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Flying Lying Imams’ conspiracy theories – The Garbage “holiness”, Muslim Mullahs’ despicable industry of “conspiracy theories” on the Islamic attack of September 11, 2001

August 31, 2007

Flying Lying Imams’ conspiracy theories

The Garbage “holiness”, Muslim Mullahs’ despicable industry of “conspiracy theories” on the Islamic attack of September 11, 2001

This is the story of ‘flying Imams’, no, not that one in which they’ve managed to put fears into ordinary passengers with “holy-Islamic” Pro bloodthirsty Bin-Laden statements, that the “moderate” terrorists organizations’ front goup: CAIR tried to “defend” afterwards.

This is about [though the same type of] imams that are in the line of how to commit the crime upon crime, after the Islamic murdering innocent people on 9/11/2001, how to add yet another Islamic crime, to “deny” it, to fly a lie after lie.

I have been following the crime-trail since post Islamists’ attack of 9/11, the rolling series of ‘theories’ ever since the Islamic fascist terror organization [that is involved in bloodshed like in: Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, etc.] Iranian-Syrian group: Hezbullah, has strarted so cruely with a painful outcry like how come ‘only’ a few hundreds of the three thousands happened to be of a certain religion/ethnicity, a group that [for them] is situated on the top of all infidels which they despise, their ‘buddies’ in crime the neo-Nazis picked it up pretty quick, they even added a new dimention a few months later on, as they kept updating, attaching to it the poor man that owned the WTC buildings, then along came the spider fantasies of incoorperating all kind of ideas into the CIA [here, major help already came from the radicals among the radical left (especially such “writers” as that Justin Raymundo – a combination of self-hatred, hatred for Jews and sneaky liar, one of the wonders of the “anti-war” website that has been so hospitable to this racist pig, this horrific Nazi with “anti-war” sheep clothing even has “proof” for his stories, imagine that), moreso from France, right at the beginning of talks of an Iraqi operation by President G. W. Bush], followed by “questionisning” certain sciences of falling buildings, that have been all debuked of course.

You’ll be surprised to know the nature of the main “inventors” of these “theories” are “moderate” devoted Mullahs, seeing the heavy price they paid/pay with their rotten image for their brothers in faith’s deed-massacre on that infamous day.

One of them that is very active on YouTube actually tried to pose (they all do) at first as a “white lefty guy”, but it didn’t take too long to crack him via a few cross examination, until he cofessed to me in his Quranic devotions about his leading of a mosque.

The fact that radical leftists would “buy” Islamic made ideas, isn’t all that surprising, after all, they “need” all help they can get, never mind that the Islamists would have a liberal’s throat cut just as fast, if not faster [for Islamists’ hypocritical pro-morality play/stage].

One of the main websites of these ‘conspiracy theorists’ is “what really happened”, a group of ‘Palestinian’ and other Arab Muslim militant fascists, that sits day and night and “cooks” up fantasy plans, that [of course] non of them would ever believe. \par

All these fantasy-bites comes usually with a side order of “humanizing” the ‘Palestinian’ butchers, those fake “victims” that their targets are babies in their mothers’ hands, or any unarmed civilians on busses, restaurants, wedding halls, etc., heck they are even that brave, they can even shoot behind their own little kids, just as soon as they can get the cameras rolling to show the World-TV how “bad” the Zionists are…

This “website” that if wouldn’t be so ugly in it’s immoral implication would amount to nothing more than a champion for child play ‘let’s pretend’, was very busy on how to “counter” the awful truth about the infamous documented ‘Palestinian’ adults/children dancing in the streets at the Islamic massacre on 9/11, with some “story” of “other” people dancing, which of course never happened.

These “holy” Muslim clerics’ websites [up-to today 25 August 2007, at least] will never try to offer any real [non-fantasy] ideas on how to help Iraqi Arabs, or the Arab “Palestinians” from massacres between themselves, or anything that might help their ‘society’ in any shape or form, again, because just as typical radical Islamists would hate it if there’s a ‘Palestine’ state, after all they might lose almost an entire card with what to play again at the entire non-Muslim world.

