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Saudis defend punishment for rape victim (Islam’s Blaming the Victim)

November 21, 2007

Saudis defend punishment for rape victim (Islam’s Blaming the Victim)

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – The Saudi judiciary on Tuesday defended a court verdict
that sentenced a 19-year-old victim of a gang rape to six months in jail and 200
lashes because she was with an unrelated male when they were attacked.

The Shiite Muslim woman had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes
after being convicted of violating Saudi Arabia’s rigid Islamic law requiring
segregation of the sexes.

But in considering her appeal of the verdict,
the Saudi General Court increased the punishment. It also roughly doubled prison
sentences for the seven men convicted of raping the woman, Saudi news media said
last week.

The reports triggered an international outcry over the Saudis
punishing the victim of a terrible crime.

But the Ministry of Justice
stood by the verdict Tuesday, saying that “charges were proven” against the
woman for having been in a car with a man who was not her relative.

ministry implied the victim’s sentence was increased because she spoke out to
the press. “For whoever has an objection on verdicts issued, the system allows
an appeal without resorting to the media,” said the statement, which was carried
on the official Saudi Press Agency.

The attack occurred in 2006. The
victim says she was in a car with a male student she used to know trying to
retrieve a picture of her. She says two men got into the car and drove them to a
secluded area where she was raped by seven men. Her friend also was assaulted.

Justice in Saudi Arabia is administered by a system of religious courts
according to the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.

have wide discretion in punishing criminals, rules of evidence are vague and
sometimes no defense lawyer is present. The result, critics say, are sentences
left to the whim of judges. A rapist, for instance, could receive anywhere from
a light sentence to death.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack
avoided directly criticizing the Saudi judiciary over the case, but said the
verdict “causes a fair degree of surprise and astonishment.”

“It is
within the power of the Saudi government to take a look at the verdict and
change it,” McCormack said.

Canada’s minister for women’s issues, Jose
Verger, has called the sentence “barbaric.”

The New York-based Human
Rights Watch said the verdict “not only sends victims of sexual violence the
message that they should not press charges, but in effect offers protection and
impunity to the perpetrators.”

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Islam and Islamofascism

November 9, 2007

Islam and Islamofascism Larry Houle – 11/8/2007The term Islamo – Fascism gives tremendous creditability to Islam. It perpetuates the myth that Islam is a wonderful religion of peace and love that has been hi – jacked and perverted by a few bad apples of evil Islamo – Facsists, Islamic militants, jihadists, Wahhabism, radical Islam, Islamists. There has been no hijacking. There has been no perversion. These demented souls are following exactly the teachings of the Koran and in the footsteps of the Prophet – Muhammad.The reality is that Osama bin Laden is a true Muslim – a holy man of the book who is following exactly the teachings of Islam as recorded in the Koran.

By not exposing the true nature of Islam, those who use the term Islamo – Fascism etc are elevating Islam to an equal footing with Christianity and other world religions.


Islam is a barbaric, sexist, violent ideology (not a religion) that worships a pagan god (Allah) and women are oppressed under Islam.


How could any person be ‘proud’ to follow a man who was a pedophile, endorser of clitoridectomy, slave trader, rapist, polygamist, punched his child bride and endorsed whipping/beating women and ploughing them like fields, stoned women to death, flogged his slave women for fornication while he had sex with slaves himself, propositioned women and passed them round to friends, denied women equal inheritance, or equality under the law etc forever and abused and denigrated them in every way–not to mention his general sadism to others, mass murder, beheading captives, massacres, terror, torture, owning slaves and raping them, looting and pillaging, amputations, flogging, thievery, lying, hate, megalomania— unending horror.

All Muslims believe the Koran is the Eternal divine word of God – the Eternal laws of God. All Muslims believe that God authored the Koran and a copy of the Koran is in heaven. The Koran remains for all Muslims, not just “fundamentalists,” the uncreated word of God Himself. It is valid for all times and places forever; its ideas are absolutely true and beyond all criticism. To question it is to question the very word of God, and hence blasphemous. A Muslim’s duty is to believe it and obey its divine commands without question.

