Islamo-fascism Awareness Year

Islamo-fascism Awareness Year

Snowman declares the following 12 months Islamo-fascism Awarness Year. This is an issue that requires consistent, persistent and insistent declaration of the cancerous danger of Islamo-fascism.

What is fascism?
A totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life. The name was first used by the party started by Benito Mussolini , who ruled Italy from 1922 until the Italian defeat in World War II. However, it has also been applied to similar ideologies in other countries, e.g., to National Socialism in Germany and to the regime of Francisco Franco in Spain.

Islamo-fascism then is very clearly describing the movement which assigns to itself control over every aspect of life…. Islam, and particularly fundamentalist Muslims in the Wahabbi camp and others seeking to subjugate all of civilization under sharia law.

It is unfortunate that so many in our country are ignorant of what is happening.

Therefore, I will post at least weekly on this menace and the atrocity of the doctrine they believe in.

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