[Robbery & organized Crimes Jihad – Arab Muslim] terror ring raised funds with European thefts

[Robbery & organized Crimes Jihad – Arab Muslim] terror ring raised funds with European thefts

February 21, 2008

Moroccan terror ring raised funds with European thefts, planned assassinations

Morocco’s government said it has dismantled a terrorist network that raised funds through robberies in Europe and plotted to assassinate Cabinet ministers and members of kingdom’s Jewish community… Morocco banned an Islamist political party, Al Badil Al Hadari…

Police arrested a total of 32 people.. Abdelhafid Sriti, correspondent for Hezbollah militant group’s Al-Manar television station..university professor, a police superintendent…. discovered stashes of weapons..Kalashnikov assault rifles, Uzi submachine guns…

leader.. Abdelkader Belliraj.. links with al-Qaida and local terror groups and is suspected in six assassinations in Belgium from 1986 to 1989… murders were of the former rector of a Brussels mosque in 1989 and chairman of a coordination committee of Jewish groups…

In Morocco network had plotted to assassinate Cabinet ministers, army officers and members of the small Jewish community…raised money through holdups, selling stolen goods and taking contributions from its members. With help from criminals in Europe, member of group allegedly stole €17.5 million (US$25.6 million) in a robbery involving an armored truck company in Luxembourg in 2000…

..Money invested real estate.. Gold jewelry stolen in Belgium melted down by a goldsmith who belonged to the network and then sold… suicide bombings in 2003 in Casablanca killed 45 people and stunned the relatively moderate Muslim country, a popular vacation spot. Those bombings targeted a Jewish community center and cemetery, a hotel, a restaurant and a Spanish social club. Authorities carried out regular anti-terror sweeps… March, suicide bomber blew himself up in Casablanca cyber cafe… uncovered alleged plot targeting tourist sites.. Police cornered suspects, shooting one dead and prompting the other three to blow themselves up to avoid capture.. blasts killed a policeman and injured 21 other people. In April, two brothers strapped with explosives blew themselves up near the U.S. consulate.

Read more at http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/02/21/africa/AF-GEN-Morocco-Terror-Ring.php


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