This is the Brooklyn Arab racist’s comment on my blog posing as a “jew” – deceit – Taqiyya – lying to the infidel

  JOSH COHEN x Submitted on 2007/05/09 at 1:41 pm
Love the site. Are you open to funding?? I would love to help support the destruction of the image of Arabs/Muslims for the sake of Israel.

I mean even though Arab Muslims are the original jews and us ashkinaz converted I just cant stand them. We are the CHOSEN ONES! Shemot HaElohim has chosen us over the rest of the world! We must do everything to keep Palestine uhmm i mean Israel alive!


Where are you from? I was born in brooklyn and my ancestors come from Germany. If you saw me you would think i was German but I am not. I AM JEWISH! Even though my ancestors converted to Judaism centuries ago I DONT CARE! I KNOW IM JEWISH and that PALESTINE, uhmm i mean Israel is ours!

Who cares about those Palestinians who inhabitated that land for 5000 years. Shemot HaElohim has promised it to us.

I use to eat matzah balls and lots of eastern european dishes. Now i eat only falafel and sharwarma because thats what JEWS EAT!

Hey did you hear about the Authentic Jewish Test?!?! This is a test to see how jewish you are? They take your dna and compare it to the closets living thing to a Jew living is Palestine thousands of years ago.

Can you guess what it is??? A Palestinian hehehe. Funny some guy once told me that the Palestinians are more Jewish than I will ever be.


What an Islamic “Palestinian’ jerk, how many generations are most “palestinians” in Israel/palestine? 2 or 3?
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