A SATANIC CULT CALLED ‘PALESTINIANS’, dancing to pain & suffering of the innocent, but weeping to loss of bloodthisty butchers


palescelebration2.jpg palestinianscel1.jpg 9_11_palestinian2.jpg


A population rotten to the core

Among their notorious diseases:
The Sick Twisted Arab Muslim ‘Palestinians’ dancing to pain & suffering of the innocent, but weeping to loss of bloodthisty butchers.
Terror in the USA – The Palestinians Celebrate! … went dancing in the streets, giving out sweets, and shooting in the air, to show how happy they were. …

Palestinians Party on September 11 resources 9/11 Report Palestinians Celebrate Middle East Maps Myths & Facts … Palestinian youth dance…

About 3000 people poured into the streets of Nablus shortly after the…

The CNN Footage

“Rumors of War: ‘CNN used old footage to fake images of ‘Palestinians dancing in the street’ after the terrorist attack on the USA'” (Urban Legends Reference Pages, 2001/09/23) http://www.snopes2.com/rumors/cnn.htm


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict – War crimes The Palestinians celebrate the killing of the babies at the Sbarro pizzeria (also here). The leader behind this attack on defenceless children was the evil …

Israel’s War Against Terror – Picture ArchivePalestinian youth celebrating the 11, September attacks. … An Israeli policewoman carrying a baby at the “Sbarro” attack scene in Jerusalem. …

Palestinian Students Glorify Terrorism with Exhibit in Nablus Palestinian students at Al Najah University walk under a replica of a Sbarro pizza restaurant sign, which reads “Kosher” in Hebrew …

lgf: University of Manchester Partners with University of Death… Al-Najah University in Nablus—scene of an exhibit celebrating the Sbarro Pizzeria … Some 19 Palestinian suicide bombers

It would be a Palestinian state that would celebrate murder, just as the Sbarro exhibition proves it…

Palestinian Terrorism- Photos – March 2-21- 2002 Palestinians celebrate in Gaza after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a … Photos – suicide bombing at the Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall in Jerusalem …



We Should Not Forget – Section 9/14 Palestinians Celebrate in Gaza City the bus bombing – August 4, 2002 …. The double-decker suburban train…



Palestinians celebrate deadly Israeli bus bombings – Haaretz …Palestinian Hamas supporters celebrate the twin suicide bombing that killed 16 Israelis in Be’er Sheva during a rally in Gaza City Tuesday night. (Reuters) …

Shark Blog: What the Bombing at the Hebrew University meansNot only this bombing but the thousands of “Palestinians” celebrating in the street today over the bombing make a real statement–They don’t want “peace” or …

He calls peace possible, but ‘Israel has to defend herself’ : Bush …In the Gaza Strip, an estimated 10000 people rallied late Wednesday to celebrate the university bombing and support calls for more “martyrdom operations.” …

FactsOfIsrael.com: Thousands of Palestinians celebrate the …Young Palestinians celebrate the deliberate murder of unarmed civilians … to the streets last night to celebrate the deadly bombing at Hebrew University. …

Palestinians celebrate after murdering Jews – Israel Forum Palestinians celebrate after murdering Jews In The News. … Which raises the question: at what percentage point would carpet bombing be justified? …

Palestinians celebrate ‘divine retribution’ – Telegraph”Bin Laden, bomb tel Aviv!” shouted about 2000 Palestinians celebrating in the West Bank city of Nablus. At the Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp in southern …



Hamas and PFLP mourn the death of terrorist thug Abu Musab Al …Hamas and PFLP mourn the death of terrorist thug Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi … The ruling Palestinian faction Hamas on Thursday deplored the killing by U.S. …

The Hedgehog Blog: Palestinians Protest Death of Al-Zarqawi  Those who protest and mourn the death of your mortal enemy are probably also your mortal enemies. …

Palestinians Support Headchopper Zarqawi Palestinians demonstrate in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip late Thursday, June 8, 2006 to protest a US air raid in which Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, …

Hamas mourns Zarqawi [Archive] – Lebanese Forces Official ForumsHamas mourning Zarqawi only re-affirms your actions to be savage acts and no one will feel pitty or sympathy towards the palestinians. The palestinians have …

Official statement of Hamas, ie the Palestinian government: “With hearts full of faith, Hamas commends brother-fighter Abu Musab … who was martyred at the hands of the savage crusade campaign which targets the Arab homeland, starting in Iraq.”


Palestinians mourn execution of Saddam – Israel News, YnetnewsYnet News: Former Iraqi dictator mourned in West Bank, Gaza: Seen as steadfast ally, mourned as martyr.

Palestinians publicly mourn Saddam, set up condolence tents …Palestinians publicly mourn Saddam, set up condolence tents-News and commentary relating to events in Israel, the “occupied” territories, and the world, …

Palestinians continue to mourn Saddam | Jerusalem PostSome 500 people attended a rally mourning Saddam in Halhoul, near the city of Hebron in the southern West Bank, waving flags of all the Palestinian factions …

Palestinians Mourn Zarqawi – Fundamentally Freund  […] Palestinians Mourn Zarqawi. by. .. 9/6/2006. The world became a whole lot safer yesterday, after the US took out Iraqi terrorist Abu Musab …



One Response to “A SATANIC CULT CALLED ‘PALESTINIANS’, dancing to pain & suffering of the innocent, but weeping to loss of bloodthisty butchers”

  1. all4freedom Says:

    These Palestinians sure know pretty well how to play the “victim” card, phony people.

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