Do the few of the radical leftists that “buy” some of the Mullahs stuff, ever come to realize what kind of plans does a Mullahcracy hold for liberals in the west?

Just after you wipe you smile off at each and every silly little theory they come up with, remember to “see” the Mullahs praying on their rug before and after.

Why Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Is Needed – Muslim Student Association (MSA), CAIR & Islamofascism

August 28, 2007

Why Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Is Needed
By Perazzo | 8/24/2007

Members of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) are up in arms over an announced event which they depict as a “hateful” assault against the dignity of Muslims everywhere. “I haven’t decided what I think might be the recommended approach to this,” comments one MSA member. “Do we counter it with parallel events? Do we ignore it all together? Do we use it as motivation to put more work into our usual MSA activities?” Says another, “It would be nice to see some sort of unified response across all [MSA] campuses.” A third declares, “In all cases our action/reaction would be more effective if we get other like-minded student organizations, campus leaders, and professors to join in too. . . . Rather than critici[z]e this specific program, I think we need to discredit the whole [sponsoring] organization and its founders for being so hateful and intolerant.”The target of this ire is Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and the sponsor is the David Horowitz Freedom Center. It will be held on more than 100 college campuses across the United States during the week of October 22-26, and will be the largest conservative student protest in American history.The goals of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week are: · TO EXPLAIN WHO THE ENEMY IS — not “terror,” but a fanatical religious movement associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the sponsors of the Muslim Student Association; it is a movement including al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades — whose common goal is the creation of a global Muslim empire ruled by an Islamic “pope” or caliphate, to be based in Iraq, once America is defeated.· TO COUNTER THE LEFT’S BIG LIE — that “George Bush created the war on terror,” and to do this by means of campus demonstrations, guest speakers, and documentary films. The speakers will include former Senator Rick Santorum, Robert Spencer, Christopher Hitchens, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Frank Gaffney, Cliff May, Phyllis Chessler and Ibn Warraq. The films will include Obsession; Suicide Killers; Border; Islam vs. Islam; and Islam: What the West Needs to Know.· TO PROTEST THE VIOLENT OPPRESSION OF WOMEN IN ISLAM — the “honor killings,” arranged marriages, child brides, and second-class citizenship of Muslim women.

· TO STRENGTHEN THOSE ON CAMPUS WHO REJECT THE ANTI-AMERICAN CURRICULUM OF THE TENURED LEFT which teaches that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, imperialist “Great Satan” whose little Eichmanns deserve what they get at the hands of Medieval religious fanatics armed with the latest technologies of death.

· TO TEACH AN ALTERNATIVE CURRICULUM THAT WILL ARM AMERICA AGAINST THE RADICAL JIHAD – This curriculum will teach that Islam, as currently practiced in Muslim states, oppresses women, gays, Christians, Jews and atheists. It will teach that “Islamo-fascists hate us not because we are oppressors but because we are Christians, Jews, atheists, gays, and liberated women, and because we are tolerant, generous and free.”

In a related measure calling upon “all campus political, cultural, ethnic and religious groups to [oppose] all forms of religious supremacism, violence and intimidation,” the David Horowitz Freedom Center has drafted an Islamo-Fascism Petition affirming four major principles:

· “the right of all people to live in freedom and dignity”

· “the freedom of the individual conscience to change religions or have no religion at all”

· “the equality of dignity of women and men”

· “the right of all people to live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion”

The petition states descriptively and unequivocally: “Islamic Jihadists around the world have declared war on America, Israel and the West” and seek nothing less than “world domination” and “the suppression of all Infidels” — among which they enumerate homosexuals, Christians, Jews, and all non-religious people.

