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UK Muslims busy, London hit with 2 attempts to commit massacres, Was it before or after Friday’s “holy” sermons in the “holy” Islamic Mosques?

June 29, 2007

UK Muslims busy, London hit with 2 attempts to commit massacres

Was it before or after Friday’s “holy” sermons in the “holy” Islamic Mosques?

London on alert after police avert car
British police on Friday defused a car bomb which they said could have caused carnage in London’s entertainment district, sparking a manhunt and urgent probe into possible international links.

Car bomb defused outside London night club

Second car bomb found in London

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America Supports Terrorists: Palestinian State by Appeasement

June 28, 2007

America Supports Terrorists: Palestinian State by Appeasement!5F8571F504717D9D!1003.entry

Here is another Hamas-Fatah-Palestine consideration. Fatah has a history of corrupt thuggery that has embezzled money meant for the people and used it for hate propaganda, guns & ammo as well as self-aggrandizement of the Fatah Thug elites. The PLO of which Fatah is central has been has been stealing from its people at least from the time dead thug-in-chief Yasser Arafat manipulated the Palestinian movement as mob corporation to become a millionaire.

Enter Hamas: they lost the corruption factor toward their people. However they embraced the radical Islamism of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi Mohammedanism. This school of thought considers the medieval pseudo-prophet Mohammed’s death-cult ideology to spread Mohammed’s teaching as purity and that resistance is futile. All must be assimilated or die.

Both are murderers with a different vision with the only one goal – the destruction of Israel (the first by deception, the later with overt intent).

Can anyone see the lunacy of giving weaponry to either group? Weapons were already given to Fatah, which fell into the hands of Hamas in Gaza. America and the EU is considering giving weapons and money to unstable Fatah ludicrously thinking it will bolster a corrupt and weak Mahmoud Abbas.



Arabs losing faith in the causeBy Youssef M. Ibrahim
June 25, 2007 / 9 Tamuz, 5766
JewishWorldReview | Why is America trying to pour new money and more weapons into Palestinian Arab hands barely days after the Gaza debacle? It is an ill-considered policy, both premature and useless. The only sure result will be that warring gangs in the West Bank will use every new weapon to continue the mayhem and that the millions paid out won’t buy as much as a bottle of milk for Palestinian Arab civilians. Instead, the money will end up in the pockets and bank accounts of the same crooks who lost Gaza.Indeed, why try to recreate a world that has just crumbled? America and Israel may want to wait for what may turn out to be a changing of the guard: Arab voices, both expert and popular, are rising in vociferous denunciations of the once sacrosanct Palestinian Arabs.“It is idle to think that Gaza could be written off as a Hamas dominion while Fatah held its own in the towns of the West Bank,” Fouad Ajami of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies noted in a sobering analysis published Tuesday in the New York Times. “The abdication and the anarchy have damaged both Palestinian realms. Nablus in the West Bank is no more amenable to reason than is Gaza; the writ of the pitiless preachers and gunmen is the norm in both places.”While Mr. Ajami’s commentary is poised, there is no such thing:

“Palestinians today need to be left without a shred of a doubt” as to what other Arabs think of them, a widely read opinion commentator for the Saudi daily Asharq Al Awsat, Mamoun Fandy, thundered on Monday. “We need to tell them the only thing they have proven over 50 years is that they are adolescents who cannot and should not be trusted to run institutions of state or any other important matters.”

While it could be argued that the overwhelming public outrage in Saudi Arabia reflects resentment over the collapse of the much-vaunted reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah which was personally brokered by King Abdullah earlier this year in Mecca the anger expressed across the Muslim Arab world reflects deep embarrassment at the discredit Hamas has brought, in the name of Islam, through its savagery against Fatah.For its part, the Egyptian press has become unhinged, spewing vile denunciations of what is universally known as “the cause” support for the Palestinian Arabs and describing it as dead. Egypt’s government pulled its embassy out of Gaza on Tuesday.Kuwaitis, who have harbored contempt for Palestinian Arabs ever since they allied themselves with Saddam Hussein’s occupation in 1990-91, also dropped all restraint. “Palestinians are neither a modernized nor a civilized people,” Ahmad Al Bughdadi wrote Monday in Al Siyassah, an influential Kuwaiti daily. “They are not statesmen. If what happened in Gaza is what they do without a state, what then shall they do when they get one?”If there could be an editorial coup de grace, it surely was delivered by no less than Abdelbari Atwan, undoubtedly the Palestinian Arabs most influential and respected journalist and a familiar face on both Western and Arab television.Writing in the London-based Al Quds International, his painfully felt commentary, “Yes, We Have Lost the World’s Respect,” argued that “the cause” may have lost its legitimacy: “Many, myself among them, find it difficult to speak of Israeli crimes against our people in view of what we have now done,” Mr. Atwan wrote. “I never thought the day would come when we would see Palestinians throwing other Palestinians from the tops of buildings to their death, Palestinians attacking other Palestinians to tear their bodies with knives, Palestinians stripping others naked to drag them through the streets.”

