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‘Palestinian’ Education from Hell

March 21, 2007

‘Palestinian’ Education from Hell

When their kids die, blame no one but their “lovebale” parents!!!





Back to school – flash


Teach Kids Peace


Research on their terrible ‘textbooks’


Indoctrination to the hate & death cult


The Nazi, Jew-Hating Indoctrination of Palestinian Children


Death cult – Kids


Some Clips




Jerusalem cleric praises child ‘sacrifices’
Jihad for kids (<this one is about Arab-Palestinian children TV programming — their version of Sesame Street … very disturbing and sick)!
Palestinian kids raised for war
Palestinian TV urging children to kill

Pedagogy Of Hate

Seeds of Hate/ Jihad for kids

This is a 30 minute video about arab terrorism. Some of the reports are taken from the BBC and CNN, but others are from the PA’s official television station, and show mullahs and PA officials inciting the people (incuding children, at “summer camp”) to commit murder.

Incitement, Clip Anti Western Incitement

More on this:
Arabic kids — actors in Arafat’s theater of war

Kids “Playing War” – the pictures

Palestinian authority preacher praises suicide bombing

Palestinian authority condemns parents who forbid their children to join the riots

The MAKING of a suicide bomber (nothing “random desperate”, but led in coordination) (Caution)

Exposing Palestinian-Arab twisted textbooks for their kids

Pictures – Palestinian Education


A Palestinian Education

The “unique” teaching to dance & cheer for the murder of innocent civilians

FACTS: Photos of Palestinians Dancing and Cheering Sep. 11 2001

Article & photos

Palestinians surpressing it & threatening the journalists reporting it

A link of a BBC audio report on the celebrations

And the attempts to lie about it Urban Legends Reference

From Gamla
Palestinians celebrate the Sbarro Pizza restaurant bombing of innocent civilians

Terror at the Pizza Parlour


The Bombing in the Cafe on March 9, 2002

Then the “celebration” afterwards by “palestinians”…


From LGF
11/15/2002: Palestinians Celebrate Cold-Blooded Murder

Palestinians Celebrate Cold-Blooded Murder

The terrorist atrocity perpetrated by Islamic Jihad today in Hebron has now claimed 12 lives. It was deliberate cold-blooded murder; after the initial attack, the Palestinian swine waited for the ambulances and rescue personnel to arrive, and ambushed them.

Then they had a big party.


Palestinians Celebrate Twin Bus Bombing (August 2004)

(Pics spotted via Charles)
Palestinians were out in their masses after the twin bus bombing in Beer Sheva, joyously celebrating the murder of innocent Jews. An example of what Marc K at Middle East Cartoons was saying?.




Palestinians celebrate in front of the family house of Palestinian suicide bomber Hassan Abu Zeid, 20, in the West Bank town of Qabatiah October 26,2005

The Attack

The celebration


The Palestinian incitement
More in this:
Palestinian incitement

International human rights lawyer researches the status of human rights in the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
The Use of Palestinian Children in the Al-Aqsa Intifada

Palestinian Textbooks and Incitement The Prism Group has researched several other examples of textbooks used by schools within the jurisdiction of the PA

TerrorismJihad Summer Camps; Palestinian textbooks promoting hatred towards Israel … and a CBS video entitled “Terror Links to PA, Iraq and Iran.”

Palestinian textbooks display maps which prove that Israel does not exist

TEACHING TERROR: Palestinian Authority’s Text Book Study

Sharansky: PA promotes GENOCIDE

PA television and textbooks teach children to hate and urge violence and martyrdom

Mother Promotes Killing and Death- New PA TV Clip

Alert Abbas to PA textbooks [Palestinian 12th grade textbooks teach hating Israel, pursuing its destruction – religious duties.] (March 2007)

Palestinian Minister of Justice incites to murder Israelis and to hate Americans – Nov-2003

The Education of (Israeli) Meira and (Vs.) Muhammed

Stop the ‘Palestinian’ hate education

Clinton slams PA indoctrination

Kids: the main force of the Palestinian Front – Israel’s War Against Terror – The Education for Terror

Incitement, Antisemitism and Hatred of Israel in Palestinian …The textbooks used in the Palestinian Authority school system, from elementary through high school, are replete with strong expressions of hatred towards …

Palestinian Textbooks Table of Contents 2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom · 2004 PA Textbooks Still Don’t Meet International Standards· Congressional Statement


…and someone there still tries to “tell” us that they bomb CIVILIANS out of “desperation”???
Don’t we all know that these sophisticated bombs need careful ADULT PLANNING?
Don’t we all know by now the Arab ‘palestinian’ SCHOOL of DEATHS there?
They’re ‘desperate’ for what?
For what they’ve BEEN TAUGHT by ADULT “parents/teachers” to do… DYING VIA KILLING, The ultimate EVIL.