Following are some of the close to 1000 Islamo – Fascist teachings of the Koran that are not sins against God, are not crimes against God but are THE LAWS OF GOD.


4:24 And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned, so that ye seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, not debauchery. And those of whom ye seek content (by marrying them), give unto them their portions as a duty. And there is no sin for you in what ye do by mutual agreement after the duty (hath been done). Lo! Allah is ever Knower, Wise.

“All married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. You can’t have sex with married women, unless they are slaves obtained in war (with whom you may rape or do whatever you like).” 4:24

If some one kills your freeman, you must kill one of their free men, if some one kills your slave, you must kill one of their slaves, if some one kills your woman you must kill one of their women.

2.178 O true believers, the law of retaliation is ordained you for the slain: The free [shall die] for the free, and the slave for a slave, and a woman for a woman.

23.1-6: Successful indeed are the believers, Who are humble in their prayers, And who keep aloof from what is vain, And who are givers of poor-rate, And who guard their private parts, Except before their mates or those whom their right hands possess, for they surely are not blameable.


Quran-8:41— “And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah,- and to the Messenger, and to near relatives, orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer,- if ye do believe in Allah and in the revelation We sent down to Our servant on the Day of Testing,- the Day of the meeting of the two forces. For Allah hath power over all things.

Quran-33:27- “And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things.” [Merciful Allah asked Prophet Muhammad to confiscate entire properties of the surrendered Jews]


However if the victims surrendered without any fight, all the booty belonged to Muhammad.

59.6 Allah gave all the booty (Fai’) to His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) if the unbelievers surrendered without fight.


9:50 When the sacred months have passed away, THEN SLAY THE IDOLATERS (unbelievers) WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM, AND TAKE THEM CAPTIVES AND BESIEGE THEM AND LIE IN WAIT FOR THEM IN EVERY AMBUSH, then if they repent and keep up prayer [become believers] and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them

9:29 Fight those who believe not in God nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the people of the Book [Christians and Jews], until they pay the jizya [poll tax] with willing submission, feel themselves subdued.”

5:36 The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

Quran-8:17—It is not ye who Slew them; it is God; when thou threwest a handful of dust, it was not Thy act, but God’s…..” (Allah said, the killing of surrendered soldiers were done by the wish of Allah)

Quran-8:67—“It is not fitting for an Apostle that he should have prisoners of war until He thoroughly subdued the land….” (Allah insisting Prophet to kill all the prisoners, and should not keep any surrendered prisoners alive until He (Prophet) occupied entire Arabia .”

Quran-33:26- “And He brought those of the People of the Book [Jewish people of Banu Qurayza] who supported them from their fortresses and cast terror into their hearts, some of them you slew (beheaded) and some you took prisoners (captive)”


4:88-91 Why should ye be divided into two parties about the Hypocrites? God hath upset them for their (evil) deeds. Would ye guide those whom God hath thrown out of the Way? For those whom God hath thrown out of the Way, never shalt thou find the Way. They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of God (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them;


Koran sura 5.6 (repeated in sura 4.43 –re removing pollution before praying) And if ye are sick on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet or ye have contact with women and ye find not water, then go to clean high ground and rub your faces and your hands with some of it

“When it’s time to pray and you have just used the toilet or touched a woman, be sure to wash up. If you can’t find any water, just rub some dirt on yourself. 5:6

Qur’an 4:43 “Believers, approach not prayers if you are polluted (had sex, farted, attended call of nature or touched a woman).

2:223 Likens a woman to a field (tilth), to be used by a man as he wills: “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will;”

65.4 You can marry (and divorce) little girls who have not yet reached menstruation age.

65.4 For those who have no courses (premenstrual underage girls i.e. they are still immature) their ‘Iddah (prescribed period) is three months.


4:11 God (thus) directs you as regards your Children’s (Inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females

4:176 They ask thee for a legal decision. Say: God directs (thus) about those who leave no descendants or ascendants as heirs. … if there are brothers and sisters, (they share), the male having twice the share of the female.