All of which suggests letting this Arab storm run its course: It may be a purging of the Arab mindset that creates new realities and opportunities.

For instance, throughout the Arab Gulf region, starting with Al-Jazeera of Qatar and Al-Arabiya of Saudi Arabia, the press has long been controlled by Palestinian Arabs practiced in spewing anti-Western and anti-American propaganda. But the Gaza conundrum has left them stymied, opening space for “local sentiments,” which differ markedly.

Instead of pouring good money after bad in the western part of the Arab world, it may be wiser for America to help foster the revolutionary new thinking unfolding in its East perhaps by nudging along a propaganda purge among friendly Arab regimes.America Supports Terrorists: Palestinian State by Appeasement
John R. Houk
© June 25, 2007

Arabs losing faith in the cause
Youssef M. Ibrahim, a former New York Times Middle East Correspondent and Wall Street Journal Energy Editor for 25 years, is a freelance writer based in New York City and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and a contributing editor of the NY Sun.
© 2007, Youssef M. Ibrahim

Our Money to the sinking ‘palestine’ ship?

June 28, 2007

What They Are Saying 

What They Are Saying

June 28, 2007 Jonathan S. Tobin, Executive Editor

Like a Ship That Sinks? Investing in Fatah Calls to Mind the ‘Titanic’

Historian and Shalem Center fellow Michael Oren writes in The Wall Street Journal ( on June 20 that backing Fatah isn’t the answer:

“America and its Middle Eastern allies have every reason to panic. The green flags of Hamas are furling over Gaza, and the Fatah forces trained and financed by the United States have ignominiously fled. Fears are rife that Iranian-backed and Syrian-hosted terror will next achieve dominance over the West Bank and proceed to undermine the pro-Western governments of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the [Persian] Gulf.

“To avert this catastrophe, the U.S. has joined with the Israelis and the Europeans in resuming the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of its Fatah president, Mahmoud Abbas, and accelerating talks for the establishment of a West Bank Palestinian state. The goal is to provide Palestinians with an affluent, secular and peaceful alternative to Hamas, and persuade Gazans to return to the Fatah fold. But the policy ignores every lesson of the abortive peace process to date, as well as Fatah’s monumental corruption, jihadism and militancy. Indeed, any sovereign edifice built on the rotten foundations of the P.A. is doomed to implode, enhancing, rather than diminishing, Hamas’ influence.

“Since its creation by the so-called Oslo Accords of 1993, the P.A. has garnered more international aid than any entity in modern history — more, per capita, than the European states under the Marshall Plan. The lion’s share of this fortune has been siphoned into the private accounts of Fatah leaders or used to pay off the commanders of some 16 semi-autonomous militias. The P.A. also maintains an estimated 60,000 uniformed gunmen on its payroll, giving the West Bank the world’s highest percentage of policemen-to-population.

“Though Fatah originally aspired to replace Israel with a secular, democratic state in Palestine, the organization refashioned itself in the 1990s as an Islamic movement, embracing the lexicon of jihad. Hundreds of mosques were built with public funds, and imams were hired to spread the message of martyrdom and the hatred of Christians and Jews. These themes became the staple of the official P.A. media, inciting the suicide bombings that began in 2000 and poisoning an entire generation of Palestinian youth. Ironically, the Islamization of Fatah legitimized Hamas and contributed to the cadres of religious extremists who are now defying its authority.

“In addition to its fiscal malfeasance and Islamic radicalism, Fatah has never fulfilled its pledges to crack down on terror. Though Mahmoud Abbas routinely criticizes Palestinian terrorist attacks as ‘contrary to the Palestinian national interest’ — not an affront to morality and international law — he has never disavowed the Al Aksa [Martyrs] Brigade, a Fatah affiliate responsible for some of the bloodiest attacks against Israeli civilians.

