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Fire Eurabia’s pro Islamism anti-Christian anti-Jewish Baroness Ashton now!

March 20, 2012
Fire Eurabia’s pro Islamism anti-Christian anti-Jewish Baroness Ashton now!

Apologetic for murdering innocent Jewish kids because thy are Jewish, comparing it with humane Israel’s careful response to minimize Arab casualities when these bloodthirsty Arab-Muslims fire behind their kids’ shoulders at Israeli civilians from Gaza…

– So was her reluctance to condemn Islamic anti-Christian bigoted attacks in the “Arab spring.”

– So was her unexplained generous pledge to Arab Muslims in N. Africa from takpayers hard earned money…

Baroness Ashton called on to resign after likening shooting at Toulouse school to troubles of Palestinian children in Gaza
– EU chief came under fire for taking luxury break at a five-star hotel in Australia during euro crisis
– Criticised for slow response to international crises such as Haiti earthquake
– Had one of the worst meeting attendance records among European commissioners
– Accused of being ‘mediocre’ and anonymous by top politicians
– Frustrated Gordon Brown, who appointed her in 2009

By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 11:27 EST, 20 March 2012 UPDATED: 14:27 EST, 20 March 2012

Baroness Ashton in political correctness row over word ‘Christian … eb 1, 2011 – Baroness Ashton is under fire after the EU failed to agree on a statement condemning attacks on religious minorities in the Islamic world …

Baroness Ashton claimed that few Africans wanted to migrate to Europe
Thursday May 26,2011
By Macer Hall Political Editor

BRITISH Eurocrat Baroness Ashton provoked anger last night by pledging an extra £1billion of taxpayers’ cash in overseas aid to north Africa.

The European Union foreign affairs supremo will use the money to promote democracy and civil rights in Egypt, Tunisia and other Middle Eastern countries following the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

But the huge hand-out, which comes on top of £5billion already promised to north Africa and eastern Europe over the next two years, intensified concerns about the growing ambitions of her Brussels diplomatic corps.
Labour peer Baroness Ashton also claimed that few Africans wanted to migrate to Europe, despite the thousands who have found their way to Europe.

I don’t think most of them do want to get in a boat and come over here. They want to develop their country. That’s where they want to be,” she said.

Why the ‘hate crime’ in Toulouse has so much of the footprint of the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah

March 20, 2012

Why the ‘hate crime’ in Toulouse has so much of the footprint of the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah

The March-19 horrific attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, where the atrocious killer riding a motorcycle specifically chased after Jewish kids, was seen immediately as the work of a Muslim extremist, individual or group. Despite some observations of a "white racist" act. Since it resembled a recent attack on French "ethnic" soldiers.

Former chief of Israel's Mossad spy agency, Danny Yatom, said:

if it turns out to have been a terror attack rather than a hate crime, he believes Iran or its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah are likely suspects. Yatom said assailants prefer Jewish civilian targets because they are easier to hit than Israeli ones. ABC news

Its elements of Iran's arm, the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah

1. Deceit (Taqiyya).
It wouldn't be a far fetched idea to fathom that Hezbollah, which began its "career" as a deceitful group, in masking its terror-attacks (in the 1980s) under different names, such as Islamic jihad, and has a history of almost never admitting to its crimes. Moreover, Hezbollah (like Palestinian-Arab Hamas) who routinely use civilian Arab population as pawns to tarnish Israel's name (Experts say that Hamas’ use of civilians as human shields was actually inspired by Hezbollah), might even have murdered the Arab paratroopers, thus catching two birds at once. Killing "anti-Islamic" so-called "colonial" French soldiers, and blurring any clear exposure, by throwing in a suspicion of a "far-right" element, as a ploy.

2. Motorcycle attacks
The common Motorcycle theme, as in Iranian/Hezbollah attack in Bangkok on February, in trying to send a "message" reply to a January motorcycle attack on a nuclear scientist, which the Islamic Republic blamed on Israel.

3. Global Jewish targets
In 2008, Hezbollah renewed its jihad on ‘Global Jewish targets‘ It also comes around the 20th anniversary of Iran/Hezbollah attack on Israeli embassy in Argentina. Add to it the February warning by Iran/Hezbollah to attack global Jewish targets, you get a whole Iranian Hezbollah monstrous attack, in a “complex” cloak, trying to hide under an anti-Jewish "non-Islamic" mask.

Anti-Jewish blind hatred:
Hezbollah has been more open about admitting its Islamofascistic anti-Jewish hatred. Such as Nazrallah in [the Daily Star] 2002 “if they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” So is the “apes and pigs” dehumanization, so rapid in its al-Manar hate-media, banned in US/European countries.

Its tactical terror goes something like this. We Iran/Hezbollah want you Jews to get the bloody message (strike fear in the hearts of the infidels) but you “can’t” figure point at us so clearly, blocking any official legal local or international steps that might harm the Islamits’ image.

In other words, we did it, and you can’t do anything about it!

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Obama – creep to Islamofascism – apologizes again

March 12, 2012

Obama – creep to Islamofascism, apologizes again

Obama: Rampage ‘tragic and shocking’
The president vows anyone involved in the killing of 16 Afghan civilians will be held responsible.


I know that the Islamist-fascists mentality is to demand from the West to bow all the way, apologize almost till embarrassing tears, and even creeping lie to kiss their boots. Too bad, Obama and the like do go the destructive appeasement path, we have seen dozens massacred at the wake of his repeated apologies for an accidental burning of some book that Muslims consider as “holy.”

All the while Afghans were on a rampage, (not merely offending us, but real raw crude Islamic holy crimes of murder) not one sincere loud apology came from the Islamic side.

What Obama is never taking into account is OUR feelings. What about Americans and other non-Muslims’ feelings, where is their honor while he trashes everything on the way to his Islam-reveration? No we hear that a US soldier kills some Afghans, What does Obama do? You guessed it right, apologize again, what else does this week guy with total self-American respect ever know to do.

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