[Islamic Counsling] Beat Your Wife with a Stick?


November 3rd, 2007 5:17 PM Eastern
Beat Your Wife with a Stick?
by Laura Ingle
That’s the “marital advice” coming from a Saudi cleric turned TV-love doctor in the middle east. You call that love? With a straight face? You’ve got to be kidding me.

When I first was told of this story, I thought it had to be a bad bad joke, and then when I saw the tape, I couldn’t believe my eyes. As a self-styled “doctor” as Muhamad Al Arifi calls himself, he offers up what he calls good advice on TV to Muslim men, for how husbands should handle their wives if they run into a marital snag. Tender loving care? No. Counseling? Nope. He instead offers using discipline in the form of a stick.This all comes in talk show format, complete with a couch, a studio audience, and with a particular prop — what Muhamed Al Arifi calls a toothpick (for Moby Dick maybe …).

Holding what looks like a small tree branch, he says this is the best way to beat a woman. As we listen to the tape, it translates this way: “If you beat her, with a toothpick, or if you beat her lightly with your hand, and so on, it is meant to convey, ‘Woman, it has gone too far. I can’t bear it anymore.’”He says hitting in the face is a big no-no. Explaining, even when it comes to animals, if you wanted your camel or donkey to start walking, you are not allowed to beat it in the face.

If this is true for animals, it is all theore true when it comes to humans. Muhamed Al Arifi cautions not to hit women on the hands either. He advises to beat her where it will not leave marks, or will not cause damage. And there’s more, the doctor says husbands should hit their wives only after she has been admonished once, twice, four ten times, and also after he has refused to share their bed.

The story, which was first reported on FOXNews.com, comes from a web site called “Memri.org” That stands for Middle East Research Institute, a media watchdog group in the Mideast. You’ve got to watch this guy for yourself in case you missed my report on the air today. Here’s hoping this doctor doesn’t become the Mideast version of Dr. Phil.


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