“In view of its performance over the past 14 years, the P.A. under Fatah can be counted on to squander most or all of the vast sums now being given to it by the U.S. and the international community. More gunmen will be hired and better weapons procured, but in the absence of a unified command and a leadership worth fighting for, P.A. soldiers will perform no more credibly than they did in Gaza. Abbas will continue to denounce terror while ignoring the terrorist units within his own organization, while P.A. imams will persist in preaching their jihadist sermons.

“Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert described the Hamas conquest of Gaza as an opportunity for the Palestinians. This indeed may be the case, but not by resurrecting long-failed policies and imposing a state structure on a corrupt and incompetent Fatah. Doing so is tantamount to investing in the Titanic.”

Who’s Interested in ‘Palestine’? Not Any of the Arabs, That’s for Sure!

Editor-in-chief Martin Peretz writes in The New Republic ( on June 25 about the end of Palestine:

“Think back two years. Ariel Sharon was not only alive but healthy, and staking his place in history on an idea he had never truly believed: that the Arabs of Palestine might be ready for peace with the Jewish state. This may have run against his deepest convictions and his basic instincts. But somehow, he carried many of his comrades with him.

“Nonetheless, he carried out the withdrawal of all 8,000 or so Israelis from Gaza unconditionally and without making explicit demands on the Palestinians — or inexplicit ones, for that matter. He also dismantled four settlements in the West Bank, from what he and his friends called Samaria.

“[U.S. Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice even persuaded a few American Jewish zillionaires to ante up roughly $15 million to buy, as a parting gift from the Jews at once symbolic and practical, for the Gaza Arabs the hothouses that had helped make local agriculture, for the first time in history, so abundant and also valuable. Ask about the hothouses of Gaza now, and people will laugh. Ask about the rest of Gaza, and people will cry.

“They cried even before Gaza was put through the trauma of civil war. For what was unraveling was the whole idea of the Palestine nation itself. Of course, some said, ‘I told you so.’

“Most of the Arabs of Palestine resented the Jews. But resentment is not a foundation for a nation.

“Palestine is the only place where the very idea of the nation is so weak that its violent eruptions seem to be dismal admissions of failure. But however impoverished the reality, it has caught the fancy of many outside Palestine. The fact is that, had these outsiders — some cynical, some hopelessly muddle-headed — not embraced the cause, the cause already would have perished from its own exhaustion.

“So what is Palestine? It is an improvisation from a series of rude facts. Palestine was never anything of especial importance to the Arabs or to the larger orbit of Muslims. Palestine was never even an integral territory of the Ottomans. When the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan for Palestine was passed, envisioning a ‘Jewish’ state and an ‘Arab’ (not, mind you, Palestinian) state, even the idea of a separate Arab realm was met at best with a yawn. Though almost no Arab wanted Jewish sovereignty in any of Palestine, virtually no Arab seemed to crave Arab sovereignty, either.

“We are long past this history, and Israel had become accustomed to the idea — if not exactly the precise reality — of an independent Palestine for the Palestinians, the name of their desire. [Israeli Prime Minister] Ehud Olmert gladly would have signed on the dotted line if the Palestinian Authority could bring itself to realize it would get what it could get (and perhaps even a little more) if the Palestinians would finally stop their war against the Jews. And their rage.

“Would that there were a mature national will among the Palestinians. It might even be able to temper the rage of the Arabs against one another. Not until their sense of peoplehood conquers their rage against one another will they be in the psychological position to think of peace with Israel. I doubt this will happen any time soon.

“This is the end of Palestine, the bitter end.”

Germans Should Nix Mega Mosque

June 26, 2007

Germans Should Nix Mega Mosque
By J. Grant Swank Jr. (06/26/07)

Next to a famous Christian landmark Muslims intend to construct their huge mosque, one of the largest in Europe.

The Germans should nix this project now.

Per the London Daily Telegraph from Cologne, “the construction of one of Europe’s biggest mosques near a globally famous Christian landmark has sparked a furious dispute in Germany.”

There sits the Cologne Cathedral. Now the 2,000-seat mosque is to be towering via twin
minarets skyscraping 170 feet upward.

