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European reaction to Islamification

May 30, 2008


Bored with gang raping
The Kuffar?
Well why not join the
Domestic Abuse
No hassle, Own a Slave.
Submission guaranteed.
Approved by Sharia.
Ignored By Government!
Pedophilia an
 Sodomy Allowed!


Muslim Gang Rapes and the Left Blames Usand those who answer Christian, are gang raped before having their breasts cut off. This phenomenon of Islamic sexual violence against women…
Gang rapes Jewish women as “revenge” for Israeli military ops
UK: Rapist Protected By Mosque Members
A WOMAN who was trafficked across the border from Pakistan with her son, 3, was handed to an Afghan who raped her, then beat the toddler to death as she watched
Remembering Charlene Downes [victim of three Arab Muslim rapists]
Racist rapes: Finally the truth comes out
Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway – Authorities Look the Other Way
Saudi gang rape victim is jailed

BANGLADESH: PASTOR’S 13-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER GANG-RAPED Area Muslims bent on driving Christian expansion from northern part of country. [Thursday May 08, 2008]




ISLAMIC BIGOTRY, [Islamic hatred, intolerance]

May 26, 2008

ISLAMIC BIGOTRY, [Islamic hatred, intolerance]

Islamic bigotry toward non-Muslims: pundits proclaim that Osama bin Laden”s fanatical followers do not practice `true” Islam. But what exactly is the difference between `moderate” and `militant”?[ ]

Oct 2, 2007 … Islamic Bigotry

Arab racism, Islamic bigotry and discriminatory practices are the most divisive issues in the Sudan because they are the major factors…

Indonesia: Sucking Up To Islamic BigotsApr 16, 2008 … Armed Forces of the World: BMD Focus: BrahMos for Israel … the government goes through the motions of giving in to Islamic bigots. …

Rousing Muslim bigotry….The Muslim world suffers from many problems, but none is more crippling than its culture of intolerance….

Newsvine – Islamic bigotry revealed in UK A British television documentary has uncovered hate-filled speeches and rhetoric delivered in a number of British mosques, and directed against ‘unbelievers …

UK: Schools Avoid Holocaust, Pandering To Muslim Bigotry

Anti-Semitism among Palestinian Authority Academics… PA anti-Semitism, however, goes beyond denying Israel’s right to exist. …

The genie of Muslim bigotry and fanaticism when aroused and let loose from its corked bottle is destined to search for its victims in Kashmiri Pandits and though the agitation was called off yet a Jehad was launched against the Pandits.

The ‘Middle east conflict’ is really all about ‘Arab racsim’ & ‘Islamic Bigotry’

I wonder if the head of the Arab-American Institute has ever commented on Islamic bigotry against other religions or the United States

Muslim bigot smears Australians [Aug 8, 2006]

Muslim Bigots Impose Blasphemy Laws on Victoria

Fatwa In Egypt Revokes Gender Equality In Giving Testimony, Inheritance [Mar-2008]

Racism in the Islamic World: how can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate? When will moderate Muslims speak out?

The Legacy of Islamic AntisemitismThe Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism… study of the hadith—detail the sacralized rationale for Islam’s anti- Jewish bigotry.

Christians – The Most Persecuted People Group on EarthAcross the Islamic world, Christians are systematically discriminated against and persecuted. Saudi Arabia – the global fountain of religious bigotry…

Can anyone doubt the bigotry and hatred of the West in general, and the United States and the United Kingdom in particular that is emanating form Islam? This is just another is a constant stream of “bigoted” diatribes that flow from Islamic leaders. 

