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What THEY say

November 1, 2007

We are dealing with an enemy that believes, in the words of bin Laden, “Death is better than living on this earth with the unbelievers among us.” The al-Qaeda Charter, for all its malevolence, has the virtue of clarity. It states, “there will be continuing enmity until everyone believes in Allah. We will not meet [the enemy] halfway and there will be no room for dialogue with them.” As if to reinforce the point, an al-Qaeda training manual says this:
“Islam does not coincide or make a truce with unbelief, but rather confronts it. The confrontation that Islam calls for with these godless and apostate regimes, does not know Socratic debates, Platonic ideals nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun.”
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ARAB RACISM – Druze Victims of Syria’s oppression

October 29, 2007

Druze Victims of Syria’s oppression

Background on the ‘Druze’

Syria: The ruling Alawis (branch of Shia Islam) are all involved in the tyrannical administration, with nepotism and tribalism being overwhelming; yet, the Alawis represent about 16% of the country’s population. The oppressed groups include Aramaeans (belonging to various Christian denominations) 12%, Sunni Kurds 12%,, Sunni Circassians 3%, Druze Neo-Phoenicians 3%, Armenians 2%, Turkic peoples 2%, and Sunni Arabic speaking people 50%.

The Syrian regime does not permit its Druze citizens to visit their relatives and friends “The Jews of Syria,” By Robert TuttleAs part of the minority Alawi sect, Hafez used Syria’s minorities (Kurds, Jews, Christians, Palestinians, Druze) to strengthen his position against the …

[Referring to Syria after the murder of Hariri:]
“The day will come when we will get brooms and sweep away this dirt, the criminal authority, the terrorist authority,” Druze leader Walid Jumblatt told reporters at Hariri’s house. “This day will come soon and all of the Lebanese people will rise and send them to hell.”

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Beirut bomb kills anti-Syria MP, He was frank about it,” the Druze leader told the BBC. “He was saying to the Syrian people, to the Arab world, these kinds of regimes, terrorist regimes, …

If the Syrian regime continues to oppose peace in the region (Mr. Assad is definitely not “sitting on the fence”), Syria itself could be threatened with partition and reorganization into its natural constituent parts: an Allawite state in the northwest absorbing part of northern Lebanon and living under Turkish and Israeli protection; a majority Sunni state in the center giving thanks for its freedom from Allawite oppression; and a Druze state to the southeast overjoyed in its newfound independence.
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ISLAMO- FASCISM – ‘Religion of Peace’ – In Photos

October 28, 2007

THE ‘RELIGION OF PEACE‘  – in pictures


The “holy” fascism

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Never Forget!


“Holy” Islamic city of “fallujah”


Islamic Apartheid… beheading non Muslims

Just another bloody ‘normal’ day in the ‘religion of peace’.



Ah those “wonderful” Arab-Muslim “Palestinians” the fake victims and true barbarians!

On their own people

…And on innocent Israelis


only because Israelis are (mostly) not Arabs and non Muslims – Islamo fasscim & Arab racism

The ‘Death Cult’


Devilish “education”

using their women as human shields…

or it’s kids…

…and as human bombs


The animalistic “nation”, mutilating showing off and
“playing” with it’s innocent victims’ organs…
in public with no shame!


Arab Muslim fascist Saddam Hussein on the Kurdish minority


Time to face UP to Mecca [ISLAMIC APARTHEID]

The sick, sick mind of Saudi Arabia


Dominating the world!


Identifying Muslim Moderates

Muslims’ Veils Test Limits of Britain’s Tolerance


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The Islamits’ Dream /plan to Dominate the World by the repressive Islamic ‘Caliphate’


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