“’Muslims have been here for 40 years, yet people are praying in back rooms,’ said Seyda Can, an Islamic theologian at the Turkish Islamic Union in Cologne. ‘There are 120,000 Muslims in Cologne, that’s 12 percent of the population. We should not hide.’”


They are hiding every day of their lives. How? By remaining mute as zealot Muslims lay low both Muslims and non-Muslims. Why are not the 120,000 Cologne Muslims at the forefront in outrage over their religionists blowing up innocent citizens, canceling out a democracy plant in Iraq and Afghanistan, and threatening the planet with destruction?

All the more that Germans should see to it that these cowardly quiet Muslims have no say in their environs. They obviously have chosen to say nothing regarding the Islamic carnage that the rest of the world has had to put up with. Why then should they have a “say” with their mosque in Cologne.

Their “say” is always nothing relating to the present-tense fear enveloping the globe. Nothing. They say nothing. Yet they want to have their minarets reaching into German heavens.

Is this to prove some sort of prowess? If so, what prowess? It certainly is not prowess in defense of civility, in honor of non-Muslims who deserve the right to live in this world in peace.

As a Christian I protest loudly that such a monument to silent Muslims be cancelled out with prominent aplomb. Let the protests be loud and clear, heard around the world, agreed upon by all those who defend human rights.

The Muslims wail that they don’t have their place, that they have had to pray in “back rooms,” that they deserve as prominent a place in society as anyone else. Then let them prove their love for liberty, their understanding of democracy, and their defense of every mortal having the right to exist without fear of being laid low by a fanatic Allah devotee.

These Muslims clamoring for their mega mosque have to learn that they are not going to get everything they demand just by stomping and stuttering. Their lives have to prove to decent people that they too are decent; otherwise, they should be deported. Why? Because these very Muslims have laid low non-Muslims? Not necessarily, but because they have laid low in their silence while zealots have raised the sword against every nation on Earth.

Saying nothing in light of Muslim carnage is playing on the side of the murderers.

If persons professing to be Christians were slaughtering non-Christians and cowardly Christians who did not join the slaughter, real Christians would be vocal 24 / 7, in every country, by every means.

Not so with Muslims. They just sit there. They don’t do anything to quell the bombastic fanatics. Yet they demand a mega mosque in Germany. If that is granted, the Germans have lost their sense of all that is fair and right.

“Work will begin this fall on the $30 million mosque, which will include huge glass and stone cupolas and two six-story minarets.

“’It’s not a popular plan,’ said Jorg Uckermann, the district’s deputy mayor.

“’We don’t want to build a Turkish ghetto in Ehrenfeld. I know about Londonistan, and I don’t want that here,’ he added, referring to a phrase used to describe the rising trend of radical Islam in England.

“Mr. Uckermann is part of a curious coalition of protesters that united Jewish intellectuals with hard-core nationalists.

“Leading the charge is Ralph Giordano, a prominent Jewish author, who wrote recently that Germany is witnessing a ‘clash of two completely different cultures’ and questioned whether they could ever be reconciled.

“Stating that he had received death threats for his opinions, he added: ‘What kind of a state are we in that I can face a fatwa in Germany?’”

With media now reporting suicide bombers in Europe, Canada and the United States, why
should any of these free lands open up to a mega mosque? It could very well turn out that mosques globally are nothing but sleeper cell hangouts. What will liberty nations do when blow-ups such as occur daily in Iraq become daily fare in free territories?

Remember that street killers have the upper hand. No politicians, no peacekeepers, no humanitarians can turn around the bloody agenda of street killers. They always win. Check out Iraq and Afghanistan, Darfur and Sudan as horrific examples.

Why then invite them to house in a Cologne mega mosque?

Film Tries to Capture ‘Truth’ of Bedouin Life [Israel’s democracy & Arab on black racism inside the Bedouin Muslim community

June 25, 2007

Film Tries to Capture ‘Truth’ of Bedouin Life [Israel’s democracy & Arab on black racism inside the Bedouin Muslim community] | June 21, 2007


Film Tries to Capture ‘Truth’ of Bedouin Life, in All Its Hues

June 21, 2007 Carin M. Smilk, Managing Editor

Exterior of “A Step Forward” in Rahat

Nothing is ever black and white, especially when it comes to people.

Take, for example, the situation with Israel’s Bedouin population, particularly in the south of the country, in the Negev Desert. There, some 180,000 Bedouin reside — all citizens of Israel, but some black, and some white.

