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[Arabs’ racism, Arabism] Genocide and Arabization

October 24, 2007

[Arabs’ racism] Genocide and Arabization

Genocide and Arabization

From the anti-Genocide group Not Now, Not Ever

A preventable humanitarian crisis, affecting more than two million people, is raging in the Darfur region of western Sudan. Not since the Rwanda genocide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of slaughter, rape, starvation and displacement. Government-backed militias, known collectively as the Janjaweed, are systematically eliminating entire communities of African tribal farmers. Villages are being razed, women and girls raped and branded, men and boys murdered, and food and water supplies targeted and destroyed. Victims report that government air strikes frequently precede militia raids.

Why isn’t the West doing more? America has taken some action, but not enough. In contrast, the Muslim world is actually encouraging the slaughter. From The Body of Christ Ministries

The Western world, reluctant to take the focus away from peace negotiations between the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), has been shamefully late in acknowledging the atrocities in Darfur. But the Muslim world, even more shamefully, has yet to speak out.

The war in Darfur is in many respects a replay of the war in southern Sudan, waged with weapons that include ethnic militias, scorched-earth tactics and denial of humanitarian access. Both wars pit Sudan’s Islamist, Arab-dominated government against African rebels demanding equal rights and an end to decades of neglect. In the south it is the SPLA that is doing the fighting; in Darfur it is the similarly named but quite separate Sudan Liberation Army (SLA)…

..The war in Darfur has laid bare the racial animus that has always underlain the war in Sudan. The killing there is not about religion. It is about race and ethnicity. In Darfur, the government’s drive to “Arabize” a country that is made up of myriad ethnic groups has found a full and willing partner in Arab nomads whose search for new water and grazing land for their herds has led them into conflict with the majority population of settled African farmers.

The Anna Nicole Smith of the blogosphere, Juan Cole pointlessly weighs in by saying that the situation in Darfur can’t be motivated by racism or Arabization because the bad guys don’t look Arab.

Yes, he really said that.

Cole also says:

The rightwing Zionists want to racialize the Sudan conflict in American terms, as “Arab” versus “black African” because they want to use it to play American domestic politics, and create a rift among African-Americans and Arab-Americans.

Actually, Muslim ex-slaves “racialize” the Sudan conflict by describing their actual experiences. According to Cole, they’re Zionists.

Although it’s a slight understatement, Freedom House classifies the Sudan as “not free.” Like Saudi Arabia, another completely “not free” state, the Sudan followes Shariah Law.

Islam is the state religion, and the constitution claims Sharia as the source of its legislation. At least 75 percent of Sudanese are Muslim, though most southern Sudanese adhere to traditional indigenous beliefs or Christianity. The overwhelming majority of those displaced or killed by war and famine in Sudan have been nonMuslims, and many have starved because of a policy under which food is withheld pending conversion to Islam…

..The judiciary is not independent. The chief justice of the Supreme Court, who presides over the entire judiciary, is government-appointed. Regular courts provide some due process safeguards, but special security and military courts, which are used to punish political opponents of the government, provide none. “Special courts” often deal with criminal matters, despite their use of military judges. Criminal law is based on Sharia and provides for flogging, amputation, crucifixion, and execution. Ten southern, predominantly non-Muslim states are officially exempted from Sharia, although criminal law allows for its application in the future if the state assemblies choose to implement it. Arbitrary arrest, detention, and torture are widespread, and security forces act with impunity.

Note that all of these Shariah and oppression induced atrocities do not include the current genocide in Darfur, or the slave trade

In contrast to all the bad news about Islamists and Arabization, The New York Times presented a very upbeat view of another pathologically oppressive Shariah state, the United Arab Emirates. As the Islamist/Arabist Janjiweed stuff dead children into wells, the Islamist/Arabists in Dubai are making big bucks from Western Tourists. Here’s a clip from the Times’ breathless travel piece on Dubai, The Oz of the Middle East.

“Dubai will shock anyone who isn’t from Las Vegas, Nev.,” said Ole Bech-Petersen, 35, a Danish advertising executive, who pronounced himself “completely seduced” after his first trip to Dubai in March, when he stayed at the plush Emirates Hotel Tower, dined at the Burj Al Arab’s underwater restaurant and made impulse buys in the gold souk and the new Mercato shopping mall.

After pages and pages of similar fluff, the fluffers at the NYTimes mention this:

The United Arab Emirates maintains good relations with the United States. Still, it’s perhaps worth noting that three of the Sept. 11 hijackers were from the emirates, and the country’s proximity to reported terrorist hot spots – notably Saudi Arabia – has caused some Western governments like those of Britain and Australia to issue general warnings about travel in the region.

Yeah, that might be worth noting. 15 of the 19 were Saudis, and 3 of the 19 murderers of thousands of Americans were from the UAE.

And we’re throwing money at them too, just like we are with the Saudis. Brilliant plan.

The UAE is similar to Saudi Arabia and the Sudan in many ways (they’re pro-slavery, they support terrorism. The UAE is an Islamic state that follows Shariah laws) – but they’re different in one way – tourism is very important to them.

They depend on the kindness of individuals, not governments or oil companies, for their survival. As a result, they’re very vulnerable to bad publicity.

Amnesty International admits that it targets the US and Britain for criticism because we listen to them. A genuine fight against the atrocities committed in the name of Arabization and Islam should probably involve the good listeners of the UAE.

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