The Freedom Center is calling on the Muslim Student Association to sign the petition and to reject the hateful agendas of its sponsors, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Sincerity is the foundation of our existence.
Knowledge precedes our actions.
Humility guides our conduct.
Truthfulness is the mark of our speech.
Moderation is the compass of our journey.
Tolerance is the banner of our outreach.
Forgiveness precedes our reconciliatory efforts.
Patience is the hallmark of our planning.
Gratitude binds our hearts together.

The facts are quite different. Founded in January 1963 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood – which is the ideological forebear of all radical Islamic movements, including Hamas and al Qaeda — MSA currently has chapters on nearly 240 college and university campuses across North America. According to author and Islam expert Stephen Schwartz, MSA is a key lobbying organization for Wahhabism, the extremist form of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia. From its inception, MSA maintained close links with the Muslim World League (MWL), a Saudi-based, Saudi-funded organization that similarly promotes Wahhabism.

MSA also has strong ties to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, one of the vehicles through which the Saudi government funds Islamic extremism and international terrorism. WAMY was co-founded by Kamal Helwabi (a former senior member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) and Abdullah bin Laden (Osama bin Laden’s nephew). WAMY not only raises funds for Hamas, but in October 2002 it made Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al an “honored guest” at a Muslim youth and globalization conference held in Riyadh.

In years past, MSA solicited donations for the now-defunct Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, whose assets the U.S. government seized in December 2001 because that organization was giving financial support to Hamas.

An influential member of International ANSWER’s pro-Saddam, pro-Kim Jong-Il steering committee, MSA maintained a large presence at numerous ANSWER-sponsored antiwar demonstrations. While condemning the Patriot Act as an “infamous” piece of legislation, MSA chose not to endorse or participate in the May 14, 2005 “Free Muslims March Against Terror,” an event whose purpose was to “send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered . . . [and to send] a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them.”

On October 22, 2000, Ahmed Shama, then-president of the UCLA Muslim Students’ Association, led a crowd of demonstrators at the Israeli consulate in chants of “Death to Israel!” and “Death to the Jews!” One guest speaker at the event was Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) member Hamid Ayloush, who solicited contributions for the aforementioned Holy Land Foundation.

At a January 21, 2001 MSA event, guest speaker Imam Abdul Alim Musa declared that just as the Soviet Union had been “wiped off the face of the earth,” “Old Sam [the U.S.] is next.”

In recent years, MSA members at UCLA raised money for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists at their annual “Anti-Zionist Week.”

In March 2003, speaker Muammad Faheed told an MSA meeting at Queensborough Community College in New York: “The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!”

At its Annual Conference in 2003, the Iowa Muslim Student Association invited, as a guest speaker, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, an avowed “supporter of the Hamas movement.” CAIR is a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The University of Southern California MSA invited Taliban ambassador Sayyid Hashimi to speak on its campus six months before 9/11.

Why is a group like this receiving student funds on 150 American campuses? The Muslim Student Association is itself a hate group and part of the Islamo-Fascist movement of which Americans in general, and American students in particular, need to become aware. That’s why the David Horowitz Freedom Center is organizing October’s demonstrations, and that’s why the Muslim Student Association is so vexed about it.


More on the infamous despicable MSA Muslim Student Association

Penn State’s MSA Invited Neo-Nazi
As we noted yesterday, Pennsylvania State University has shut down Jewish student Joshua Stulman’s art exhibit about the effects of Palestinian terrorism,

Terrorist Students Association of the U.S and Canada

While the MSA portrays itself as a moderate group that opposes Islamic terrorism, its chapters’ websites have featured not only Osama bin Laden’s propaganda

‘muslim students association’ msa, Anti-American Hatred on Campus

MSA = Muslim Students of Allah – “Islam in Motion” conference targets New York City 3/25-26/05

the threats and bullying tactics of CAIR and MSA…

SPME: Re: More about SFSU… I stood with the Jewish students when members of GUPS and MSA surrounded us chanting, “Kill the Jews” among other threats of death and words of hatred. …