Israeli-Arab Islamic Chief Indicted For racism, Incitement, Blood Libel

Islamic Hatred in the Heartland … Khalid Yasin is one of the most notorious Islamic hate sheikhs in the world today. He had been widely condemned from the US to Britain to Australia for his virulent Wahhabist extremism, his intense anti-Americanism (despite the fact that he is an American-born convert), his justification of Islamic terrorism, his wild-eyed conspiracy theories, and his outright racial and religious bigotry. And an Australian news investigation found that Yasin had claimed academic degrees that the schools had no record or, and also discovered that he had engaged in outright fraud in his building his international Islamic media empire.
May 20, 2008

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South Sudan and the problem of Arab racism in Black Africa PART I

May 26, 2008
South Sudan and the problem of Arab racism in Black Africa PART I
31 Mar 2008 by AGBOTON
Sudan is the microcosm of Black Africa’s unacknowledged Arab problem, a problem of racism, colonialism, enslavement and an Arab agenda of cultural, political and territorial expansion at the expense of Black Africa. …

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Standing up to Islamofascism

May 26, 2008

Standing up to Islamofascism

[May 23, 2008]

The silly season makes its bow in mid to late summer, but climate change ordained its unexpectedly early appearance. Prof David Marquand, a former Labour MP, founder member of the Social Democratic Party — parent of the present Liberal Democrats — once a Guardian leader writer, currently an academic of some renown, whose works include a biography of Ramsay Macdonald and a political study entitled The Progressive Dilemma from Lloyd George to Neil Kinnock, likened what he chose to describe as Europe’s rising Islamophobia to the continent’s anti-Semitism of the 1930s.

An august gathering in one of the committee rooms at the House of Lords heard him in phlegmatic silence. Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband, having entered and left like an impatient zephyr, would have been somewhat bemused to hear these words.

In speaking as he did, Prof Marquand personifies an orbital being swirling in an intellectual and moral void. There was no disguising his passion born of an ingrained belief that a satanic wrong was being done to a helpless population. A late night television documentary on Adolf Hitler’s Germany, which included considerable historical footage, was a reminder of the gulf dividing muscular truth from inflamed fantasy.

The street scenes of Jewish citizens assaulted at will by Nazi thugs were repellent, as were the attacks on Jewish-owned properties; yet nothing could compare with the images of the skeletal remains of Jewish corpses in the extermination camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald and Treblinka, the starving men, women and children perishing in the cold. It was a picture from the depths of Hell. Hardened soldiers of the Allied armies were shaken by the sight. When Hermann Goering and his Nazi associates were shown these films at their Nuremberg trial, their previous jocularity froze into grim silence.

London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Frankfurt and other of Europe’s capitals are their bustling normal selves. Visiting the British capital’s East End one saw Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Arabs and kindred Muslim communities shopping and going about their business without let or hindrance. At local post office counters were queues of hijab and burqa-clad women claiming unemployment benefit.

Jews in Hitler’s Third Reich threw no bombs, plotted no explosions, published no hate-filled books or pamphlets against the Gentiles among whom they breathed and lived. Far from railing at their shared culture, they ennobled it with myriad contributions. European science, music and literature would have been immeasurably poorer for their absence. What would the world be without Spinoza, Einstein, Freud, Proust, Marx and many more of the gallery of the great and good, whose manifold achievements have added a whole new dimension to the human experience?

A day after Prof Marquand’s peroration came news of the Jaipur bombings with its loss of some 70 innocent lives; meanwhile, in London, a gang of eight British Muslims, born in foreign parts, are standing trial for a conspiracy to cause carnage “on an almost unprecedented scale” by detonating up to 18 bombs on trans-Atlantic passenger flights.

There was no sign that the professor was deaf, dumb or blind. He must, therefore, have known of the Bali bombings, the Madrid bombings and the bombings on the London Underground trains and surface transport. He is surely acquainted with the messages of anti-Semitic hatred that are rife in the Muslim ghettos of Britain’s inner cities. Has he never heard of the black Jamaican Imam, Abdullah Al Faisal, who called publicly for the murder of Jews and Hindus, was tried eventually for incitement, found guilty as charged, duly imprisoned and promptly deported on his release to his Caribbean homeland?

Prof Marquand must know of this and similar other cases, where the accused, however, are in possession of British passports, hence cannot face deportation. Muslim families in Britain who convert to Christianity are hounded mercilessly by their co-religionists and are under constant threat to life and limb, because there is no recognition of apostasy in Islam. What price the Universal Declaration on Human Rights? As for instances of stoning and beheading in such bastions of civilisation as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, to name only three countries on the right side of Paradise, these clearly have failed to bestir the Marquand conscience, let alone the inflatable Marquand ego.

