Islamo-Arab Palestinian – Religion of Violence & Cruelty

Islamo-Arab Palestinian – Religion of Violence & Cruelty
And they blame the non Muslim Israeli victims for their aninamlistic cult???

Gaza infighting becoming increasingly brutal – Jun 12, 2007Gaza residents, speaking reluctantly on condition of anonymity fearing for their lives, say most of the cruel acts are carried out by Hamas. …

Gaza Christians Wary After Hamas Takeover, VA – Jun 19, 2007The PA police, associated with Fatah, took over the roof of the church building several times as a lookout point because it is located near the police …

Palestinians’ Hatred for One Another Overflows / Accuracy In Media, DC – Jun 20, 2007 The Palestinians’ actions were the cause of a brief but, intense two-front war between Israel and the Palestinians and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. …

HAMAS-ISTAN New York Post, NY – Jun 15, 2007… after a prolonged game of Throw the Other Guy Off the Roof. Hamas has never for a moment deviated from its maximalist demands: the destruction of Israel …

Middle East Online Middle East Online, UK – Jun 11, 2007… near the seafront in Gaza moments before he was flung to his death from the roof of a building by fighters loyal to the Islamist Hamas movement, …

NEW: Fatah gunmen storm Hamas-controlled Palestinian parliament … – Jun 16, 2007At the parliament building, the Fatah supporters chanted, “Hamas Out,” climbed on the roof of the building and fired in the air, AP said. …

Spiegel Online
Hamas’ Triumph of Violence,1518,489185,00.html Spiegel Online, Germany – Jun 18, 2007Early in the week, Hamas militias abducted a cook from Abbas’s presidential guard and hurled him from the roof of a 15-story building. … Ha’aretz, Israel – Jun 18, 2007… another who was thrown off a roof. On Friday, with the chaotic coastal strip firmly under their control, Hamas declared a general amnesty for Fatah men.

Editorial: The Palestinian Massacre, Israel – Jun 18, 2007Hamas militants killed some of their Fatah brothers by throwing them off the roof of an 18th floor building in Gaza, or by stripping them down to their …

Gaza Catholic School ‘Desecrated’ Christian Broadcasting Network, VA – Jun 21, 2007Gunmen used the roof of the school during the fighting, and the convent was “desecrated,” Mussallem said. Seven computers were removed, but three were …

The Age Terror as Hamas opens fire at Israelis, fugitives The Age, Australia – Jun 19, 2007… roof sheets and digging up pipes and wiring. “If we went back to Gaza, Hamas would execute us,” said a 30 year-old man who gave his name as Abu Faras. …

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  1. Roman Pytel Says:

    The Heliocentric Islam of Iran

    Behind the Children’s Crusade of Hamas

    Disappointed when the Jews did not acknowledge his leadership, Mohammed turned against them and invoked Hanifism, the supposedly uncorrupted religion of Abraham, against them (According to one tradition, in this “uncorrupted religion” Abraham went through with the sacrifice of his son). He also ascribed to Abraham many of the elements of Arab paganism that he took over into Islam. From this time on, Mohammed no longer regarded Islam as a form of revelation ranking with Judaism and Christianity; he proclaimed it to be the one and only true religion.

    We have to consider the dialogue between God and Abraham within the context of the ancient Near East. Abraham lived in a world of idolatrous child offerings, where fathers demonstrated fealty to Molech by placing their children on the blood-thirsty sun god Molech’s or Baal’s fiery altars (Tragically, this cruel form of idolatry has returned with a vengeance to the present-day Middle East, with Palestinian parents, teachers and preachers encouraging children to blow themselves up, along with innocent Israeli mothers and babies).

    Abraham was almost expecting the divine voice to command: “Take now your son, the one whom you love…and offer him up as a whole burnt offering.” (Gen 22:2). In the fanatical religious climate of the Middle East, Abraham’s silent acquiescence was nothing unusual. The entire point of the akedah story is to prohibit child sacrifice. The Almighty’s demands are quantitatively different from those of Molech – and, for that matter, of militant Islam. The emotional load of the Izaak story was so overwhelming that it sabotaged the bloody cult of the sun god Moloch-Baal and liberated children of Israel from its murderous burden.

    Much enthusiasm was shown for Greek scientific, medical and philosophical literature. Hellenic and Hellenistic writings were paraphrased and translated. With these was merged the ‘scientific’ lore of India, which was especially important in the field of mathematics. The so-called Arabic numerals and medieval algebra appear to have been obtained mainly from India. In this way Islam took over Hellenic and Indian learning i.e. heliocentric vision of the universe in which the fire god is the Supreme One.

