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News Flash, Fear of terror by bigoted Arabs – Muslims, is not “racism”

May 7, 2009

Islamism, Multiculturalism and British Society (page 9) …which a radical minority determined to “Islamicise” British society can represent itself as its victim. In the recent documentary film Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West, adocumentary in which I served as historical adviser, there is a chilling scene that exemplifies the problem we are dealing with. It is a video of Mohammed SidiqueKhan (who masterminded the 7/7 massacre in London) in an anorak and Arab keffiyah, spouting homicidal hatred of the West in a broad Yorkshire accent. Denouncing the atrocities allegedly perpetrated against “our people” (meaningMuslims in general) by the British government in Iraq, he calls for blood vengeance.“We are at war and I am a soldier” was this British-born Anglo-Pakistani suicide bomber’s last message to “you” (meaning Britain) from “my people” – meaning the Muslim umma. Recent surveys show that British Muslims are receptive to this kind of “us” and “them” polarization, even if they do not necessarily approve terrorism per se.
In this climate of appeasement, even a moderate critique of Islam becomes anoffence against peace, reconciliation, dialogue or the virtues of cultural diversity. Freedom of speech turns into a one-way street. Muslim leaders openly preachcontempt for Western democracy, secularism, Jews, gays, feminists and other “Kaffirs” but Islam is off limits. Euphemism and evasion take over as soon as it comes to documenting any Muslim involvement in terrorism, violent crimes, “honor” killings,” rapes, or incitement against the “infidel” West.

 Mainstream journalists, seem terrified that they will be accused of “Islamophobia” or racism. Silence is considered more prudent. The task of commenting on Muslim crimes is left to the tabloids, the British National Party or other far-right groups. Such suicidal cowardice, passivity and self-deception may have serious consequences for British Jews. The report of the U.K. All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, published in September 2006 (to which I presented evidence) did a very good job on most issues but it was evasive about antisemitism among Muslims. It was seen as anoffshoot of propaganda by a tiny minority of extremists. The report evoked the Hizb ut-Tahrir, Al-Muhajiroun, and the case of Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal (sentenced to nineyears in prison in February 2003 for inciting racial hatred); it mentioned Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri, but it did not investigate the growing resonance of antisemitic viewsamong British Muslims.
The facts reveal, however, that the majority of Muslims in the U.K. are by no means the moderates they are so often made out to be. Nearly40% believe that the Jewish community is a legitimate target “as part of the ongoing struggle for justice in the Middle East”; no less than 46% think that there is a Judeo-masonic conspiracy to control the British media and politics; and more than half of British Muslims agree that Jews had “too much influence over the direction of U.K. foreign policy.” These are appalling figures. There may be a multitude of different reasons for such antisemitism. There is the high-profile of the Arab-Israel conflict. Some Asian Muslims in Britain (80% in fact

(Page 10)
originate from the Indian subcontinent) even try to be more “Palestinian” than the Palestinians. There is also a fundamentalist component, influenced by Islamist ideologies whose seedbed is Pakistan but which are spread in Britain by Saudi-financed preachers in the mosques. Some of the hatred is linked to anti-Americanism as well as contempt for Britain. There is loathing for the “Crusader” West as the “protector” of Zionism. Some, Muslim antisemitism may also express latent envy and resentment towards the Anglo-Jewish community, seen as too rich, integratedand supportive of Israel.
These antisemitic attitudes, are reinforced by the unrelenting hostility in parts of the British media towards Israel. The “quality” British media often present terrorist violence by Muslims against Israel as legitimate “resistance” driven by the highest and most altruistic aims. The BBC, has never once referred to the suicide bombings of Israeli civilians by Fatah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad as anything other than the action of Palestinian “militants.” It is as if these brutal murderers are the equivalent of trade unionists calling for higher wages in a British industrial dispute.
In such a media context, British Muslims can only feel reinforced by the “victim culture” of contemporary Britain. The dominant liberal-leftist culture encourages the excessive inflation of terms like “Islamophobia” while it often questions the seriousness of antisemitism in Britain elsewhere. But figures compiled by the British police is recent months indicate that Jews are four times more likely to be attackedbecause of their religion than Muslims. Some of these assaults are carried out by white racists and bigots on the margins of British society. But they and the British National Party are far outside the mediaconsensus – universally condemned as fascists, neo-Nazis or racists. Left-wing or Muslim antisemitism is another matter.
When linked to the Palestinian cause,hostility to Israel, Zionism and Jewry enjoys considerable sympathy in British society. Islamist Judeophobia in Britain cannot be reduced to the question of Iraq or Palestine. It has adopted many of the themes of the Jewish world conspiracy, especially Jewish control of the media, and political domination of the United States.In Britain, the obsession with the “injustice” allegedly done to the Palestinians, has allowed antisemitic fantasies to acquire some credibility not only among marginalized Muslims but also in mainstream elite opinion and among the “chattering classes”.This is a dangerous symptom of the broader malaise which currently affects British society as a whole.

