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Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III Stop the Jihad on Campus

September 9, 2008

Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III Stop the Jihad on Campus

Stop the Jihad on Campus

The goal of this week-long event October 13-17 will be to dispel the charade promoted by the MSA that it is merely another religious and cultural group among the many which make up today’s “diverse” and multicultural campus and to convince student governments and university administrators to defund this hostile organization. “Stop the Jihad on Campus” will reveal the organization’s hardcore political agenda as an affinity group for the radical Islamic jihad, and its role as a sponsor of religious prejudice against women and gays, ethnic hatred against Jews and anti-American propaganda.

The national MSA has sponsored hate speakers such as Sheik Khalid Yasin, who, on a multi-school speaking tour claimed that there was no evidence that al Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks; said that all homosexuals should be killed; and asserted that AIDS was created and spread by the U.S. government. The MSA student scholarship fund is named after a member of the Muslim Brotherhood network, and it has sponsored “Nakba” celebrations whose theme is the destruction of the Jewish state.

Student leaders will be asked to press their student governments to defund MSA chapters for misrepresenting their agendas and violating university rules at campuses where they have obstructed invited speakers. Even if the campaign does not succeed in defunding these groups, the argument itself will educate university communities about the Muslim Students Association, the unholy alliance its has formed with radical leftist groups, and the support it gives to the Islamic jihad against the West. As a result of newspaper advertisements, radio interviews, and other public relations efforts, the waves these student leaders make in their campaign against the MSA chapters on their campuses will lap on the shores of the larger community surrounding their universities and colleges.

Abolish the Hadith of Hate

Part of Stop the Jihad on Campus Week will involve the circulation of a petition asking students and specifically students associated with and sympathetic to the Muslim Student Association to disavow the hadith calling for the murder of Jews which is one of the cornerstones of radical Islam. (“… The stones and trees will say O Moslems, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him…”) This petition, along with pamphlets on how the MSA became a dominant political force at the University of California Irvine, and other publications on the violent oppression of women and homosexuals by radical Muslims, will be used to help force the academic community confront with the presence on campus of an organization that supports such actions.

Defund the MSA

Marching under the banner of multiculturalism, the MSA has used its imposture as just another cultural/religious group to get funding from student government and university administrators for its hate campaign. At Columbia University, for instance, the Muslim Students Association gets $15,000 a year in student funds. (College Republicans gets $1,500) At the University of Pennsylvania, the MSA gets $20,000 a year. (College Republicans get zero dollars). The focus of Stop the Jihad on Campus Week will be to get all MSA chapters defunded. Student leaders who attend the Freedom Center’s leadership retreat will spearhead this effort on their individual and surrounding campuses by initiating a drumbeat of publicity in student and local print and electronic media about the origin and nature of the MSA and the anti American and anti Semitic nature of its commitments.

Stop the Campus Jihad

All of these efforts will culminate during the week of October 13-17, 2008, when the Freedom Center will organize a Stop the Campus Jihad Week at 150 universities and colleges across the country.

The aggressive and sometimes violent nature of the MSA guarantees a response, which in turn will generate significant media coverage of this event. The speakers on terrorism and radical Islam brought by the Freedom Center to campus will heighten the awareness of the academic community about the jihadi lineage of the MSA and the way it functions as part of a network of groups (CAIR, etc.) that consciously work behind what they regard as enemy lines. In addition to putting the Muslim Student Association on the defensive and initiating a movement to defund and marginalize its individual campus chapters, an added dividend of this week will be extensive media coverage of the effort to use the universities as a staging area for a stealth jihad aimed at America’s most critical institutions.

Islamo-fascism Awareness Year

November 4, 2007

Islamo-fascism Awareness Year

Snowman declares the following 12 months Islamo-fascism Awarness Year. This is an issue that requires consistent, persistent and insistent declaration of the cancerous danger of Islamo-fascism.

What is fascism?
A totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life. The name was first used by the party started by Benito Mussolini , who ruled Italy from 1922 until the Italian defeat in World War II. However, it has also been applied to similar ideologies in other countries, e.g., to National Socialism in Germany and to the regime of Francisco Franco in Spain.

Islamo-fascism then is very clearly describing the movement which assigns to itself control over every aspect of life…. Islam, and particularly fundamentalist Muslims in the Wahabbi camp and others seeking to subjugate all of civilization under sharia law.

It is unfortunate that so many in our country are ignorant of what is happening.

Therefore, I will post at least weekly on this menace and the atrocity of the doctrine they believe in.

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American Muslims Must Learn To Accept Free Speech

October 21, 2007

American Muslims Must Learn To Accept Free Speech

And I’m not just talking about Muslims. A lot of people need to take a time-out instead of getting all upset anytime someone says something you don’t agree with.

Almost every day, I read about some group upset something was said. It’s called racist, insensitive, intolerant, and I’m finding I’m repeating myself on these points every few columns. At the same time, liberals call conservatives every name they can think of, because when THEY do it, that’s okay because THEY are the enlightened.

Local Muslims upset by UW campus event

Seattle Times religion reporter

A controversial week of events, billed as Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, launches at the University of Washington and some 100 other colleges next week — drawing condemnations from Muslim groups here and across the country.

The UW College Republicans, organizer of the local events, say the week is intended to foster awareness of the terrorist threat posed by a small number of extremists within Islam.

But some local Muslims say the week fosters Islamophobia and racism and attempts to paint all Muslims as terrorists.

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, launched this year by a recent graduate of Duke University and sponsored by the Los Angeles-based David Horowitz Freedom Center, is intended to “confront the two Big Lies of the political left: that George Bush created the war on terror and that Global Warming is a greater danger to Americans than the terrorist threat,” according to its Web site.

The Web site includes suggested campus activities such as holding sit-ins outside women’s studies departments to protest “the silence of feminists over the oppression of women in Islam” and holding a memorial service for the “victims of Islamo-Fascist violence around the world.”

Again, we’ve bent over backwards for Muslims in America, and what do we get as thanks? Well, certainly not always “Thanks.”

For example, Christians and Jews cannot pray in an American public school or on it’s grounds without incurring the wrath of the ACLU. Conversely, Muslims have been given (in some public schools) designated areas within the building where they can pray, and they got this and other considerations (and concessions) within our society because they make persistent “demands”.

In the United States of America, our First Amendment guarantees us freedom of speech; a concept that can get you killed in some countries. Our First Amendment also guarantees freedom of assembly, so if some students want to have “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week”, they’ll just have to deal with it. Muslims are free to protest all that week if they want to, but because it’s a topic that has merit and they don’t want to hear it, doesn’t mean anyone has to shut up.

I don’t recall seeing Americans taking to the streets, burning Middle East nation flags, while chanting “death” to that nation. We could, as that’s our guaranteed right, but we don’t because we’re better than that. The recent bombings in Pakistan, for example, were not a new phenomenon. The wanton killing of civilians by religious fanatics has been a consistent terror tactic used, and must be denounced without reservation or condition. That is what, I believe, “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” is all about.

No where in the “Terrorist Awareness” literature and commentary does the word “all” precede the word “Muslims”. If it did, they would be wrong.

Don’t kill the messenger as the messenger is not the one doing the killing.