young Egpyt.[701]

Young Egypt became openly willing to admit influence and/or borrowings from European fascism, Husayn stating that Young Egypt “hopes one day to achieve in its meetings what the Nazis have achieved in theirs. [702] The Young Egypt Green Shirts closely modeled themselves after the Nazi Party using a variation of the sig heil salute, stormtroopers, torchlight processions, and terror campaigns against Egyptian political opponents and Jews. [703]

Even after Ahmad Husayn (who created the movement in 1933) condemned the Axis powers for their aggression against small nations, with Nazi occupation of Prague, nonetheless, the ideology of the Young Egypt movement continued. [704] Young Egypt’s influence extended far beyond the ranks of its own militants. Its Nazi-German links involved high politicians. Anti-Semitic language, analogous to that of German Nazi antisemitism, was becoming more common in Egypt by the eve of the Second World War.[705]

The Young Egypt, kept in Islamic orientation and opposed European-style democracy.[706]


(Futuwa, Futuwwah, al-Futuwwa)
The fascist isnpired Futuwwah in Palestine and in Iraq, were established under the Mufti.[707] Historian: The activities of the radical youth organization al-Futuwwa are considered a manifestation of Nazi youth indoctrination practices, and speeches supporting Nazism delivered in Baghdad’s Pan-Arab al- Muthanna Club perceived as reflecting popular support for Nazi Germany among the Iraqi effendiyya.[708]

The Iraqi (al-Muthanna Club’s arm) Futuwwah youth was the main force in the 1941 Farhud pogrom on Iraqi Jews.[709][710] The Iraqi educator, Futuwwah’s founder, “godfather,” and ideologue[711] Sami Shawkat, was a pro-Nazi ethusiast,[712] fascist pan-Arabist. He preached for suicidal jihad for the sake of “Arabism.” Famous for his proto- fascist speech.[713] His ideology was widely circulated in Iraqi schools.[714][715] His themes still inspire modern Arab-Islamic tyranny, violence and jihadi terror.[716]

Libyan Arab Fascist Party

Historian: The Fascist regime had him [Mussolini] proclaimed a “hero of Islam” and “defender of Islam” in Italian Libya, where a parallel Libyan Arab Fascist Party was created.[717][718]

E. Europe

Muslim nationalities that allied themselves with Hitler:

  • The Bosnians
  • The Kalmuks
  • The Chechen
  • The Ingoosh [Ingush]
  • The Balkars, the Karachaii [Caucasus region]
  • The Meshkets [Meshket Turks]
  • The Krim Tatars [Crimean Tartars]


The Caucasus (Nazism)

Location: The Caucasus (E. Europe)
Perpetrators: Bosnian Muslims and Arab Palestinian leader
Victims: Christian Serbs

That Mufti Mohammed Haj Amin al-Husseini, also led in 1943 a Nazi Arab-Muslim SS division to commit crimes against Christians and Jews in Yugoslavia. The Bosnian Muslim Nazis had a great “opportunity” to give their historic ethnic hatred an outlet, under the Islamic leader.[723][724][725][726]

The Mufti’s and other Arab-Islamic leaders’ Nazism, were along lines of: Islamic bigotry embedded with Arab supremacy, “Free Arabia” and fighting for Allah, as in the text from the following author, reminding the historic events:

The Mufti also organized an Arab Brigade and a Moslem Legion to fight side by side with the Nazis. An Arab leader accepted a commission as colonel in the Wehrmacht. Turning to large Moslem populations in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, the Mufti with the help of Pavelich, the Croatian quisling, recruited substantial numbers of Moslem Holy Warriors who fought as the Waffen SS, and the “Free Arabia” movement. the Mufti visited these troops frequently praying with them, exhorting them to fight for Allah.[727]

From a writer, in article titled: “Fascist Muslim group expected to loot Tel Aviv in 1948”:

Three divisions of Muslim soldiers were recruited: The Waffen SS 13th Handschar (“Knife”) and the 23rd Kama (“Dagger”) and the 21st Skenderbeg. The Skenderbeg was an Albanian unit of around 4,000 men, and the Kama was composed of Muslims from Bosnia, containing 3,793 men at its peak. The Handschar was the largest unit, around 20,000 Bosnian Muslim volunteers. According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, “These Muslim volunteer units, called Handschar, were put in Waffen SS units, fought Yugoslav partisans in Bosnia and carried out police and security duties in Hungary. They participated in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia and volunteered to join in the hunt for Jews in Croatia.” Part of the division also escorted Hungarian Jews from the forced labor in mine in Bor on their way back to Hungary. The division was also employed against Serbs, who as Orthodox Christians were seen by the Bosnian Muslims as enemies.[728]

Iran (Nazism)

Islamic “supreme” silly aryanism
The fascist leader of the WW 2 era: Reza Shah Pahlavi, was referred to as “the Mussolini of Islam.” His fascist[729], racist legacy (embedded into a ridiculous mythology of Persian – “Aryans”) are cherished by many Islamic Iranians today. Especially since ‘Iranians’ were declared to be of ‘pure’ or ‘genuine Aryan race’ (ne%had-e asil- e arya’i), boasting a 2500-year old civilization. … This racist ideology denied the national, linguistic and cultural diversity of Iran.[730] As well as, the enthusiasm for the “renewal of ancient glory” (tajdid-e azemat-e bastani) was coupled with anti-Arab zealotry, a distinctly Iranian form of anti-Semitism.[731] It sharpened with European rise of racism.[732] It manifests itself in such forms as: The use of racist remarks, particularly against Arabs, was characteristic of such literature. The Persian language was linked to the land, and the Aryan origin of Iranians was emphasized and admired to re- inforce cultural nationalism.[733] Even after the fall of Nazi Germany, the “aryan” supremacy of a “pure race” crap, is still deeply rooted in Iranian elites.[734]

See: #Iranian Aryanism


Location: USA
Perpetrators: Nation of Islam
Victims: Whites (Christians and Jews), Koreans, Vietnamese, Arabs

Black Muslim leaders “traditionally” taught that the “white man is the devil.”

Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan has been accused of more general racism toward white people for his adherence to many of the teachings of Elijah Muhammad that describe white people as “blue-eyed devils” who have conspired to rob blacks of their rightful place…[735] From the “Southern Poverty Law Center”: In an April 1997 interview, Nation leader Louis Farrakhan made it clear that he had renounced none of the anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic or anti-homosexual views of the previous Nation leader, Elijah Mohammed. Those beliefs include the view that Yacub, a renegade black scientist, created whites 6600 years ago as an inherently evil and ungodly people — “blue-eyed devils.” Farrakhan describes Catholics and Jews, who he says practice a “gutter religion, ” as preying on blacks.[736] Among his “work” is the propagating of rewritten history in exaggerating or lying about supposedly “Jews” in the predominantly Islamic and Christian slavery.

One of the darkest chapters of the Nation of Islam, is its 1970s racist mass murder campaign against whites (in the US), known as the Zebra killings, or Zebra Murders.[737][738][739]

Another L. Farrakhan’s inspired series of crimes, is the Oct. 2002 ‘Beltway Snipers.’ Perpetrated by two Black Muslims, linked to a NOI’s off shoot the ‘Five Percenters’ that is deeply Islamic and believes in Black Supremacy.’[740] They targeted Whites and terrorized around the Washington DC area [and the nation[741]] for 23 days.[742] The mastermind[743] sniper, Islam convert, Muhammad was described “as a strong believer in Islam who attended the Million Man March in Washington in 1995. The Associated Press reported that a former neighbor of Muhammad’s said he provided security at the march, which was organized by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.”[744][745] The [indoctrinated] younger sniper Malvo said about the mastermind: “Muhammad ‘made me a monster.” He recounted how Muhammad “took me under his wing” as a teenager in Tacoma, Washington, taught him about the Nation of Islam and trained him to shoot.[746] The racist Muslims planned to “kill six Whites a day for 30 days.” And “had plans to kill masses of children.”[747][748]

One of NOI’s members, Philadelphia’s chairperson of the NBPP, Samir Shabbaz, is famous for advocating the killing of whites, of white babies for “freedom.”[749]

NBPP’s leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz has called the ‘white man,’ the devil (and preached jihad against Jews).[750]

You can almost say it with certainty that there’s far more anti-white racism among blacks that are Muslims.

Farrakhan has a long record of anti-White, anti-Semitic, antiwoman, anti-Korean, anti-Arab, anti -Vietnamese, and anti-several-other-group utterances…[751]


Location: Australia
Perpetrators: Islamic chief, Arab Muslim mobs
Victims: (Christian) [Anglo] whites

Many (immigrant) Arabs have expressed anti white racism, like the mass rape, targeting white Christian girls by Arab Lebanese Muslims (between 2000-2002) known as “Bilal Skaf gang.” It has been revealed their Islamic and racial motivation. One victim told of how the attackers called her an “Aussie Pig”, asked her if “Leb co-ck tasted better than Aussie co-ck” and explained to her that she would now be raped “Leb-style”.[752][753][754][755][756] As well as in the racial riots in that country.

