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November 1, 2007

Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

That is the name of this video about the cooperation between the Nazis and the Muslim Arab leaders during WW2. It goes on to explain how high ranking heads of the SS fled to the Arab world and carried on their activities under the protection of leaders such as President Nasser and how modern Islam has adopted a Nazi style ideology of hate and conspiracy against the Jews.


The Grand Mufti, the Nazis and modern Islamism

Bryan has the video and reports that “It all sounds like a grand conspiracy theory, but it’s not: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem before and during the WWII years, Haj Amin El Husseini, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (founded 1928) aligned with the German Nazis in 1937 and recruited Muslim SS units in Bosnia during the war.

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Books advocating oppression of women, gays’ execution in UK mosques linked to Saudi Arabian government

November 1, 2007

Books advocating oppression of women, gays’ execution in UK mosques linked to Saudi Arabian government
DailyIndia ^ | 10,30,07

Books advocating oppression of women, gays’ execution found in British mosques

From our ANI Correspondent

London, Oct 30: Hate-filled books and pamphlets advocating oppression of women and execution of gays have been distributed in British mosques.

Such radical literature was found by researchers at a quarter of the 100 Islamic religious institutions they visited in the country. According to them, much of the literature is linked to agencies of the Saudi Arabian government.

The material found in the mosques urges Muslims to lead separate lives from ‘non-believers’ and makes repeated calls for gays to be killed. It outlines that women should be subjugated, and warned them not to pluck their eyebrows or wear perfume, the Daily Mail reported.

A report by the Policy Exchange think tank has accused the Saudis of having a ‘powerful and malign’ influence, adding that the material was found by Muslim research teams working in 2006 and 2007.

The contentious pamphlets were either written by the country’s Wahhabite religious establishment, published by official or semi-official institutions or found in Saudi-funded or linked mosques, the report said.

The radical material was also found at the East London Mosque, which has been visited by Prince Charles, and is closely linked with the Muslim Council of Britain.

According to the Policy Exchange, hateful material was also found at the former Finsbury Park Mosque in North London – made infamous by hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza – and institutions in Wycombe, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Blackburn, Bradford, Rochdale and Oxford.

“It is clearly intolerable that hate literature is peddled at some British mosques,” said Anthony Browne, Policy Exchange’s director.

“I am sure the majority of moderate Muslims will be as horrified as everyone else that pamphlets advocating jihad by force, hatred for insufficiently observant Muslims, Christians and Jews, and segregation have found their way into the UK’s mosques,” he added.

The report ‘The Hijacking of British Islam: How extremist literature is subverting Britain’s mosques’ was written by Denis MacEoin, an Islamic studies expert at Newcastle University.

“What is more worrying is that these are among the best-funded and most dynamic institutions in Muslim Britain – some of which are held up as mainstream bodies… Many of the institutions have been endowed with official recognition,” he added.

Almost half of the literature is written in English, suggesting it is targeted at younger British Muslims who do not speak Arabic or Urdu, said the report, adding that many of the publications encourage British Muslims to segregate themselves from non-Muslims.

The material included extracts from the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

The literature found in the East London Mosque said the punishment for sodomy is to be ‘killed’.

“Or, to be burnt or to be stoned. Or, to be thrown from the highest point (mountain, tower, lofty building etc), then to follow it with stoning,” it added.

Other pamphlets call for those who change their religion to be killed.

Another adds: “Whoever takes part in stoning a married adulterer is rewarded for that and it is not fitting for anyone to abstain from it if a ruling of stoning is issued.”

However, Dr MacEoin said the literature did not usually go as far as encouraging violence, but it created an environment in which ‘those who do encourage and conduct violence can move’.

“Mosques are non-hierarchical institutions, and the degree to which their managements are responsible for the presence of the booklets and pamphlets identified in this report must be considered on a mosque-by-mosque basis,” he added.

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Suicide Bombings and Jihadists’ “Love of Death”

October 26, 2007

Suicide Bombings and Jihadists’ “Love of Death”

Counterterrorism Blog, NJ – Oct 5, 2007
As Iran’s President Ahmadinejad calls for the destruction of Israel, AFP reports that Ahmadinejad’s defiance on nuclear sanctions…

Suicide Bombings and Jihadists' “Love of Death”
How does America fight an enemy in a war, when the enemy embraces death? This is one of the major unresolved questions that a tactical “war on terrorism” fails to address, because the larger, more vital strategic issues of America's…

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