The so-called white Bedouin are often dark-skinned, in typical Middle Eastern fashion, like many Sephardic Jews. The black Bedouin are actually former Africans, who were kidnapped by Arab slave traders; auctioned off in Zanzibar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt; and eventually brought through the Middle East — and into the Negev. With the establishment of the State of Israel, they were freed, and later settled, for the most part, with many of the white Bedouin in desert towns and villages.

Israel keeps no record of the number of black Bedouin as opposed to white; population figures go by ethnicity, hence all Bedouin are counted together. But a sizable community lives in their own neighborhoods in Rahat, one of seven recognized towns established in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the Israel government for certain Bedouin tribes. Less than 30 miles due north of Beersheva, modern-day Rahat is now a bustling city of more than 40,000 people — the second largest Arab city after Nazareth in the north.

Alia Al Kamalat, headmistress of the Omar bin Al-Khatab elementary school in Rahat, Israel

But these people are not faring so well, and their hardships led a Jewish filmmaker to take a snapshot of life in Rahat, seen through the eyes of a handful of black Bedouin.

Uri Rosenwaks, originally from Beersheva, came to teach a film class to a group of women amenable to the idea, and along the way, learned a lesson or two himself.

For one, Rahat — which means “collective” — ranks as one of the poorest cities in Israel, with an unemployment rate of about 18 percent, twice the national average. Some 50 percent of Rahat’s adult population and 60 percent of its children live below the poverty line. It boasts one of the largest birthrates in Israel, with especially low education and employment rates for women, and especially high dropout rates when it comes to boys and school. Statistics point to the blacks as having an even rougher time of it than the whites.

Documentarian Uri Rosenwaks with Bedouin NGO director Majid Al Kamalat after a screening of “The Film Class”

“Israel,” says Rosenwaks, “is turning into a capitalistic jungle,” and it’s leaving behind some of its struggling citizens. With no previous knowledge of the status of black Bedouin, Rosenwaks took what he absorbed in 18 months and turned it into a 53-minute documentary called “The Film Class,” completed in 2006 and now weaving its way through the Jewish film-festival circuit.

‘An Unfounded Stigma’
Superficially, the documentary centers on women of different ages understanding the mechanics of film production, but its real value lies in the self-knowledge and ancestral history they gain from interviewing others. For instance, they learn that older women know little in the way of their family trees, reaching back only to a grandparent at best. They know little of how they even wound up in Rahat. Male subjects seem to know more, like the nearly 90-year-old man who tells of black Bedouin, both male and female, being stolen as children, dragged away to be sold.

At times, the women visibly wrestle with their reactions to the stories they hear. They also get the chance to travel to see firsthand where they come from — the group, with grant money for the making of the film, go all the way to Zanzibar to uncover their roots and find out more about the hardships of former slaves. (They also fly to England for quite a different adventure, one that addresses a serious familial issue, but also adds a bit of levity to the production.)

And it isn’t just the past that stings. In an on-air talk with Talal Alkiernawi, the mayor of Rahat, the women challenge him on contemporary issues, like the discrepancies between blacks and whites.

In that interview, the women ask him rather bluntly, “Don’t you feel that there is racism inflicted upon the blacks?”

The mayor distinctly pauses before answering with, “I don’t see any racism.”

Look, he continues, “I am a Muslim like you, an Arab like you. We speak the same language; we share sorrows and joys. I don’t see any racism.”

But another response to the same question is offered by Majid Al Kamalat, the 36-year-old director of “A Step Forward,” a nongovernmental organization founded in 2000 by young Bedouin professionals to help residents from the grass-roots up. Its office in Rahat serves as a natural meeting place, as well as the location for part of “The Film Class.”

This time, Rosenwaks plays interrogator, referring to something Al Kamalat quietly notes on film: “When you talk about a stigma, what do you mean?”

Replies Al Kamalat: “There is a stigma about the Afro-Bedouin community — an unfounded stigma — that we are all thieves and criminals, that we don’t care about anything, but the opposite is true. As one of the community, I think it’s the opposite. I see positive things, but people tend to see only the negative.”

One such positive is the career of Al Kamalat’s wife, Alia, who serves as headmistress of the Omar bin Al-Khatab elementary school — kindergarten to grade six — in Rahat. A working mother of three, Alia Al Kamalat represents one of the very first female Bedouin principals, though several more have followed in her footsteps. At 35, she is setting a trend for a new generation.