Islamic cleric’s fanatical ‘radical Islam’ and [ethnic] racism:
Top Australian Islamic cleric, the [Egyptian-Arab born] mufti al-Hilali (who also said that the September 11 attack is Allah’s work against the oppressor, insulted women, defended gang rapists and claiming Muslims had more right to live in Australia than the Anglo-Saxsons) spoke out in January, 2007 against the “English race.” quote “The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race.”[757]

He was denounced in court in 2009, his spokesman as ‘racist.’ Among his repugnant views: Defending the stoning of a women for adultery in Nigeria; Condoning suicide bombers and the use of children as martyrs; Calling homosexuality “a depraved carnal pursuit” that should be criminalised; Regarding Anglo-Irish Australians as “unworthy descendants of criminal dregs”; Joking about rapes committed by the Bilal Skaf gang; Adopting anti-Semitic Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ “views,” denying Bin Laden was behind [his] 9/11 attack [despite OBL’s own admission].[758]


Location: Canada
Perpetrators: [Muslim] Arabs
Victims: Jews

In Montreal, Canada, it has been recored: Arabs attacking Jewish children on their way to school.[759]


Location: Europe
Perpetrators: Muslim gangs
Victims: whites

S. Lapkin wrote in 2005: Western Muslims’ Racist Rape Spree. In Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations, there is a distinct race-based crime being ignored by the diversity police: Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons.[760] In 2006, it was publicized a rampant “Pan-European Arab Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic,” in such countres like: Germany, France, Sweden, France, Denmark.[761] Some saw in the raping of European women by Muslim males also a political act of racism, of “conquest” of the “oppressor’s women.”[762]

From a 2007 book: In Sweden, Gangsta Albanian Thug Unit ruffians in Malmo mug and beat innocents. In Norway, shopkeepers in certain areas of Oslo need to pay protection money to Islamic gangsters in order to keep their shops open… Mullah Krekar, former leader of Kurdish guerilla group Ansar-al- Islam who lives in Oslo glorifies Osama bin Laden and claims that Islam will defeat Democracy. that fought against the Serbs during the war in Kosovo.[763]

In 2011, there was ourtrage at continuing wave of Muslim anti-local attacks,[764] especially rape of European girls across Scandinavia and Euro Media cover-up.[765]

Worth mentioning, that on Oct. 28, 2011 a Jihadi forum published a Fatwa, permitting Mujahideen to kidnap, imprison, and have sexual intercourse with infidel women.[766]

The case of the militant AEL, ‘Arab European League,’ shows clearly both, the racial and religious campaign.
The Arab European League is a pan-Arabist political and social movement that is active in Belgium and the Netherlands.[767] Founded in 2000 by pan-Arabist,[768] Belgian of Lebanese origin, Dyab Abou Jahjah, who dreams of a pan-European coalition of Arab Muslims.[769]He announced “the creation of Arab squads.”[770] Jahjah and his AEL received international attention in November 2002, when Belgian authorities arrested him for inciting violence and disturbing the public order.[771]

Belgian Authorities charged that, “Arab racist sparked riot in Antwerp.” Referring to the former Hezbollah-man whith a ‘pan-Arab’ vision.[772]

Radical Islam: Dyab Abou Jahjah’s Arab European League calls for sharia law, celebrates 9/11 and warned Belgian Jews to break with Israel or else.[773] Its rallies end in chanting “jihad” and “Osama Bin Laden”.[774] At AEL’s demonstrations support was regularly voiced for Bin Laden and Hamas.[775]


Location: UK
Perpetrators: African Muslim gang
Victims: whites

In Nov. 2010, a Muslim woman was arrested for swearing at an Asian policeman. Somalian-born Ahmed taunted Pc Salam with racist jibes, wiggled her backside at him and spat in his face. In 2009, Ahmed got a six-month suspended jail term for racially aggravated assault on a white couple.[776]

In Dec. 2011, a [black] Muslim women-gang attacked a ‘white’ girl yelling racial slur. Muslim girl gang kicked Rhea Page head yelling kill white slag FREED. Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’. Yobs ripped lump of hair from Rhea Page’s head during High Street attack. Three sisters and cousin escape with six-month suspended sentences. Maximum term for assault occasioning actual bodily harm is five years’ jail. Judge: ‘Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I’m going to suspend the sentence.’[777]


Location: Germany
Perpetrators: Arabs and Turkish Muslims
Victims: Jews

From a 2010 report on the rise of anti-Semitism:

Berlin Jews alarmed by spate of anti-Semitic attacks, Jewish Community in Berlin warns of ‘alarming’ rise in anti-Semitic violence by Arab, Turkish immigrants… According to the report, although extreme right activists still play a significant role in perpetrating anti-Semitic incidents, in 2009 most violent cases, especially in western Europe − where identification was obtained − were determined to have been carried out by individuals of Arab or Muslim background.[778]


Location: France
Perpetrators: Arabs and African Muslim mobs
Victims: whites

In March 2005, (Muslim) black and Arabs attacked white, French demonstrators with sentiment of a desire to “take revenge on whites.”[779]

Location: France
Perpetrators: Arab / African Muslim groups
Victims: Jews, Whites [in general]

Anti-Semitic attacks in France, stands out more than any other country,[780] because of its large [Arab] Muslim population.[781] Wide systematic violent Arab racist attacks on Jews in France, have been recorded, at least between 2000[782][783] – 2008.[784]

In an example, in 2003

French media recently reported that an 11-year-old Jewish boy in Paris was forced to change schools after being bullied by students of Arab origin.
Many teachers have also complained that teaching the Holocaust has become impossible in some classrooms because of hostility towards the subject by students of Arab origin.
Mr Ferry said that anti-Semitism was apparently more tolerated “because it is coming from a source supposedly more acceptable than the classic far-right, notably the Arab-Muslim world”.[785]

From a State Department report in 2005:

…militant young Muslims, mostly Moroccans, on a number of occasions assaulted or intimidated identifiable Jews. In addition to the anti-Semitic acts carried out by a relatively small group of Arab youths, the virulent anti-Israel sentiment among certain groups in society, such as the Arab European League and the Stop the Occupation movement, also have contributed to an anti-Semitic atmosphere in some quarters… [786]>

In 2011 (three days before the 10th anniversary of the Islamic 9/11 attack), Muslim African immigrants attacked Jewish teens in Paris.[787]

  • Tribu-ka (African-Muslim group)
  • The Barbarians (African-Muslims and Arabs)

The French based Nation of Islam’s affiliated Islamic-black Tribu-ka, has been known for anti-Jewish and anti-Whites racism activities.[788][789][790][791]

Torture/murder of Ilan Halim: Classic Islamic religious and ‘ethnic’ racist crime
The 24-day torture and cold blooded murder of young (23) Jewish boy, Ilan Halimi in France (2006), by radical Islamic fascist “The Barbarians.” He was targeted because he was Jewish[792] and the gang had anti-Semitic feelings and “beliefs,” which motivated their heinous crime.[793]

The Arab and Arican-Muslim ringleaders (had Islamist literature, and) were reciting the Koran, in comunicating with Ilan’s family, while Ilan screamed in agony.[794][795][796] The kidnappers were torturing Halimi – for their amusement,[797] for weeks, until he was stabbed and set alight.[798]

From a more detailed account:

On Feb 13 (2006), Mr. Halimi was found stumbling in a field near the railroad tracks in the Essonne region south of Paris. Handcuffed, naked, with 80 percent of his body covered with bruises, stab wounds, andserious burns, he was found by a passerby who called for help.
Mr. Halimi, who had lost parts of his fingers and his ears to the torturers, died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. No one wound was said to be the cause.He died of his wounds as he was taken to hospital. The French police officer leading the investigation said the gang “kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut bits off his flesh, fingers and ears, and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight. It was one of the cruelest killings I have ever seen.”
The gang phoned the family several times and made them listen to verses from the Koran while Ilan screamed as he was tortured in the background. Even when it became clear that the family, who are not rich, couldn’t pay, the gang continued committing violence against Ilan for its own sake because, the police say, he was Jewish. One of the young torturers now under arrest told police his accomplices took turns to stub out cigarettes on Ilan’s forehead while voicing hatred for Jews.[799]

He was tied up in a cellar and tortured with acid, cigarettes and knives. He died in an ambulance after Mr Fofana dumped him by a railway line.[800]

A photo of kidnapped Ilan appeared in a magazine, a man with duct tape completely covering his head, except for a small opening around his nostrils. His nose is bloody. His hands are also bound with duct tape.[801]

He was lured by a Muslim Iranian prostitute, sent by the Islamic gang. She led police to a housing project in Bagneux, a suburb in Hauts-de-Seine where Muslims commonly refer to Jews as “Feuj,” which is “Juif” backwards. The Ringleader, Youssouf Fofana, alternately referred to himself as the “Brain of the Barbarians” and “Mohammed.”[802]

They professed a deep hatred for ‘strangers.’ From a French poiceman: these thugs probably see Jews as just one of their many enemies. “They mix everything together. They are against Jews, Americans, France, the West. If they could have got-ten their hands on a French cop in the same way, they probably would have done the same thing.”[803]

At the trial, the ringleader Fofana gave his identity during formal questioning by the judge as ‘Arabs African revolt barbarian salafist army’.[804] He entered the courtroom with his fist in the air and shouted, “Allah will conquer.”[805]

They were inspired by “Palestinian” Hamas, Nicolas Sarkozy said that police found propaganda published by the Palestinian Charity Committee or the CBSP at the home of one of the suspects… the organization is a front group for Palestinian terrorists and that in August 2003 the US government froze the organization’s US bank accounts, accusing it of links with Hamas.[806]

The Muslim neighbourhood knew for a long time about the kidnapping/torture. Relatives of The Barbarians “dropped in” to participate in the torture. When police raided the apartments of gang leader Youssouf Fofana and other gang members charged with Halimi’s killing, they discovered anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi and radical Muslim, or Islamist, literature. Fofana continued to send anti-Semitic letters to the judge overseeing the case.[807]

Traditional racism

  • Arab-Islamic racism against ‘desert-Arabs’:

Qur’aan 9:97 The Desert Arabs are the most severe concealers of the truth and the biggest hypocrites and more without knowledge of the limits of what Allah sent down on His Messenger. And Allah is The Omniscient, The Most Wise.)

