Racist Supremacist Islamic Iranian [so-called] “aryans” found their excuse to target Azeris

Racist Supremacist Islamic Iranian [so-called] “aryans” found their excuse to target Azeris


Iran summons Azeri envoy over Mossad allegations
Beaver County Times – Feb. 13, 2012
Iran’s state-run news agency says the country’s foreign ministry has summoned Azerbaijan’s ambassador to protest alleged Israeli intelligence activity in..



New statesman: Volume 21, Issues 1036-1049 – Page 7 – New Statesman Ltd., 2008
Tehran terror
Your report “Inside Iran” (15 September) covered many important issues, but neglected one of the most fundamental: the racist, Persian-supremacist character of the Tehran regime and its neocolonial subjugation of the country’s national minorities, especially the Kurds, Arabs, Balochs and Azeris.
Tehran Terror by Peter Tatchell

US State Department – 2003 Human Rights Report: Iran
Feb 25, 2004 – The Islamic Republic of Iran [note 1] is a constitutional, theocratic republic in which Shi’a Muslim …… Kurds, Azeris, and Ahwazi Arabs were not allowed to study their languages.
… National/Racial/Ethnic Minorities … political prisoners jailed for advocating cultural and language rights for Iranian Azerbaijanis.

Iranian mullahs run up against genetic reality | Full Comment
Sep 8, 2011 – By Sohrab Ahmari and Peter Kohanloo

Iran’s Persian majority has for long drawn much of its humor from vulgar jokes told at the expense of the country’s minorities: the incorrigibly stubborn Lors of the southwest; the “honourless” Rashtis of the Caspian region; and – most commonly – the Azeris, who comprise almost a quarter of the population and are often derided as “Turkish donkeys.” While most are good-natured, these jokes nevertheless reflect ethno-sectarian tensions simmering just beneath the surface of Iranians’ otherwise polite mores and manners.

A typical Azeri joke runs like this: One day, Iranian Azeris took to the country’s streets to voice their frustration with Persian chauvinism. “The Azeris are all jewels atop Iran’s crown,” they chanted. “The Persians are the ‘Turkish as-ses!'”

For the past week or so, the Azeris of northwest Iran have staged an actual uprising, not against lame racist jokes, but against the policies of Tehran’s theocratic dictators. Specifically, they have been expressing their outrage at the desiccation of Lake Orumiyeh in Iran’s Azeri-majority provinces.

South Azerbaijan: 12 Oppressed Nations Defy the Persian Theocratic Chauvinism of the Ayatollahs
Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
March 26, 2009

Iran’s Azeris are not the only nation that struggles for ethnic, cultural and … against the racist and theocratic administration of Iran – Asia´s most loathed tyranny.

Iran’s Ethnic Azeris And The Language Question
Jul 19, 2010 – By Abbas Djavadi
Call it discrimination or even chauvinism: Millions of Iran’s ethnic Azeris have no right of education in their mother tongue. But, surprisingly, it appears the majority of them don’t care much about this inequality.

UN anti-racism panel calls on Iran to counter hatred. BayBak, Azerbaijan Friday, 27th August, 2010, 15:25 [pm] Azerbaijan


Oct 12, 2010 – Dr. Reza Baraheni, great Azerbaijani author, named as the “Iran’s finest living … Discrimination and racism is the tool used by the racists in the …

Iranian Azerbaijanis
[Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights / OHCHR]
[…] Azerbaijanis face cultural, linguistic and economic discrimination along with other minorities in Iran. The roots of racism in Iran began in 1925, implemented a policy of cultural and linguistic homogeneity and assimilation for all nations of Iran. The Persian language and culture became dominant and those who spoke minority languages were barred from education and media in their native tongues. Members of ethnic and linguistic minorities in Iran were forced to feel ashamed of their mother tongues and culture, and from childhood, faced assaults in state-run media. Azerbaijanis in particular have been compared to donkeys and cockroaches. This policy of cultural hegemony continued after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, despite the Islamic Republic’s constitutional guarantees for linguistic and cultural rights.

Currently, the Azerbaijani languages is banned in schools; Azerbaijani language journals and journals calling for the proliferation of Azerbaijani linguistic and cultural rights are shut
down and their contributors are arrested; Azerbaijanis are banned from gathering at Babek Castle to celebrate their national hero; they are also forbidden from celebrating Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan, Azerbaijani heroes of the constitutional revolution of 1905; Azerbaijanis are forbidden from assembly during International Mother Language Day; Azerbaijanis are barred from political representation; they are deprived economically and face high illiteracy rates; shops with Azerbaijani Turkish names are effectively shut down and forced to “Persianize” the names; and
many of those who advocate for broader linguistic and cultural rights for Azerbaijanis are detained arbitrarily by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), held indefinitely and tortured, (on occasion murdered in custody), and released only to be tried and sentenced to heavy terms in Iran’s worst prisons such as the notorious Evin Prison. As a result of the aforementioned, the Azerbaijani rights movement is two-fold: (1) rights activists are struggling to promote the basic human rights of language and cultural expression and against the unlawful Significant populations also exist throughout Iran, including in the capital of Tehran. Since a formal census of ethnic minorities has never been conducted in Iran, the population estimation of Azerbaijanis varies greatly
depending on the source.

Abbas Lisani, a prominent Azerbaijani activist, was forced to change the name of his shop “Chanilibel”. He was issued a warrant on March 19 and forced to change Azerbaijani Turkic name to a Persian one or face closure of his shop. This is merely one case among many.
Known internally as Ettelaat…

New School Year in Iran – Association for Defence of Azerbaijani
Sep 26, 2011
Along with other minorities in Iran, Azerbaijanis are subjected to racism and cultural, linguistic and economic discrimination…

South Azerbaijan, Iran and anti-racist Demonstrations – May 2006

The persians racists killed Azerbaijanis freedom dove – YouTube
Jan 23, 2010

South Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan People’s Government (Dec. 1945 – Dec. 1946)

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