Islamism’s Campus Club: The Muslim Students’ Association – Middle …Death to the Jews!” MSA West president Sohail Shakr declared…

MPAC Director Salam al-Marayati, “Perspective on Operation Desert Strike,” MSA News, Sept. 5, 1996). Condemning America for “Terrorism”…

‘How Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology invade American Mosques’ -Testimony of Freedom House director before Senate Committee …MPAC has announced a policy of not accepting Saudi support. …Published by MSA U of Toronto to represent the views…

Discover the Arab Lobby network… MPAC co-founder Salam Al-Marayati … From its inception, MSA had close links with the extremist Muslim World …
The Muslim Students’ Association of the United States and Canada currently has chapters on some 150 college campuses across North America. According to Stephen Schwartz, MSA is a key lobbying organization for the Wahhabi sect of Islam. From its inception, MSA had close links with the extremist Muslim World League, whose chapters’ websites have featured not only Osama bin Laden’s propaganda, but also publicity-recruiting campaigns for Wahhabi subversion of the Chechen struggle in Russia. MSA once solicited donations for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, whose assets the U.S. government seized in December 2001 because that organization was giving financial support to the terrorist group Hamas. Charging that U.S. foreign policy is driven by militaristic imperialism, MSA steadfastly opposes the American military incursions into both Afghanistan and Iraq. The organization is also harshly critical of Israel’s allegedly oppressive policies vis a vis the Palestinian people residing in the West Bank and Gaza.

MSA, the Missing Co-Conspirator

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‘Holy Smoke’ Islamic drug market – Afghanistan opium at record high

August 27, 2007

BBC World: Afghanistan opium at record high
Opium production in Afghanistan  soars by more than a third to record levels, a UN report says.
View the full story at

Exposing the Arab Muslim TERROR LOBBY ‘CAIR’ & 9/11

August 26, 2007

Coming Clean About CAIR

CAIR finds itself among the unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation.

By Scott W. Johnson

One of the most significant terrorism prosecutions brought by the government since 9/11 commenced trial last month in federal district court in Dallas. The government’s 42-count indictment charges seven individuals and the Holy Land Foundation — the biggest Islamic charity in the United States — with offenses including conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, namely, Hamas. Two of the seven individual defendants have not been arrested and are fugitives.

The charges are dramatic. According to the indictment, U.S. based members of the Muslim Brotherhood established a Palestine Committee that was ultimately charged with the task of raising funds supporting Hamas’s efforts to eliminate the state of Israel. After the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, the Palestine Committee swung into high gear. At a secret three-day meeting in Philadelphia in October, 1993 (monitored by the FBI), those in attendance discussed how best to continue to support Hamas without being viewed as terrorists.

The Holy Land Foundation appears to have been the answer. Between 1995 and 2001, the foundation delivered millions of dollars to support Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza. The government charges that the foundation was a vital member of an international network of organizations that finances Hamas activities. Furthermore, the government charges that the Foundation and the individual defendants provided financial support to the families of Hamas terrorists, detainees, and activists knowing that the assistance would support Hamas ultimately contending that the story of the Holy Land Foundation is part of “the story of Hamas in the United States.”

In June, the government filed its brief outlining the types of evidence it intends to introduce during trial. One such type of evidence is the out-of-court statements of co-conspirators that it will seek to introduce under a traditional exception to the rule against hearsay. The government has identified more than 300 unindicted co-conspirators whose out-of-court statements it may seek to introduce at trial. As the government explains, “the defendants were operating in concert with a host of individuals and organizations dedicated to sustaining and furthering the Hamas movement.” Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, the out-of-court statements of a defendant’s co-conspirators are admissible against the defendant.

Although few outside the Islamic community are aware of the Holy Land Foundation, everyone, so to speak, knows of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR holds itself out as a civil rights group and has insinuated itself into programs sponsored by government agencies as a bona fide spokesman for America’s Islamic community. Knowledgeable observers have nevertheless long had their doubts about CAIR. Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha, for example, are the authors of a groundbreaking essay calling CAIR “Islamists fooling the establishment.”