4:14 Women have very little intelligence—their own testimony is inadmissible in rape cases; in other matters their testimony is half to that of a man


Men can marry up to four women if they treat them equally; unlimited forcible concubines permitted

In Islam, not only are men allowed to practice polygamy, but they may also capture women in war and use them as sex slaves. This is considered morally legitimate according to the Quran. In other words, non-Muslim women have no right to be free from the horror of slavery and serial rape by Muslim military men.

4:3 Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice.

Muhammad can go beyond the four-wife restriction, can treat his own wives and sex slaves unequally

33:50-52 O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom God has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Makka) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;- this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large);


An evil Paradise of big breasted, big eyed Hurs to be sexually molested for all eternity as a reward for those who slay and are slain in the service of God.

9:111 “Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden ( Paradise ) will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain”

“As for the righteous (Muslims)…We (Allah) shall wed them to beautiful virgins with lustrous eyes” – Q 44:51-54


“Lewd” women should be punished with life imprisonment

4:15 If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or God ordain for them some (other) way.

It is unclear what “lewdness” actually means. This verse is so open-ended, almost any woman could potentially be accused of lewdness and sentenced to a life of house arrest, except ultraconservative women who never do anything to offend strict Muslim men.

Stealing should be punished by amputation of hands

5:41 As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from God, for their crime: and God is Exalted in power.

When a person has no hands, they probably cannot earn a living anymore, so they will end up as a beggar on the street. That doesn’t seem very beneficial to society. Also, before medical sanitation and anesthesia, amputation of the hands was in many cases the equivalent of a death sentence.

Adultery and fornication must be punished by flogging with a hundred stripes.

24:2 The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by God, if ye believe in God and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.

This verse leaves no other option for Muslims who believe in the divine origin of the Quran. It specifically says they must not have mercy on people who have committed adultery or fornication, and that this brutal punishment of 100 lashes is “prescribed by God.” However, since other verses in the Quran specifically allow men to have sex slaves, the horrible crime of serial rape against a non- Muslim is allowed.


Does anyone truly believe that God would have as His Prophet for His one and only true religion a criminal – Muhammad and teachings of slavery, rape, murder etc. Is this a rational, reasonable human thought that God would be a criminal involved in these evil criminal acts.

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to require His believers to murder unbelievers after giving them a warning to convert or pay a submission tax. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion who slay and are slain in His service to ascend to an evil Paradise of big breasted, big eyed virgins (Hurs) that they can sexually molest with eternal hard ons for all eternity in the presence of God who teaches you how to engage in orgies, group sex. Virgins that re-generate as virgins after each sex act. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable? How can you be normal and believe that by fulfilling Kornic teaching 9:111 (quoting again) – “Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain” you will go to this demented sexual whorehouse of God and not directly to hell and damnation.

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion with such an evil sexually depraved Paradise . Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational, reasonable human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to enslave the unbelievers, breed and sell them. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His male followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to rape unbelievers and gang rape them. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to marry up to 4 women and His
Prophet to marry as many women as he desired and own and rape his slaves. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion were women are evil, vile creatures – ½ human beings. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to require His believers to share the booty gained from the looted property of the unbelievers and from the sale of slaves with God Himself. Is this rational ? Is this reasonable?

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to amputate hands or flog to death (100 lashes is death) for robbery or adultery.

Is it a rational human thought that God would create a religion that allowed His followers (believers) in His one and only true religion to murder freemen, slaves and women in retaliation for someone killing one of their freemen, slaves, and women.

We can go on and on.


Islam was the invention and creation of Muhammad. There was no Allah. The Koran is the teachings of Muhammad and not any God. By not exposing the truth of Islam, and trying to be politically correct and not be labeled as a racist or Islamaphobic , these people utilizing these terms are doing us all a grave disservice. By perpetrating the myth of a hijacking and perversion of the teachings of Islam, they are granting Islam – legitimacy.

Islam is totally and completely bogus – a sham and a fraud.

