Islamists: “Convert or Die”!

Islamists: “Convert or Die”!

 In the global war on terror, the phenomenon of forced conversion, Islamization goal by Jihadists, is a fundamental part, just as bin Laden wants to restore an Islamic caliphate [1].

Hence, radicals are basically giving nothing but two choices [2]:

Convert or Die!’ the call/order by Islamic extremists be it on a general level: [3] Video: Al Qaeda tells U.S. to convert or die.

Nor is it limited to Iraq, Israel, it effects all of the middle east.[4].

Or on a specific ethnic or religious group like the Mandaeans in Iraq that face exitintion & genocide & were basically given the choice by Sunni & Shia: ‘Convert or die!’. [5]

Or on an individual level, one of the more famous examples are the two journalists Centanni & Wiig kidnapped by Islamic Palestinians Holy Jihad Brigades & were forced to convert at gun point.[6] [7] J. Glazov writes that it is embedded within Islam [8]

Some writers refer to it as a rise among Muslims to a Jihad mandate of world domination [9]

Though it is a form of forced conversion it already became notable for it’s harsh clear cut call & it’s actuality, not mere as a thing in the early past but as a current event.

An integral part of Radical Islam such as demonstrated by Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, [10] tells the West to convert to Islam or die.

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