Germans Should Nix Mega Mosque

Germans Should Nix Mega Mosque
By J. Grant Swank Jr. (06/26/07)

Next to a famous Christian landmark Muslims intend to construct their huge mosque, one of the largest in Europe.

The Germans should nix this project now.

Per the London Daily Telegraph from Cologne, “the construction of one of Europe’s biggest mosques near a globally famous Christian landmark has sparked a furious dispute in Germany.”

There sits the Cologne Cathedral. Now the 2,000-seat mosque is to be towering via twin
minarets skyscraping 170 feet upward.

“’Muslims have been here for 40 years, yet people are praying in back rooms,’ said Seyda Can, an Islamic theologian at the Turkish Islamic Union in Cologne. ‘There are 120,000 Muslims in Cologne, that’s 12 percent of the population. We should not hide.’”


They are hiding every day of their lives. How? By remaining mute as zealot Muslims lay low both Muslims and non-Muslims. Why are not the 120,000 Cologne Muslims at the forefront in outrage over their religionists blowing up innocent citizens, canceling out a democracy plant in Iraq and Afghanistan, and threatening the planet with destruction?

All the more that Germans should see to it that these cowardly quiet Muslims have no say in their environs. They obviously have chosen to say nothing regarding the Islamic carnage that the rest of the world has had to put up with. Why then should they have a “say” with their mosque in Cologne.

Their “say” is always nothing relating to the present-tense fear enveloping the globe. Nothing. They say nothing. Yet they want to have their minarets reaching into German heavens.

Is this to prove some sort of prowess? If so, what prowess? It certainly is not prowess in defense of civility, in honor of non-Muslims who deserve the right to live in this world in peace.

As a Christian I protest loudly that such a monument to silent Muslims be cancelled out with prominent aplomb. Let the protests be loud and clear, heard around the world, agreed upon by all those who defend human rights.

The Muslims wail that they don’t have their place, that they have had to pray in “back rooms,” that they deserve as prominent a place in society as anyone else. Then let them prove their love for liberty, their understanding of democracy, and their defense of every mortal having the right to exist without fear of being laid low by a fanatic Allah devotee.

These Muslims clamoring for their mega mosque have to learn that they are not going to get everything they demand just by stomping and stuttering. Their lives have to prove to decent people that they too are decent; otherwise, they should be deported. Why? Because these very Muslims have laid low non-Muslims? Not necessarily, but because they have laid low in their silence while zealots have raised the sword against every nation on Earth.

Saying nothing in light of Muslim carnage is playing on the side of the murderers.

If persons professing to be Christians were slaughtering non-Christians and cowardly Christians who did not join the slaughter, real Christians would be vocal 24 / 7, in every country, by every means.

Not so with Muslims. They just sit there. They don’t do anything to quell the bombastic fanatics. Yet they demand a mega mosque in Germany. If that is granted, the Germans have lost their sense of all that is fair and right.

“Work will begin this fall on the $30 million mosque, which will include huge glass and stone cupolas and two six-story minarets.

“’It’s not a popular plan,’ said Jorg Uckermann, the district’s deputy mayor.

“’We don’t want to build a Turkish ghetto in Ehrenfeld. I know about Londonistan, and I don’t want that here,’ he added, referring to a phrase used to describe the rising trend of radical Islam in England.

“Mr. Uckermann is part of a curious coalition of protesters that united Jewish intellectuals with hard-core nationalists.

“Leading the charge is Ralph Giordano, a prominent Jewish author, who wrote recently that Germany is witnessing a ‘clash of two completely different cultures’ and questioned whether they could ever be reconciled.

“Stating that he had received death threats for his opinions, he added: ‘What kind of a state are we in that I can face a fatwa in Germany?’”

With media now reporting suicide bombers in Europe, Canada and the United States, why
should any of these free lands open up to a mega mosque? It could very well turn out that mosques globally are nothing but sleeper cell hangouts. What will liberty nations do when blow-ups such as occur daily in Iraq become daily fare in free territories?

Remember that street killers have the upper hand. No politicians, no peacekeepers, no humanitarians can turn around the bloody agenda of street killers. They always win. Check out Iraq and Afghanistan, Darfur and Sudan as horrific examples.

Why then invite them to house in a Cologne mega mosque?

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