Arab “Palestinian” Muslims persecution of Christians

Arab “Palestinian” Christians have been suffering and STILL suffer from Arab “Palestinian” Muslim majority.

Just like the Arab Christian Lebanese in “Damour” (Yasir Arafat´s Planned Christian Genocide , Hobeika – Damour, where “Palestinian” Muslims massacred Christians senselessly, which brought the reprisal by Arab Christians upon Arab “Palestinian” Muslims in Sabra & shatila.

The “Palestinian” Christians are forced to join the senseless criminal violence against Israeli victims, otherwise they are threatened.

Some Arab “Palestinians” that might be Christian won’t admit the awful truth openly, that scared they are!

But some find courage to break the ranks like:, a “Palestinian” Arab (former terrorist) who converted from Islam, terrorism, hatred & bloodshed to Christianity.Which is why he advocates now for Israel the real victim, exposes the lies and incitement he was exposed to while being Muslim.
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_______________ The truth about Christians in ‘Palestine’ Christian persecution by Arafat Palestinian Authority’s Treatment of Christians Palestinians burn West Bank YMCA Follows Muslim warnings for Christian group Denial of Religious Rights by the Palestinian Authority Not just Jews, but Christians have also been victimized by Islamic intolerance for ‘infidel’ holy sites. Dhimmi Watch: Fitzgerald: IslamoChristians and Bethlehem Islamization of Bethlehem – DRIVE THE INFIDELS OUT & TAKE THEIR LAND AND PROPERTY The Pogrom on Christians Anti Christian The Islamization of Bethlehem by Yassir Arafat YMCA warned to vacate Hamas town Persecuting the Holy Land’s Christians … “Palestinians” burn Christian village (Published – 2005) ‘Islamic mafia’ accused of persecuting Holy Land Christians (09 2005) believed behind bombing of Gaza Christian bookstore (April 2007)

September, 2006

Muslim Palestinians attack Churches & News agency
Catholic Palestinians downplay Muslim attacks on Christian … Catholic Online, CA – JERUSALEM (CNS) – Christian Palestinians tried to downplay the significance of Muslim attacks on seven Christian churches in the West Bank and Gaza in …

Palestinians attack more West Bank churches Reuters AlertNet

Masked Palestinians Attack News AgencyAll Headline News – Jerusalem, Israel (AHN) – Masked Palestinians Tuesday stormed the central Gaza offices of the official Palestinian Authority news agency, WAFA, destroying all … January 2007, Nazareth Muslims: ‘Islam will dominate the world’, March through town described in New Testament as Jesus’ childhood home ‘meant to intimidate Christians’


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