Whose fault is it that the ‘war on terror’ is so hard to overcome?

Whose fault is it that the ‘war on terror’ is so hard to overcome?

1) The Islamists brain washers, from those that teach that non Muslims are Apes, Pigs, Cows, those that teach that the west in the enemy and one mush wage war on all non Muslims kafirs, those that instill extreme hatred & death cult to be glorifying death & mass murder over the value of any life, those that build up the fantasy on among young Muslims to be striving for an all out Islamic Caliphate, to be dominating the entire world.

2) Mainstream Muslim leaders, the “normal” mosques saturated with hate sermons & Satanic – Jihadism, even those considered “moderate”, no matter how far they proclaim to be “denouncing terrorism” always manage to find the explanation ‘why Islamists terrorists’ commit the crimes against humanity.

3) The Arab venomous media that incite their world with true or fake extremely graphic photos of dead or injured Arab kids, without any explanations on Arab terrorists Hamas/Hezbollah/AlQaida inhumane tactics that are the main guilty party in causing it.

4) Last but not least, Those right over here in the west, (in the media or in office) that adopt perpetuate Islamists’ excuses, their so called “grievances”.

Each time you utter the “occupation” slogan or any other by that style of wording, you automatically give more ammunition to the criminal terrorists, their motivation & justification, they are only waiting for such statements from such cowards to be able to hang on to & carry one their massacres with even greater might.

Included are the anti UK, Anti American “activists” that pretend to be caring for Iraqi Arabs, or those anti Israel bigots that couldn’t care less about the Arab – “Palestinians” but perpetuate their completely invented & self inflicted sick “victim hood” for either sole political purposes or plain old bigotry.

You can say it again, each time one bashes Israel’s, America’s, Britain’s, Australia’s (etc.) war on Islamofascism, he or she boosts up the enemy, the very enemy that would behead a liberal just as a conservative infidel, suicide!

As simply as that.

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