As is her husband, who notes that he appears in the film “for the future of the children,” meaning all of the children in his city and elsewhere. And because of his own young daughter, he says he wants to further opportunities for women in general.

Those in the film class mention the exact same thing. They are empowering themselves and their families. They are undergoing an awakening of sorts. Be it operating the camera, setting precedents for their children, contemplating higher education or, for a few of the younger women, dabbling with the idea of marrying someone white, the assembly of students winds up earning an “A” — for awareness.

‘Boy snatched off street [by MUSLIM], set alight and murdered for being white’

June 25, 2007

Muslim racist set boy on fire 4 being WHITE ‘Boy snatched off street [by MUSLIM], set alight and murdered for being white’

‘Boy snatched off street, set alight and murdered for being white’
Evidence given in Kriss Donald murder trial One of accused apparently sought revenge for previous assault Kriss Donald may have been targetted simply due to being white Story in full
MURDERED schoolboy Kriss Donald pleaded: “I’m only 15. What did I do?” as he was beaten up and dragged into the back of a car by his abductors, a court heard yesterday.

He was forced face down into the back of a silver Mercedes, threatened with a knife and told there was a gun in the car as he was driven off after being snatched from the street “because he was white”.

The High Court in Edinburgh yesterday heard that Kriss was attacked and taken from a street in Pollokshields, Glasgow, because one of the men accused of his murder, Imran Shahid, 29, was angry and sought revenge after claiming he had been attacked with a glass bottle outside a nightclub the night before.

It is alleged that Kriss was later set on fire and murdered. In the days following the discovery of his body, friends and family created an impromptu shrine, featuring photographs and football colours. A witness told the court that one of the gang had said: “He took it quietly.”

The witness, Zahid Mohammed, 22, was originally accused of taking part in the murder. He pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow in November 2004 to assault to injury on Kriss and attempting to pervert the course of justice. He was given a five-year jail term and was released on licence on Wednesday after applying for parole, the jurors were told.

The jury also heard that he gave evidence again in November 2004 at the same court in the trial of his co-accused, Daanish Zahid, who is named as an alleged accomplice in the current trial.

Imran Shahid, Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq, 27, and Zeeshan Shahid, 29, deny racially aggravated murder.

All three are on trial in Edinburgh, accused of abducting and killing Kriss by striking him with a knife or knives, then setting him on fire on 15 March, 2004.

Mohammed said that in March 2004 he was subject to a tagging order for motoring offences and possession of a knife. On Monday, 15 March, he went to Mushtaq’s home in Pollokshields. The Shahid brothers were there, and Zahid joined them later. Mohammed described Imran Shahid, known as “Baldy”, as quite angry and added: “He said he got attacked with a glass bottle the night before, outside a nightclub … [by] the boys from McCulloch Street [Pollokshields].”

The witness said the “McCulloch Street boys” were white and Imran Shahid had vowed that he was going to take revenge and would “chop them up, take their eyes out, things like that”.

It was planned that the group would go out in a car and look in McCulloch Street for “them … anybody”.

Mohammed said Imran Shahid asked for weapons and Mushtaq took a hammer and a screwdriver from a tool box and they were put in a blue carrier bag. Mohammed gave Imran Shahid a knife and helped him to dye his blond hair back to its natural dark colour.

They all got into a silver Mercedes car and drove to McCulloch Street where they saw two boys, now known to be Kriss Donald and a friend, Jamie Wallace, turning into Kenmure Street.

Imran Shahid said to let him out and he began fighting with the boys, especially Kriss. Mohammed agreed with a description of Imran Shahid’s build as “massive” and said Kriss was “quite small” and could not fight back. Imran Shahid pushed Kriss into the car while Mushtaq pulled him in from the other side.

The advocate-depute, Mark Stewart, QC, asked how successful Kriss was in resisting and Mohammed replied: “Very little.”

Mohammed said he had never met him before the incident. He agreed that nothing would have happened if Kriss and his friend had been Chinese, African-American or Asian. He said they were targeted because they were white.

Mr Stewart asked if Kriss had said anything. Mohammed answered: “Yes, he said, ‘I’m only 15. What did I do?’ or something like that.”

Kriss was “scrunched down” in the footwell at the rear of the car, facing the floor. He was “scared”.

