The Racist Arab Control is also in… Haiti

The Racist Arab Control is also in… Haiti

Just when you thought you know all about Arab racism, like; against Jews, against Africans such as in Sudan, Chad & in Egypt, against Asians residing in Saudi Arabia, against Kurds, etc.

You also knew who bribed Chavez in Venezuela…

Haiti? nah, you wouldn’t think…

Well, We spoke lately to Haiti refugees, as you know, Haiti is the poorest country in that region, even poorer than neighbouring Dominican Republic.

They explained it bluntly, greedy Arab business owners, mainly from Syria, CONTROL the entire country, and will NOT let any Haitian native have any opportunity in establishing a business.

Their words, not mine!

Arab racism in control?

As old as Slavery is!

2 Responses to “The Racist Arab Control is also in… Haiti”

  1. jacklyn smith Says:

    I completely agree, they have beem running the country behing close door for the 60 years. They need to get out of our country. haiti belong to the black haitians, not no damn Bin laden.

  2. e s Says:

    I knew they were a hateful lot especially towards Asians (I am one). But I never knew that they were so hateful towards Blacks. Drive them out of Haiti before it’s too late. Send them back to the Middle east. Sorry, normally I’m not this hateful, but many people like myself truly despise Arabs. They’re inhuman!!

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