Arab supremacy

  • Arab Racism against non-Arabs:

Islamic scholars affirm, in Quran / Islam: “Arabs preferred over other nations.”[808]

The following are not suitable matches for one another: a non-Arab man for an Arab woman (O: because of the hadith that the prophet… said, “Allah has chosen the Arabs above others.”[809]

Sharia Law primer: Sharia Law is currently the law of the land in many countries around the world including a key… Arab women may not marry non-Arab men…[810]

Traditional ‘Arab supremacy’[811] and the constant aim at the reestablishment of an Arab supremacy similar to that of the Arab- Muslim Empire of the caliphs — an empire that came into being through the Arabization of the dhimmi lands and the subjection of indigenous peoples. Ideologically and historically, therefore, Arab nationalism is linked to jihad and dhimma.[812] Some elaborated on ‘The Jihad for Arab Supremacy.’[813]


All the Shariah injunctions are there in the fiqh books, but the Muslim nations and societies have melted down to a level that a non-Arab Muslim man even today cannot think of marrying an Arab woman.[814]

‘Islamic racism’ post Umayyad invasion.
Pundit reminds the anti-Kaffir Islamic ‘tradition’ within the racial supremacy and bigotry.

Arab racial attitudes… related to culture, especially the residual beliefs and customs of so-called “kaffir” or pagans. Ever since the Umayyad invasion that swept across North Africa in the 7th century, the Arabs encountered, subdued and incorporated an array of tribes in the Saharan region, or Magreb. Black Africans who adopted the totality of Arabic cultural behavior integrated with relative ease into the dominant society, many ascending to high rank. Those who stubbornly held to their “superstitious” beliefs in native deities and matriarchal customs, including many Berbers and the majority of the Tuareg, were deemed Africans and not Arabs. [815]

Author explains: African Muslims, seen as inferiors in Islamic tradition, have what might be termed negative identity. Nigeria is the largest country affected by Islamic racism…[816]



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Nation of Islam racially motivated murder spree: October 20, 1973 – May 1, 1974, The “Death Angels” ‘Zebra Killings’

August 16, 2011

October 20, 1973 – May 1, 1974
Nation of Islam racially motivated murder spree: October 20, 1973 – May 1, 1974, The “Death Angels” ‘Zebra Killings’.

Nation of Islam – October 20, 1973 – May 1, 1974: Racially Motivated ‘Zebra’ Killings Sweep through San Francisco… The killings are perpetrated by a small number of black extremists, members of the “Death Angels,” a splinter group from the Nation of Islam, …

The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes – Page 103
Michael Newton – Infobase Publishing, 2009 – 436 pages
A fanatical offshoot of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims), the Death Angels cult was apparently founded in California, in late 1969 or early 1970. Members adhere to the Black Muslim dogma that whites are “beasts” and “grafted devils” spawned from ancient genetic experiments, but members of the new cult carried their beliefs into action, purposefully striving to exterminate Caucasians. On joining the cult, new recruits were photographed, afterward earning their “ wings” (drawn on the snapshot in ink) by killing a specified number of whites…

Popular Paranoia: A Steamshovel Press Anthology – Page 170
Kenn Thomas – Adventures Unlimited Press, 2002 – 298 pages – [ISBN 1931882061, 9781931882064]
To become a Death Angel, a member supposedly had to kill either nine white males , five white females, or four white children in order to earn their “wings”. This was supposed to guarantee the killer a place in Mecca in the afterlife…

Bill Cosby Is Right: But What Should the Church Be Doing about It? – Page 191
Merisa Parson Davis – Xulon Press, 2010 – 356 pages
The Zebra Murders The Zebra killings are a largely forgotten series of hate crimes that occurred in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1970’s. They were a series of 14 serial murders carried out by convicted members of the NOI in San Francisco, California in 1973 and 1974. They were dubbed the “Zebra” murders because of the radio channel frequency— Channel Z— used by the police investigation using the case. The name “Zebra” would take on more sinster maening … To attain Death Angel status, candidates were expected to kill a certain…

The Review of the news: Volume 10
Correction, Please, 1974 – Page 13
Arrests Made in “Zebra” Murders – San Francisco, May 1 — Police arrest seven young black men today and charge them with the random “Zebra” killings of 12 white persons since last November.
Investigation of the killings was given the code name “Zebra” by police because the “Z” police radio frequency was being used in the operation. According to Mayor Joseph L. Alioto, the seven men are Alioto thinks killings go beyond bay

[Page 32]
And, Los Angeles intelligence has described as “Black Angels of Death” an inner elite group of Black Muslims calling themselves the Nation of Islam and also the Fruit of Islam. In January of this year, after several seemingly senseless…

Domestic intelligence operations for internal security purposes, part 1, hearings before …, 93-2, February 20, April 1, 2, and 8, and June 4 and 5 1974
United States. Congress. House. Internal Security Committee – 1974 – 591 pages – Page 3589
THE SEVEN snspects were arrested Wednesday in connection with the random slaying of at least 12 whites on San Francisco … The Zebra killers are believed responsible for at leut 12 and perhaps as many as 17 murders in San Francisco. In each case young black men approached their white victim on the street and fired shots without warning.

Why Do Muslims Murder Americans?
7 Jul 2010 – […] In 1955, the FBI described the Nation of Islam as an “Especially Violent and Anti-American Cult”. Its publication contained the quote, “Of all the governments in the world, there has never existed one so wicked as America, which has misled the holy people of Allah.”. The FBI internal bulletin found that the Nation of Islam presents “…a threat to the National Security of the United States.”

The Nation of Islam murdered “infidels” who left the movement or criticized Elijah Muhammad. Some were stunningly brutal, the murder of an entire family in Philadelphia, including drowning two infants<. But the worst was yet to come. Unlike the Son of Sam or the Zodiac killer, the Zebra Murders , which took place in San Francisco in 1973 have been generally forgotten… because they are politically incorrect.

The full number of those murdered by the “Death Angels” of the Nation of Islam may never be known. Estimates range anywhere from 71 to over 200. Those targeted were children as young as 11 year old Michele Denise Carrasco and as old as 81-year-old janitor Ilario Bertuccio. Salvation Army cadets, college students, a retired coast guardsman. The victims were shot, mutilated, raped or decapitated. Some were so badly mutilated that their identities have never been learned.The killers were Nation of Islam members and in some cases used NOI businesses to carry out their atrocities. Their defense was paid for by the Nation of Islam. The horrifying crimes had been committed because the Black Muslim perpetrators believed that murder was their “ticket to heaven”.

Now There’s a Sniper Loose on the Right Coast
S.F.’s own time of terror
Stephanie Salter, Insight Staff Writer

San Francisco Chronicle October 13, 2002 04:00 AM Copyright San Francisco Chronicle. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Sunday, October 13, 2002

A pall of fear settled over the city. People stayed home after dark. Night business trailed off. The police were out in force.

— Gale Cook, San Francisco Examiner, March 14, 1976 .

It lasted for 179 days: a series of attacks on ordinary citizens going about their ordinary business on the streets of San Francisco. Before the so- called Zebra murders stopped — with the arrest of a gang of racial extremists — 15 people would die, and eight others suffer critical wounds.

“It was a very frightening time for the people of this city because of the random nature of the shootings,” said Art Agnos, a former mayor of San Francisco and one of the “lucky” victims who survived attempted murder.

“There are parallels with what is happening in Maryland,” he said of sniper attacks that by the end of last week, had left at least eight people dead and two injured in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. “But it’s probably worse now because of 9/11. People already are in a state of heightened tension. This is the worst of times for this kind of thing.”

Agnos was the target in the sixth of a string of attacks that began Oct. 20, 1973, and ended April 16, 1974.

Then an aide to state Assemblyman Leo McCarthy, Agnos was shot twice through the chest on Dec. 13, 1973, as he walked from a community meeting at 23rd and Wisconsin streets on Potrero Hill. His assailant, a lone male gunman, had come from behind, out of the shadows, and fired at Agnos’ back at close range.

The bullets ripped through his lung, kidney and colon and destroyed his spleen. He wore a colostomy bag for a year afterward and underwent months of grueling physical therapy.

“But I really was one of the lucky ones,” said Agnos.

Not so Marietta DiGirolamo. Out for a walk in her Western Addition neighborhood less than an hour after the attack on Agnos, she was stalked, shoved into the doorway of a barbershop at Haight and Buchanan streets and shot three times. She was 31.

Contrary to popular belief, “Zebra” did not come from the black-against- white racist nature of the killings — a splinter group of the Nation of Islam, called the Death Angels, required the murder of several “blue-eyed white devils” for membership. Rather, the nickname came from a special radio band — Z for Zebra — that police investigators used during their seven-month hunt.

“I worked on it, but when I think about it now, it’s like, did that happen? It seems not real, it was so far out,” said Jeff Brosch, a former San Francisco homicide inspector who now investigates murder cases for the Alameda County district attorney’s office.

A San Francisco native, Brosch was pulled from the burglary detail along with three other cops in April 1974 to beef up homicide.

“It ended up with 10 percent of the patrol task force assigned to this,” he said. “The feds were reluctant to get involved because of the religious thing, the Nation of Islam. It was a little touchy.”

“Touchy” is not the word for what resulted for a week when — after 12 deaths — a desperate Mayor Joseph Alioto ordered sweeping stop-and-search patrols that made nearly every black male over 6 feet tall a possible suspect. U.S. District Judge Alphonso Zirpoli pronounced the dragnet unconstitutional, but not before 600 African American men had been detained.

Alioto’s move “reflected the enormous anxiety and fear of people. The whole city was just in the grip of terror,” said Agnos. “But it was an ugly thing, a time when we failed our test on our commitment to civil liberties. When we are fearful, we tend to compromise that commitment too quickly.”

Acting on information from Anthony Cornelius Harris, a 28-year-old accomplice-turned-informant, more than 100 SFPD cops descended on the suspects on May 1, 1974, and the killings were over.

A year later, three of the men arrested — Manuel Moore, J.C. Simon and Larry C. Green — went on trial with a fourth man on 74 counts of murder, conspiracy and assault. The fourth defendant, Jessie Lee Cooks, had already confessed to one of the early killings — physical therapist Frances Rose on Oct. 30, 1973 — and was in Folsom Prison.

The trial lasted a year and six days, longer than any other in California history. All four men were found guilty on all counts and given life sentences….