CAIR is, in fact, among the more than 300 unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation named by the government in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution. The trial has already produced evidentiary bombshells detonating along a path leading to CAIR. It has introduced evidence placing CAIR executive director Nihad Awad at the 1993 Philadelphia meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee. FBI agent Lara Burns has testified that CAIR was listed as a member of the Palestine Committee. The evidence introduced at trial is conspicuously missing from the New York Times; the Times isn’t covering the trial. I found reports of the evidence introduced at trial posted on the invaluable Counterterrorism Blog by Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Although the Times has not stirred itself to cover the trial, it did cover last week’s filing of a motion by CAIR to strike the government’s pretrial list of unindicted co-conspirators. Neil MacFarquhar’s story dutifully recited CAIR’s charge that the government’s naming of unindicted co-conspirators constituted “the demonization of all things Muslim.” Such stuff is the grist for CAIR’s daily mill. If MacFarquhar read CAIR’s brief, he missed its newsworthy elements; CAIR is in full panic mode.

CAIR’s brief verges on hysteria in asserting that the government has harmed it by identifying it as an unindicted co-conspirator. It repeatedly asserts that the government’s identification of CAIR has reduced its membership and donations. CAIR asserts without reference to any facts that, since it was named an unindicted co-conspirator (this past June) its donations have “dwindled well below [its] monthly budget.” CAIR states over and over again:

[T]he mere publication of CAIR being named as an unindicted co-conspirator impresses upon the typical member of the American public that CAIR is involved in criminal activity. This is pure guilt by association. [The] negative reaction by the American public can be seen in the decline of membership rates and donations resulting from the government’s publicizing of CAIR as an unindicted coconspirator.

In footnotes supporting this statement CAIR cites Audrey Hudson’s June 11, 2007 Washington Times story on CAIR’s membership decline. At the time of the publication of Hudson’s story this past June, however, CAIR vociferously disputed its accuracy. In a June 12 press release, CAIR assserted:

CAIR today accused a right-wing Washington, D.C., newspaper of “agenda-driven reporting” for falsely suggesting there has been a drop in its grassroots support. According to CAIR, an article in today’s Washington Times newspaper misrepresented figures on its tax filings to falsely indicate a drop in membership.  

On the one hand, CAIR’s brief in the Holy Land Foundation trial confirms Hudson’s story. Indeed, it cites Hudson’s story to support its argument. CAIR’s brief also shows CAIR’s contemporaneous statement disputing the accuracy of Hudson’s story to be false. On the other hand, however, CAIR’s brief misleads when it suggests that Hudson’s story supports its argument in the Holy Land Foundation case. The government named CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator of the Holy Land Foundation this year during the first week of June. Hudson’s Washington Times story was based on data covering the period 2000-2006, before CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator. CAIR’s citation of Hudson’s story in support of the argument made in its brief piles one convenient falsehood on top of another.

The legal argument supporting CAIR’s motion seems thin as well. CAIR objects to the government’s pretrial identification of it as an unindicted co-conspirator, but acknowledges that the government can identify it as such during trial in order to lay the foundation for the admission of co-conspirator hearsay. Trial is now underway and CAIR’s motion will likely be overtaken by events. By the last paragraph of its brief, CAIR seems to be suggesting that it is unconstitutional for the government ever to name an unindicted co-conspirator.

One cannot dispute that CAIR has reason to worry. It has long been known that it first opened for business in 1994 with the assistance of a $5,000 donation from the Holy Land Foundation. Evidence introduced at trial continues to shed new light on CAIR’s origins. CAIR is understandably concerned that its association with the Holy Land Foundation might give people an idea about the organization. As CAIR explains in its brief:

[T]he public “outing” of CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator fundamentally undercuts their [sic] central mission to protect Muslim-Americans’ civil rights and foster an atmosphere of acceptance of Muslims in American society. Any message that CAIR tries to deliver to the American public, will be undercut by the insinuation that they are a criminal terrorist organization. The American public and the media which CAIR uses to deliver its message will no longer believe in the veracity of such message because CAIR will be perceived as a terrorist front organization.

