Bosnia arrests two Muslims over war crimes

Bosnia arrests two Muslims over war crimes
Reuters AlertNet, UK

The two men are the first Muslims arrested in connection with crimes against Croats in wartime detention camps in Bugojno, where dozens of Croat civilians …

One Response to “Bosnia arrests two Muslims over war crimes”

  1. william Says:

    I find islamic migration and aggression into Europe over the past sixty years to been one of the most sinister developments of the 20th and 21st centuries.
    Our respective governments have sold the interests of our people for the interests of a few oil company billionaires.
    Our countries should stop all muslim migration and invest massively in renewable technologies. Solar systems on every home which can be converted. Geothermal heating systems everywhere they are vialble. Wind and wave farms wherever there are sustainable eco-friendly sites. We should realign ourselves closer to Russia and let USA dance to our tune for once. They are the ones who supported the Bosnian murder gangs and the Albanian terrorists in order to secure pipelines across the Balkans and Turkey and easy access to Caspian sea oil and gas. The Serbs were betrayed for that access. The only people who had supported the allies during WWII and saved Jews in their thousands and fought off all their neighbours to do so. Then Jewish money men in Washington (Albright’s family took shelter in Serbia in WWII when she was a child bombed them without a second thought.
    Islam is a problem in Europe because we have traitors among us who allowed it to be so. The Yanks now push for Turkey’s access to the EU….would they allow 160 million muslims into their country? I don’t think so. They sell our security down the river for the favours of Turkey and other oil suppliers from the muslim world.
    The Americans are the most treacherous ‘allies’ Europe ever had.

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