Remembering The Zebra Killings
By: James Lubinskas | Thursday, August 30, 2001

MOST SERIAL KILLINGS in America take on a life of their own through movies, books and documentaries. The crimes of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and The Son of Sam are still well remembered years after they were committed. Yet there is one set of serial killings that has been almost completely forgotten and is rarely mentioned in popular culture.

The Zebra Killings occurred in the San Francisco bay area between 1972 and 1974 and left 71 people dead. They were dubbed the Zebra Killings because of the radio channel used by the police investigating the case (channel Z). The name would take on a more sinister meaning as it became apparent that a group of blacks was systematically stalking and killing whites simply because of the color of their skin.

Zebra (1979) was written by crime writer Clark Howard and remains the definitive book on the murders. Using court records, police reports, witnesses and interviews with the killers themselves, Howard was able to piece together the horrid details of the murders and the unrelenting hatred that inspired the killers.

The majority of the attacks were carried out by five members of a group within Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam called the “Death Angels.” Jesse Lee Cooks, J.C. Simon, Larry Green, Manuel Moore and Anthony Harris were part of this group which believed that whites were created 3,000 years ago by a black mad scientist named Yacub who wanted a race of inferiors to rule over. Death Angels believed they could earn “points” towards going to heaven when they died if they killed whites. For them, whites were not human beings but “grafted snakes,” “blue-eyed devils” and “white motherf-——s.”

Howard describes the vicious and cowardly nature of the attacks, which were made at gunpoint and mostly carried out against women and weak or old men who could not fight back. The first victims in San Francisco were a couple named Richard and Quita Hague. The Hagues were out for an after dinner walk when they were abducted at gunpoint and forced into a van. They were bound and Richard was beaten over the head with a lug wrench and knocked unconscious. Quita was sexually molested and hacked with a machete. While begging for her life she was decapitated. Before leaving, the attackers hacked at the face of the still unconscious man. Miraculously, he survived and was able to give valuable information to the police.

Brutality and a lack of remorse on the part of the criminals mark the attacks. Vincent Wollin was shot in the back and killed on his 69th birthday. Mildred Hosler, an obese, older woman was shot while frantically trying to get away from her younger, faster attacker. Ilario Bertucci, a 135-pound, 81-year-old man, was killed while walking home from work. Marietta DiGirolamo, a 5’1” white woman was shot and killed on her way to a neighborhood bar. In none of these cases did the victims do anything to provoke the murderers. They simply had white skin and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There were even some high profile victims. Art Agnos, who would later go on to become mayor of San Francisco, was shot and almost killed by the Death Angels. A member of the California Commission on Aging, Agnos was attending a community meeting in a black neighborhood to discuss building a government funded health clinic in the area. In the same neighborhood the killers were hunting for whites. As the meeting let out, Agnos stopped to talk with two women. One of the killers came up behind him and shot him twice in the back. The bullets ripped apart his lungs, spleen and kidneys. Bystanders called an ambulance and Agnos barely survived.

Lou Calabro was a street patrol sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department at the time and notes that as the murders added up, the SFPD came under increasing pressure to stop the killings:

“In what was known as Operation Zebra, more police were put on the street and security checks were beefed up. Despite the increased police presence, the attacks did not stop. They would often happen when we were on full alert. Some officers suspected a black cop who was a member of ‘Officers for Justice,’ a black police officers association formed to get more promotions for themselves, was tipping off the killers, though this was never proven. We were very frustrated at not being able to stop the killings.”

The increased police presence had the effect of angering the black community. Twenty years before the Los Angeles riots and O.J. Simpson trial, blacks were already making statements to the press that showed a stunning lack of remorse for what was happening to their white neighbors. Howard quotes from interviews conducted by the San Francisco Examiner in 1974. Among the responses by blacks were, “I don’t feel comfortable with all the police around. But then, I never have felt safe around them.” A young housewife stated, “I’m really glad the police are concerned for a change. I just wonder if they would be as much concerned if it were black people getting killed.” A black lawyer added, “I commend the police for their beefing up of the force, but I hope it’s not just directed at blacks. I hope blacks aren’t being harassed.”

Still other blacks blamed “unemployment” and “oppression” for the attacks. One man said, “the madness that drives black men to kill innocent people . . . involves a sickness that is as American as apple pie.” Black Panther leader Bobby Seale declared, “every black man in the Bay area is in danger of losing his life.” The Reverend Cecil Williams claimed that the entire black community was “under a police state that could erupt into a racial war.” Howard observes, “although they were responding only to a question about Operation Zebra, it was curious that none of the blacks interviewed took the occasion to condemn the unknown street killers or express sympathy for the victims.”

Detectives Gus Coreris and John Fotinos were 13-year veterans of the Homicide Unit and led the investigation which eventually cracked the case. Though they both suspected the Black Muslims, it was hard to get any information on the possible suspects because of a ban on surveillance of religious institutions. Moreover, the closed atmosphere of the NOI made it hard to get spies into the organization.

Coreris and Fotinos were able to link the murders because the killers were using the same weapon for each attack. They were also able to put together information and descriptions from those who survived such as Agnos and Hague. The case was solved when one of the members of the Death Angels came forward with information on the other killers. A total of eight black men with previous records were arrested. All were members of the Death Angels. Though this group committed most of the killings, they do not account for all of the criminals. Some are still free to this day.

The Nation of Islam paid for the legal representation of every one of the killers except Cooks, who immediately admitted to his murders. The Death Angels are still in prison but are up for parole in 2002. The European American Issues Forum (EAIF), headed by Calabro, has pledged to attend the parole hearings and work to insure that the killers spend the rest of their lives in jail. In addition, on October 19 of this year, the EAIF will hold its fifth annual Zebra Victims Memorial Service on the steps of San Francisco City Hall. As with the previous five ceremonies, government and community leaders such as Mayor Willie Brown and the leader of the local NAACP will be invited to attend. They have declined to attend any of the ceremonies so far and are not likely to show up this year. Indeed, the lack of publicity and recognition of these racially motivated hate crimes is consistent with the efforts of government agencies, civil rights groups and the media to portray European-Americans as the only perpetrators of hate crimes.

This same type of black-on-white serial murder occurred in the Miami area in the early 1990’s. The racist cult of Yahweh-ben-Yahweh began systematically killing whites in the same manor as the Death Angels. Whites were again described as subhuman “devils” by the cult leaders who urged their black followers to murder random whites. In what was strictly local news, seven whites were ritually slaughtered before the cult was stopped. The leaders of Yahweh-ben-Yahweh are also up for parole in 2002.

It has been almost 30 years since the Zebra Killings and, with the exception of Clark Howard’s book, little has been written about the murders. That is why they have disappeared from the public consciousness. At least one filmmaker who tried to get funding for a documentary on the killings has said that producers will not touch it, as it involves the taboo of black-on-white racism. Needless to say, there is no such taboo on discussing white-on-black racism. But a society that memorializes Emmett Till, Medgar Evers and James Byrd should also make room for the victims of the Zebra Killings. Justice demands it.

Paleoconservative James P. Lubinskas has written for Chronicles, The AIM Report, American Renaissance, The Social Contract, VDARE, The Nationalist Times, American Patrol and other journals.

Please see for more information on the Zebra Killings Memorial Service.

*Zebra, by Clark Howard, is currently out of print. Used copies can still be purchased on

Zebra: The True Account of 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco

by Clark Howard

Hair-raising, terrifying true crime, in the tradition of In Cold Blood, about the murders that held San Francisco at mercy for 179 days.

Nothing challenges a writer more than the probing of the criminal mind, particularly when that mind is closed, concealing, and motivated by an “ideal,” to Zebra, well-known crime writer Clark Howard has met that challenge with a kind of research and determination seldom encountered in fact-crime writing. Not since In Cold Blood or Helter Skelter has a true story been written with all the harrowing suspense and verve of a detective story.

This is an important as well as a chilling and exciting story, with implications that go beyond its particular events. It is the true account of five Black men who held a city in a 179-day grip of terror Provoked and guided by their leaders, these men randomly selected for kidnap, rape, robbery, mutilation and murder, 23 victims from the streets of San Francisco — any street, any time. Calling themselves Death Angels, they set a goal: to sacrifice nine “blue-eyed devils” each, for their God, Allah.

Using every avenue open to the research journalist (and some known only to the author himself) — records, reports, witnesses, surviving victims, relations, even the convicted men themselves, and the informer who risked a nightmare death to stop the killings — Howard has probed as deeply into the minds of murderers as anyone is ever likely to go. He shows us frenzied men, killing in the name of a religion that is teaching them white hatred. And he takes us into the shadows of their deepest secrets: their insecurities about color, their desire for respect, their burning ambition to rise above their status. He shows us killers as we have never seen them: caught up in a clash between right and wrong, black and white, life and death. And finally, in crime writing at its finest, he details the exhaustive police work by Detectives Gus Coreris and John Fotinos as they struggle against time and odds to track down the killers and trace the gun that will lead to conviction. The pace of fiction, the chronology of truth is at the heart of this controversial, sensational story. As with all great crime stories, Zebra is also a work of profound meaning which reminds us not only what evil we are capable of but especially what we are capable of on behalf of a cause, a political or religious commitment larger than ourselves…

Title: Zebra: the true account of the 179 days of terror in San Francisco
Author: Clark Howard
Editor: R. Marek Publishers, 1979
ISBN 0399900500, 9780399900501
405 pages
A terrifying chronicle of the five Blacks who, in the name of a fanatic religion preaching white hatred, randomly selected twenty-three white men, women, and children for kidnapping, robbery, rape, mutilation, and murder

The Zebra Killers
The Nation of Islam sect was dedicated to the murder and mutilation of whites and dissident blacks…

Dr. Paul L. Williams, PhD
Forgotten Proof of Islamic Evil on US Soil
[New Media Journal] November 9, 2009

Violent crimes committed by Muslim extremists on US soil were not confined to the events of September 11thm 2001, the Beltway Sniper killings, and the murderous rampage of Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood.