One can only hope.

Lebanon: 2 Palestinians suspected of bombing UN mission

August 26, 2007

Lebanon: 2 Palestinians suspected of bombing UN mission

Jerusalem Post, Israel – Aug 23, 2007
By AP Lebanese authorities have arrested two Palestinians in connection with a roadside bombing that targeted UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon last month …

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Is Iran meddling in Afghanistan? Global Islamic Mehdi Army & Domination

August 26, 2007

Is Iran meddling in Afghanistan?
Christian Science Monitor, MA – Aug 7, 2007 Islam Qala, Afghanistan – Iran’s broadening influence beyond its border with Iraq, …

‘Palestinians’ Islamic Hamas’ war on Christians

August 16, 2007

 ‘Palestinians’ Islamic Hamas’ war on Christians

Gaza’s Christian Arabs Living in Fear

Bombs hit Christian bookstore, two Internet cafes in Gaza City …Bombs hit Christian bookstore, two Internet cafes in Gaza City-News and commentary … 11:17 Senior Hamas official: Suicide bombers ruined past peace bids …

Reuters AlertNet – Bombs hit Christian bookshop, Internet cafe in GazaGAZA, April 15 (Reuters) – Bombs damaged a Christian bookstore and an Internet … Elsewhere in Gaza City, a bomb destroyed an Internet cafe, police said.

Christians warned: Accept Islamic lawAsked if Hamas is seeking to impose hard-line Islamic law on the Palestinians, al-Zahar responded, … Christian bookstore bombed by terrorists …

YMCA warned to vacate Hamas townFROM WND’S JERUSALEM BUREAU YMCA warned to vacate Hamas town After 6 years of operation, Christian organization being booted by terror group …

Palestinians burn West Bank YMCAFROM WND’S JERUSALEM BUREAU Palestinians burn West Bank YMCA Follows Muslim warnings for Christian group to leave Hamas-controlled town or see violence …

Palestinians torch Qalqilya YMCA – Israel News, YnetnewsPalestinians torch Qalqilya YMCA. Prior to attack, Christian groups warned to vacate Hamas-controlled West Bank town; identities of attackers known to local …,7340,L-3302162,00.html Christian Monastery Attacked in GazaDuring the recent fighting in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah, the Christian community in Gaza was also targeted. The Palestinian paper Al-Ayyam reported that …

Gaza Christians Wary After Hamas Takeover — 06/19/2007Hamas is not opposed to Christian worship, said Massad. Christians want to live their faith, he said, but he admitted that they don’t have “full freedom” in …

Digg – Hamas Destroys Christian School and Church Now that there are no Jews in Gaza and Hamas is in control, they’re beginning the process of driving out the remaining Christians: Gaza’s Christians fear …

Hamas control has Gaza’s Christians on edge — The Washington …The Washington Times Foreign: Hamas control has Gaza’s Christians on edge. 

‘Hamas forced professor to convert’ | Jerusalem PostSome 3000 Christians live in the Gaza Strip. Following the Hamas takeover of the Strip, many of them have expressed their desire to leave. …

Officials: Hamas forcibly converted Christian woman to Islam …Ynet News, Middle East News: Gaza-based professor goes missing for weeks, indicates she is abducted, then surfaces a Muslim.,7340,L-3434253,00.html

Hamas pressing Gaza Christians to become MuslimsThe Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip are pressuring local Christians to either become Muslims or leave the area, according to Palestinian officials who spoke … 