On that: “apes and pigs” thing

NPR : Saudi Textbooks Still Teach Hate, Group Says– It says that the textbooks instruct students that Christians and Jews are apes and pigs, and warns students not to greet, befriend, or respect non-believers.
digg – Saudi Schoolbooks: Christians and Jews are “apes and pigs”
Saudi Schoolbooks: Christians and Jews are “apes and pigs” – Allah Akbar! Jihadists behead, shoot Russian hostages – Muslim Village Evicts Rape Victim,
Teach Kids Peace – Saudi Education: Hatred of Christians & Jews
Jews and Christians – Cursed by Allah and Turned into Apes and Pigs: A textbook for 8th grade students explains why Jews and Christians were cursed by Allah …

In the Islamic traditions, Muslims too were threatened with being turned into apes and pigs. However, for Jews and Christians this punishment was a thing of …
We do use books that call Jews ‘apes’ admits head of Islamic …London’s entertainment & listings website – The Evening Standard incorporating … Jews as “apes” and Christians as “pigs” and has refused to withdraw them ts+head+of+Islamic+school/

Pupils aged five ‘poisoned’ at Islamic school that ‘teaches hate …An Islamic school is poisoning the minds of pupils with lessons in hate, … of lessons to religious education and teaches almost all classes in Arabic 70

More on the Hate Schooling 


 Global Islamic world

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America: …”hate education” in Islamic institutions.

Teach Kids Peace – Saudi Education: Hatred of Christians & Jews Saudi Education: Hatred of Christians & Jews … Islam is not only integral to Saudi education but also serves as the very essence of its curriculum. …

Teach Kids Peace – Kuwaiti Columnist Urges Reform of Arab EducationWe will continue to carry our Arab and Islamic characteristics, but we also want to live harmoniously and … Saudi Education: Hatred of Christians & Jews

Special Report – No. 12The Saudi embassy document explains: “Our education system does not teach anti-American doctrines and hatred of the West… Islam teaches peace, amicability …

The Real Roots of Muslim Hatred

What Are Islamic Schools Teaching? – A textbook used at the Islamic Saudi Academy of Alexandria, Va., in 2004, authored and published by the Saudi Ministry of Education, teaches first graders …

NPR : Saudi Textbooks Still Teach Hate, Group Says… textbooks instruct students that Christians and Jews are “apes and pigs”

Funding (“palestinian moderate”?) Abu Mazen’s Hate Education Abu Mazen’s hate-education has benefited from US foreign aid ($3BN), which has been … A full chapter in 5th grade “Islamic Education” glorifies Shaheeds.

Saudi textbooks preach intolerance, hate

MAOF Analytical Group CAUSES OF ANTI-US ISLAMIC TERRORISM, a 13 century old hate-education and terrorism.

Karzai: Time to close hate schools Madrassas, or Islamic schools, are “teaching hatred rather than religion, (teaching) that some people we must hate, that some people we must destroy…..

Look who’s teaching Johnny about Islam

Inciting and Educating Children Towards Hate, Anti-Semitism Violence in Palestinian Authority

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan… a Taliban vow to open schools in Afghanistan, saying this was likely a pretext for moving “hate madrassas” into the country from Pakistan.

Sermon Of Hate. Communalism Combat 16 May, 2003 … You tell them about madrassas which teach fundamentalism and jihad, they say this must be taught.

Myths & Facts -The Treatment of Jews in Arab/Islamic Countries The Arab countries see to it that even young schoolchildren are taught to hate Jews.

Extremist Islam and hate against non-Muslims in British mosques secretly filmed

Nurturing Young Islamic Hearts and Hatreds The madrassas’ sword is in the narrow education they offer, and the devotion they … Sons of Islam must answer that tyranny with holy war, he said. …

Analysts Say Many Pakistani Madrassas Teach Worldview of Intolerance

‘University of Jihad’ teaches students hate and bigotry-News-UK . “Jihad is an essential part of Islam,” said Mr Haq. … The education imparted by traditional madrassas spawns factional, religious and cultural conflicts.

Funding Islamic hate… re: — Farrakhan and his hate is typical of mainstream Arabic Islam. 

“We Hate Canada” … These ideas will not be dislodged by education about Western values

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A new trailer for the film on ‘Suicide bombers’ has been posted on YouTube here:

March 20, 2007

Suicide bombing, Genocide Bombing, war on terror, Islamic Jihad, clips, videos,

A new trailer for the film has been posted on YouTube here: Trailer (NEW) The DVD of the film comes out on 5/1 .

Movie Poster, stills etc –
Out on DVD 5/1/07

Directed by Pierre Rehov

With 9/11 marking the destruction of the World Trade Center, a new form of warfare was launched: fanatical human beings as tactical weapons. The phenomenon of “Islamic kamikazes” has spread throughout the world, with near-daily occurrences of this terrifying and deranged phenomenon – most notably in Israel.

Suicide Killers seeks to answer crucial questions: How can this phenomenon be explained? How can one after another human being strap an explosive belt around his or her body, walk into a square, market, café or store full of civilians and, in cold blood, detonate the bomb he’s carrying? In-depth inquiries are made via interviews with bombing survivors, would-be bombers held in Israeli prisons, and jailed terrorists who train others for and facilitate suicide bombings. Prominent experts in sociology, psychology, religion, the law and sexuality weigh in with their views on this distinctly modern-day phenomenon, on this gripping documentary.
Amazon Buy link :;amp;amp;qid=1173121756&sr=8-1

See:Interview with Pierre Rehov, documentary filmmaker, on psychology behind suicide bombings By Andrew Cochran Psychology of the Suicide Bomber

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