One of the most horrific incidents of Islamic rage has escaped the attention of the mainstream media and the American people. The mayhem was conducted in the name of Allah and resulted in the deaths of over 270 white Christians. And it occurred in California.

The killings began on October 19, 1973 when members of an elite group within the Nation of Islam (NOI), known as the Death Angels, kidnapped Richard and Quinta Hagueas while they were taking a stroll near their home on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.

The Black Muslims forced the couple into a white van and began to sexually molest the 28 year-old Quinta. When Richard protested, a member of the squad smashed his jaw with a wrench. Following the molestation, the Muslims proceeded to decapitate her with machetes. The cuts severed her cervical spine and ripped through her carotid arteries, jugular veins, epiglottis, and hypo pharynx. “That girl’s wounds screamed out hate,” SFPD detective Earl Sanders later recalled. “Whoever cut her didn’t just cut through flesh, they cut through bone. They cut deep.”[1] The killers next turned their attention to Richard, smashing his skull with the wrench and hacking away at his face and neck with their machetes.[2]

The Killings Continue

Ten days later, Frances Rose, a 28 year-old physical therapist, was shot in the face at point blank range by Jesse Lee Cooks, a member of the Death Angels, who blocked her car and demanded a ride as she drove up to the entrance of the University of California’s Extension Campus on Laguna Street.[3]

Within the next two months, seven additional attacks took place on the streets of San Francisco, including a hit on Art Agnos, a member of California’s Commission, and the murders of Ilario Bertuccio, an 81 year-old maintenance man, Paul Dancik, a 26 year-old street junkie, Saleem Erakat, a 53 year-old grocer, and Marietta DiGirolamo who worked as a janitor for Mr. Erakat.[4]

On December 22nd, a member of the Death Angels gunned down 19 year-old Neal Moynihan in front of the Civic Center Hotel. Moynihan had just was purchased a late-minute Christmas gift –a teddy bear for his kid sister. The assassin fled down a nearby alley to Gough Street, where 50 year-old Mildred Hosler was waiting at a bus stop. He shot her four times in the left breast and then continued to jog down the street. The killer had eliminated two white people within three minutes.[5]

A Christmas Turkey

On Christmas Eve, the Death Angels captured a homeless white man and transported him to the Black Self-Help Moving & Storage Company, a business owned by the Nation of Islam, where they butchered him while he was still alive and trussed up his remains like a Christmas turkey, which they then tossed into San Francisco Bay. The body was so mutilated that the SFPD has never been able to come up with the name of the corpse. He remains known as John Doe #169.

The attacks, by now, had become so commonplace that the SFPD reserved radio frequency “Z” for communications related to the killing spree. For this reason, the crimes became known as the “Zebra Murders.” It proved to be an ironically prescient handle since the incidents involved random attacks by Black militants on White victims.

Murder Without End

The killings stopped for five weeks only to resume on January 28, 1974, with the murders of Tana Smith, a 32-year old secretary; John Bambic, 84, an avid junk collector; Jane Holly, 45, a social activist; and Vincent Wollin, who was celebrating his 69th birthday by treating himself to a doughnut and a cup of coffee.

The rampage continued with the shooting of Roxanne McMillan, a 23 year-old housewife and mother of a four-month old baby, who would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, and Thomas Bates, a 21-year old student who was shot three times while hitchhiking near Emeryville.

On April 1, a Death Angel stalked and shot Thomas Rainwater, 19, and Linda Story, 21, as they walked away from the Salvation Army School for Officers’ Training, where they were first-year cadets. Rainwater, who was shot three times in the back with a .32 caliber weapon, was dead at the scene. Story was shot twice, while she sought to escape from the killer’s clutches. The bullets narrowly missed her spine and she later recovered.[6]

On Easter Sunday, April 14th, the Black Muslims killed 19 year-old Ward Anderson and wounded 15 year-old Larry White on the corner of Fillmore and Hayes, where the teenagers were waiting for a bus. Two days later, they executed Nelson T. Shields, 23, heir to a prominent DuPont executive, in the Ingleside district of the city.[7]

The Angels’ Wings

The break in the case came after the SFPD posted a $30,000 reward for any information leading to the arrests of the killers. Anthony Harris, a worker at Black Self-Help & Storage, took notice. He was struggling to support a wife and baby, and $30,000 was a lot of dough to him. A few hours after he dropped a dime into a pay phone, detectives took him into custody for questioning. Harris spilled his guts, telling the cops about the Death Angels and the point system within the Nation of Islam for killing white people.[8]

Angels, according to the system, gained their “wings” upon killing four white children and five white women, or, if they preferred, nine white men. Upon attaining this quota, a photo of the Angel was taken with a pair of black wings affixed to his back. The photo was mounted on a board along with pictures of other successful candidates, and the board was displayed on an easel at Black Self-Help Moving & Storage Company location.[9]

In the pre-dawn hours of May 1st, more than 100 police officers carried out simultaneous pre-dawn raids. Forty officers were deployed to an apartment building at 844 Grove Street, where J.C. X. Simon lived in Apartment 2, and Larry Green in Apartment 7. Twenty cops charged into Black Self-Help Moving & Storage Company on Market Street, where two suspects lived. None of the men arrested in the raid offered resistance.[10]

The 10th Lesson

San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto held a press conference to announce that the men taken into custody were members of the Nation of Islam’s Mosque No. 26, where they aspired to become “Death Angels.” John Muhammad, the leader of Mosque No. 26, expressed indignation and demanded that the Mayor apologize for his racist remarks.[11] Muhammad, however, refused to explain Lesson No. 10 of the Nation of Islam as penned by Elijah Poole (Elijah Muhammad):

“Lesson Number Ten: Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil [the white man]? What is the duty of each Muslim in regard to four devils? What reward does a Muslim receive by presenting four devils at one time? Answers: Because he [the devil] is 100 percent wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. His ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. So Muhammad learned he could not reform the devils, so they had to be murdered. All Muslims will murder the devil because they know he is a snake and also if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else. Each Muslim is required to bring four devils, and by bringing and presenting four at a time his reward is a button to wear on the lapel of his coat. Also a free transportation to the Holy City, Mecca, to see Brother Muhammad.”[12]

Outcry & Outcome

Muhammad was not the only African American to express outrage at the Mayor’s remark. The Black Liberation Army sent a communiqué to FM rock station KSAN which called for an armed uprising of all radical groups, including the SLA, the Weather Underground and the Death Angels –against the racist municipal government.[13]

The uprising never took place and the proceedings took place without the spilling of blood. Of the seven suspects taken into custody, three were later released. The remaining four – Larry Green, J. C. X. Simon, Manuel Moore and Jesse Lee Cooks, were found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The Black Self-Help & Storage Company was managed by Tom Manney, a Nation of Islam member and former St. Ignatius High School and City College football star. Manney lent his black Cadillac to the murderers, who used it to hunt down their victims, and an illegal .32 pistol that was used in several of the killings. He was taken into custody only to be released for lack of evidence.[14]

Unreported Slaughter

In October 1973, when the killing spree started, there were fifteen divisions of the Death Angels within California. The California Attorney General’s Office had compiled a list of 71 execution-style murders committed around the state, either with a machete or a pistol, in which the killer – or killers – was always a well-dressed and groomed youngish black man and the victim always white. In addition to San Francisco, the murders were carried out in Oakland, San Jose, Emeryville, Berkeley, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Pacifica, San Diego, Los Angeles, and in the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Ventura and Alameda. The Nation of Islam genocide campaign had actually begun approximately three years before the San Francisco killings.[15]

It took law enforcement officials several years to come to terms with the real enormity of the crime. From 1970 to 1974, the Nation of Islam was responsible for “just under 270” Black-on-White murders in California alone.[16] How many killings occurred throughout the country has yet to be calculated.

Nor has the economic impact of the killings ever been assessed. However, clippings from the San Francisco Chronicle document that the city remained crippled by fear. Tourism fell to an all-time low; hotel prices plummeted; stores and restaurants closed for lack of business; cultural events failed to attract audiences. When night fell, the city by the bay became a ghost-town.

The rampage made the Nation of Islam the bloodiest domestic terrorist group in US history, yet no law enforcement or government figure, in this heyday of the Civil Rights movement, opted to take the Muslim organization to task, let alone to expose Elijah Poole as the instigator of mass murder. At the heart of the matter remained the fact that the Nation of Islam was a “religion” with thousands of adherents and even more supporters. As a “religion,” it was protected by a battery of constitutional rights. The first line of the first article of the Bill of Rights reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Doing anything that contravened these words would create a legal maelstrom that would result in the loss of a juridical or governmental position and personal costs beyond calculation. And so the real cause of the murders was neither addressed nor uprooted.


[1] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders: A season of Killing, Racial Madness, and Civil Rights (New York: Arcade Publishing, 2006), p. 1.
[2] Ibid., p. 16.
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[10] Duffy Jennings, “7 Blacks Arrested in Zebra Killings,” San Francisco Chronicle,” May 1, 1974.
[11] “Muslim’s Call for an Alioto Apology,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 4, 1974.
[12] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders, p. 107.
[13] Ibid., p. 215.
[14] Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, The Zebra Murders, p. 232. Nicholas Stix, “Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders,” Nicholas Stix Uncensored, October 22, 2006,
[15] Nicholas Stix, “Lest We Forget” and “Domestic Terrorism.”
[16] Ibid.


