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5 Responses to “About”

  1. Deb (x_dhimmi) Says:


    You may be interested to know your online work was a source of inspiration and information to me in the creation of my latest video “Shahada (Prayer for a Son)”. Please take a few minutes to look at the video on YouTube if you are interested. Your blog name is listed at the end of the video.

    Thank you for all the hours you spend helping fight the jihad!

    Wishing you a most excellent weekend,
    x_dhimmi (Deb)

  2. Krishna109a Says:

    Some excellent resources here ;-]
    Btw– here’s a site that might interest you– you can convert a long url into a short one– check it out–

  3. Mirjan Says:

    It is interesting to read what you wrote and i enjoyed it. But i would like to share some information with you concerning Islam. I am a muslim but i am not Arab.of course not all Muslims are Arabs and not all Arabs are muslims.In fact Arabs represent 14 ‘/. of all Muslims. the number of Muslims in China is more than in Lebanon and Syria.
    Everyone who studies Quran should pay attention to Makki and Madani,times of war and times of peace, nassikh and mansoukh and much many other things. we dont mix things.
    but the main problem is in people who make things in the name of god like what happened and still happening even in christianity and judaism.
    I understand Islam and that makes me see the Truth.

  4. James Johnson Says:

    I think that you have a great site. I recently read a fantastic article on Iran’s racism and killing of its ethnic Arab minority population. I think all your readers should look at this article:


    Nothing said about the killings of the Iranian Arabs, but the world keeps talking about the “Palestinians.”

  5. Ploni Says:

    is there an easier way to follow this blog? email updates? facebook updates?

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