What’s wrong with this picture? & Just How Islamized is ‘The Guardian’?

What’s wrong with this picture? & Just How Islamized is ‘The Guardian’?

Muslim organization to address Jewish audience Associated Press of Pakistan, Pakistan – Mar 18, 2007 LONDON, March 18 (APP): Britain’s leading Muslim organization will tomorrow signal a radical shift in its position when one of its senior members addresses … MCB at JCC event Something Jewish British Muslims extend a friendly hand to Jews Guardian Unlimited

Instead of the MINORITY Jewish organization having a foot a sane voice in the terrible hate empire of Islamofascistic ‘mainstream Islam’ that teaches that non Muslims are apes & pigs, What do we have here as a “gesture”? A Muslim preaching to Jews? More of the same Islamic fascism & supremacy over the ‘apes & pigs’?
Well, ‘The Guardian’ is only natural to jump so fast to “welcome” any Arabization & Islamization of ANY sort, the one way street of “acceptance”, the Guardian as in being stubborn against all experts that have asserted that the dying family at : ‘Gaza beach 2006’ was NOT at the hand of the IDF but by the hand of own ‘Palestinian’ Hamas’ mines.
‘The Guardian’ as in being obsessed (long before Jimmy [JimmAH] Carter was paid by Arab Muslim lobby to use it in a book, even though he admitted Israel’s greatness: interview with former President Jimmy Carter. … I recognize Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment … http://edition.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0612/13/ltm.01.html ) in name calling upon the Democratic beautiful island of Israel amidst the sea of Islamo Arab apartheid, calling it’s survival with that ridiculous term ‘apartheid’ for daring to go after terrorists’ campaign for racist-genocide on the non Muslim – Israel.

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