More on racist Arabism (in books, part 2)

The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq – Page 304
by Brendan O’Leary, John McGarry, Khaled Salih – 2006 – 355 pages
And, if it were ever to become unified, it would be under an Arabist program,
with a racist agenda for Kurds and an Islamist one for non-Muslims and Muslims …

Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide
de Gérard Prunier – 2005
situation in Darfur a “genocide” in September 2004. Its characteristics-Arabism, Islamism, famine as a weapon of war, mass rape, international obfuscation, and a refusal to look evil squarely in the face-reflect many of the problems of the global South in general and of Africa in particular.Journalistic explanations of the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe have been given to hurried generalizations and inaccuracies: the genocide has been portrayed as an ethnic clash marked by Arab-on-African violence, with the Janjaweed militias under strict government control, but neither of these impressions is strictly true. Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide explains what lies behind the conflict, how it came about, why it should not be oversimplified, and why it is so relevant to the future of the continent. Gérard Prunier sets out the ethnopolitical makeup of the Sudan and explains why the Darfur rebellion is regarded as a key threat to Arab power in the country-much more so than secessionism in the Christian South. This, he argues, accounts for the government’deployment of “exemplary violence” by the Janjaweed militias in order to intimidate other African Muslims into subservience. As the world watches; governments decide if, when, and how to intervene; and international organizations struggle to distribute aid, the knowledge in Prunier’book will provide crucial assistance.

The Search for Peace and Unity in the Sudan – Page 115
by Francis Mading Deng, Prosser Gifford, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars – 1987 – 183 páginas
On the other hand, the ruling elite’s attachment to the causes of Arabism and
Islamism, in the narrow racist way they see them, inevitably drives non- Arab …

Republic of Fear: The Politics of Modern Iraq – Page 154
by Kanan Makiya – 1998 – 323 pages
(First published in 1989, just before the Gulf War broke out, Republic of Fear was the only book that explained the motives of the Saddam Hussein regime in invading and annexing Kuwait. This edition, updated in 1998,…)
…today, nothing can be worse for an Arab than to be acalled a shu’ubi, because the term combines the attributes of a racist invective (most frequently used against non-Muslim minorities and Shi’ites) and the imputation of a treasonous… the Ba’th have used the word in this sense since the 1940s.
The specifically racist connotation…of one’s
faith in Arabism as the measure of identity, can a fully blown racist content be invested in the term…

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