Mohammed said that both he and Imran Shahid punched Kriss on the back and Imran Shahid had said: “I’m Baldy. Nobody f***s with me.”

Also, Imran Shahid pressed the point of a knife against Kriss’s back, and asked if he could feel it. The car went to a flat in the Parkhead area, but no-one was at home. A number of phone calls were made to try to find “a place or a park or something … to batter Kriss”. Imran Shahid threatened Kriss to force him to name the people from were the previous night. Kriss appeared to know what he was talking about and gave a few names.

Mohammed said he was dropped off at Strathclyde Park because he had to be home in time for his tagging curfew.

Next day, he went to Mushtaq’s flat and spoke to Zeeshan Shahid, known as Crazy. “I asked what had happened. Crazy said, ‘He took it quietly’.” Mr Stewart ended by asking Mohammed: “Is the evidence you have given here today, sworn on the holy Koran, the truth?” Mohammed replied: “Yes.”

David Burns, QC, for Imran Shahid, said Mohammed had done a deal with the prosecution by which he received a five-year sentence and agreed to give evidence against others. “You knew you would get life imprisonment if convicted of murder, and much less if you pleaded to something less?” asked Mr Burns.

Mohammed said: “Yes.”

Donald Findlay, QC, for Mushtaq, accused the witness of being “a liar, pure and simple” and someone who was “cunning and conniving”. The witness denied it.

Mr Findlay continued: “Co-incidentally, you were released from prison [in England] the day before you give evidence and got a lift here from the police.”

He said on Mohammed’s account, he might have supplied the weapon which killed Kriss. “Up to your neck in it is an understatement,” suggested Mr Findlay.

Mohammed agreed with Norman Ritchie, QC, for Zeeshan Shahid, that he had been granted parole at the first time of asking and a police agreement that offered him a new home and a new identity when the trial ends.

The Vicious bloodthirsty ‘Palestinians’ playing with emotions with Johnston family

June 25, 2007

The Vicious bloodthirsty ‘Palestinians’ playing with emotions with Johnston family

Johnston family ‘distressed’ by video,,2110809,00.html
Guardian Unlimited – The family of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston say they are “most concerned and distressed” by the latest video released by his captors, in which he said he has been dressed in an explosives belt to deter rescue attempts.

BBC journalist in bomb-belt threat video

New Video Shows Captured BBC Reporter

I am sure they are merely “fighting the occupation” don’t you think?


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Lebanese Muslim “innocent civilian” Terrorists Murder UN rep.

June 24, 2007

Lebanese Muslim “innocent civilian” Terrorists Murder UN rep.

Looks like they [Hezbullah, Hamas, or other “good’ Muslim “freedom fighting” Butchers] don’t like the UN, any more than the do the Israelis.

BEIRUT, Lebanon – A bomb apparently targeting U.N. peacekeepers exploded by the side of a road in southern Lebanon on Sunday, killing four Spanish troops and injuring four, a senior Lebanese security official said.

The senior official in Beirut said a mine may have caused the explosion, but another security official based in southern Lebanon said a bomb detonated at the side of a road about four miles north of the Israeli border town of Metulla. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

But radical groups in Lebanon have also threatened to attack the UN peacekeepers, says the BBC’s Kim Ghattas.
Authorities have said that Fatah al-Islam militants who have been arrested and interrogated have confessed there was a plan to attack the UN, our correspondent adds.

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She Didn’t Cover Her face So She’s Beaten By Her [“good” Muslim] Husband

June 24, 2007

She Didn’t Cover Her face So She’s Beaten By Her Husband

The Racist Arab Control is also in… Haiti

June 24, 2007

The Racist Arab Control is also in… Haiti

Just when you thought you know all about Arab racism, like; against Jews, against Africans such as in Sudan, Chad & in Egypt, against Asians residing in Saudi Arabia, against Kurds, etc.

You also knew who bribed Chavez in Venezuela…

Haiti? nah, you wouldn’t think…

Well, We spoke lately to Haiti refugees, as you know, Haiti is the poorest country in that region, even poorer than neighbouring Dominican Republic.

They explained it bluntly, greedy Arab business owners, mainly from Syria, CONTROL the entire country, and will NOT let any Haitian native have any opportunity in establishing a business.

Their words, not mine!

Arab racism in control?

As old as Slavery is!