    The Muslims passed it on to the Christians, mainly through the Muslim civilization of Spain. Christian scholars visited the great Muslim cultural site in Cordova and took back some knowledge of the Muslim versions of the ancient Greek learning. Toledo was captured by the Christians in 1085, and the Christian assimilation of Muslim learning was still further facilitated thereby. In the 12th c. a Christian churchman in Toledo established an institute for translators and thus notably promoted the transmission of Muslim knowledge to the scholarly monks of Christendom (Barnes The History of Western Civilization, 536) The Jewish philosopher Maimonides was very influential in passing on a knowledge of Averroes to the Christian scholars (541) The leading Christian translator of Muslim scientific works was Gerard of Cremona (died 1197) The learning of both Christians and Muslims in the medieval period was based chiefly on the earlier pagan scholarship, particularly that of the Greeks. Islam made it somewhat less difficult than did Christianity to appropriate this ancient pagan erudition. Especially in Iran where the ancient solar religion of the Aryans reigned supreme and together with it the heliocentric degradation of man.

    No ancient heliocentrist would have taught that man is the king of creation, and that the starry heaven and the planet earth were created for his sake. He, who doubts the assertion, may turn to the Magical and Philosophical Precepts of Zoroaster (Psellus, Chaldean Oracles, 4, CXLIV), and find its corroboration in the following:
    “Direct not thy mind to the vast measures of the earth;
    For the plant of truth is not upon ground.
    Nor measure the measures of the sun, collecting rules,
    For he is carried by the eternal will of the Father, not for your sake,
    Dismiss the impetuous course of the moon;
    For she runs always by work of necessity.
    The progression of the stars was not generated for your sake.”
    Centuries later the same heliocentric depreciation of man was expressed in a quatrain from the Rubaiyat by the Persian poet Omar Khayyam, who was also a mathematician, and a drunkard, like Tom Paine:

    ‘This nothing but a magic Shadow-show
    Played in a box whose candle is the Sun
    Round which we Phantom Figures come and go.

    The circumambulations around the Kaaba recently inspired the late Iranian philosopher Al-Shariati with such a reminiscence: “As you circumambulate and move closer to the Kaaba, you feel like a small stream merging with a big river. Carried by a wave you lose touch with the ground. Suddenly, you are floating, carried on by the flood. As you approach the center, the pressure of the crowd squeezes you so hard that you are given a new life. You are now part of the people; you are now a Man, alive and eternal…The Kaaba is the world’s sun whose face attracts you into its orbit. You have become part of this universal system. Circumambulating around Allah, you will soon forget yourself…you have been transformed into a particle that is gradually melting and disappearing. This is absolute love at its peak.”
    Fist of all, please note the equivalency of the Kaaba (i.e. a stone) with Allah, i.e. Allah = sun. Second of all, Khayyam’s phantom figures have been transformed into gradually melting and disappearing particles. Or, in other words, a man in heliocentric philosophy turns into a collective or mass man. Thinking, individual human being means nothing in this totalitarian philosophy.
    It was for this reason that the purely mechanistic theory of salvation offered by Bolshevism was so welcome to the great mass of the people, to whom personality in its freedom, pride, and responsibility was completely unknown. For it declared automatic action to be the highest ideal, and undertook further to make no demands on the creative energies of the worker and on his independent personality, but was, on the contrary, ready to “release” everyone from independent initiative and independent judgment. In the factory paradise of the Bolshevists, no one was to be faced with personal decision, for the communist State asked merely for blind obedience (or “obedience of a corpse”) and very limited mental attainments. This hope of a reign of complete intellectual irresponsibility for the individual was perhaps the mainspring of the attraction, which the Bolshevist theory had for the Russian masses, and was that which ensured it so rapid a triumph. Let me remind here that the term catholic means a mass, universal, average man devoid of any responsibility. “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; and sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” (Act, 2:44-45) The Essenes lived in the Pythagorean communistic communities.

    The Buddha saw the world as a process of incessable change and becoming. There is no room left for the individual “I” which gives rise to all sorrows, binding us with cords to the world of illusion. But when a wise man knows there is no such “I” the bonds are loosened.

    For Zen, body, mind, and spirit are not three substantially different entities. The natural scientist stands in the physical world and sees the human being as a continuous part of it. Such a perspective understands human activity to be governed by natural laws i.e. Karma.

    The law of karma was and still is the blueprint for terrorism. The Assassins, a secret politico-religious order of eleventh-century Islam, made the murder of its enemies a religious duty. We observe the same immoral attitude in the Christian principle of extermination of heretics. An absolute ruler presided over three deputy masters. Under them were the initiated, and then the students, who were only partially acquainted with the secrets of the order. The students in time graduated into the ranks of the initiated. Below the students came the active members of the order, “the devoted ones,” young men who were kept in absolute ignorance of the teaching of the sect, but from whom complete obedience was expected. They were the blind instruments in the work of secret political assassination planned by the leaders. The terrorism they spread for two centuries was disproportionately greater than their actual numbers, and the name “Assassin” became associated with dread in the Middle East.
    The secret of their power lay primarily in the peculiar manner of their training. Before they were assigned to their tasks, the disciples were stupefied by means of hashish (“assassin” is just the English analogue of the Arabic hashshashin, one who is addicted to hashish), and, while in an ecstatic state, plunged into sensual pleasure, as a foretaste of the bliss which would be theirs in paradise if they faithfully followed the orders of their superlords. The training was so marvelously effective that the young men were indifferent to the threat of death, which gave them a considerable edge over their opponents.