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Britain’s love affair with the Saudi kingdom – tale of Saudi’s Islamic theocracy’s Oppressive brutality

November 4, 2007

Britain’s love affair with the Saudi kingdom – tale of Saudi’s Islamic theocracy’s Oppressive brutality

Britain’s love affair with the Saudi kingdom

By Jemima Khan
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 04/11/2007

King Abdullah arrived at Heathrow last Wednesday morning for the
first State Visit to the UK for 20 years – five planes, 13 family members, an
entourage of several hundred. No women.

I’ve been to Saudi Arabia a few
times. It’s not much fun being a woman there. I suspect it’s worse being a Saudi
woman. And worse still being her migrant maid.

It’s a mad place and the
rules there have got nothing to do with Islam.

advertisementI’ve had my
feet beaten, not once but twice – first by a stick-wielding crone at Mecca for
not wearing socks, then by a pool attendant when I (swathed entirely in
compulsory trick-or-treat black) took my son to the hotel pool for a paddle.

I’ve heard old ladies complain that they are so harassed at night by the
frustrated male youth of Jeddah that they have to take their scarves off and
reveal their raddled faces just to scare them off. The irony of having to show
your face to protect your modesty was entirely lost on them.

I’ve also
woken up mid-flight on the plane home from Jeddah to London and discovered that
the passengers who embarked in full hijab have all been replaced by Bond Street

In Saudi Arabia, a woman can’t travel abroad, leave the house or
even be examined by a doctor without the express permission of her husband. She
cannot be seen with any man except a close family member, the only exception
being her chauffeur – and that’s a necessity because legally she’s not permitted
to drive. She cannot marry a non-Muslim (or even a non-Sunni Muslim). And she
cannot wear anything other than a long black cloak and headscarf in public.
Although women account for 70 per cent of all graduates, they make up just 5 per
cent of the workforce. If they contravene the strict laws, they risk public
floggings or execution.

A few years ago, 15 girls died in a school fire
in Mecca because religious police (“The Commission for The Promotion of Virtue
and Prevention of Vice”) prevented them from leaving the blazing school building
as they were not wearing correct Islamic dress and there were no relatives
outside to receive them. Apparently the police beat them as they tried to

Some would say the rules are as inexplicable (not to mention as
unIslamic) as in Afghanistan under the Taliban, where a friend of mine – a
Pakistani journalist – had his pubic hair measured at a check point (with a
stick with duct tape on the end shoved into his shalwar) to see if it was
cropped in accordance with religious custom.

But the difference is that
our government expressed outrage and bombed Afghanistan for their human rights
abuses as well as for harbouring (mostly Saudi) terrorists. And, for good
measure, we bombed Iraq too, at least in part for their human rights abuses and
lack of democracy.

King Abdullah, on the other hand – our Prime
Minister’s “friend” with whom, according to Foreign Office Minister Kim Howell,
“we have many values in common” – gets a ceremonial welcome, a couple of
banquets, breakfast with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and meetings with Gordon
Brown, David Cameron and Prince Charles.

The Prime Minister failed to
bring up the subject of human rights or democracy. Or the fact that Saudi Arabia
exports and sponsors an extreme and distorted form of Islam to the rest of the

The madrassahs in Pakistan, which gave rise to the radicalism of
the Taliban, have been funded by Saudi money since the Afghan jihad.

a hoard of malignant literature can be found inside as many as a quarter of
Britain’s mosques, published and distributed by agencies linked to the
government of King Abdullah. These “education pamphlets” call for, amongst other
measures, the beheading of Muslims who abandon Islam, attacks on homosexuals,
religious segregation of society, for women to stay indoors and interfaith
marriages to be banned.

Nor did our PM mention the persecution of Shias,
homosexuals, non-Muslims, the public floggings, the torture, the detentions
without trial or the maltreatment of migrant workers. Nor the total lack of
freedom of expression and information nor the ban on trade unions, political
opposition and non-Muslim religions.

Does our government really care
about human rights and democracy?

The message is, it’s business as
usual, everything forgiven, as long as you’re a country which is pro-West,
strategically important, oil rich and able to buy billions of pounds worth of
our arms.

There’s nothing new about it. It’s not even that surprising.
In fact, our politicians can’t even be bothered to offer an excuse.

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