Oriental hyperbole has long been a tedious fact of life, but its Occidental variant is now something of a spectator sport. Consider the following pantomime: A few months ago, Channel 4 Television screened a film called Undercover Mosque — recorded secretly — on Muslim preachers of hate sermonising in mosques up and down the land, their incendiary words an unequivocal violation of the law.

Imagine the shock and consternation when the Crown Prosecution Service and the West Midlands Police instituted proceedings against the makers of the film on the ground that it incited racial hatred. Ofcom, the television regulator, rejected the complaints. Channel 4 sued for libel and won substantial damages. The police and the CPS accepted at court that they were wrong and that there was “no evidence that the broadcaster or programme makers had misled the audience or that the programme was likely to encourage or incite criminal activity”.

Mr Kevin Sutcliffe, the deputy head of current affairs at Channel 4, spoke for the community of the sane: “This is a total vindication of the programme team in exposing extreme views being preached in mainstream British mosques. The programme’s findings were clearly a matter of important public interest. The authorities should be doing all they can to encourage investigations like this, not attempting to publicly rubbish them for reasons they have never properly explained.”

However, there are no national boundaries for self-regarding surrealists much given to contemplating their navels. An opinion-sheet published in London and portentously entitled South Asian Perspectives included an offering from one Neera Chandoke, a Delhi University academic, arguing the right of secession in the Sub-continent. East Pakistan went down that route in 1971 and lost three million of its people to rape and murder by the West Pakistani soldiery.

Hitler supported secession when it was restricted to Czech Sudetenland. The European project became flesh only with the disappearance of Nazi Germany. The pan-African dream was in reality a nightmare with an apartheid regime flourishing in the continent’s south.

Partition gave the lie to a South Asian perspective long ago. Let Indians rest content with an Indian perspective true to their nation’s best traditions. Otherwise, we may say with Shakespeare’s Falstaff, “I do perceive that I am an ass.”

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Memorial Day: More Than Just a Vacation Day – … And thus began the international war against Islamo-fascism

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: More Than Just a Vacation Day

The News & Advance
Published: May 25, 2008

Say the phrase “Memorial Day,” and more people than you’d imagine will think of city pools opening, the first three-day weekend of the year, cookouts, the unofficial start of summer, big sales at the mall. Fewer and fewer people today would first think it’s the day to honor America’s war dead.

How sad it is that the nation’s most somber holiday has turned into a day for pool parties, grilling up some burgers and dogs and snagging some bargains on markdown.

Over the course of the nation’s 228-year history, millions of men and women have answered their country’s call to service to defend freedom and liberty, not just for ourselves but often for the world. Tens of thousands of them gave the ultimate sacrifice, the last full measure of devotion, their very lives to the nation they love.

That’s the sole purpose of this day: honoring those men and women and remembering their sacrifices.

America is now in the sixth year of the war in Iraq, a conflict in which more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers have died. As a nation, for at least this one day, let’s put aside the endless arguments over whether we should have invaded Iraq … let’s not debate whether it’s possible to create democracy in the Arab world … let’s stop fighting over the planning, or lack thereof, for the post-war period … and please, let’s stop babbling on that the war was just about oil.

Let’s just focus on the men and women who’ve put themselves in harm’s way for their country.

It was almost seven years ago, that 19 Islamo-fascist terrorists launched attacks on Washington, D.C., and New York City, killing close to 3,000 people in a matter of minutes at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pa.

In the dark days following the attacks, Americans of all stripes realized there is indeed evil in this world, people whose entire purpose in life is to bring down the exemplar of Western culture: the United States of America.

And thus began the international war against Islamo-fascism. In fundamentalist Afghanistan (the lair of the Taliban and al-Qaida) and the dictatorship of Iraq (the well of simmering Arab frustration that had to be drained to make the region fertile ground for democracy, the argument went), hundreds of thousands of American soldiers hit the ground, to protect both their own nation and to liberate the people living under the thumbs of brutal leaders.

Their country called, and they responded, without reservation and knowing full well the dangers they faced.

