Soyinka Links Darfur Crisis linked to Arab Racism, Slavery

Soyinka Links Darfur Crisis to Arab Racism, Slavery
afrikanews ^ 25 April 2007

Soyinka Links Darfur Crisis to Arab Racism, Slavery Written by Evan Mwangi: Afrika News Books and Arts Editor Wednesday, 25 April 2007 Nigerian author Wole Soyinka has linked the Darfur genocide to the history of Arabs enslaving Negroid Africans in Sudan, the Harvard Crimson has reported.

The first African winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and a consistent critic of the Sudanese government asked the Arab section of Sudan to confront its enslaving past and acknowledge its current role in the violence in Darfur as racist instead of remaining in a “state of amnesia.”

An articulate intellectual and dramatist, Soyinka delivered the speech “Darfur: Anything to do with Slavery?” to a full house at the Center for Government and International Studies, Harvard University. He addressed the ongoing violence that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of displaced refugees.

Soyinka argued that Arabs played a historic role in the African slave trade, and a feeling of supremacy still prevails among the Janjaweed, a militia terrorizing the Negroid part of the Sudan.

Soyinka said the Janjaweed are “motivated” by a mentality in which they see their victims as slaves. “You destroy a people if you treat them with disdain,” Soyinka is quoted as saying.

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One Response to “Soyinka Links Darfur Crisis linked to Arab Racism, Slavery”

  1. Olawale Alade Says:

    Wole soyinka is right about the the part the arabs played in the enslavement of african people and their feeling of superiority to african. He could have gone a little bit further by addressing the mental inferiority the africans have about themseves. we are not only contented to carry arabs and western names but to dis-associate ourselves from almost anything african, including religion, culture,and traditions.
    If you look at all the races in the world-europeans, asians, arabs etc they all,in overwelming majority,stick to their religion, costoms, language etc it is only the africans who seem unashamed and proud and will defend these foreign things, with their lifes,if neccessary.Some education or re-educatio please. if we dont respect and hold on to our values and traditions how do we expect to be respected by others.

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