Eye On The World: Hamas demands Christians adopt Islam or leave

Christian Persecution Blog: Hamas Turns on Gaza ChristiansThis morning I was reading in Israel Today a brief story about how Hamas has turned on Gaza Christians over the weekend. Here’s the story in its entirety …

Leaders of Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror groups in Bethlehem also told WND they were not aware of any al-Qaida elements in Bethlehem.
Local Christian leaders speaking to WND said they cannot confirm any al-Qaida groups present in Bethlehem, but stated they are concerned by what they said was growing radicalization and militancy among Palestinian groups who reportedly have been targeting Christians in the city.
Christian leaders, most of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, said they face an atmosphere of regular hostility and intimidation by Muslims. They said Palestinian armed groups stir tension by holding militant demonstrations and marches in the streets. They spokes of instances in which Christian shopkeepers’ stores were recently ransacked and Christian homes attacked.
The Christian leaders said one of the most significant problems facing Christians in Bethlehem is the rampant confiscation of land by Muslim gangs.
“There are many cases where Christians have their land stolen by the [Muslim] mafia,” Samir Qumsiyeh, a Bethlehem Christian leader and owner of the Beit Sahour-based private Al-Mahd (Nativity) TV station, told WND.
“It is a regular phenomenon in Bethlehem. They go to a poor Christian person with a forged power of attorney document, then they say we have papers proving you’re living on our land. If you confront them, many times the Christian is beaten. You can’t do anything about it. The Christian loses and he runs away,” Qumsiyeh said.
One Christian Bethlehem resident told WND her friend recently fled Bethlehem after being accused by Muslims of selling property to Jews, a crime punishable by death in some Palestinian cities.
A February Jerusalem Post article cited the case of Faud and Georgette Lama, Christian residents of Bethlehem who said their land was stolen by local Muslims and when they tried to do something about it, Faud was beaten by gunmen.
Bethlehem Christian leaders noted they cannot complain to local authorities since the city’s security forces are controlled by the PA.
“What authorities?” said one Christian leader, rhetorically. “You mean the security forces controlled by the Palestinian government, which is allowing this to happen?”
Qumsiyeh commented, “The gangs hide behind the security forces, and one cannot petition the court system. That takes years and many times a verdict isn’t even reached.”
Qumsiyeh himself has been targeted by local militias. Earlier this year, after speaking out publicly against anti-Christian violence, Qumsiyeh says his house was attacked with Molotov cocktails.
“It was an absolute miracle I wasn’t killed. Also my wife was outside at the time. My home has a big gas line that could have exploded,” he said.

Dutch worry about Islam, that calls: “to oppress, persecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force”

August 16, 2007

 ‘oppress, kill non Muslims, rape women, establish Islamic state by force’
CNS ^ | August 16, 2007
Dutch Reject Call to Ban Koran But Worry About Islam

( – Three out of four citizens of the Netherlands reject a populist lawmaker’s call for the Koran to be banned, according to a poll that also indicates a deep level of concern about the role of Islam in their country. Geert Wilders of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (PVV) last week called publicly for the Koran to be banned. The subject continues to stir debate, and the Dutch ANP news agency reported that authorities have received “scores” of complaints from around the country. In an open letter published in a Dutch newspaper, Wilders said some of the text’s verses instruct Muslims “to oppress, persecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force.” Meanwhile, Wilders says he plans to press criminal charges against a Dutch-Moroccan rapper who calls himself Appa, after the rapper told a newspaper that “if someone were to put a bullet in his [Wilders’] head, I wouldn’t mind.”…

“Palestinian” Animalism!

August 16, 2007

“Palestinian” Animalism!

1) It’s not only that they aim at unarmed innocent people to massacre them, but it’s also about the WAY, form in which they murder.

2) Their sick “apetite” in taking out body parts, “playing”… & bragging in public with it.

3) The cult of ‘child sacrifice’ killing own kids so that the media sees Israel in a bad light.

4) Inner violence is also, in an animalistic way.