    The Thugs of India were comparable. A religious fraternity of Hindu origin, they were known to commit murders in honor of the goddess Kali as early as 1290, and lived chiefly on plunder. (Thug=conceal, hence a cheat in Sanskrit). They were highly organized gangs traveling about India for more than three hundred years. They had a jargon and signs, and the character of their assassinations conformed to certain ancient religious rites, pointing back to the destructive power of nature. It comes as no surprise then that the Darwinian notion of struggle for survival was inspired by the Hindu notion of karsati which means the same.

    The religious aspect of Darwinism is implicit; the thugs committed murders and robbed their victims in honor of Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction and wife of Shiva. The British pirates were her early disciples. The father of modern physiology Virchov called Darwinism a “handbook of terrorism.”

    Another class of Thugs murdered people in charge of children and then sold the children into slavery. They really formed a caste hereditary for the most part, although a few recruits were admitted from outside. A number of Muhammedans joined. After each murder, there would be a special ritual in honor of Kali, the feminine aspect of nature’s demonic power.

    Consider in this context this report from Newsweek: “A Moroccan youth, “hopped-up” on hashish, goes berserk on a Tangier street and stabs four persons.” And here is a passage from A. Hitler’s Mein Kampf: “Our meeting hardly begun when my Storm Troops – as they became from that day – attacked. Like wolves they flung themselves upon enemy in packs of eight and ten. How many of these men I never really knew until that day. And at their head was gallant Rudolf, my personal secretary, Hess.”The Palestinian terrorists imitate them by throwing their arms in the Nazi greeting and proudly displaying swastikas.

    The swastika signified at first the arms crossed over the breast, the regular Indian gesture of submission and also the legs similarly folded as the statues of Buddha are usually represented. The exclamation “swastika” the Hindus still employ as a mode of assent, synonymous with Amen, So be it or to speak masonically, “So mote it be!” When a man desires to become a Bandya (Buddhist monk) the rites required for his initiation occupy three days, foremost amongst which the swastika is solemnly set upon an altar of unbaked bricks; the neophyte being seated on the ground with his legs disposed after the same fashion. The statues of the goddess Kali also bear the symbol of swastika i.e. the symbol of total submission referred to in the Nazi jargon “Kadavergehorsam,” i.e. submission like that of a corpse.

    In Buddhism, the swastika is an ancient traditional symbol of Buddha’s heart, often appearing emblazoned on his chest in religious artwork. Let me add here that early Christians portrayed in the Roman catacombs wore dresses adorned with swastikas. Centuries later the Buddha was raised by Roman Catholic Church to the rank of a saint under name of Josaphat.

    The Buddha preaching his first sermon in the deer park at Benares is indicated by a cushioned, empty throne on which the swastika, an ancient solar symbol is carved. In Copernicus’s book we find the description of the sun god sitting on his royal throne and ruling surrounding family of stars.

    The ecumenism with Aryan, solar tradition of India meant the rejection of the monotheistic teaching of the Quran inspired by the Hebrew Bible:

    Thus did He show Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, so that he might become a firm believer. When night drew its shadow over him, he saw a star. ‘That,’ he said, ‘is surely my God.’ But when it faded in the morning light, he said: ‘I will not worship gods that fade.’ When he beheld the rising moon, he said: ‘That is my God.’ But when it set, he said: ‘If my Lord does not guide me, I shall surely go astray.’ Then, when he beheld the sun shining, he said: ‘That must be my God: he is the largest.’ But when it set, he said to his people: ‘I disown your idols. I will turn my face to Him who has created the heavens and the earth, and will live a righteous life. I am no idolater. – 6:79

    Consider in this context some dogmas of modern science: The length of an object is not in the object but in its relationship to the observer (Einstein); Light is basically waves but is also basically particles (Bohr), The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line (Fuller), and some particles get from one place to another place without passing through the places in between (Planck).

    It is not hard for a modern physicist or mathematician to believe in the LSD world. One difference between the view of the mystic and that of the physicist seems to me to be more apparent than real. This is the question whether there is mind in the basic structure of the cosmos, if the universe is conscious. The mystic sees everything as a manifestation of the conscious One and perceives the universe as made up of mind, of which he is a part. In a peak experience or in LSD-type states, the same sense remains. That’s what their testimonies say.

    The Iranian mystic and philosopher Suhrawardi also called al-Maqtul (1155-1191) claimed that the heliocentric system had been revealed to Hermes, the Greek counterpart of the Egyptian ape-god Thoth. That explains why in one of his letters Darwin wrote, He who understands baboon known more about metaphysics than philosopher Locke. De revolutionibus was not dictated by the little agitation of Copernicus’s mind. Oh no! Its irrationality could have come only from the desk of a baboon.

    It is obvious that rehabilitation of heliocentrism and evolutionism by pope John Paul II pave the way for Ahmadinejad and justified all killings of Palestinian ‘assassins’
    turned into self-styled martyrs. Palestine as a bridgehead of the god Shiva is on their minds.

    Dr. Roman Pytel, Poles for Israel 06/30/07

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