The Arab Slaver (Arab racism)

The Arab Slaver (Arab racism)
June 08, 2008 09:30 AM EST

My country is called the great Satan by many in the Islamic world. We were once called capitalist pigs or similar metaphors used by much of the communist world. It has been stated by a certain group of people living within America that we have white devils running the establishment. Far to many Black Americans have yet to move beyond the race issue while at the same time (unfortunately) racism is still practiced by just about every group within our borders.

I have experienced racism in Asian restaurants. I have had Mexicans say to my face that, “some Blacks are just ignorant!” I have dealt with many Whites who have a sense of entitlement that excuses racism because after all, the “It’s my country mentality” is still pervasive to some. I have dealt with the blatant ignorance of white supremacy as well.

One experience I have yet to have occur is a black liberal or black conservative politician or so called black academia mention the historical facts concerning Islamic slavery and how the Arab countries subjected entire communities or groups of human beings otherwise known as infidels to slavery.

When I read materials by Cornell West such as, Race Matters” or Jews and Blacks (let the healing begin) or when I read of the latest rant by what I have deemed to be our countries, ‘super idiot’ Al Sharpton, I wonder why Black America cannot move beyond victimization. It is as though we want white people to apologize for slavery and until they do we won’t forgive, ever! Truth be told, what the Arabs perpetrated on the African and continue to do so especially on the black Christian is remarkably never spoken of by Jesse Jackson or any member of the black community.

If we are to hold white people to the fire for slavery then we must also hold the Arab and or Muslim to an even greater degree of accountability. In fact, when many average black Americans bother to trek back through history they will find that the tyranny of slavery perpetrated on Africans by Arabs is far worse then anything white America has ever done. The historical fact of forced acceptance of Islam and or fourteen centuries of slavery imposed on the African makes what we have accomplished along side of the Anglo Saxon, liberating. Perhaps the whole idea of victim hood comes from centuries of victimization and not from the Dread Scott decision?

When the colonies broke from England the United States of America was born and the most amazing country in the history of this earth followed. The entire scope of all life on this world changed. The people of the earth moved from the Agriculture age to the Industrial age. The advancement of the whole human race dramatically (in less than 200 years) moved from the wagon train to the bullet train. Every aspect of our lives radically changed. When we dealt with the slave issue and moved into the realm of freedom for all, this country bounced the citizens of the world into the 21st century.
What is ironic about this is that the white Anglo and the black Negro built this nation. As long as Black America insists on an apology then we miss the opportunity that the slave freed us from. We participate in a reality that clearly holds slavery to be evil. However, many in the so called African American community carry around the chains of our ancestors because they know not the truth and/or history about how it came to be that the African was sold to the white man in the first place! The African was the property of the Muslim for eons!

The Italian and the Jew, the Polish and the Irish traveled to the shores of our country in order to prosper and find new life. They found a black man and black women along with white America building a nation. Seeing how the black was treated in this country was not shocking; just the opposite, it was normal. The house Negro was not a new idea. The British did not invent slavery they simply took advantage of what was always how business was done with the Arab. They were after sugar, not slaves. The African had been in bondage for centuries and was long considered a servant or more closer to the primate then that of man. The new world as far back as the Byzantine expected the African to, “fetch water and work the land”

In an article by Victor Sharpe, Embracing Islam,The Illogic of Black Anti-Semitism,( Victor addresses the following: “The Arab slave trade began soon after the Arabs embraced the new faith of Mohammed – Islam. In the eighth century, hordes of Arab tribesmen poured into North and then East Africa offering the Africans the stark choice of the sword or forced conversion. The Arab Slave Trade was a centuries-long era of torment and horror for the African blacks. Cries of terror echoed throughout countless African villages upon news of the approaching Arab slavers. The Arabs eventually enlisted terrified Africans into becoming slavers in their own right. These African converts rationalized that if they became Muslims then their position would be elevated above their fellow Africans. The real reason, however, was simple fear for there own safety and survival.
The Arab slave trade in Black Africa lasted from the late seventh century to 1911. Some estimates put the number of male and female Africans who were enslaved by the Arab Muslim traders as high as 14 million.”

In another article by Adrian Morgan, Should The Islamic World Apologize For Slavery? Part One It becomes even clearer that slave masters where Arab and Muslim long before the white man landed in the Americas: “Modern Western nations’ involvement in the black slave trade lasted little more than 350 years, yet Islam has been involved in the black slave trade for more than 14 centuries, from the time of its founder.”

A must read article by Robert Spencer, “The Persistence of Islamic Slavery,” details a fact laden modern day as well as historical overview of the Arab Slaver. (

When Black America realizes the historical measure of slavery and how the Arab was well versed in capitalism in and around Liberia approximately 300 years ago then perhaps we will join with what we created and claim our entitlement.
Sadly, centuries of blacks were owned and relegated to absolute horrific living conditions. Today, we enjoy the benefit of survival and yet a mentality, long bred into the hopes and dreams of a people keep many from being more then a race of people looking for pay back.

One persistent, nagging thing (among many) that bothers me the most about Barack Hussein Obama running for president is that he does not represent the slave who was instrumental in the development of America. He does not have anything in common with Booker T. Washington or George Washington Carver. He is alien to me and at best a reminder of the Arab Slaver. The whole association with Jeremiah Write and the black liberation theology is aligning itself more with the original slave master, the Arab. He is celebrated by the Arab world as though he is one of their slaves being elevated above the white man or the Christian nation…It bothers me to the very marrow of my bone.

I see a man who used Trinity United Christian Church so as to have a black identity. A man who then moved into the arena of white politics and now has been nominated as the Democrat pick for president. He seems to me to be a chess piece in a game being played by powers that are not Anglo in nature. I am watching a huge swath of our population become mesmerized by this unknown, empty suit and yet the Arab world loves him, pats him on the head regularly! The Democrat of today is ripe for this sort of occurrence, they collectively make no sense at all.

Troubling even more so is that the entire world seems to be emotionally driven and common sense seems to be diametrically in opposition to political correctness, especially where the Muslim is concerned. Political correctness is a reality where it should not be. I am wondering what time is this that we in America would elect one who does not seem to be one of us at all!
I would suggest that the white man is not the enemy all of these many years later! The Muslim has said that, “Israel is a rotting corpse and that America is the great Satan.” To the black Christian, it would be wise of you to know who thinks less of you on a far greater scale then any white man ever did! Where did Barack Hussein Obama come from? It is imperative that you answer that question before you cast your vote.

I would recommend to you that you read a book by Thabiti M. Anyabwile titled, “The Faithful Preacher.” I encourage you to know of the Black Africans who helped us to be free from centuries of the Arab slavers. I would encourage that we embrace what we have accomplished in America with all of the races conjoined to this land. The Arabs are not tolerant or multicultural. They do not allow the freedoms we enjoy in the West. The reality is that we know them to be slavers, still!


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