July 8, August 2, 2007

Nation of Islam & ‘Zebra killings’ inspired murder of Chauncey Bailey, Odell Roberson Jr. & Michael Wills under the “command” of the NOI’s splinter ‘Your Black Muslim Bakery‘ Yusuf Bey IV – following ‘fiery sermons’

Early radical Islamic signs of violence and supremacy

Nation of Islam – An Empty Legacy – Family Security Matters Archive 9 Mar 2007
While the Nation of Islam was riven into factions, following the 1975 death of Elijah Muhammad, Yusuf Bey, a captain of the group, negotiated a meeting in 1979 between Farrakhan and Silis Muhammad, leader of a breakaway faction…

Born Joseph H. Stevens in Greeneville, Texas, in 1935, Bey moved with his parents to Oakland at the age of 5. He joined the US Air Force at age 17, and after four years he was honorably discharged. A qualified cosmetologist, Bey ran beauty salons in Oakland Santa Barbara, before opening a bakery in Santa Barbara in 1968 which later became “Your Black Muslim Bakery”. He became involved with the Nation of Islam in 1964, and in 1971 moved his bakery to the East Bay. The bakery sold produce free of artificial colorants, with no refined sugar, fats or preservatives.

Bey had a weekly cable show called True Solutions in which he gave a platform to Elijah Muhammad’s views. He even ran for the position of Mayor of Oakland. He died on September 30, 2003 of colon cancer, having established an empire running housing, a school, a security firm and retail businesses, including Your Black Muslim Bakery. At the time of his death, he was engaged in a legal battle with a woman who claimed he had first raped her in 1982 when she was 13. She claimed she had been sexually abused by Yusuf Bey since the age of 10.

As members of Bey’s family vied for the position of successor, violence broke out. On February 27, Waajid Aljawwaad Bey, president and CEO of the bakery, vanished. His rotting corpse was later found in a shallow grave in the Oakland Hills. In June 2005, Bey’s adopted son John was wounded by a gunman in an ambush, and on October 25, Yusuf’s 24-year old son Antar Bey was shot dead at a gas station. Nineteen-year old Yusuf Bey IV appeared to have taken over the leadership – he was indicted for smashing up Muslim-owned liquor stores in Oakland, events which happened a month after Antar Bey was killed. One store was torched, and an employee was locked in the trunk of a car. The tactic of wrecking premises had been employed under the leadership of Bey senior – in 1994 a rival laundry had been trashed by Black Muslims.

In January 2006, Yusuf Bey IV said: “If you say you’re a Muslim, you should have the action of a Muslim. If you say you’re going to be a Muslim and a follower of Mohammed you should have the actions of following Mohammed, not selling drugs or selling alcohol, or selling things in your store that’s not good for our people. That’s killing our people.”

As an example of a good Muslim, Bey is seriously wanting – indicted on a grand theft auto charge, he attended strip joints and was indicted in April 2006 for attempted murder.

The flaky mythology and hollow spirituality of the NoI has attracted narcissists who would go on to become dangerous. In October 2002, Nation of Islam member John Allen Muhammad and his sidekick Lee Boyd Malvo went on a shooting spree in the Washington area that saw 10 people shot dead and three people injured…

From Texas to Oakland, the elder Bey’s path to the bakery | The Chauncey Bailey Project
From Texas to Oakland, the elder Bey’s path to the bakery
August 2nd, 2009

By Mary Fricker, Bob Butler and Thomas Peele, The Chauncey Bailey Project

From the beginning, Yusuf Bey’s business and religious endeavors were wracked with disputes, controversy and violence.

Bey was born Joseph H. Stephens in Greenville, Texas, near Dallas, on Dec. 21, 1935, to Ruth and Theron Stephens. At age 5, his family moved to Oakland, where he later attended Oakland Technical High School, according to a brief life history he prepared. After four years in the Air Force, from 1952 to 1956, he went to Santa Barbara Cosmetology School and from 1960 to 1973 he owned Red Carpet Coiffeurs beauty salons in Santa Barbara and Berkeley, he said. In later years, his followers called him Dr. Bey.

Joseph became a follower of Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad in the early 1960s, when he was 27 or 28 years old, he told reporters 15 years ago. In the 1960s, his brother Billy X Stephens was the minister of a Nation of Islam mosque in Santa Barbara and Joseph was secretary.

In an early sign of trouble, a member of the Santa Barbara mosque wrote a letter to Nation of Islam leaders in Chicago in 1968 complaining that he had been forced to burn two of the Stephens family Cadillacs in an insurance fraud scheme.

On Aug. 17, 1968, he and his wife were slain with a .30-.30 rifle as they slept. The slayings were never solved. The police investigation focused mainly on Billy X.

“The word out on the street now by local Muslems is that ‘Justice has been served,'”‰” Santa Barbara police Chief Jack Hawe noted three days after the killings. Billy X denied any wrongdoing.

Two years later, the Stephens brothers moved to Oakland to open another mosque at Elijah Muhammad’s request. In 1973, Joseph gave up his beauty salons to work in the East Bay bakery his father had started in 1968. He took the Muslim name Yusuf Bey and started a Nation of Islam splinter group that became Your Black Muslim Bakery. He later described himself in sermons to bakery members as being more a follower of Elijah Muhammad than of the Nation of Islam.

Muhammad, who died in 1975 at age 77, glorified blacks, denounced whites, promoted separatism, black empowerment and healthy living and built paramilitary squads of young men to instill discipline. He stressed the importance of black entrepreneurs, and he started bakeries, schools and other businesses. At times he condoned violence, and though married he had sex with multiple women, according to “The Messenger,” a 2001 biography by Washington Post Online Editor Karl Evanzz. Muhammad became a multimillionaire and had 22 children, according to court records in the probate of Muhammad’s estate.

Elijah Muhammad’s life was the path Bey chose to follow for three decades, until his death in 2003 at age 67.

Fiery black Muslim “leader,” his sermons and commanding the murder

Bey IV speeches a month before Bailey killed Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer

San Francisco Chronicle
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Bey IV continued his father’s practice of delivering fiery Black Muslim sermons to bakery followers. In one videotaped sermon dated to July of 2007, Bey IV said, “We fight the government, we fight the police, we fight our own families, we fight our own people, and we fight Caucasian people daily – just to do right.”

One month before the slaying of a journalist who was investigating Your Black Muslim Bakery, the bakery’s young leader urged his followers to be “strong soldiers” and combat the many enemies he said were conspiring to bring down the embattled Oakland institution.

“We fight the government, we fight the police, we fight our own families, we fight our own people, and we fight Caucasian people daily – just to do right,” Yusuf Bey IV declared in a fiery videotaped sermon obtained recently by The Chronicle.

“They use our own people to go against us – people like you or I – to go against a strong organization like Your Black Muslim Bakery,” he also said. “It’s going to take strong men to stand up, it’s going to take strong soldiers to stand up and do something for ourselves.”

The sermon, delivered sometime in July, presaged the Aug. 2 street corner shooting death of Chauncey Bailey, editor of an African American community newspaper, who had been working on a story about infighting and financial problems at the bakery.

Arrested on unrelated kidnapping and torture charges after Bailey’s death, Bey IV denied complicity in the journalist’s murder. But police quoted Bey IV as saying Bailey had slandered his late father, bakery founder Yusuf Bey, who died in 2003.

Meanwhile, the bakery handyman who confessed to the slaying, Devaughndre Brouassard, 19, told police he had killed the journalist to be a “strong soldier,” according to an investigator’s notes – the same words Bey IV used in the sermon. Broussard later recanted and is awaiting trial.

A video recording of another Bey IV sermon from 2007 also provides insights into the bakery’s close relationship with former Oakland Police Chief Joseph Samuels, now a federal airport official in Florida. Bey IV declared that Samuels had “told all his officers: Leave Your Black Muslim Bakery alone, they’re brothers.”

By contrast, Bey IV said current Chief Wayne Tucker, whose officers at the time were investigating Bey IV’s followers on suspicion of a long list of crimes, was a “racial devil.”

Bey IV, 21, delivered the sermons at a time of turmoil. Unable to pay the mortgage and payroll taxes, he had put the bakery into bankruptcy. He also was awaiting trial on charges of directing the trashing of two Oakland liquor stores, reportedly because they were violating religious law by selling alcohol to black people. Much of his vast family had sided against him in a bitter and allegedly violent power struggle that had begun after his late father died of cancer while awaiting trial for rape.

In both videos, he stands at the pulpit in the bakery’s San Pablo Avenue compound, portraits of his late father and Nation of Islam founders W.D. Fard and Elijah Muhammad hanging on the wall behind him, and urges his followers to defend the bakery against its enemies.

“Anybody out to get Your Black Muslim Bakery or sabotage Your Black Muslim Bakery, God has plans to go right back against you,” he said in the July sermon. “This is the reason that after 45 years, we’re still in business.”
The bakery, he said, has endured because God acts against its enemies.
“As long as you are doing what God wants you to do, and God is in your favor – excuse my language – the hell with everybody else,” he said.

In the July sermon at the bakery, Bey IV urged action against African Americans whom he said were being used by the “clear enemy today,” the white power structure, to oppress blacks. He made no specific reference to Bailey or his newspaper, the Oakland Post.

“We have a black mayor and City Council members, we have black people in city government – we have black police sergeants and police chiefs,” he said. “But instead of using your job and your ways against your people, use them to benefit your people.”

He also complained repeatedly that the bakery was being harassed by authorities and expressed puzzlement that other community groups weren’t coming to its aid.

“There should be no reason in the world that they can harass an organization like this, and our preachers don’t come out and give us a hand, or our Muslim brothers don’t come out and assist us,” he said. “It’s OK, because, as Dr. Bey says, anything that is weak is wicked, and anything that is wicked, we can’t use in this organization.

“But it’s good to know that we have strong brothers here,” Bey IV said. “You give us a little more time, and I guarantee you, you are going to see what we have to offer.”

Bey IV also alluded to the bakery’s financial problems. “How in the hell can you pass up Your Black Muslim Bakery when we sell all-natural food for the human body?” he asked.

“But you’ll pass this bakery up to go buy bread from Pakistan, or go buy bread from Safeway, all because you don’t like Your Black Muslim Bakery, or you don’t like what we say in here, you don’t like what we do here,” he said, and then go to “the white man’s establishment … and you are going to patronize him.”

Bey urged his followers to be strong in tough times. “I don’t care how bad it might look, if you really believe in God, have faith in God and less faith in the damn white man, you’ll be a lot better off.”