No tears for terrorists
18 Apr 2006 … The bleeding-heart defense team for convicted al Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui wants to tell you a sob story. Like so many apologists for jihad, Moussaoui’s lawyers are … to spread Islam and supplant America as the world’s superpower. …On Monday, while Moussaoui’s defense team played their violins in court, apologists across Europe and the Muslim world played the same song for the suicide bomber who murdered 9 innocent civilians and wounded scores more at a Tel Aviv restaurant. The bomber packed his explosives with nails and shrapnel soaked in rat poison to increase the suffering of the victims.
Police had to pick bits of flesh off the blood-drenched streets and parked car windshields.
But it’s not the fault of terrorist Sami Salim Mohammed Hammed and his sponsors at Islamic Jihad. Blame “Israeli aggression” and “anti-Arab racism!”
The dry-eyed know there is one Root Cause for this carnage. It’s not America, Israel, racism, or psychological imbalances. It’s evil. Just evil …

A Soft Jihad Grows in Brooklyn
by  Aryeh Spero

In Brooklyn, New York, a public school named the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) has opened.  Its primary purpose — demonstrated by its advisory board, its apparent curriculum and the lining of school walls with pictures of Arab figures and heroes, is to teach Arabic and Muslim language and culture and to inculcate the children with radical Islamic ideology. 

One of the school’s more notorious public supporters is convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal.  The school’s advisory board includes several imams, one of whom has displayed the Muslim Brotherhood slogan on his mosque’s website: “Jihad is our way, and death in the way of Allah is our promised end.”
A spokesperson for the school speaks not of the duties of American citizenship but the aspiration towards “global” citizenship.  Perhaps that is why this public school, unlike P.S. 132, calls itself an “international academy.” 

Many New Yorkers are appalled that taxpayer money is being used to finance a public school whose purpose will likely advance the Islamic religion and Islamist ethnic identity.  Three local parents, two of whom are teachers, started a grassroots effort called Stop the Madrassa to question this inchoate madrassa disguised as a neutral public school. 

Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes has written extensively about KGIA and other such schools now spreading across the country. On the opening day of school, Sept. 4, 2007, civil rights, religious and community leaders held a press conference on the steps of New York’s City Hall demanding answers from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Schools Chancellor, Joel Klein. From out of town came Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, and attorney Brian Rooney of the Thomas More Law Center. That day, Citizens for American Values in Public Education was born, created to fight the problem of Islamization in schools across the country. 

 Immediately a request was made of the Department of Education, under the Freedom of Information Act, as to the curriculum, teachers, lesson plans and textbooks of the school. This is not unusual given that schools — for reasons of transparency and accreditation – must pre-publicize educational content prior to the school year. Indeed, many are wondering about the use of public money for an institution, such as this, with religious overtones. The response to these legitimate concerns is that those that are asking these questions must be “racists.”

For example, Mumia Abu-Jamal asserts: “Racist and right-wing groups and media outlets have demonized the school…”  Councilmember Leticia James talks of “anti-Arab racism …”   The New York Collective of Radical Educators, in its statement supporting KGIA,  called on “New York City to continue to be a voice in the struggle against anti-Arab/anti-Islamic prejudice…” Even Brooklyn’s Borough President, Democrat Marty Markowitz, labeled inquiry into the school “disgraceful, xenophobic, and racist.” 

The intent of calling “racist” those who question the school’s goals and legitimacy is, no doubt, to silence critics of the school’s agenda. This attempt to silence Americans is very similar to CAIR’s lawsuit that was brought by Muslim organizations against citizens on an airplane who alerted flight attendants of the fear they felt witnessing highly erratic conduct by six belligerent and provocative imams on a plane. 
What should be every American’s right to self-defense, or the right to inform appropriate authorities of  possible harm or danger, has now been characterized by a number of  Muslim organizations as “criminal” and, somehow, a “violation of civil rights“ worthy of civil suit. Fortunately, House Republican Steve Pearce introduced the Protecting Americans Fighting Terrorism Act of 2007, protecting citizens from lawsuits when simply informing authorities of possible danger.  
It appears that yet another strategy for silencing critics of radical Islam is emerging. It is alleging that critics of suspicious Muslim activities are guilty of “stalking,” “harassing,” or “assaulting.” This new mode of attack is, it seems, being hatched here in Brooklyn. Dhabah Almontaser, the school’s former principal, recently claimed that those non-Muslim community members who were critical of her stewardship at the school “stalked me wherever I went and verbally assaulted me with vicious anti-Arab and anti-Muslim comments.”