A still from the Hamas video


Killing their own kids & Blame Israel:

* * *

“Palestinians” Killing “Palestinians”

More at:


More on the inner Svagery ‘Palestinians vs ‘Palestinians’ [2007]

Watch Hamas Palestinian Torture & Calm

Lebanese authorities arrest 4 Palestinians planning bombings

August 15, 2007

Lebanese authorities arrest 4 Palestinians planning bombings

Army commander: Militant group battling Lebanese troops in refugee camp al-Qaida affiliated
The Associated PressPublished: August 13, 2007

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Lebanon’s army commander said Monday that the militant group battling troops in a northern Palestinian refugee camp was affiliated with al-Qaida, the first high-ranking official to make such a statement.

Some Lebanese government officials had alleged the Fatah Islam group holed up in the Nahr el-Bared camp was created by Syria, a claim denied by Gen. Michel Suleiman.

“This organization is not the creation of Syrian intelligence, nor its it supported by pro-government Lebanese groups,” Suleiman said on the state-run National News Agency. “It is a branch of the al-Qaida organization that was planning to make Lebanon and Palestinian camps a safe haven from which it would launch its operations in Lebanon and outside.”

The previously unheard of group has been fighting Lebanese soldiers in Nahr el-Bared near the northern port city of Tripoli since May 20.

Anti-Syrian Lebanese government officials have accused Damascus of being behind the group in an attempt to destabilize Lebanon following its forced withdrawal from the country in 2005.

Some government opponents, however, have accused pro-government groups of supporting the fundamentalist Sunni group, allegedly to counter the Shiite Hezbollah guerrilla group’s influence in Lebanon.

Speaking to a group of army officers, Suleiman said Monday that the group was a “highly trained military organization” armed with the most modern and sophisticated weapons.

He estimated the number of militants still holed up in the camp to be around 70, accompanied by some 100 women and children believed to be relatives. When the fighting broke out in May, the number of Fatah Islam militants was estimated at 360.

Suleiman said the army was advancing slowly inside the camp to spare the civilians. The military continued its campaign Monday, fighting Fatah Islam at close range inside the camp and pounding the group’s hideouts with artillery, according to the NNA.

Despite an American airlift to provide the Lebanese army with weapons and other equipment during the fighting, Suleiman lamented the lack of sufficient military hardware.

“We received a lot of promises and wishes, some ammunition, but no equipment,” he said.

His comments Monday came as the State Department announced that Fatah Islam has been added to a U.S. international terrorism blacklist under an executive order aimed at cutting off finances to extremist organizations.

The step cuts off Fatah al-Islam from the U.S. financial system and freezes any assets it or its members may have in the United States or under U.S. jurisdiction, the department said in a statement.

A senior security official said Monday that Lebanese authorities have arrested four Palestinians outside a southern refugee camp who allegedly confessed to planning bombings inside the country.

The men also admitted belonging to Fatah Islam, according to the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

News of the arrests, which occurred Friday near the Ein al-Hilweh camp on the outskirts of the southern city of Sidon, came a day after a Syrian Islamist warned that members of Fatah Islam were loose inside Lebanon and would soon launch attacks.

Abu Jandal al-Dimashqi, the self-declared leader of Tawhid and Jihad in Syria, said in an audio tape aired Sunday that some Fatah Islam members had left the northern Nahr el-Bared camp and warned the government to expect a “black day.”

The authenticity of the audio tape could not be verified, but it was posted on a Web site commonly used by Islamic militants.

Based on the confessions of the four Palestinians arrested Friday, authorities are searching for additional Fatah Islam suspects, the senior security official said.

The conflict in Nahr el-Bared is Lebanon’s worst internal violence since the 1975-90 civil war and has claimed the lives of 136 soldiers. An undetermined number of militants — at least 60 — and more than 20 civilians have also died in the fighting.

Court officials have said that some 60 Fatah Islam members have been arrested since the fighting began and are being questioned about their involvement in terrorist acts and possession and use of weapons and explosives.