In the other sermon, which could not be dated with certainty, Bey IV discussed the bakery’s complicated relationship with police – praising Samuels, who was Oakland’s first black chief, while vilifying the current chief, Tucker.

Bey IV said most black officers did the bidding of the white establishment, but Samuels “understood what we were doing” and “never harassed us” at the bakery.

“He told all his officers: Leave Your Black Muslim Bakery alone, they’re brothers, helping people just like you and I (and) saving brothers that look like you and I,” Bey IV said. “So leave them alone. So what did they do? When he got too close to Dr. Yusuf Bey, when he got too close to the organization, they shipped him off to Sacramento somewhere.

“Because anybody that is going to help our people,” he said, “they are going to get rid of.”

Actually, Samuels became police chief in Richmond after he was fired a decade ago by then-Mayor Jerry Brown. Samuels has declined to comment about the bakery.

Bey IV said Chief Tucker was “the most wicked devil in the world.

“You look at him. You see how he acts. You talk to him one day. When he talks, he’s like a racial devil,” he said.

Bey IV nonetheless bragged that the bakery was not intimidated by law enforcement.

“Nobody stands up to the police department in our community but Your Black Muslim Bakery, isn’t that right?” he said.

Bey IV referred to a June 30 traffic stop in which a rookie officer tried to cite him for driving without license plates. Police called for backup, citing previous incidents of “hostile crowds forming around officers” who had stopped bakery followers, according to the police report.

“What makes them call 20 police officers in Oakland, on a Friday night, knowing that you have all kinds of things happening in Oakland, knowing you have all kinds of murders probably taking place right now?” Bey IV said.

Resistance, Bey IV said in the sermon, is essential for black people.

“I’ll tell you one thing: If you don’t put this police department in check, we gonna put them in check,” he said. “Now you would think that if we was just young brothers changing our lives around in a righteous way should get all kinds of people over here to patronize an organization like Your Black Muslim Bakery.”

He said his organization was going to try to go about things in an “honorable way” but could stand just “so much” action against it “before things start happening.”

“They would respect us – they might not like us, but you gotta respect us,” he said, citing the way it turned around the lives of convicts and poor people.

Oakland police raided the bakery after Bailey’s slaying. Broussard was arrested in the killing. Bey IV and two followers were charged with kidnapping and torturing two women, allegedly because they thought the victims could lead them to a drug dealer’s stash of money.

Broussard confessed to the slaying after he was allowed to talk to Bey IV at a police station where they were both being held. His lawyer now says Bey IV coerced him into making a false confession for the good of the bakery.

Later, while he was being tape-recorded without his knowledge, Bey IV told the other kidnapping suspects he might order the murder of a police officer to help beat his case, saying, “I’m gonna sacrifice another soldier.”

Revelations / brainwashing / preying on the gullible

60 Minutes Interview Transcript Of Confessed Chauncey Bailey Killer
March 21, 2011 10:22 AM
OAKLAND (CBS) – In February 2008, “60 Minutes” reported on the murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey, whose death has been linked to an investigation he was conducting into a controversial local business called “Your Black Muslim Bakery.”
BROUSSARD: It was like the black man army.
COOPER: It was like the black man army?
BROUSSARD: The black man’s army.
COOPER: So when he tells you that, you know, you gotta do this, you gotta—you gotta plead guilty. You gotta say you killed Chauncey Bailey, what’d you think?
[…] COOPER: So they just bring you in a room with Yusuf Bey IV?
BROUSSARD: They just brung me in a room with him.
COOPER: What was the first thing he said to you?
BROUSSARD: He was telling me how I gotta take this case. He was persuading me to take this case. He was telling me that—he was telling me like, you know, “You gotta do this for us. You gotta do this for the Bakery.
[…] COOPER: Were you Muslim? Or are you Muslim?
BROUSSARD: At first, when I went there I wasn’t—I wasn’t—I wasn’t—I wasn’t a Muslim or I wasn’t practicing Islam or what not. I was just taking it as—as it was a job. But then I realized like my—I gotta—gotta open up. Then I—I start—I started feeling what they was talking about. Like it was—it was good stuff, what they was talking about. And then, so I started—I started practicing. I started practicing Islam.
COOPER: Do you consider yourself Muslim now?
COOPER: So on August 3rd you told police that—that you killed Chauncey Bailey. You then later on, a couple days later, said that you didn’t. Why did you say that you killed him?
BROUSSARD: I didn’t kill Chauncey Bailey. I gave—I gave the false answers to the—to the Oakland Police because I was overcome by emotion.
COOPER: What do you mean?
BROUSSARD: Because of what Yusuf Bey IV was telling me. He told me that—he was telling me how—how I was being tested by God. He was telling me I didn’t realize I was being tested by God. He was telling me that—
COOPER: He said that God was testing you?
BROUSSARD: Yes, he did.
BROUSSARD: He was saying that—that—that at one point people gotta prove that—you gotta—you gotta prove your loyalty and what not.
COOPER: Loyalty to whom or to what?
BROUSSARD: You gotta prove your loyalty to the Bakery. And you gotta prove your loyalty to God. And then, so he was telling me that if I say I admit to this and I say that I did this, that they would release everybody. He was telling me that they was holding everybody that they arrested as suspects in the murder of Mr. Chauncey Bailey.
COOPER: So he told you that there were other people being held from the Bakery in Chauncey Bailey’s murder?
BROUSSARD: Yes, he did.
COOPER: And that by testifying, by saying that you killed him, everyone else would go free?
BROUSSARD: He was saying that if I say I did this, that they would release everybody. Because that’s—that’s what they was holding them for. He was telling me that—he was telling me how well he knew the police officers or what not.
COOPER: How he knew what?
BROUSSARD: How well he knew the police officers. Because he said that they was like his, I guess, his friends and what not. He was telling me that—
COOPER: He said the police were his friends?
BROUSSARD: Yeah, one of the detectives, I guess, he knew—I guess he knew him kind of well or what not. Because they was—you know, they was—they was saying—there was—there was talking—they was talking like—like they knew each other. He was—he was—then he’s telling me that if I say I did this, I would get no more than a county year.
COOPER: He said you would just get a year.

Motive 06/16/09 – Cal State’s Brian Levin And The Case Of The … –
16 Jun 2009 – In July 2007, Michael Wills, a white man, was shot and killed by two members of Your Black Muslim Bakery. … as they were discussing a string of racially motivated murders in the 1970s known as the Zebra killings.

Oakland Devaughndre Broussard Says 36-Year-old Michael Wills Was Killed Because He Was White

Published by Staff Writer on April 29, 2009


Broussard said Bey told him “he got a devil” after Wills was killed. Broussard said at first Bey “was using ‘devil’ like a white devil, like all white people are devils, and then he started using it in the term of a mentality.” Broussard said Bey explained that “a black man can be a devil also if he against his people.” The bakery handyman said Mackey told him that he shot Wills…


Broussard Gets 25 Years For Bailey Shooting, Another – News Story – KTVU San Francisco
Posted: 6:51 pm PDT August 12, 2011 Updated: 10:19 am PDT August 13, 2011
OAKLAND, Calif. — The man who killed journalist Chauncey Bailey by shooting him three times at point-blank range while he was walking to work in downtown Oakland four years ago was sentenced Friday to 25 years in state prison…
Devaughndre Broussard, 23, could have faced life in prison for killing Bailey, 57, on Aug. 2, 2007, and a second man, Odell Roberson Jr., 31, on July 8, 2007, as he initially was charged with two counts of murder.
But on May 7, 2009, prosecutors allowed Broussard to plead guilty to two counts of the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter and receive a shorter prison term in exchange for his testimony against Your Black Muslim Bakery Yusuf Bey IV.
[…] Krum said Bey was also upset at Bailey for writing articles about the child molestation charges that his father, bakery founder Yusuf Bey, was facing at the time of his death at age 67 in 2003.
The prosecutor said Bey ordered that Roberson be killed on July 8, 2007, because Roberson was the uncle of the man who was convicted of murdering Bey’s brother, Antar Bey, in 2005.
Prosecutors said they believe Bey ordered the deaths of Bailey, Roberson and a third man, 36-year-old Michael Wills, who was killed in Oakland on July 12, 2007. Krum said Bey also ordered that Wills be killed because he was inspired by the “Zebra Killers,” a group of black men who killed white people in San Francisco in the early 1970s… Grim said Broussard “has good plans for the future” and wants to become an imam in the Muslim faith and “preach a compassionate version of Islam.”

Yusuf Bey IV found guilty in murder of Bay Area journalist |
9 Jun 2011 – A jury has found Yusuf Bey IV and Antoine Mackey guilty of first degree … after Mackey and Bey had a conversation about the Zebra murders, …

CBS San Francisco » Trial Begins In Murder Of Oakland Journalist Chauncey Bailey – CBS San Francisco
22 Mar 2011 – Broussard told prosecutors that Bey said his inspiration to have Wills killed was the so-called “Zebra killings” in San Francisco in the 1970s in which black suspects allegedly killed white victims simply because of the color of their skin.

The Chauncey Bailey Project

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Racism in the Islamic Republic of Iran

April 11, 2011

Racism in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Victims include:

UN anti-racism panel finds Iran discriminating against Kurds, Arabs, other ethnic minorities 28.8.2010

GENEVA, — A United Nations panel says Arabs, Kurds and other minorities in Iran face discrimination because of their ethnicity.

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination says minorities in the Islamic republic don’t enjoy the same rights to free expression, health and housing as other ethnic groups.

The panel published a report Friday urging Iran to end all forms of discrimination and provide clearer information for future reports.

The Geneva-based panel also rejected Iran’s claims that discrimination against women and religious minorities such as the Baha’i isn’t covered by the U.N.’s 1969 anti-racism convention. �
UN anti-racism panel finds Iran discriminating against Kurds, Arabs, other ethnic minorities.
— UN racism body decries Iran’s treatment of ethnic minorities

Iran should do more to protect its ethnic minorities such as Arabs, Kurds and Baluch, a United Nations human rights body said on Friday.