Has the government of this nation had their backs at all times? Hardly. Just recall the horrible stories The Washington Post broke last year about the rancid conditions wounded veterans faced in Walter Reed Army Medical Center and replicated in military hospitals around the country. Then there’ve been the stories about faulty equipment and lack of proper resources that troops have had to face. This nation’s civilian and military leaders, from President Bush on down, ought to hang their heads in shame for the way they’ve treated the men and women of the armed services.

But still, America’s sons and daughters are answering the nation’s call to service, and will continue to do so. Not because they’re Republicans or Democrats, not because they’re nationalistic chest-thumpers, not because they’re capitalism’s storm troopers.

No, rather because they are willing to sacrifice and possibly die for a simple concept: the dignity of mankind and the value of a single life.

That’s what Memorial Day is all about.

Showdown With Islamic Militants (in Indonesia)

May 20, 2008

Showdown With Islamic Militants (in Indonesia)

May 20, 2008: Islamic radicals continue pushing the government to drop the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom, and legalize persecution of any religion considered an “insult to Islam.” Recent attacks on the Islamic Ahmadiyah sect, which has 200,000 members in Indonesia, are used as a cause for the agitation. The sect has been active in Indonesia for about 80 years, and is one of dozens of varieties of Islam practiced here. But the other sects are just adaptations of pre-Islamic religious practices to Islam. These also offend Islamic conservatives, but are more difficult to get banned.

Islamic radicals demand that the government declare Ahmadiyah illegal. Ahmadiyah was founded in Pakistan over a century ago, and is banned there. The government banned Ahmadiyah, but now has to reconsider because of the constitutional issues, and the fears of the 20 percent of Indonesians who are not Moslem, and the majority of Indonesian Moslems who practice versions of Islam that would not pass muster with Islamic conservatives. The government was heavily criticized at home and abroad for the Ahmadiyah banning, especially with the recent burnings of Ahmadiyah mosques. The Islamic radicals are using the Ahmadiyah issue as a rallying point, and threaten widespread violence is the government does not enforce the ban. The government, which has tried hard to avoid offending the Islamic conservatives, now must reconsider  that policy, as it is being backed into a corner by Islamic radicals.


May 18, 2008:  East Timor, a former Portuguese colony, signed a military agreement with seven other Portuguese speaking country to receive military training. After six years of independence, East Timor is a political and economic wreck, with no place to go but up. Or so the locals hope.


May 6, 2008:  Another top Islamic terrorist, Faiz Fauzan, was arrested. He was involved in Jemaah Islamiya bombings three years ago. The local backlash against Islamic terrorism has shattered Jemaah Islamiya, leaving most of its key members more concerned with avoiding arrest, than in planning more attacks. Most top Jemaah Islamiya people appear to have fled the country, seeking refuge in Malaysia, the Philippines, the Persian Gulf, and even Pakistan.


May 5, 2008:  In West Timor, Indonesian police arrested four East Timor rebel soldiers, and sent them back to East Timor in handcuffs. The four were involved in the recent attempt to kill the president of East Timor.


May 2, 2008:  Violence flared up in the Malukus, where two churches and over a hundred homes were burnt as Christians and Moslems fought in a land dispute. Several hundred police showed up and separated the armed men from the two villages. Such land disputes are common in this part of the world, but add in religion and things get really violent. This incident ended up with three dead and several dozen wounded.

Prosecutor cites Koran in trial of (terrorist) Muslim cleric

May 20, 2008

Prosecutor cites Koran in trial of (terrorist) Muslim cleric
njjn ^ | May, 2008

Qatanani, the imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson, spent three days in a courtroom in the Peter Rodino Federal Building before Immigration Judge Alberto Riefkohl. Riefkohl is to decide whether the 44-year-old Palestinian-born spiritual leader should be expelled from the United States to Jordan for having failed to mention in his application for permanent residency here that he was arrested and held by the Israeli military for three months in 1993. …

The lead government attorney, Alan Wolf, read a passage from the Koran asserting that God will cause unbelievers and hypocrites to “increase in illness and…be swiftly punished on the Day of Judgment.” Gesturing toward Qatanani, Wolf asked Senter, whose testimony emphasized Qatanani’s commitment to interfaith outreach, whether a person who believed in such language could really be the moderate figure Senter believed him to be.

(Excerpt)