Why the ‘hate crime’ in Toulouse has so much of the footprint of the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah

Why the ‘hate crime’ in Toulouse has so much of the footprint of the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah

The March-19 horrific attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, where the atrocious killer riding a motorcycle specifically chased after Jewish kids, was seen immediately as the work of a Muslim extremist, individual or group. Despite some observations of a "white racist" act. Since it resembled a recent attack on French "ethnic" soldiers.

Former chief of Israel's Mossad spy agency, Danny Yatom, said:

if it turns out to have been a terror attack rather than a hate crime, he believes Iran or its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah are likely suspects. Yatom said assailants prefer Jewish civilian targets because they are easier to hit than Israeli ones. ABC news

Its elements of Iran's arm, the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah

1. Deceit (Taqiyya).
It wouldn't be a far fetched idea to fathom that Hezbollah, which began its "career" as a deceitful group, in masking its terror-attacks (in the 1980s) under different names, such as Islamic jihad, and has a history of almost never admitting to its crimes. Moreover, Hezbollah (like Palestinian-Arab Hamas) who routinely use civilian Arab population as pawns to tarnish Israel's name (Experts say that Hamas’ use of civilians as human shields was actually inspired by Hezbollah), might even have murdered the Arab paratroopers, thus catching two birds at once. Killing "anti-Islamic" so-called "colonial" French soldiers, and blurring any clear exposure, by throwing in a suspicion of a "far-right" element, as a ploy.

2. Motorcycle attacks
The common Motorcycle theme, as in Iranian/Hezbollah attack in Bangkok on February, in trying to send a "message" reply to a January motorcycle attack on a nuclear scientist, which the Islamic Republic blamed on Israel.

3. Global Jewish targets
In 2008, Hezbollah renewed its jihad on ‘Global Jewish targets‘ It also comes around the 20th anniversary of Iran/Hezbollah attack on Israeli embassy in Argentina. Add to it the February warning by Iran/Hezbollah to attack global Jewish targets, you get a whole Iranian Hezbollah monstrous attack, in a “complex” cloak, trying to hide under an anti-Jewish "non-Islamic" mask.

Anti-Jewish blind hatred:
Hezbollah has been more open about admitting its Islamofascistic anti-Jewish hatred. Such as Nazrallah in [the Daily Star] 2002 “if they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” So is the “apes and pigs” dehumanization, so rapid in its al-Manar hate-media, banned in US/European countries.

Its tactical terror goes something like this. We Iran/Hezbollah want you Jews to get the bloody message (strike fear in the hearts of the infidels) but you “can’t” figure point at us so clearly, blocking any official legal local or international steps that might harm the Islamits’ image.

In other words, we did it, and you can’t do anything about it!

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