The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), a group of 18 independent rights experts, said Iran lacked data on the numbers of ethnic minorities despite a census in 2007, but the participation of such people in public life appeared to be lower than could be expected.

Several armed groups opposed to the government are active in Iran, mostly made up of ethnic Kurds in the northwest, Baluch in the southeast and Arabs in the southwest.

“The Committee expresses concern at the limited enjoyment of political, economic, social and cultural rights by… Arab, Azeri, Balochi, Kurdish communities and some communities of non-citizens,” it said in a report on a regular review of Iran’s compliance with a 1969 international treaty banning racism.

It also urged Iran to continue its efforts to empower women and promote their rights, paying particular attention to women belonging to ethnic minorities.

Some tenets of Islamic sharia law disadvantage Iranian women, Indian committee member Dilip Lahiri said. “On the other hand, in terms of their education and access to jobs, very remarkable progress has been made in Iran,” he told a briefing.

The committee voiced concern at reports of a selection procedure for state officials and employees, known as gozinesh, requiring them to demonstrate allegiance to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the state religion, which could limit opportunities for ethnic and religious minorities.

It said that lack of complaints was not proof of the absence of racial discrimination, as victims may not have confidence in the police or judicial authorities to handle them.

It called on Iran to set up an independent national human rights institution and report back to it at the start of 2013 on how it was dealing with the concerns and recommendations.

Copyright, respective author or news agency, The Associated Press AP�

Iran and the challenge of diversity: Islamic fundamentalism, Aryanist racism, and democratic struggles
Alireza Asgharzadeh, Palgrave Connect (Online service)
Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 – 249 pages
This book interrogates the racist construction of Arya/Aria and Aryanism in an Iranian context, arguing that a racialized interpretation of these concepts has given the Indo-European speaking Persian ethnic group an advantage over Iran?s non-Persian nationalities and communities. Based on multidisciplinary research drawing on history, sociology, literature, politics, anthropology and cultural studies, Alireza Asgharzadeh critiques the privileged place of Farsi and the Persian ethnic group in contemporary Iran. The book highlights difference and diversity as major socio-political issues that will determine the future course of social, cultural, and political developments in Iran. Pointing to the increasing inadequacy of Islamic fundamentalism in functioning as a grand narrative, Asgharzadeh explores the racist approach of the current Islamic government to issues of difference and diversity in the country, and shows how these issues are challenging the very existence of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Iran: A People Interrupted
Hamid Dabashi – New Press, 2008 – 324 pages – Page 151
And the bogus pro- Palestinian politics of the reigning regime degenerates into an anti-Jewish language. Iranian racism is particularly evident in Tehran, where similar racist negativity is directed at provincial Iranians— the Isfahanis, the Rashtis, the Azaris, the Kurds, the Lors, the Baluchis, the Arabs, or what the Tehranis in moments of unsurpassed whitewashed racism call dehatis, a nasty derogatory term meaning “the peasants.” The roots of this Tehrani-based racism is deeply buried in the whitewashed, Eurocentric Iranian bourgeoisie, who grotesquely identify with Europe, dye their hair blond, provincial Iranians.

Page 139
The sharp contrast in my parents’ skin colors alerted me to an astounding prevalence of Iranian racism very early in my life.2 My father’s nickname was ” Dadi Siah,” or “Dadi the Black” — his name being Khodadad, Dadi for short.

A Review of the imposed war by the Iraqi regime upon the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Legal Department – 1983 – 194 pages – Page xvii
Airing several radio broadcasts in the Persian, Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish, Turkman and Baluchi languages in order … During celebrations marking the twelfth anniversary of coming to power of the Ba ‘athist Party in lraq, placards bearing slogans such as “leave the Arabs of Ahwaz alone”, “the Arab Gulf is the graveyard of the racist Persian regime” were…

Near East/South Asia report: Issue 84156
United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service, United States. Joint Publications Research Service – Page 34
Political organizations in Ahvaz were hoping for another regime to succeed the Shah’s anti-Arab, racist regime which was … At first, the national movement in Ahvaz supported the present regime in Iran and gave it its blessings.�

Human rights, the UN and the Bahá’ís in Iran – Page 401
Nazila Ghanea-Hercock – 2002 – 628 pages – Preview
He said that the Committee had tried to establish whether Iran’s internal laws were in conformity with the Convention but that ‘the latest report offered no solution to that question’. The only information forthcoming from the … submitted together in document CERD/C/226/Add.8 dated 11 February 1993.41 This was again a very dry legislative document, referring to various constitutional and other legal provisions against racism in Iran with absolutely no light� – aboutUsThus, draw attention to Ahwaz Internet network and the Ahwazi Arab info Center are Media … Iran has been applying a policy of racial discrimination in the …

Peter Tatchell: Iran is a Racist State27 Oct 2006 … Iran is waging a secret, racist war against its Arab population. …. Ahwaz produces 90% of Iran ’s oil and 10% of OPEC’s global output. …

Iran after the revolution: crisis of an Islamic state – Page 231
Saeed Rahnema, Sohrab Behdad – 1996 – 256 pages
Turkish and Arab domination over Iran in the remote past was declared the main historical obstacle to the continuity of the glorious Persian empire. This racist ideology denied the national, linguistic and cultural diversity of Iran.

Azerbaijan Since Independence – Page 460
Svante E. Cornell – M.E. Sharpe, 2010 – 512 pages
After the summer 2003 demonstrations, the Iranian government cracked down on student as well as nationalist organizations. A 19-year-old Azeri girl was executed by Iranian authorities in July 2003 for her role in the protests (―Ethnic Azeri Student Leader Killed in Iran—Paper, BBC Monitoring International Reports, July 22, 2002). In an earlier incident, in January 2000, Iranian forces had opened fire on a demonstration in Tabriz (―Azeri TV Says Iranian Police Opened Fire During Rally in Tabriz, BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, January 10, 2000).

Racist insults against Azerbaijani Turks in Iran 10 May 2010 … If anyone has been to this juvenile site you’ll know that it …

Iran’s anti-Arab racism Comment is free 26 Oct 2007 … Peter Tatchell: Iran treats its Arab minority as second-class citizens. Now it is planning to hang six of them after rigged trials held in …

Netherlands Institute of Human Rights – CERD Concluding Observations: IRAN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF – 20 Feb 2011 … The Committee recommends that the State party undertake the necessary measures to harmonize its domestic legislation with the Convention. It also recommends that the State party take further steps for public dissemination of the provisions of the Convention and the possibilities for its invocation to combat racial discrimination, including in minority languages, and that it provide its Government officials with education and training in this area.

8. The Committee notes the information furnished by the State party on the definition of racial discrimination in article 19 of the Iranian Constitution and reiterates its concern that this definition does not explicitly cover the forms of racial and ethnic discrimination prohibited under the Convention. (art. 1)

The Committee again urges the State party to consider reviewing the definition of racial discrimination contained in its Constitution and domestic law in order to bring it into full conformity with article 1, paragraph 1, of the Convention.

9. While commending the efforts undertaken by the State party to empower women, the Committee is concerned that women of minority origin may be at risk of facing double discrimination. (art. 2)
The Committee draws the State party’s attention to its general recommendation No. 25 (2000) on gender-related dimensions of racial discrimination and recommends that the State party continue its efforts to empower women and promote their rights, paying particular attention to women belonging to minorities.

10. The Committee notes the information furnished by the State party on the 1985 Press Act. The Committee also notes the efforts undertaken by the State party to combat racist discourse in the media by applying sanctions to newspapers whose publications have included racist discourse. However, the Committee is concerned at continued reports of racial discrimination, inter alia, directed against Azeri communities in the media, including stereotyped and demeaning portrayals of those peoples and communities. The Committee is also concerned at the reports of racial discrimination in everyday life and statements of racial discrimination and incitement to hatred by government officials. (art. 4)

The Committee recommends that the State party take appropriate steps to combat manifestations in the media, as well as in everyday life, of racial prejudice that could lead to racial discrimination. The Committee also recommends that, in the area of information, the State party promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among the various racial and ethnic groups in the State party, especially on the part of public officials, and including through the adoption of a media code of ethics that would commit the media to showing respect for the identity and culture of all communities in the State party, taking into account the possible intersection of racial and religious discrimination. It reiterates its previous request that the State party submit information in its next periodic report on the application of this law to combat racial discrimination…

Today.Az – All news from Azerbaijan – 16 Nov 2006 … […]
Balochis have been preyed upon by the Iranian regime. On 23 August 2006, the Marsad Group attacked a village near Zahidan, the provincial capital of Balochistan, and killed two young men in front of women and children. They were forced out of their homes, to search for the members of resistance movement and weapons. The two young men had protested against the ill treatment of the women. On the 24th of August Amir Hamzeh Eidouzehi, a young man, was hanged in public in Baloch town of Khash, and another young men, Ali Jan Moradi, was hanged in IranShahr on 27 August 2006, both were accused of instigating public trouble and drug trafficking, a sentenced without trail. On the 24th of September three men identified as Ali Karimi, Gholam Koohkan, and Khodamorad Lashkarzadeh, were hanged in prison in provincial capital Zahedan. These dissidents were also executed on charges of drug smuggling and convicted without trial.

Azeri Turks, comprising around a third of the Iranian population and also subject to racism in Iran, have also backed the campaign to halt the execution of Ahwazis. The Azerbaijani Youth Association is lobbying the European Parliament and European governments to take action. A representative wrote to the British Ahwazi Friendship Society (BAFS), saying: “It is with great concern that I have heard about Ahwazis in Iran facing execution. When it comes to life we make no difference on if they are Arabs or Turks. We must show solidarity with each other and together fight against these fascists.”

Iran: Azeri Turks protest against discrimination Workers’ Liberty – I will fight for the independendence of my Azeri brothers in Iran and their succession from the persion chavinism and racism.

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